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My First Trampoline Review: Is It Worth Buying for Toddlers?

My first trampoline – Bounce pro my first trampoline Review: When your child starts walking, s/he wants to explore everything around. Therefore you have to find something to keep the child engaged for some minutes. The My First Trampoline is the best option to make your curious child happy and busy at the same time.

The large trampolines are suitable for kids of 6 years & above. But the small kid’s trampolines are designed for young kids and toddlers. To enter into the world of best toddler trampolines, you can get a good start with My First Trampoline with an enclosure net.

Who Makes My First Trampoline?

My First Trampoline is a beginner category kids trampoline made by several brands, but the Sportspower My First Trampoline and Bounce Pro My First Trampoline are very popular among everyone. The Sportspower Ltd company manufactures both the My First Trampoline models.

Best My First Trampoline List

Sportspower My First Trampoline v/s Bounce Pro My First Trampoline


Sportspower My First Trampoline

When you look at all My First Trampoline models in the market, you will find 2 trampolines that are good enough for your kids. The Sportspower My 1st Trampoline and Bounce Pro My 1st Trampoline. You need to decide which of my first trampoline is better between these two models.

First of all, make it clear that both the trampoline models are manufactured by one organization, i.e., Sportspower Trampoline Ltd. So, the size, quality, and performance are almost the same, but the design is slightly different. But everything else is the same, and you will get good performance and durability in both trampolines.

The main difference between Sportspower and Bounce Pro My First Trampolines is their legs. The Sportspower 7FT, My First Trampoline, comes with 6 straight legs, while the Bounce Pro 7FT My First Trampoline comes with 3 U-shaped legs. In addition, both the trampolines have blow-molded plastic legs that provide excellent stability.

Brief Review: My First Trampoline

The My First Trampoline is the best trampoline for your child to start playing on the trampoline. It is made of high-quality materials so that your child can play on it for hours and still stay safe all the time.

Here we provide the special features, advantages, and disadvantages of My First Trampoline as follows:

Special Features:

  • 7 Foot Diameter
  • Hexagonal Shape
  • Ideal for 3+ Year Kids
  • Meet ASTM Safety Standards
  • 100 lbs Weight Limit
What We Like
  • 7 FT Size Provide Enough Space for 1 Child
  • Ideal for Any Child with Up to 100 lbs Weight
  • Enclosure Net Provide 360 Degree Protection
  • Made of Environment Friendly & Non Toxic Material
  • Blow Molded Plastic Legs for Added Stability
  • UV Resistant Materials Withstand Sunlight & UV Rays
  • Rust Resistant Galvanized Steel Frame Offer Durability
  • Foam Padded Spring Cover Offer Added Safety
  • Suitable for Both the Indoor and Outdoor Use
What Need Improvement
  • Can be Used by Only One Child At A Time
  • Not Suitable for A Child with 100+ lbs Weight

Detailed Review: My First Trampoline

The My First Trampoline is specially designed for young kids. Therefore, Sportspower Ltd has crafted it with safe materials and made it sturdy enough to withstand outdoor weather. Now, we will explain the detailed reviews of My First Trampoline to help you understand its functionality and performance.

Size and Shape:

The My First Trampoline comes in a 7-foot size diameter and hexagonal shape. You don’t get any option or choice in size or shape, but it looks great and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Age Criteria:

According to the manufacturer (Sportspower Ltd), the My First Trampoline can be used by any child of 3 years & above. However, please make sure the child’s Weight is not exceeding the total weight capacity of the My First Trampoline; otherwise, it may result in unexpected trampoline accidents.

User Limit and Weight Limit:

The My First Trampoline is designed for young kids, and the manufacturer recommends that only one user use it at a time. So, it would be best to allow only one child to jump & play on it at once. Never allow more than one child as the trampoline may collapse or fall apart, and the kids may get injured.

The maximum weight limit of My First Trampoline is 100 lbs. So, the child playing on the trampoline must have a bodyweight below 100 lbs. You should NEVER allow a child to jump on this trampoline if their Wweightis more than 100 lbs because it can damage the trampoline and be dangerous for the kids.

Material Quality:

The My First Trampoline is made of premium quality materials. The trampoline frame, legs, springs, poles, jump mat, enclosure net, and spring cover are made of 100% non-toxic, environment-friendly, and high-quality materials. So, you can expect a consistently good user experience and long-lasting performance from this trampoline.

Jumping Mat:

The jumping mat of My First Trampoline is made of premium polypropylene to provide a comfortable playing experience. The PP jump mat is UV resistant, so you can put the My First Trampoline out in your backyard without worrying about sunlight and UV rays.

Enclosure Net:

The My First Trampoline comes with a safety enclosure system. It protects the child playing inside and prevents them from falling out while jumping on the trampoline. The enclosure net is made of UV-treated polyethylene mesh material for a long lifespan. In addition, it has a transparent design always to see what your child is doing on the trampoline.

Spring Cover/Pad:

The My First Trampoline includes a spring cover that hides all springs. The spring cover is padded with soft foam to protect kids from metal/steel springs. It also covers the trampoline frame edge, making it safer for the kids.

Trampoline Frame:

The trampoline frame is made of heavy-duty and fully galvanized stainless steel. The My First Trampoline Frame also contains powder coating to provide rust resistance and protection from various weather effects. The frame is sturdy enough to keep the kids safe while jumping and make the trampoline last for years.

