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Zupapa vs. ORCC Trampolines: Which Brand is Right for You?

As the popularity of trampolines is growing day by day, so is the number of brands in the industry. But while many of the newcomers to trampoline manufacturing are making a good name for themselves, there are two brands that stand far above the rest – Zupapa and ORCC.

Compared to brands like Upper Bounce, Skywalker, or Jumpflex, these two brands are relatively new. They also deal more in the affordable range while keeping their quality in check.

Why Are Trampolines So Expensive?
Why Are Trampolines So Expensive?

Wondering which among the two brands is better for you? Let’s talk about it in detail.

Zupapa vs. ORCC Trampolines

Both Zupapa and ORCC can be considered mid-tier trampoline brands featuring affordable trampolines with quality features. Just because I am calling them mid-tier does not mean they are bad. On the contrary, both of these brands are extremely popular among homeowners.

What it does mean is that compared to top-tier brands, they show some obvious weaknesses. But still, if you are getting your first trampoline, you can expect a good experience with either of these brands.

But which one do you go with? Well, to figure that out, you need to know about the things that set the two of them apart from each other. And that is where I come in.

In this article, I will give you a thorough comparison between Zupapa and ORCC trampolines to help you decide which brand better fits your requirements.

If you’re in a hurry, have a look at the handy comparison chart that I’ve got here.

Comparison Chart (Zupapa vs. ORCC)

Overall DesignSuitable Indoor & Outdoor but with more options to choose fromSuitable Indoor & Outdoor (less options)
Weight LimitDecentSlightly Better
Safety NetIncluded in most cases + ladderIncluded in most cases + ladder
AssemblyEasy with clear instructionsVague instructions – needs trial and error
Lifespan and WarrantyBetter durability + Longer warrantyStrong frame with weak nuts + Short warranty
PriceComparatively expensiveComparatively cheap

Zupapa Trampoline

With 9 distribution centers covering 48 states in the USA, Zupapa is a formidable name in the trampoline industry. Compared to some of the top brands, they are relatively new. But their dedication to strengthening the family bond and making family time more enjoyable made them a popular choice for many homeowners.

To this day, they have a wide variety of trampolines for you to choose from. Most of their trampolines are priced in the mid-range and should be affordable for most homeowners. Here are some of the key features of Zupapa trampolines if you are considering this brand for your next investment.

Features of Zupapa Trampoline

1. Design

With Zupapa, you get a bunch of different options to go with if you are looking to get a new trampoline. They offer both indoor and outdoor models at different price ranges and designs. While most of their trampolines are round by design, they do have a hexagonal trampoline if you want something different.

They also have two trampolines specifically designed for kids. These trampolines are smaller and have less bounce. But for young ones, they provide a fun experience without any of the risk that comes from trampolines. Some of their trampolines also come with a built-in basketball hoop for extra fun.

2. Weight Limit

Zupapa trampolines also boast a relatively higher weight capacity compared to their rivals. If you look at their 15 feet model as a reference, you will notice that it comes with 108 springs instead of the standard 96 springs that you get with Skywalker or other brands.

What this gives you is not only a greater weight capacity but also an overall better jumping experience. The 15 feet Zupapa trampoline has a weight limit of around 425 pounds, making it a great choice for a couple of kids or two adults.

On the budget end of the spectrum, the Zupapa 8 or 10 feet model features a hefty weight limit of around 375 pounds. Now, keep in mind that these trampolines are mostly designed for kids or toddlers, and their weight capacity is still far superior to most other competitor models out there.

3. Safety Net

All Zupapa trampolines come with a high-end enclosure net to ensure you do not have to go out and buy one when you are setting up your trampoline. And frankly, the quality of the net is quite amazing. This shows how the brand is dedicated to giving you a safe jumping experience when you are using their trampolines.

Furthermore, their trampolines also include a ladder most of the time, along with a no-gap enclosure system to further enhance the safety of kids and adults alike. While not all of their models come with an included rain cover, some of the high-end options do feature it as an added accessory when you buy them.

4. Assembly

Assembling a Zupapa trampoline is quite easy, and there are a couple of reasons for it. Firstly, these trampolines come with a clear and easy-to-follow instruction manual that contains the parts list and assembly guidelines. So, even if you have no experience putting together a trampoline before, you can get through it quite easily.

In addition, these trampolines come with T-hooks, and gloves, along with other accessories making your installation a lot easier. However, if you go with a larger model from the brand, I would recommend getting an extra set of hands to help you out, as assembling it on your own can be a bit challenging.

5. Lifespan and Warranty

Zupapa trampolines are made to last, and you can see it clearly in its weather-resistant galvanized steel frame and net poles. The jumping mat and safety pads are also resistant to UV rays to provide an added layer of durability. So even if you keep your trampoline outside in the rain, it will last you quite a while.

