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What Size Trampoline Do I Need? A Complete Guide For Newbies

Owning an ideal trampoline is significant because it will expand bobbing and amusement to keep you from severe wounds. However, when it’s a chance to pick the best size trampolines, the more significant part of us might have a problem regarding the ideal size, as there are plentiful choices.

It will be more convoluted when you see different trampoline shapes and types.

What Trampoline Size Do You Need?

You might be wondering, what is a standard trampoline size? A classic trampoline can go from 8 ft to as large as 15 ft. Any more excellent than this, and you are escaping the typical reach, and any more modest, you are getting into more kids or exercise trampolines.

The average size of a trampoline is usually 12 ft. We likewise have our 12 ft or 15 ft trampoline article to take care of you if you think about these sizes.

Average Trampoline Sizes

  • 8 – 10 Ft Round Trampoline: Perfect for more modest terraces.
  • 12 Ft Round Trampoline: Medium measured trampolines.
  • 14 Ft Round Trampoline or more: More adaptability for more seasoned clients.

8 -10 Foot Round Trampoline

This is also known as a child-size trampoline. A round trampoline under 10 feet in measurement is ideal for somebody with a small backyard. However, on the minuscule chance that you choose to go with this small trampoline size, it’s critical to see a portion of the restrictions.

While our trampoline security tips propose restricting the number of jumpers to one, we realize that the standard will consistently break. The eight to ten-foot round trampolines are not intended to help more than one jumper.

If you have one child or have the discipline to uphold the one jumper rule, then, at that point, these smaller trampolines will be an incredible expansion to your patio. Recollect that possessing a trampoline of any size beats not having one whatsoever.

Expect most trampolines in this size gathering to cost around $200 (contingent upon the brand).

12 Foot Round Trampoline

Once more, the principal thought will consistently be the size of your patio. It is somewhat more significant than the eight to ten-footers yet is more modest than the greater estimated trampolines. A great many people would call this a medium-measured trampoline.

Assuming you choose to break each jumper in turn rule, do so with more younger children. For instance, having two bigger youngsters bouncing on a 12-foot trampoline would be unsafe; it might break.

The most 12-foot trampoline price is around $300 (contingent upon the brand).

14+ Foot Round Trampoline

Alright, presently, we’re in the vast trampoline region. A greater trampoline gives you much greater adaptability yet consistently accompanies the most exorbitant cost tag.

You’ll need to have the main terrace to help one of these. Additionally, on the off chance that your children are social, hope to have a massive load of companions; your home will be the hit of the road.

While it’s rarely referenced, the greater trampolines are more secure than, the more modest ones (expect you to keep great well-being guidelines). The greater trampoline gives the jumper a more extensive landing region. As a result, there is less shot at arriving on the springs, outline, or tumbling off it by and large.

The excellent news is that vast round trampolines are great for most age gatherings and give you the most expected profit from your trampoline speculation. In any case, children under ten will get a strong bob, so there’s no compelling reason to stress that they are excessively little/light for it.

The bigger trampoline will cost around $400 (relies upon brand).

Best Size Rectangle Trampoline

Square Shape Size Considerations

Rectangular trampolines or square trampolines require a similar perspective regarding your lawn size: If it’s too large, don’t get it.

However, rectangular trampolines are diverse with regards to age and weight contemplations. The rectangular trampolines have a firmer skip and trampoline mat than their round partner. It makes it a less favorable choice for the minor children; it’s intense for them to get a strong ricochet.

10 X 17 Rectangular Trampoline (Olympic Trampolines)

On the tiny chance that you’re thinking about the Olympic size trampoline, we suggest it for youngsters beyond nine years old. Assuming younger kids are more youthful, they may not get a great bob.

The Olympic trampolines will cost around $600 (relies upon the brand).

Imagine a scenario where you have smaller kids.

If your kids are around or over six, we suggest looking at small trampolines according to kid’s ages. There is a massive load of brands that offer indoor and open-air choices.

The small-scale Olympic trampoline size gives enough space to get into the trampoline world.

What Size Trampoline Should I Buy?
What size trampoline should I buy

Anyway, how would you sort out what size trampoline you need to purchase? The fundamental variables are your backyard size, the number of individuals hopping on the trampoline, and their age.

It is pretty simple to find a trampoline to address those issues when you answer a few things.

The more individuals bounce on it, the more you should purchase a more significant size trampoline. However, large trampolines require more space, so you should buy a more modest standard-size trampoline if your yard has available space.

If your yard is tiny, you might need to go beneath the average size trampoline of 12 feet and select one that is 10 ft or even 8 feet.

Are you searching for a trampoline? Careful about the size of the trampoline. Try not to purchase something you’ll hate.

Here is a rundown of our purchasing advisers to assist you with tracking down awesome for your necessities:

  • Best Heavy Weight Capacity Trampolines
  • Best trampolines for grown-ups and teens
  • Best trampoline under your financial plan

Trampoline Size

Since you realize what trampoline to purchase, we can get into trampoline prices. A ton of variables go into trampoline cost. The undeniable one is trampoline size. Large-size trampolines typically cost more because there is more material and parts included.

However, referencing parts and material with safety features gets into the following colossal value factor: quality.

