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Why Does Grass Grow Faster Under a Trampoline? [Answered]

Every homeowner dreams of a beautiful backyard with a full and lush garden. And the grass is a natural part of that dream. Unfortunately, getting a new trampoline can often come with questions of whether you can protect the grass under it.

But as it turns out, some types of grass are more resilient than others, and you will often see that grass under the trampoline not only survives but grows better than the rest of your backyard. But what exactly causes grass under the trampoline to grow better? Let’s look at the answers here!

Why Does Grass Grow Faster Under a Trampoline?

Two things can happen if you have a trampoline in your backyard and your backyard is filled with grass. Either you will notice the grass area under your trampoline mat getting discolored and dying slowly over time. Or, the grass under your trampoline mat is growing faster and better than the rest of the yard.

While it is easy enough to deduce why the grass is dying under the trampoline, it is weird how the grass can sometimes grow better. After all, the trampoline mat is blocking off sunlight. So, it should only be dying, right? Not always.

You see, some types of grass thrive under shade, and if your lawn grass is shade-tolerant, it is understandable how it is growing better under your trampoline. In addition, if you live in an extremely hot and humid region, your trampoline mat might be giving your grass an extra bit of protection against the temperature.

There are, of course, other forces at work here too, but this is the simple explanation. However, if you have the time to know more about why this is happening, I will not stop you.

Instead, I will give you a crash course on how your trampoline might just be saving your lawn grass and give you tips to maintain it properly so that it does not get out of hand.

Reasons Behind Grass Growing Faster Under a Trampoline

The truth is, in most cases, your trampoline will kill the grass under it or at least slow down its progress significantly. While there are definitely cases when the grass can grow perfectly under a trampoline, they are rare.

Here are some of the reasons that might be responsible for grass thriving under your trampoline.

1. Protection Against the Extremes

Grass needs sunlight and moisture to thrive, but too much of it can be just as bad as not getting enough of it. When grass is exposed to extreme sunlight or rainfall, it can halt its growth entirely.

This happens because when it gets too much sunlight, grass can get into a stasis state. At this stage, the growth of the grass is paused so that it can conserve water, but it also means it will not grow as much. The shade from a trampoline mat prevents that.

So, if you live in an extremely hot region, the trampoline mat can serve as a shade for your lawn grass, allowing it to grow perfectly and not be affected by excessive sunlight.

2. Even Spread of UV Rays

The main component that affects the growth rate from sunlight is the UV rays coming out of it. These rays are essential for photosynthesis which can enhance the growth rate of plants. Since the trampoline mat can help spread the UV rays evenly to the grass under it, it can help your grass thrive.

This again happens mostly in heat-intensive regions that see too much sunlight. A trampoline mat ensures that there are no hotspots underneath it and spreads the UV rays evenly under it. Because of the even distribution of UV rays, the grass under a trampoline mat grows fast and evenly.

3. Better Moisture Retention

Another thing that affects the growth rate of your lawn grass other than sunlight is moisture. And the reason why trampoline can facilitate grass growth is that it can sometimes help in moisture retention. This again occurs because of the shade provided by a trampoline mat.

You see, everything is related, and since a trampoline mat provides an even spread of sunlight, it helps the grass retain moisture better. Naturally, it will improve the growth rate of your lawn grass.

4. Type of Grass

Some grass types are more shade-tolerant than others, and if you use grass seeds that can grow better in the shade, they will naturally thrive under a trampoline. Not all grass requires as much sunlight, and some types will actually prefer a bit of protection against it.

In fact, if you notice that your trampoline is killing the grass, I would recommend switching to a different type of grass. Sure, it will take some time to grow, but once you grow it, it will make your backyard look much better than having rough, dry patches of grass under the trampoline.

How to Maintain Grass Area Underneath Trampolines

Just because you noticed that the grass area under your trampoline has better growth does not mean you do not need to cater to it. In fact, since the growth rate of the grass is higher under your trampoline, you need to maintain it if you want it to remain pretty. Otherwise, the lawn will look uneven and unpleasant.

So here are a couple of handy tips to help maintain the grass area under your trampoline.

1. Mow Regularly

To keep the grass under your trampoline from getting out of hand, you must mow the grass under the trampoline regularly. For this job, you can use either use an electric lawn mower or a manual one. Regardless of your choice, you need to make sure the mower has a handle that allows you to reach under your trampoline.

