How to Avoid Snakes in Your In-ground Trampoline Pit

Seeing a snake in your backyard is strange and scary news for you. The chances of snakes in your yard or garden are more when you have an in-ground trampoline with so much grass and multiple plants & trees.

You have to learn how to avoid in-ground trampoline snakes in the pit to ensure the safety of your family.

There 50 different species of snakes are living in the United States. Except you are living in Alaska (where the snakes hardly come into sight), you should be aware and alert about snakes.

Now, we are going to help you to get rid of snakes in your backyard and explain how to avoid snakes in the in-ground trampoline pit and your entire backyard.

Do You Actually Have Snakes in Your Backyard?

Every creature on earth is a part of nature and each of them is supposed to live in their space.

You must have seen a snake several times in your life but have you ever seen a snake in your own backyard or home garden? This is rare but also scary for any ordinary family.

You can’t be worry-free when you realize that a snake is living in your backyard.

Therefore you need to check and verify the presence of snake(s) in your backyard before you take any action to get rid of snakes and/or prevent snakes from entering your in-ground trampoline pit in future.

Signs of the Presence of Snakes in Your Backyard

We want to tell you that you need to know if there are any snakes in your backyard.

If you saw a snake weeks ago, it may not be still at the same place. And if that snake is still in your backyard then you must find at least one sign of its presence.

Here we provide all possible signs of the presence of a snake in your in-ground trampoline pit and your backyard or home garden. We request you check these signs carefully to know if you have any snakes in your backyard or not.

  1. Snakeskin (Skin of Snake): You should walk through your entire backyard to find out the skin of a snake. As we all know that snakes leave their outer skin (shed) around 4 to 12 times a year as they get new skin. The presence of a snake is proven when you or your kids see the snakeskin i.e. skin of a snake (whole or partial) near the in-ground trampoline or anywhere in your backyard.
  1. Snake Feces or Snake Poop: Another sign of the presence of a snake is the snake faeces or snake poop. The snake faeces is a mixture of snake’s liquid waste & solid waste as they pee & poop at the same time. The snake poop/faeces appear like other animals’ or birds’ poop, but it is often brown with white cap on it. You should check the lawn area as well as underneath and around the in-ground trampoline. If you find the snake faeces, it means there is a snake somewhere in your backyard.
  1. Trails or Tracks of Snake: When a snake slithers on a surface, it leaves trails behind. The trails or tracks of a snake appear clearly when the snake goes through dirt or sand. Any sign of snake tracks in your in-ground trampoline pit or nearby area indicates that there is a snake staying in your backyard. When you see any of the three signs mentioned above, you should be alert. Because there is a strong possibility of one or more snakes in your backyard or home garden. So, you have to take quick action to protect yourself, your kids and your entire family.

How to Avoid Snakes in Your In-ground Trampoline Pit and Backyard

Snakes are often found in forests and village areas full of greeneries. But in recent years, we have seen snakes found in various cities and towns in the United States.

Many people have claimed that they have found one or more snakes in their in-ground trampoline pit and other areas of their home garden or backyard.

Therefore we strongly recommend you make your backyard snake-proof so that the snakes can never enter your place.

Here we provide some effective ways to avoid and prevent snakes in your in-ground trampoline pit and entire backyard.

  1. Keep Your Backyard Neat & Clean
  2. Patch All Holes and Risky Areas
  3. Install Fencing Around Your Backyard
  4. Clean Up Snake’s Shelter Spaces
  5. Destroy Snake’s Food Sources
  6. Get A Pet (Dog or Cat)
  7. Plant Onion, Garlic and Lemongrass

#1. Keep Your Backyard Neat & Clean

The snakes are found in the areas that are not easily visible. Such areas include the bottom of tall grass, under the leaves and all hidden spaces that you don’t use or walk through.

When your backyard is messy, it is an open invitation for snakes and other insects or small animals.

In order to avoid snakes from staying in your backyard, you have to keep it neat and clean. You should have a lawn mower and blower to completely clean your backyard.

Use the mower to cut the lawn (grass) too small, cut the clutter and shrubbery to make your backyard appear better.

In order to cut the tall grass, clutter and shrubbery, you need to use a lawn mower, electric mower is more convenient. In case you don’t have a lawn mower then you should buy one. Here we provide some best lawn mowers that you can buy with confidence.