Besides, the brand also boasts an impressive warranty policy. For the frame, you are protected for up to 10 years, while the rest of the components, such as safety pads, jumping mat, and netting, are protected for two years under warranty. So even if something turns out faulty with your trampoline, the manufacturers have your back.

6. Price

I would not exactly call Zupapa an expensive trampoline brand, especially compared to the likes of Upper Bounce and Skywalker. But it is still a fair bit pricier compared to ORCC. They do have affordable options for kids, so it should not set you back too much if you want to pick one up for your backyard.

My Recommendation: Zupapa No-Gap Design 16 15 14 12 10 8FT Trampoline for Kids with Safety Enclosure

There are a couple of fantastic options available if you decide to go with Zupapa when you are buying a new trampoline. If you have the budget for it and want a high-end trampoline, then I would recommend none other than the Zupapa No-Gap Design Trampoline for Kids with Safety Enclosure. It features a fantastic design that is safe, durable, and offers excellent jumping performance.

This is an outdoor recreation trampoline and is available in multiple sizes ranging from 8 feet for kids all the way up to 16 feet for large families. Naturally, the bigger model costs more, but if you are short on budget, you can easily go with any of the smaller models for a decent experience.

Even the smaller models have a decent weight capacity, with the 8 feet option giving you a limit of around 375 pounds. So, it should be able to handle the weight of two kids without too much trouble. However, with the larger 16 feet model, the weight limit goes up to 425 pounds which is perfect for up to two adults or a couple of young kids.

The overall build quality of the trampoline is also pretty decent, giving you a high-end galvanized steel frame that can put up with any weather conditions. Furthermore, the jumping mat, safety pads, and netting enclosure are UV resistant and can survive outside weather without any issues.

And yes, it does come with a high-end netting enclosure to get you started right away. Its assembly is pretty easy, thanks to Zupapa’s self-locking frame design. The springs are 7 inches in length which offer excellent rebound and longevity. And its no-gap enclosure design further improves its safety.

This trampoline will set you back around 750 dollars if you are going with the 16 feet model. Of course, the smaller ones cost less. Regardless of your size choice, you get ten years of frame and two years of parts warranty with it protecting you in case of damages to the trampoline.

Zupapa Kids Small Trampoline with Net is another great choice if you want to keep your spending to a minimum. This trampoline is primarily designed for toddlers, though, and it will not be able to support the weight of full-grown adults. Still, at a price tag of around 150 dollars, it is not a bad deal for your kids.

Is Zupapa a Safe Trampoline?

If safety is your concern, then Zupapa trampolines should be right up your alley. These trampolines are designed for family fun while keeping all the safety concerns in check. As such, all Zupapa trampolines include high-end enclosure netting along with ladders and safety pads.

In addition, the springs and frame components are made using high-quality galvanized steel that features extreme tensile strength. So you do not have to think about it breaking down while in use, either.

ORCC Trampoline

ORCC might not hold a candle to brands like Skywalker or Upper Bounce, but it is still a pretty popular brand, especially for those on a budget. Compared to the big names, the catalog of ORCC is pretty small. But you still get a decent selection of trampolines that offer you great value for the price.

The brand puts a lot of focus on making the trampoline as safe as possible for the user. That, combined with their affordable price tag, makes them a solid choice if you are getting them for your kids. Here are some of the major features of ORCC trampolines that you should know about if you are considering getting one for yourself.

Features of ORCC Trampoline:

1. Design

If I had to talk about ORCC as a brand a couple of years back, I would have very little to talk about. But recently, they have entirely revamped their catalog, bringing a large variety of trampolines for you to choose from. Their size options range from 8 feet all the way up to 16 feet.

Naturally, these are all recreational models, and if you are a gymnast, this brand might not be the one to go with. But for homeowners who are looking to invest in a nice backyard trampoline without spending too much, ORCC is a great brand. Their overall design and size options make them a pretty excellent brand.

2. Weight Limit

The weight capacity of ORCC trampolines is also quite decent, offering you a maximum limit of around 450 pounds with their larger models. That, however, does not mean the smaller trampolines have much less weight capacity. In fact, their 10 or 8 feet models have a decent weight limit of around 425 pounds.

What this means is that ORCC is a great brand to go with if you want to get a trampoline that both kids and adults can use. Most of their models can support the weight of two kids or a kid and an adult jumping on it at the same time. For the price that it asks, it is not a bad deal at all.

3. Safety Net

The quality of the net that you get included with your ORCC trampolines is pretty decent. They typically give you a PE Mesh Netting that boasts high tensile strength and can take a lot of abuse. So, it is safe to say that it will make sure whoever is jumping on the trampoline stays on the trampoline.

