Oval Vs Round Trampoline – Which One to Pick and Why?

The choice between a round and an oval trampoline can be tricky. Since both of these shapes are considered “mainstream” and “suitable for children,” it can be hard to differentiate individual strengths and weaknesses. But when you dig deep, you will find many differential points between them.

How Do I Pick Between Oval and Round Trampoline?

How Do I Pick Between Oval and Round Trampoline?

Oval trampolines are a lot more common these days as their cost has come down considerably. While round trampolines were considered the go-to option for most homeowners, these days, you will find many backyards with an oval trampoline at one corner. And it also looks quite pretty.

But enough small talk. If you are here, that means you have your mind set on either an oval trampoline or around one. But before you take your pick, let me give you a quick comparison between the two shapes to help you figure out which one is better suited for your backyard.

1. Frame Strength

I always start my comparison between trampoline shapes with a quick look at the typical build quality. Keep in mind, though – the frame quality can vary quite drastically depending on the trampoline model. For example, if you are going with a costly 14 feet round trampoline, it should come with a premium-quality frame.

That being said, most round and oval trampolines have a comparable frame design. These trampolines are made for mainstream use. So, most manufacturers try to keep the cost minimum while providing you with a decent frame that can handle a couple of kids jumping on it without breaking it anytime soon.

If you’re on the hunt for a Herculean frame, you’d have to go for the best rectangular trampoline or a square. The frames of oval and round trampolines are decent. But nowhere close to the sturdiness of a rectangular trampoline.

2. Bounciness

The bounciness of the trampoline depends on a couple of factors like spring size, spring numbers, and the elasticity of the jumping mat. But the thing that matters most to the bounciness of a trampoline is its shape.

For example, a round trampoline has a center-focused bounce. This means if you are jumping on the middle part of a round trampoline, you will get the most height. And if you move further from the center, you will feel less bounce.

An oval trampoline offers a slightly better bounce compared to a round trampoline. Yes, you will still feel the center-focused pull that is common with a round trampoline. However, since oval trampolines have a bigger center, the effect is not as noticeable. So, you will be able to jump with much more freedom when using an oval trampoline.

3. Jumping Area

The jumping area, similar to frame strength, can vary from one model to another. Both round and oval trampolines are available in different sizes. And if you are going with a large round or oval trampoline, you will naturally get a bigger area to jump.

But if you are going for the same size, an oval trampoline typically offers a slightly larger jump area. This means if you are going with a 14 feet oval trampoline, you will get a slightly larger jump area than a 14 feet round trampoline. Besides, the larger center of an oval trampoline gives you more area to bounce on.

4. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a vital consideration when buying a trampoline. Whenever I buy a trampoline, I try to get one that can handle the weight of my two children. And since I love to jump on my trampoline myself every now and then, weight capacity is one of my main concerns.

Round trampolines, at least the small ones, are designed to handle one child or adult jumping on it at once. Larger models might be able to handle two children, but since the jump is center-focused, the experience is not that great.

On the other hand, oval trampolines are designed to handle the weight of two kids or adults. And since the jumping area is wider, the experience while jumping with a couple of friends is much better with an oval trampoline. Some large models can even handle more people thanks to their greater weight capacity.

My take on round vs. rectangle trampolines can also help you understand more about the weight capacity of different-shaped trampolines.

5. Safety

Let me get this out of the way; trampolines can lead to a lot of accidents if you are not careful. Whenever you set up a trampoline, make sure you set up the safety net properly. Also, think of what you want to put under the trampoline. Cushioning like rubber mulch, artificial grass mats, or even natural grass under the trampoline will make it much safer for children.

That being said, both round and oval trampoline shapes are safe enough for home use. Since the bounciness of these trampolines is much less than a rectangular or square trampoline, you do not have to worry about your kids falling off of it while jumping on it.

6. Price

Though the price of the trampoline can vary largely based on what model you buy, typically, oval trampolines are pricier. Round trampolines are considered the entry-level option, and if you are on a tight budget, there can be no better choice than this shape.

However, if you want more jumping freedom that comes with an oval trampoline, you also need to pay a bit more. Still, an oval trampoline is much cheaper compared to a square or a rectangle trampoline. And you can also find some affordable options if you know where to look.

7. Usage

Both round and oval trampolines are designed for casual users. So, if you have never used a trampoline before and want to buy one for your backyard, both can be great.

While a round trampoline might be the perfect choice for one jumper, an oval trampoline can support at least two jumpers at the same time. This makes it a much better choice if you have two or three kids at home who want to use the trampoline.

However, if you want to buy it for yourself or a single child, a round trampoline might be the better choice. It will also save you a couple of bucks as it is cheaper than an oval trampoline.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of An Oval Trampoline

The Advantages and Disadvantages of An Oval Trampoline

These days, oval trampolines have become much more popular as their prices have come down quite a bit. Sure, it still costs more than an entry-level round trampoline, but compared to other shapes, it is much less expensive.

Here Are Some of The Main Advantages of Going with An Oval Trampoline:

  1. It has a larger jumping area
  2. The jump is not as center-focused as a round trampoline
  3. It is safe for children
  4. It can handle two or more people jumping on it at once.
  5. It has a better weight capacity than a round trampoline.

The Issues of An Oval Trampoline That You Should Know About Are:

  1. It is more expensive than a round trampoline
  2. It takes a bit more space in your backyard than a round trampoline
  3. The initial setup might be a bit more challenging

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Round Trampoline

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Round Trampoline

A round trampoline is the most common shape you will find, and there is a good reason for that; it works. If you want a basic entry-level trampoline, going with a round model is the best decision.

Here Are the Major Advantages of a Round Trampoline:

  1. It is available in a wide variety of sizes
  2. It takes up less space in your backyard
  3. It comes at an affordable price
  4. It is extremely easy to set up
  5. It is the safest option for children

On The Other Hand, The Drawbacks of a Round Trampoline Are:

  1. It is not as bouncy as other shapes
  2. The jumping area is typically smaller
  3. It has a lower weight capacity

Do the Differences Really Matter?

Truth be told, a round and an oval trampoline are quite similar in how they perform. Both of these shapes are designed for homeowners who want a basic trampoline.

So, if you have never owned a trampoline before, or you have a small backyard, either of these shapes will give you a good experience. They’re the perfect entry-level trampolines you can get for some family fun. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take it from here. Cheers!

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