When we get to the brand proposals, they are being suggested because they give quality trampolines to deal with. You are better off spending more purchasing a hard-core trampoline than saving on one that won’t keep going long.

One final variable in how much a trampoline cost is an innovation. The more invention progressed, the more cost, yet you get added medical advantages like a more negligible effect on your joints when landing.

Trampoline Size Guide And Chart For All

Here is the different standard trampoline sizes graph chart for you. The trampoline size chart will help trampoline users, enough room to buy themselves a perfect trampoline. Follow along with the trampoline size chart.

Age Standard Size Indoor/ Outdoor
1-3Years Old

Toddler/ Mini Trampoline/ Round Trampolines

4 Years Old

Mini Trampoline/4.5 ft/6 ft

Indoor & Outdoor
5-6 Years Old

6 ft-10 ft Trampoline

7-9 Years Old

8 ft-12 ft Trampoline

10 Years Old

12 ft – 14 ft Trampoline

11-13 Years Old

12 ft – 16 ft Trampoline/ Medium Sized Trampoline

Outdoor / In-ground
14-16 Years Old

14 ft Trampoline/ Large Trampoline

Grown-Up  ( Gymnast)

10x17ft / Biggest Trampoline

Grown-Up ( Fitness)

Mini Trampoline/ Rebounder



  1. Trampolines are fun and an extraordinary method for empowering your children to stay in shape.
  2. Studies have shown that great bounce or bobbing on a trampoline expands bone mass and fortifies the skeletal framework.
  3. Standard trampoline sizes further help you with learning different trampoline practicing techniques.
  4. The jumping mat surface helps you on the cardiovascular framework by expanding your pulse and breath rate. 10 minutes on the trampoline gives a preferred cardio exercise over a brief run.
  5. Permits your children to play safely and practice without putting unjustifiable weight on their legs or feet since the effect is less extreme than with different types of activity.
  6. Trampoline use assists with combatting misery, nervousness, and stress. It builds endorphins delivered by the mind. Standard trampoline meetings assist bouncers with unwinding and advance solid rest designs, thus increasing energy.
  7. Having a trampoline urges children to go out and play in the outside air.
  8. Having a trampoline on your own terrace implies that when your children are out ricocheting on it, you know precisely where they are. (make sure there is an enclosure net)
  9. Strong compression which happens while bobbing on a trampoline, brings about working on lymphatic capacity.
  10. Standard trampoline size will bring about an improvement in equilibrium and co-appointment.
  11. Normal utilization of oval trampolines, skywalker trampolines, rectangle trampolines, and octagonal trampolines may light a deep-rooted love of bouncing or aerobatic.
  12. The time it takes to dominate abilities in the trampoline brings kids to acquire tireless expertise and get gymnastics routines.
  13. Trampoline for adults can be beneficial too. An ordinary family guy can help whole family to get an exhilarating experience with an average size trampoline.


  1. Property holder’s protection regularly doesn’t permit trampoline proprietorship under the states of the strategy. If you get one at any rate; and your insurance agency discovers, they will instantly give a dropping or non-reestablishment notice. Know that insurance agencies do drive-by assessments and regularly look into trampoline possession.
  2. If you have a trampoline on your terrace, you may feel like you’re continually managing your children companions and the neighbor’s kids while they ricochet around having some good times.
  3. If a neighbor or companion’s kid gets harmed on your trampoline, they might sue you.
  4. There are more than 90,000 wounds on trampolines every year in the US. Children endure hyper-extends, breaks, spinal, neck, and head injuries.
  5. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons both debilitate responsibility. This is a result of the appalling measurements on wounds.
  6. Its amusing to ricochet with companions, yet Three-fourth of all trampoline wounds happen when different individuals are skipping together. Or if there is no safety net. Extra vibrations made when at least two bouncers are on the trampoline simultaneously bring about eccentric and wild developments. It’s simple for a bouncer to take off the side because of these tremendous impacts of accomplice and gathering bobbing.
  7. Children’s creating bones are delicate and as yet making. Tumbling from a stature (like a trampoline) is an inconceivable danger to these youthful bones.
  8. The cushioning covering the trampoline springs offers some assurance; however, if you land on it hard, you will, in any case, hazard a huge physical issue.
  9. While security nets shield you from taking off the trampoline and onto the ground, they don’t protect you from getting a physical issue on the actual trampoline. Lamentably, this is the place where most wounds happen.
  10. Many home trampolines are set off the ground. Tumbles from statures increment the potential for injury.
  11. Kids younger than six are especially in danger from injury on trampolines. It is savvy not to permit kids under six to skip on them by any means.
  12. Numerous genuine wounds happen when more significant individuals are on trampolines close by more modest individuals. Guardians should attempt never to skip close by their kids.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right trampoline size requires more than one element of thought. To begin with, ensure the trampoline will want to fit in your particular lawn.

Second, you should evaluate the number of jumpers on it. If you have one child, your choice will probably be vastly different than somebody with at least four children. Additionally, try to consider your kid(s) companions coming over.

Third, how old are your children, and what’s the arrangement for the trampoline? Assuming you need something to endure more than a couple of years, you’re good going with a more extensive round trampoline (accepting you have the size).
Keep in mind that possessing a little trampoline is better than not claiming one by any means!

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