Setting up the net is also quite easy as the poles are well-designed. You also get a ladder with your purchase that adds a bit of extra value to your investment. And as a cherry on top, you also get wind stakes, which is frankly quite surprising considering its price tag.

4. Assembly

Now, this is one section where ORCC might not be the best brand to go with. The instruction manual that you get with your ORCC trampoline is really not clear. Needless to say, this can lead to a lot of trial and error during setup, which can lead to you taking a long time to assemble the trampoline.

You do get all the installation parts included in the box, but it just takes a bit of time, shifting through all of them if this is your first time putting a trampoline together. If you get help, though, from someone who knows what they are doing, the installation time can be cut down by quite a bit.

5. Lifespan and Warranty

ORCC trampolines are pretty durable, but if I am being honest, it is not as sturdy as Zupapa or Skywalker. Sure, the frame is decent and can withstand a decent bit of abuse, but the nuts and bolts that you get in the package are not that great. This is one of the only gripes I have with the brand.

Still, you get a decent bit of warranty with these trampolines. For the frame, you are protected for three years in most cases. Other than that, the springs and jumping mat come with two years of warranty, while the pads and enclosure netting are protected around a one-year warranty period.

6. Price

Trampolines are typically an expensive investment. But not if you are going with ORCC. The brand specializes in manufacturing affordable trampolines, which are great for homeowners who do not have a huge budget for a backyard toy. Compared to big brands like Skywalker or Upper Bounce, ORCC trampolines are quite affordable.

They do have a couple of expensive options out there, especially if you are going with a 16 or 15 feet model. However, if you are going with a standard 12 feet or 14 feet trampoline for your backyard, you will not have to worry about spending too much on it. This is a great brand for budget buyers, in general.

My Recommendation: ORCC Trampoline 450 LBS Weight Capacity for Kids Adults

Recently, ORCC has really stepped up its game in the industry, offering you a lot of fantastic models to choose from. This made my job harder, as I had to think about which trampoline would be the best among its options. In the end, I decided to go with their Out-net model, which is a great pickup for both kids and adults because of its fantastic weight capacity.

But more on that later.

The first thing I want to talk about is your size options. Similar to the Zupapa trampoline I reviewed, this one comes in all sizes ranging from 8 feet to 16 feet. If it is for kids, I would recommend going with the 8 or 10 feet model as those are cheaper. But for adults, going with a larger option is probably a better idea.

The weight capacity of the 8 and 10 feet option is around 425 pounds which is great for a couple of kids jumping on it at the same time. With the larger models, the weight capacity goes up to 450 pounds which is not a huge leap but is still decent enough for the simultaneous use of two adults.

This trampoline comes with a strong and durable alloy steel frame. They used a hot-dip galvanizing process for the steel to make them as sturdy as possible. The end result is that the frame is extremely resistant to corrosion, so you can leave it out all the time without any worries.

The quality of the net is pretty good, but I am not a fan of it. It would serve you well in a pinch, but I would recommend replacing it if you can afford spare enclosure netting. The safety pads and other components, however, are quite decent for the price.

The springs are also galvanized, which means they will last you quite a while without complaints. As for the price, the smaller models cost under 400 dollars, while you can pick up the larger options for under 650 bucks. This model comes with the standard warranty of ORCC trampolines that I discussed above.

As an alternative option, you can give the ORCC Upgraded Toddler Trampoline a try. As the name implies, it is designed for toddlers and has a weight capacity of around 220 pounds. The overall build quality of this trampoline is also quite decent for the price of under 150 dollars.

Is Orcc a Good Brand for Trampoline?

ORCC is a great brand for a trampoline, especially if you are on a tight budget. Their trampolines are much less expensive compared to big names but still offer a good level of bounciness and safety. This can be a great brand to go with if you have never owned a trampoline before or are getting it only for your kids.

The things that make this brand special are its impressive weight capacity, wide jumping mat, and affordable price tag. But if I had to list out things it could improve, I would have to mention the quality of the net and the ladder. Still, you can always replace those components if you don’t like them, so this is not a complete deal-breaker.

Which is Best Among Zupapa and ORCC?

There is no definitive winner among the two brands, Zupapa and ORCC. I’m not saying they’re bad by any means. In fact, both of them have comparable features with some strengths and weaknesses here and there.

When it comes to build quality, Zupapa edges out slightly because of its better netting and superior ladder design. They also offer a much more well-rounded warranty policy compared to ORCC.

However, ORCC comes at a much more affordable price, making it a great choice for those on a budget. The tradeoff, of course, is that the warranty is not as great.

So, whichever brand you end up going with, you should have a pretty good experience with your new trampoline. Cheers

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