Best Zupapa Trampolines: Is It Worth Buying for 2022?

Best Zupapa Trampolines – Zupapa 15ft trampoline review and buying guide:

Zupapa is a famous and reliable trampoline brand in the United States. It makes high-quality and durable trampolines in round shapes and various sizes. You can buy the Zupapa trampoline in 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft sizes.

The Zupapa 15ft trampoline is the best seller and most popular outdoor trampoline made by Zupapa company.

Zupapa trampolines are made of high-grade materials to provide long-lasting performance. So your search for the best backyard trampoline ends with Zupapa Trampoline because this German-based brand provides better bounciness, increased safety, and impressive weight capacity.

This article will review the Zupapa 15ft trampoline and explain everything about the manufacturer.

Zupapa 15ft Trampoline with Enclosure Net Review

Zupapa 15ft Trampoline with Enclosure Net Review

The Zupapa company makes a variety of recreational trampolines and fitness rebounders. This trampoline review is about the best 15-foot trampoline made by Zupapa with an easy to assemble and safe design. It comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on other parts.

Zupapa 15 foot trampoline is the best trampoline to buy in 2022. It is made with an upgraded design. In addition, it comes with a no-gap jumping mat to provide maximum safety to the jumpers. When there is a gap between the trampoline mat and the safety pad, the chances of injury are much higher. Therefore, the Zupapa has eliminated this dangerous gap from all trampoline models.

This Zupapa 15ft trampoline contains a heavy-duty steel frame with hot-dip galvanizing technology. It makes the trampoline frame rust-resistant for 5 times longer period than common galvanization. In addition, it has six W-shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points that keep the trampoline stable when in use.

The Zupapa, 15-foot trampoline, offers an 8.9 feet high PE enclosure net to provide maximum safety. With this outdoor trampoline, your kids are safe no matter how high they bounce. It has six enclosure poles that hold the safety net high to protect the jumpers. Each pole is padded with 10 mm foam to prevent the kids from hitting the steel poles.

The jump mat of this Zupapa trampoline is made of UV-resistant polypropylene material. The trampoline has 108 7-inch long rust-resistant, galvanized steel springs to provide better bounces. The jumping mat and safety pad are tightly sewn with each other. So, there is no dangerous gap where your or your kid’s feet can get caught.

The Zupapa company provides a 3-step steel ladder to provide safe entry and exit to the trampoline. The kids can easily climb on the ladder to enter the jumping area. It also includes 6 steel wind stakes that you need to install as one stake on each leg. The wind stakes will keep the trampoline in place and save it from flying away during the storm and strong winds.

The Zupapa, a 15-foot trampoline, comes with a large playing area and a safety net to provide 360-degree protection. In addition, it offers a maximum weight capacity of up to 425 lbs. Such high weight capacity makes this Zupapa 15ft round trampoline the best, safe, and most suitable for kids and adults. It also includes a rain cover to protect the trampoline during rainy days.

What We Like
  • Large Playing Area for Maximum Fun
  • Anti-UV Premium Polypropylene Jump Mat
  • 3-Step Ladder for Easy Entry and Exit
  • 6 Wind Stakes to Save It from Flying Away
  • Up to 425 lbs Maximum Weight Capacity
  • 8.9-Ft High Enclosure Net for Added Safety
  • Foam Padded Poles Save Kids from Banging Steel
  • 7-Inch Long Springs Offer Better Bounces
  • 6 W-shaped Legs Provide Added Stability
What Need Improvement
  • Does Not Offer Any Color Option
  • May Not Fit Small Backyards

Why Should you Buy A Zupapa Trampoline for Your Family?

Why Should you Buy A Zupapa Trampoline for Your Family?

Zupapa brand makes recreational trampolines for younger kids, elder kids, and adults. You can buy the best Zupapa trampolines in round shape in 12ft, 14ft, or 15ft size. You should choose the trampoline size that fits perfectly in your backyard. Here we provide some key details about all Zupapa trampolines to help you understand how safe and comfortable they are.

High Customer Ratings

When we checked the Zupapa trampoline review, we got surprised. The Zupapa Trampoline has obtained the customers’ 4.8 out of 5 stars ratings. Around 88 percent of customers are delighted with their Zupapa trampoline, and therefore, they have given it 5 out of 5 stars.

According to the manufacturer, more than 120,000 families worldwide are using a Zupapa trampoline in their backyard. In addition, the certified buyers give positive customer ratings. The Zupapa trampoline is the best combination of quality and performance.

For after-sales service to customers, the company provides quick responsive, and friendly customer service. Therefore the customers are delighted with their purchase of the Zupapa trampoline.

