5 Amazing Things to Do on a Trampoline

Trampolines have become very popular in the past few years. The quality and safety features are improved so that the kids can play safely on it. You should have the best trampoline with a safety enclosure net in your backyard to let your kids have awesome bouncing fun for hours.

The indoor trampolines are for kids below six years, while outdoor trampolines are suitable for kids of 6 years & above. However, when the kids get older (above six years), they want to do different activities as jumping on the trampoline makes them feel boring. So, you have to find some exciting ideas to make it interesting for your kids.

We have found some fantastic activities to do on a trampoline in your backyard. We suggest you read all these fun activities and follow the instructions to do them on your trampoline.

5 Amazing Things to Do on a Trampoline

To get the most out of your trampoline, you need to find various trampoline games and fun activities related to trampolines. In this article, we will show you some exciting things that you and your kids can do on your backyard trampoline.

Warning: All the fun things to do on a trampoline are suitable for kids above six years and adults as well. When your kids are doing any of the activities on the trampoline, you should keep an eye on them. 

All kids are strongly advised to play on the trampoline under their parents’ supervision.

1. Add a Sprinkler to Your Trampoline


Adding a sprinkler system to your trampoline is the first and best idea. Your kids have to play indoors during the hot summer days as the sun heat and temperature are too high outside. But you can allow your kids to play on the trampoline in your backyard by adding a sprinkler with/without hose to the trampoline.

Firstly, you need to find the best trampoline sprinkler for your trampoline and buy it. After that, you can put the sprinkler in the center underneath the jumping mat or hang the sprinkler hose around the trampoline safety net and attach its end to the water tap/pipe.

After the sprinkler setup is done, you can slowly turn on the water supply and allow your kids to enter the trampoline surface. Your kids can enjoy jumping on the trampoline and feel the water drops like raining to enjoy as much as possible. This is the best fun activity on a trampoline during summer days.

2. Play Twister on Trampoline

To play twister on a trampoline, there must be at least two kids and one extra person (kid or adult) to play referee throughout the Game. If your trampoline has a black surface (the most common color of any trampoline surface), then you can create different color circles on it with chalks.

You can also buy a twister mat and spread it on the trampoline surface. You need one spinner board with an arrow and base for playing twister on your trampoline. The two kids (players) should stand opposite each other with their feet on the twister mat.
Each kid should put only 1 foot in a row, i.e., If the twister mat has four rows, the kids should keep their feet in 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd or 3rd & 4th row. After that, the referee should spin the spinner wheel turn by turn for both the players.
The spinner wheel has an arrow that indicates the right foot, right hand, left foot, or left hand. The relevant player has to move that hand/foot on the twister mat where the arrow stops. The kid/player who falls will lose the Game, and the last standing player will win the Game.
The best part about playing twister on a trampoline is that the kids are safe. The trampoline surface is bouncy even if the kids fall while playing twister. So, the kids won’t get hurt after falling on it.

3. Play Jump and Grab Game

The Jump and Grab Game is suitable for kids (boys and girls) up to 10 years. Jumping on a trampoline helps burn calories and develop balance & coordination in children. You can make it more interesting by adding some streamers to your trampoline.

The streamers should be hung at a high height, i.e., similar or slightly above an average jump of your children. You can use the pool noodles to turn the streamers and attach the streamers to them using duct tape. Don’t allow any kid until you complete the setup.
You should allow only one child at a time. As your kid jump, s/he will get encouraged to jump higher to grab the streamers hanging above. When the kid holds all the streamers, the Game is over. Now, you need to set it up again for another kid.
The Jump and Grab Trampoline Game provides a lot of fun and helps the kids keep balance and develop coordination while jumping on the trampoline.

4. Make Drawings on Trampoline (Picasso Unleashed)

All the kids and even many adults love to make drawings. But, most trampolines have a black surface which is plain and dark. So, you need a set of different color chalks so that the kids can start drawing on the trampoline surface. This Game is also known as Picasso Unleashed Game because it shows kids’ drawing ability.

If you have a sizeable trampoline-like 15FT or even more significant, then it will offer so much surface area for making multiple drawings on it. It would help if you allotted an equal surface area for each child to draw appropriately without interrupting each other.
You should allow only one child at a time to make drawing on the trampoline surface. Then, after all the kids have completed their drawing with multi-color chalks, you can see each drawing and appreciate your kids’ efforts. Don’t worry about cleaning; you can clean the trampoline surface with a wet cloth or wash it with a hose.

5. Castle Attack or Attack the Castle Game

When there are so many kids to play, the Castle Attack is the best Game on a trampoline. First of all, you need at least five foam balls that are big enough to hit the child. But, don’t worry; the foam balls never hurt anyone.

To play Attack the Castle Game on the trampoline, you have to divide the kids into two teams. For example: If there are six kids, divide them into two 3-player teams. One team will stay outside the trampoline, and the other will stay inside, i.e., on the trampoline surface.
The team standing inside the trampoline has one child (out of three) as the king. The players of the outside team will throw foam balls on the castle (trampoline) to hit the king. The players of the inside team have to block balls coming inside and save the king from the attack.
When the outside team hits the king 3 out of 5 times, the team inside will lose the Game. However, if the inside team blocks the balls and saves the king, it will stay inside for the next Game.

Final Words

Here, we have explained 5 amazing things that you can do on your trampoline. We hope that you and your kids have loved these fun activities and you are going to perform them on your backyard trampoline. In case you have a query or question in your mind then you can ask us in the comment section.

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