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Trampoline Safety Statistics, Risks and Safety Tips

The trampoline cost is affordable, but the safety statistics show that it has caused many injuries and accidents. From a minor bone crack to a permanent disability, trampoline injuries are not avoidable for anyone. In this article, we will tell you the dangers of using a trampoline at home and some safety tips to reduce the risk for your family.

Trampolines are made to provide a lot of fun to the kids, and that’s why most kids love to play on them. However, as a parent, you should first know the safety risks of trampoline before you buy it for your home. Health experts across the country recommend avoiding trampolines unless you need to get supervised training for a sport.

Trampoline Injury Statistics

The health experts have researched trampoline injury statistics and reports of trampoline safety risks. These statistics include all the trampoline accidents and injuries across the country in past years.

  • Of all the injuries that happen in a year, almost 100,000 injuries are caused by a trampoline. In 2009, 97,908 people got injured due to trampoline use, and from 2002 to 2011, more than 1 million people were admitted to emergency wards for injuries caused by a trampoline.
  • Out of the fractures that happen to children under 16 years, 93 percent of fractures are related to trampoline use.
  • Younger children are 14 times more likely to get hurt on a trampoline than elder children. Almost 15 percent of trampoline injuries happen to children under 6 years.
  • Out of the total people admitted to emergency wards after trampoline accidents, 37 percent are young children.
  • Of real injuries that happen by falling off the trampoline, 40 percent of injuries have sprains, strains, and contusions. Research says that one out of 200 trampoline injuries leads to permanent neurological damage.
  • Around 20 percent of trampoline injuries happen because of hitting the trampoline frame or springs. The researchers say that most trampoline pads deteriorate in a few months, increasing the risk of children hitting on a stand or springs while jumping on a trampoline.
  • Trampoline accidents also cause spinal cord injuries, which are more dangerous than tiny fractures and dislocations.

Common Causes of Trampoline Injuries among Children

Trampoline injuries are more likely to happen in children. The trampoline in your backyard is undoubtedly great fun, but it is also equally dangerous for the kids. Here we provide some common causes of trampoline injuries that happen to children.


This is one of the most common causes of trampoline injuries among children. The parents leave their children alone on the trampoline, and the kids don’t care about anything but fun. When the kids are jumping on a trampoline without taking safety precautions, it will end up with an accident.

Multiple Jumpers:

Multiple Jumpers often have more fun, but they also cause trampoline accidents in the backyard. When you have a large size (14-15 foot) trampoline, it will offer so much jumping area. Therefore you allow multiple kids to jump at the same time. You must know that 75 percent of trampoline injuries happen when numerous kids/people jump on it. Elder children can accidentally hurt younger children while jumping with them.

Trying Trampoline Tricks or Stunts:

The children are always excited to try something new, and trampoline tricks and stunts are pretty exciting. The elder children often attempt to perform various actions on the trampoline. Please note that the trampoline stunts are hazardous. When a kid fails to complete a prank on the trampoline, it results in a severe accident. This accident can lead to spinal cord injury permanent disability, and sometimes it causes death.

Falling Off the Trampoline:

When the trampoline was invented, it did not have an enclosure safety net. Even the first trampoline for sale did not have an enclosure net. But the brands have added it to make the trampoline safer to use for kids. The trampoline net is helpful to let the kids jump safely, but they are not much effective. When a kid tries to climb on the net, the net is not sturdy enough to bear the weight.

The enclosure net is made of high-quality mesh material, but the manufacturer does not provide a more extended warranty. The most extended warranty is on the trampoline frame and short warranty on the trampoline mat, net, pad, and springs in every trampoline model. Moreover, the enclosure net wears out after several months of installation. After that, the net can tear when the jumper falls on it, resulting in an accident.

Falling on Frame or Springs:

All trampolines come with a thick spring pad covering all springs and the frame. However, the thickness of the pad is different in different brands, and the pad may wear out after several months of outdoor use. After that, it will cause an injury when the child or person falls on the springs or frame.

Trampoline Safety Tips to Reduce Risk of Accidents/Injuries

Trampolines are dangerous to use for children, but you can reduce the risk. There are some strict safety rules for using the trampoline, and if you can implement these rules, your children will be much safer than earlier. Here we provide trampoline safety tips to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in children.

  • Before every use, make sure that the trampoline frame, mat, pad, net, springs, and other parts are in good condition. If any part needs a replacement, then first replace it and after that, allow your kids to use the trampoline. Make sure the trampoline is on a flat ground surface, and anchors or wind stakes are properly installed on trampoline legs.
  • Make sure that all the springs are covered with a thick pad so that your kids will be safe while playing on the trampoline.
  • Make sure there are no trees nearby the trampoline. If there is any tree, power line, or phone line, you should immediately change the location of your trampoline.
  • Make sure there is nothing underneath the playing surface of the trampoline. If there is something, immediately remove it and then allow the kids to play.
  • Never allow any child below the age of 6 years to play on the trampoline.
  • Never allow more than one child at a time on the trampoline.
  • Make sure the kids are jumping on the trampoline in one-by-one order, that too under continuous adult supervision. Never, never leave your children alone while they are jumping on the trampoline.
  • Never allow any child to perform a trampoline trick, stunt, or somersault on it.
  • Train your kids to always jump in the center or near the center of the trampoline surface. It is safe for the kids to stay away from the edges of the trampoline. It will reduce their chances of falling out.

Are Trampoline Parks Safe?

When you come to know about the risks of using a trampoline, you may think not to buy a trampoline at home. But there are many trampoline parks in your town or state, and your kids may insist you take them there. So, you should know if the trampoline parks are safe before you visit one of them with your kids.

Trampoline Parks are similar to a multiplex cinema, and you can use their equipment or service by paying their charges. Not all trampoline parks are safe to use, but you can know their safety status before visiting them. We suggest you make a call or visit your concerned trampoline park alone to learn about their safety precautions.

It would help if you discussed their safety rules and supervision. Please make sure the trampolines in their park are in the best condition and don’t allow multiple jumpers simultaneously. Also, check that the safety instructions are applied on all the jumpers so that everyone stays safe as long as they jump on the trampoline.

Are Indoor Trampolines Safe?

The indoor trampolines or rebounders are generally used by adults for fitness purposes. However, some people buy mini indoor trampolines for their toddlers or younger child. Therefore, it is essential to know if they are safe to use or not. The answer is that Indoor Trampolines are equally dangerous. They are not safe to use for children and adults.

If your little child is playing on an indoor trampoline, never leave them alone. Always supervise your child while s/he is jumping and playing on the trampoline. Although, of course, it is an indoor trampoline still, the risk of falling is there. Please note that falling on the floor surface is worse than losing on the backyard ground.

You can use the indoor trampoline (rebounder) for workout purposes as an adult. Make sure you are following all the safety guidelines. If you are not sure about your safety, kindly visit the nearby fitness center and jump on the rebounder under the supervision of a fitness coach. It will save you from unexpected trampoline accidents and injuries at your home.

Final Verdict

We have discussed the risks of using a trampoline and the safety tips to reduce the risks. The best way to stay away from trampoline accidents and injuries is to avoid using the trampoline. But, if your kids want to jump on the trampoline, you must make them strictly follow all the safety rules, and you must supervise them as long as they are playing.