Various Size Options

The Zupapa company makes the trampoline in various sizes, including 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft trampolines. Unfortunately, not everyone has a big backyard to install a Zupapa 15 foot trampoline. Therefore the manufacturer has built the trampoline in various sizes.

When looking for the best trampoline for your family, you must consider the space available in your backyard. Then, based on the availability of the area, you should choose the trampoline size for your backyard.

The Zupapa 15ft trampoline provides a jumping surface of 13.25 feet. The Zupapa 14ft trampoline provides the jumping surface of 12.3 feet, while 12ft trampoline provides a 10.4 feet area. We recommend you buy any of these three trampolines for your children. The 10ft trampoline has a very short jumping surface which may not be enough for playing well.

TUV Certified

The Zupapa company has obtained TUV SUD certification for all its trampolines. As a result, each trampoline meets the safety standards given by TUV. This certification assures that the trampoline is safe to use for children, adults, and everyone.

No-Gap Design

You may find some trampolines which have a gap between the jump mat and spring pad. This gap is dangerous because the jumpers may get their feet caught in the gap. Moreover, there are metal springs that may hurt and injure the jumpers. Therefore, such trampolines are pretty dangerous.

The Zupapa company has introduced trampolines with a no-gap design to fix this horrible gap. In addition, the manufacturer provides the jump mat and spring pad tightly sewn together to eliminate the gap and provide a safe jumping experience to all Zupapa customers.

UV Resistant Jumping Mat

The jumping mat is made of high-quality polypropylene material. It has six rows of stitching to provide excellent strength and maximum durability. In addition, the mat material is UV protected so that you can expose it to outdoor weather and direct sunlight.

The trampoline mat is non-slipping material to provide a comfortable jumping experience.

High Enclosure Net

The net enclosure is installed around the trampoline to protect the jumpers from falling out. The Zupapa has made the safety net enclosure safer than other trampolines. For example, the safety net in the 15-foot trampoline is 8.9 feet high. Such high height keeps the children safe from falling out irrespective of their jump height.

The Zupapa enclosure net is made of premium quality polyethylene material. The net is stretchable and designed for long-lasting use. The net enclosure has a zipper closure and a buckle to lock it. The zipper door allows for easy entry and prevents the children from getting out when the zipper is closed.

Double Layer Safety Pad

In each trampoline of Zupapa, the spring pad and jump mat are sewn together. The spring cover is made of high-quality material, and it has a double-layer system. The upper layer is sewn with a mat, and it is UV protected. On the other hand, the lower layer provides the perfect cushion for the jumpers.

Regular spring pads are not much thick, and the Zupapa spring pad has 20 mm thickness to provide maximum safety with complete safety. You won’t feel any spring under your feet when you walk on the spring cover.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing Technology

The base of a trampoline is its frame, and the Zupapa has not made any compromise. The trampoline frame is made of high-grade steel using hot-dip galvanizing technology. The frame steel is 1.5 mm thick, making it quite sturdy and more durable.

The hot-dip galvanizing process makes the frame rust-resistant 5 times longer than regular galvanization. For many years, the galvanization protects the steel frame from rust, corrosion, and other weather effects.

More Springs than Competition

This is the best thing about the Zupapa brand, and it always provides something better than others. For example, most trampoline brands provide 96 springs in a 15-foot trampoline, but Zupapa 15 f00t trampoline comes with 108 springs. Not only that, 10 foot, 12 foot, and 15-foot trampolines also have 12 more springs than the competition.

When your trampoline has more springs, it can provide safer and better bounces. When considering the number of springs, Zupapa defeats all the brands, including Skywalker Trampolines. Because the Skywalker also provides 96 springs, while Zupapa has 108 springs.

Higher Weight Capacity

The Skywalker Trampolines is always on the top when we talk about recreational trampolines. But the maximum weight limit of a Skywalker 15 foot trampoline is 200 lbs. On the other hand, the Zupapa 15ft trampoline offers a weight limit of up to 425 lbs, double that of the Skywalker.

The Zupapa, a 10-foot trampoline, has a weight limit of 375 lbs, and 12, 14, and 15-foot trampolines have a limit of 425 lbs. Such a high weight limit makes the trampoline safe and suitable for children and adults.

6 W-shaped Legs

We all know that W-shaped legs provide more stability than U-shaped legs. The Zupapa has built 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel tubes to make its trampoline legs. Most trampolines have either 4 or 6 W-shaped legs with 8 to 12 contact points that touch the ground. The Steel legs keep the trampoline stable when users are jumping on it.

Foam Padded Long Net Poles

The ordinary net poles have 1.0 mm thickness, while Zupapa net poles have 1.5 mm thickness. Therefore, the Zupapa offers more sturdiness compared to other brands. Moreover, all the enclosure poles are extended to touch the ground and trampoline legs.

