How To Stop a Trampoline from Squeaking?

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How to Cut Grass Under a Trampoline?

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Do Trampolines Need to Be Anchored?

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Will Trampoline Kill Grass? [Answered]

One of the things that many homeowners ask before bringing a trampoline home is whether it will ruin their grass. A ton of people (including me) like to keep a well-maintained garden in the back. They go out each day and water the field so that the grass looks lush and green. And when it … Read more

Does Water Make a Trampoline Bouncier?

There are many myths surrounding trampolines. One common myth that most people believe is that water can make a trampoline bouncier. So, if you jump on your trampoline after heavy rainfall, you will be able to jump higher than normal. How much of that is true, though? Is there any basis behind this belief? Let’s … Read more

Do Cats Like Trampolines?

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Can You Sleep on a Trampoline? [Is it a Good Idea?]

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Can You Put a Tent on a Trampoline?

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Can You Camp on a Trampoline?

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Can Grass Grow Under a Trampoline?

Considering getting a new trampoline for your backyard? Well, if you pride yourself on having a well-maintained backyard lawn, then I understand the hesitations you might have. Maintaining a perfectly mowed lawn is tough enough as it is, and the inclusion of the trampoline does not make things easier. The big question here is whether … Read more