Mowing grass under a trampoline can be quite a chore if you don’t have the right equipment. With most lawn mowers, you would have a tough time navigating under the trampoline. Alternatively, you can go with a robot lawn mower for a completely hands-free experience. Keep in mind, though, that those are expensive.

2. Move Your Trampoline Around

If your trampoline is blocking the sunlight, which is common with larger trampolines, moving it around the trampoline can be a good idea to protect the grass underneath it. That way, no area in your backyard will remain covered for too long, and the grass will stay healthy.

However, it can be tough moving your trampoline around, especially if it is one of those big 15-feet models. You could invest in a couple of trampoline wheels to make the job easier. Otherwise, you might have to go with artificial grass mats under it as natural grass will have a hard time surviving in this condition.

3. Use Grass Feed

When your trampoline mat is getting in the way of your lawn grass getting proper sunlight, they lose out on a lot of nutrients. This is one of the main reasons why grass typically does not grow under the trampoline. But thankfully, there is a quick way around it.

Whenever you notice the grass under your trampoline losing its color, spread a bit of grass feed and water it. Sure, it might not counteract the lack of sunlight entirely, but it will prolong the lifespan of the grass by quite a bit. You should also move your trampoline to a different position for a couple of days after using grass feed.

4. Use a Sprinkler or Hose

Grass also needs water as much as sunlight, and typically, if your region has normal rainfall, it should be good enough to make sure your grass grows properly. However, if you have a trampoline in your backyard, it can block off direct access to water which can cause it to die.

In that case, you can either use a sprinkler for trampoline or a garden hose to water the grass under your trampoline. I would advise against placing a sprinkler head directly under your trampoline, though, as that is a safety risk. But if your sprinkler sprays water from afar under the trampoline, it can help the grass grow healthier.

When Does Grass Doesn’t Grow Beneath Trampoline?

As I said already, it is more common than the grass not growing under your trampoline. And there are two main factors at play here; the trampoline size and material and your geography.

For sunny regions that see a lot of direct sunlight, the shade provided by a trampoline mat will help the grass grow faster and better. But for temperate or colder regions, the shade is not a good thing. Since the area is already cold, the grass would need access to direct sunlight to survive. And a trampoline mat will just get in the way, causing it to die.

Typically, trampoline mats are made with polypropylene, which is UV-resistant to a decent extent. What that means is it will not let sunlight penetrate its surfaces. And naturally, if there is grass underneath, they will not get proper sunlight to flourish. This is how the material can affect the growth rate of your grass.

Furthermore, if your trampoline is large, the mat would case a very large shadow under it. It will cover up a larger area in your backyard which means a larger portion of your grass will not get access to enough sunlight. Because of this, trampoline size can affect the quality of grass directly.

Is it Possible to Grow New Grass Under Trampoline?

Yes, it is possible to grow new grass under your trampoline. In fact, some grass prefers the shade that a trampoline mat casts and would thrive in that condition. But you need to choose the right type of grass for your backyard.

To maintain and grow new grass under the trampoline, you do have to put in a bit more effort than normal. For instance, moving the trampoline around every now and then can give your grass a better chance of growing perfectly.

For people with a smaller trampoline, though, it should not be too difficult to move the trampoline around the backyard to make sure the lawn gets proper sunlight and moisture. Since that is the easiest and most cost-effective way to grow grass under your trampoline, my money is on this idea.

Other methods include positioning the trampoline in a way that some sunlight reaches underneath or using reflective glasses to reflect sunlight towards the bottom of your trampoline. But needless to say, going with those ideas takes a lot of time and requires you to go through a lot of trials and errors.

The Bottom Line

A trampoline can enhance the looks of just about any backyard. But if it kills the grass on your lawn, it can get downright ugly. Nobody wants that, and in fact, many homeowners tend to avoid getting a trampoline in the first place because of this very reason.

Thankfully, living in some regions, you can keep the grass under your trampoline healthy without lifting a finger. It will grow on its own, and you can simply mow it when it is time.

However, if you live in a cold or temperate region, you might not be as lucky. You would have to put in a bit more effort to keep the grass alive and well. Now, I am a homeowner myself and can appreciate the importance of a nice backyard. But I also love my trampoline and consider my backyard incomplete without one.

So, if I had to put in a bit more effort to make my backyard look beautiful, I would not complain too much. Hopefully, I could clarify why grass grows well under a trampoline in some areas. Cheers!

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