The Zupapa provides steel clamps set that you can use to bind and lock each pole with relevant trampoline leg. In addition, it makes the enclosure poles more stable to firmly hold the safety enclosure net high to protect the jumpers.

Each pole is padded with 10 mm foam. The foam padding is added for kids’ protection. It prevents the kids from banging on the steel.

3-Step Steel Ladder

To enter and exit the trampoline, you should have a ladder. The Zupapa provides a 3-step steel ladder with all trampolines. So, you don’t need to buy the ladder separately or spend extra money. The ladder is made of high-grade galvanized steel to provide long-lasting use.

The Zupapa has built the best trampoline ladder to get on and off the trampoline. This ladder allows the children to easily climb on it and enter the jumping area of your trampoline. In addition, the ladder steps are slip-resistant so that the children can climb on them without falling or getting injured.

Wind Stakes

Strong winds and storms or hurricanes are pretty dangerous for the trampoline. The Zupapa company provides six wind stakes with each trampoline. You need to install the galvanized steel stakes on trampoline legs as one stake on each leg to protect your trampoline.

The stakes are made of heavy steel and can hold the trampoline firmly on the ground. These stakes will prevent your trampoline from moving or flying out during the storm, hurricane, or strong winds.

Rain Cover

The rain cover is also included in the Zupapa trampoline package. It covers the entire frame of the trampoline to protect it from rainwater. It would be best if you detached the enclosure net and poles before putting on the rain cover on your trampoline. The rain cover is made of premium quality and waterproof material to prevent your trampoline from getting wet and dirty.

Easy and Quick Assembly

The Zupapa company claims that its trampolines are easy to assemble compared to other brands. First of all, it does not require many hardware tools. The trampoline comes with an instruction manual, and you can follow the simple instructions to do the trampoline assembly in your backyard.

The assembly process is straightforward. Even 1 person can do the entire assembly, but it is easier with 2-3 persons. In case you have any confusion in the trampoline assembly task, you can check out the tutorial video provided by Zupapa to make your assembly process more accessible.

Include Assembly Tools

The Zupapa brand trampolines don’t require many hardware tools and the necessary tools for assembly. The manufacturer provides 2 knit gloves and 2 spring loading tools. You can use these assembly tools to execute your trampoline assembly safely.

Long Warranty

The Zupapa company provides a 10-year warranty of the frame and a 2-year warranty on other trampoline parts. The 2-year warranty is applicable on jump mat, spring pad, enclosure net, and springs. Such a long warranty saves you from spending additional money on replacement parts for 2 years.

Free Replacement Parts

When you receive your trampoline, you should check all the parts for damage. If you have received any damaged parts, you need to contact Zupapa customer service. The company will supply the replacement parts free of cost and deliver them to your place as quickly as possible. So, you don’t need to worry even if you receive the trampoline with one or more damaged parts.

The company provides a 2-year warranty on jump mat, spring pad, enclosure net, and springs. If you find any damage or problem in any of these parts, you can contact Zupapa customer service for replacement. It will provide the replacement parts for free up to 2 years after purchase.

Supportive Customer Service

All the Zupapa customers are delighted with the customer service provided by the company. Many customers have reported that the Zupapa customer service is amicable and supportive. When the customers complain about the damaged parts, the Zupapa customer service registers the complaint and sends the new replacement parts to the customer’s address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Zupapa is a new brand in the market, but its quality trampolines have impressed its customers. Therefore, we suggest you check out all frequently asked questions given here to know everything about Zupapa trampoline models and find the best trampoline for your backyard.

Is Zupapa a safe trampoline?

Yes, Zupapa trampoline is a TUV certified trampoline. It is made of heavy-duty and premium materials to provide maximum fun with complete safety.

Zupapa or Skywalker, Which trampoline is better?

Both the Zupapa and Skywalker make high-quality, safe, and durable trampolines. But Skywalker offers only 200 lbs weight limit, while Zupapa offers 425 lbs weight limit. So, Zupapa is better.

Is there a big difference between a 14 and a 15-foot trampoline?

Considering the Zupapa brand, the 14-foot trampoline has 96 springs, while the 15-foot trampoline has 108 springs and a bit more jump surface.

Which brand of the trampoline is the best?

Skywalker and Zupapa, both brands, offer excellent quality and superior performance. So, both are the best trampoline brands for 2022 to use in your backyard.


The Zupapa trampoline offers easy assembly and increased safety for users. It includes required accessories and assembly tools that are useful for its installation. If you are looking for a trampoline with a superior bounce and higher weight limit, you should buy the Zupapa trampoline. If you want to know about another brand, you can check the best Skywalker trampolines reviews here.

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