Trampoline Springs:

The My First Trampoline is equipped with 36 5.5-inch long stainless steel springs. Each spring, the manufacturer tightly coils to provide a better bouncing experience with every jump. In addition, all the springs are rust-resistant to withstand outside weather and offer long-lasting use.

Trampoline Legs:

The Sportspower, My First Trampoline, has 6 straight legs, while Bounce Pro My First Trampoline has 3 U-shaped legs. The trampoline legs are made of blow-molded plastic and can provide complete stability even when the trampoline is in use.

The trampoline legs are made of high-quality, blow-molded plastic that stands properly on any indoor or outdoor surface. Make sure you put the trampoline on a flat surface to get proper stability all the time.

Zipper Entrance:

The My First Trampoline has a zipper door in its enclosure net for easy entry and exit. You can open the zipper to allow your child to enter the trampoline surface. After that it would be best if you closed the zipper and shut the buckle to lock the zipper to prevent accidental zip opening when your child is playing on the trampoline.

Trampoline Cost and Warranty:

The My First Trampoline will cost you around $200 to $400, and the manufacturer provides one year warranty on it. So, you can buy it with complete confidence without worrying about anything.

My First Trampoline: What’s in the Box?

When you buy the My First Trampoline, you will receive it in 1-2 boxes. So, you need to know what’s in the box of My First Trampoline before buying it.

The My First Trampoline Box includes parts for the trampoline frame, legs, poles, springs, jumping mat, enclosure net, and spring cover/pad. It also consists of an instruction manual and a spring loading tool to make the trampoline assembly task easier for you.

How to Assemble My First Trampoline

After purchase, you will receive the boxes of My First Trampoline in a few days. Unfortunately, the trampoline may come in 1 to 2 boxes, so you have to wait for all the boxes to be delivered before you think about assembling the trampoline.

Tools Required for Trampoline Assembly

The Sportspower Ltd provides all the trampoline parts, assembly instruction manual, and a spring puller tool in the package. The manufacturer claims that all the tools required for My First Trampoline Assembly are included. But we recommend you to keep the following parts with yourself at the time of assembly.

  • 1 Spring Loading Tool (Included in Package)
  • 1 Rubber Mallet (Not Included)
  • 1 Philips Head Screwdriver (Not Included)

Steps to Assemble My First Trampoline at Home

You need to get all trampoline parts out of the box when you have all the necessary tools. Get all aspects out and arrange them on the floor/ground. My First Trampoline Assembly is straightforward, and one person can do it. But it is better if there are two persons to handle the parts and execute the trampoline assembly process.

  1. Please read the instruction manual carefully and see the diagrams/pictures shown. It will help you understand the step-by-step trampoline assembly process.
  2. First, take the frame parts and attach them to build the trampoline frame. If you face a problem in fixing/connecting the frame parts, you can use the rubber mallet for proper fitting.
  3. Attach trampoline legs and poles to the frame one by one.
  4. Use the spring loading tool to attach one end of the springs to the jumping mat. Please make sure all springs are in good condition; otherwise, get some replacement springs of the same size and attach them.
  5. Now, put the jumping mat in the center of the trampoline and attach the other end of the springs to the trampoline frame.
  6. Finally, attach the spring cover and enclosure net to complete the trampoline assembly task.

When the trampoline is fully assembled, you need to check its legs, mat, springs, enclosure net, poles, and all other parts. Ensure it is properly assembled and there is no single mistake made in assembly. After that you can allow your kids to play on the My First Trampoline with the strict rule of only one child at a time.

How Much Bounce Does My First Trampoline Provide?

The My First Trampoline is not a recreational trampoline for adults or elder kids. It is a simple 7-foot trampoline with an enclosure net for the kids of 3 years & above. The maximum age limit to play & jump on My First Trampoline is 10 years, provided that the child’s Wweightis under 100 lbs. We have talked to several customers about the bouncing performance of My First Trampoline.

When we asked about the bouncing rate, the customers responded quite positively. As My First Trampoline is equipped with high quality jumping mat and sturdy steel springs, it offers good bounces to the kids. In addition, this trampoline provides a soft and gentle bouncing experience to keep the kids comfortable while jumping on it.

Frequently Asked Questions About My First Trampoline

The My First Trampoline comes with a simple design for easy assembly and a comfortable user experience. Most parents buy My First Trampoline as their child’s first trampoline. Therefore it is obvious to have some doubts in mind at the time of purchase. Here we provide some FAQs about My 1st Trampoline and their answers in brief.

Q.1 Is My First Trampoline Safe for Your Child?

Yes, the My First Trampoline is safe for your child as it is made from high-quality materials, and it has a safety enclosure net to provide 360-degree protection.

Q.2 How much weight can the My First Trampoline hold?

The My First Trampoline can hold a user weight of up to 100 lbs.

Q.3 What age is appropriate for the My First Trampoline?

The large trampolines are suitable for kids of 6 years & above, while the small trampolines (like My First Trampoline) are suitable for kids of 3 years & above.

Q.4 How long does it take to assemble My First Trampoline?

It takes around 1 hour to assemble My First Trampoline by following the steps given in its instruction manual.

Final Verdict:

The My First Trampoline is the best quality trampoline for your toddler and young child. It provides complete safety and good bouncing performance. We hope you have got all the answers to your doubts regarding My First Trampoline. If you still have something to ask, you can ask us in the comment section.

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