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What Size of Springs Do Different Trampolines Have?

When you are planning to buy a new trampoline, it is important to check how many springs it comes with. As a rule of thumb, the higher the spring count in a trampoline, the more weight it can handle and the higher it allows you to bounce.

But people who never bought a trampoline before will hardly have the skill or knowledge to know what the right amount of spring would be for their trampoline. I have seen people get 14 feet trampolines that crumble under the pressure of two children just because it does not have enough springs.

Well, if you do not want that to happen to you, then you need to have some notion of how many springs your trampoline should have. And that’s where what I’m about to tell you will come in handy.

Springs on Different Sizes (Reference Chart)

Spring NumberTrampoline Size
72 springs12 feet
80 springs12 feet – 14 feet
88 springs12 feet – 14 feet
96 springs14 feet
104 springs14 feet – 15 feet

1. What Size Trampoline Has 72 Springs?

Seventy-two springs are considered standard on a 12 feet trampoline. However, some 10 feet or 14 feet models can also come with a total of 72 springs. Ten feet trampolines with 72 springs are relatively expensive and rare.

Typically, a trampoline with this spring count is designed for kids to use. In addition, because of the low number of springs, these trampolines have a relatively low weight capacity and can handle a single person at a time.

2. What Size Trampoline Has 80 Springs?

A trampoline with 80 springs features a slightly higher weight capacity than a 72-spring trampoline. It should be able to handle the weight of a single adult or two kids jumping on it at the same time.

Eighty springs are commonly seen on mid-range 12 feet trampolines and some entry-level 14 feet models.

3. What Size Trampoline Has 88 Springs?

With 88 springs, the trampoline will get a much higher weight capacity. Trampolines with this many springs also typically offer better bounce and focus a bit more on adults rather than children.

You can find a lot of finest 12 feet trampolines with 88 springs installed in them, along with some 14 feet models.

4. What Size Trampoline Has 96 Springs?

Most of the 14 feet trampolines on the market come with 96 springs. This is the perfect number of springs if you are buying a trampoline for adults instead of kids.

If your trampoline comes with 96 springs, you can expect it to have decent bounce and flexibility.

5. What Size Trampoline Has 104 Springs?

104 springs is where things get really interesting. A trampoline featuring 104 springs will offer fantastic bounce and can carry the weight of up to two adults or three to five kids without too much hassle.

Most 15 feet models come with 104 springs. However, you can also buy 14 feet rectangular trampolines that feature 104 or more springs.

Parting Shots

Remember, the number of springs can vary from one trampoline to another. Typically, a kid trampoline will have a lower spring count compared to an adult-sized trampoline. Hopefully, my article could give you some idea of the optimal spring count for your trampoline. Good luck! I have to Stay at home when the wind is on high.

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