10 Steps on How to Turn A Trampoline into A Wrestling Ring

How to Make A Trampoline Wrestling Ring: The wrestling fights are pretty entertaining for kids and adults. Since childhood, we all have watched WWE, boxing, karate, and many other contests. Your kids may want to play wrestling, but you don’t have a platform for that. In such circumstances, you can convert your best trampoline into a wrestling ring to fulfill your kids’ dream. Don’t worry, and it is neither expensive nor complicated, you can do it yourself at home.

Many people currently own a trampoline, but not everyone wants a wrestling ring. You may have heard that professional wrestling rings are expensive, that’s true. Therefore we suggest you not buy it and follow our simple tips to transform your trampoline into a wrestling ring. You may wonder how it will happen as you don’t know the process. That’s why we are here to explain the required tools list and complete the procedure for making a trampoline wrestling ring with DIY.

How to Turn A Trampoline into A Wrestling Ring

trampoline wrestling ring

In order to make a trampoline wrestling ring, you must have a trampoline in your backyard. With a big trampoline (like 14 foot or bigger), you can create a perfect wrestling ring where your kids can play wrestling fights with their friends. With some necessary tools and our step by step guideline, you can easily turn a trampoline into a wrestling ring in a few hours.

Required Tools and Equipment to Make A Trampoline Wrestling Ring

Making a trampoline wrestling ring at home sounds complicated at first, but it’s effortless. You need a few tools and equipment (i.e., materials) to do this task. Here we provide the list of required tools and materials for making a trampoline wrestling ring as under:

  • Non Stretchable Ropes (Best Quality)
  • Shoelaces for Fastening
  • Plastic Fasteners
  • S-Rings and Hooks with Screws/Nuts & Bolts
  • 4 Wooden Posts or Poles or PVC Pipes (Thick & Wide)
  • A Staple Gun
  • A Large Piece of Cloth (based on your trampoline size)
  • Several Foam Pads or Pillows
  • Turnbuckles

The size of some materials and the number of S-rings/hooks and other things are based on the size of your trampoline. Therefore, you should measure your trampoline carefully and then buy the aforementioned tools and materials according to your requirement.

Steps to Convert A Trampoline into A Wrestling Ring

Here we provide some most straightforward steps to turn a trampoline into a wrestling ring in a few hours. You can get the help of one or two more people to perform this task faster and adequately.

  1. Get Required Tools and Equipment
  2. Dig Holes for the Poles (Pipes or Posts)
  3. Install the Poles into Ground
  4. Fasten the Pipes
  5. Mark Drilling Spots on Poles
  6. Drill the Marked Spots
  7. Attach the Hooks and S-Rings
  8. Tie the Ropes
  9. Add the Foam Pads or Pillows
  10. Staple the Cloth

Let us understand each step, in brief, to know how exactly you can convert your trampoline into a wrestling ring in an easy way.

#1. Get Required Tools and Equipment

The first step for turning your trampoline into a pro wrestling ring is to get all the necessary tools, materials, and equipment. We have already mentioned the list of essential tools above. Next, you should go to a nearby local shop or buy required things from an online store. Finally, make sure all the tools and materials are of the best quality and in enough quantity to execute the task of creating a trampoline wrestling ring.

#2. Dig Holes for the Poles (Pipes or Posts)

You have purchased 4 wooden poles (or PVC pipes). Now, you should mark the spots where you will dig holes for the poles. We recommend one pole at each corner of the trampoline to create a square around a round trampoline. It would help if you made a court by installing 4 poles (1 at each corner) irrespective of the shape of your trampoline.

Simply mark the 4 spots around your trampoline where you want to install the poles with turnbuckles. After that, dig at least 3-4 feet deep on each area to properly install wooden poles into the ground. You can dig deeper to make the poles stand firmly, but you have to buy longer poles for that. Ensure each pole remains around 4 feet out of the ground after installation.

#3. Install the Poles into Ground

You should install the wooden poles into the ground one by one. Just insert the pole into the hole and make sure it is installed firmly. All four poles should be installed correctly, and none of them should shake or wobble as it can be dangerous when the kids are wrestling and the poles are shaking. You can add dirt, concrete, and rocks around the poles to strengthen them.

#4. Fasten the Pipes

If you have purchased PVC pipes instead of wooden poles/posts, this step is for you. First, you need to install the pipes into the holes you have dug in step 2. After that, use the plastic fasteners to secure the pipes into the ground. To make it highly secure, you can use 4-5 plastic fasteners on each pipe. Finally, ensure all four PVC pipes are correctly installed and won’t move/shake under pressure.

If you have got wooden poles and installed them in step 3, you should avoid this step and continue the process from step 5.

#5. Mark Drilling Spots on Poles

It would help to mark the spots on each pole where you want to insert ropes. Inserting ropes in each pole and connecting them will create a ring around the trampoline. It will turn your trampoline into a wrestling ring, and then your kids can start playing wrestling fights/games with their friends.

Ideally, you need to draw/mark 3 spots on each pole to create a wrestling ring with nonstretchable ropes.

#6. Drill the Marked Spots

It would help if you drilled the marked spots on the wooden poles (or PVC pipes). Ensure that all the holes are small or medium and not too big. Because the big holes can’t hold the ropes well and they may cause the wooden pole to tear or break in the long term.

#7. Attach the Hooks or S-Rings

After drilling holes into all 4 poles/pipes, you should attach hooks on each hole of the poles. You can also use the bolts and nuts in place of hooks use a washer for added security on bolts.

#8. Tie the Ropes

Now tie the ropes around the entire trampoline using the holes with screws/nuts & bolts in the poles. Make sure you cover the whole playing area and install the ropes properly to convert your trampoline into a wrestling ring.

#9. Add the Foam Pads or Pillows

After tying the ropes, the next step is to attach the foam pads or pillows. The foam pads/pillows are generally attached to the turnbuckle hooks on each corner of the wrestling ring. It would help if you used the shoelaces to tie down the pads/pillows.

#10. Staple the Cloth

You have got a large piece of cloth which is the last thing to use in this process. The fabric should be large enough to the outer edge of the trampoline. Then, you should install the cloth with the help of a staple gun.

The staple gun will let you attach the cloth to the trampoline covering the area below the playing surface on the outer edge. It will make your trampoline look entirely like a WWE wrestling ring. Some people also add a WWE logo on that cloth for their kids.

Check the Trampoline Wrestling Ring Before Using It

You have completed all the 10 steps for turning your trampoline into a wrestling ring. Next, you should check the trampoline wrestling ring to know if everything is installed correctly. Next, you should review the poles, hooks, ropes, pillows/pads, and parts. If everything is in ideal condition, then you can allow your kids to enter the trampoline wrestling ring and play a fight with their friends.

Wrapping Up:

All the information we have shared here about making a trampoline wrestling ring is authentic as per our experience. We hope you have a complete idea of turning a trampoline into a wrestling ring quickly. If you still have a query or doubt regarding any step of the process, you can ask us in the comment section.

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