1 GreenWorks 21-Inch Self Propelled Mower

  • Two 24V Batteries Offer 45 Minutes of Run Time
  • Highly Efficient Brushless Motor Provide More Torque
  • 4-in-1 System with Mulch, Rear Bagging, Side Discharge and Turbo Button for Leaf Pickup
  • 21-Inch Steel Deck and LED Headlight
  • Vertical Storage Takes Up 70% Less Storage Space
  • 7 Position Lever for Height Adjustment

2. Black & Decker 12-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

  • 3-in-1 System: Corded Mower, Trimmer and Edger
  • Lightweight Design with Adjustable Handle and Height Positions
  • Work Continuously without Bumping or Stopping
  • Add Extension Cord to Mow Around Whole Backyard Without Interruption
  • Built-in Cord Retention System to Prevent Accidental Disconnection
  • Easy to Operate and Provide Simple, Space Saving Storage

You must clean your in-ground trampoline and the pit underneath. The tree leaves and other dirt may pile up in the trampoline pit. So,  it may become a shelter for the snakes. Therefore we strongly recommend you clean the pit regularly for safety purposes.

You should also remove the fallen leaves, dirt piles and piles of mulch. For doing the cleaning faster, you can use an electric blower machine. It is a good habit to keep your backyard clean, it is good for the plants, and your family and it also eliminates the chances of snakes staying in your backyard.

If you don’t have an electric blower then you should purchase one. Here we provide some highly recommended leaf blower machines that you can buy for cleaning your in-ground trampoline pit and backyard.

3. GreenWorks 40V 150 MPH Cordless Leaf Blower

  • Variable Speed Control: Six Different Speed Selections
  • Provide Maximum Wind Speed Up to 150 MPH
  • 40V 2.0 AMP Battery Provide Long Running Time
  • Lightweight Design Make It Easy to Hold for Longer Period
  • Extension Tube Increase Its Reaching Ability and Blower Efficiency

4. Black & Decker 180 MPH Electric Leaf Blower

  • 7.0 AMP Motor Provide Powerful and Efficient Blowing Performance
  • Can Move Leaves & Debris at Up to 180 MPH Fast Speed
  • Add Extension Cord to Clean Entire Backyard without Interruption
  • Built-in Cord Retention Prevent Unexpected Disconnection
  • Lightweight & Compact Design: Suitable for One Handed Use

After mowing and cleaning your backyard, you can move ahead to the next step.

#2. Patch All Holes and Risky Areas

The size of your backyard has a direct connection with the possibility of the presence of snakes.

Because when you have a small-medium backyard, you & your family may move around the whole yard.

On the other hand, if you have a large backyard, it is not possible to walk through the entire yard on a regular basis.

The snakes often prefer to stay at places that are not inhabited by humans and other animals. For example: If you are not using a small corner area of your backyard, so the snakes will prefer that area to hide and stay.

So, you need to move around your whole backyard including the in-ground trampoline pit.

While moving around, you need to check the holes and risky areas that can be entry points for snakes. There must be a water drain hole in your in-ground trampoline pit.

You should install a steel drain net that allows water to pass through and prevent snakes or other unwanted animals/insects to enter your backyard.

You should also check each part of your backyard and if there are any unnecessary holes, just patch them.

Make sure the backyard fence does not have any holes that can allow snakes.

#3. Install Fencing Around Your Backyard

A backyard, front yard or home garden makes your home more beautiful. But it also increases the risk of snakes near your residence.

When your backyard is full of grass and plants & trees, it can attract snakes and other insects.

If your backyard is open from all sides then the snakes can easily enter and find out a hiding place.

To prevent snakes from entering your backyard and hiding in the in-ground trampoline pit, you need to install fencing in your backyard.

Kindly note that the fencing cannot make your backyard 100% snake-proof but it prevents most of them.

There are many snake-proof fences available in market. Out of them, we have picked two fences that are worth buying for you.

1. 28″ x 100″ Snake Fence Barrier

  • Large Size Fence Cover More Area of Backyard
  • 28-Inch Height Make It Tall Enough for Any Animal to Cross
  • Made of Premium Materials to Provide Long Lasting Use
  • Keep Snakes Away from Your Kids’ Playing Area
  • Easy to Install with A Hammer Only
  • Snake Fence Barrier Not Need to be Buried in the Ground

2. 14″ x 100″ Snake Fence Barrier

  • Fit Perfectly in Any Backyard
  • Create A Landscape Shape Barrier for Snakes
  • Three 6-Inch Ground Staples Per 5 Feet of Fence
  • Easy to Install, You Just Need A Hammer
  • Does Not Require Heavy Maintenance

When you install a snake fence barrier in your backyard, you need to angle it properly.

You may not know but the snakes don’t only slither horizontally on ground or floor but also slither vertically on pipes, trees, fences and other things.

To prevent them from entering your backyard, you need to angle the fence outwards.

#4. Clean Up Snake’s Shelter Spaces

The snakes don’t like to stay in normal, visible places. They often prefer to stay in hidden spaces as they feel safer there.

To prevent snakes in your in-ground trampoline pit, you need to make sure the pit is clean and it does not have any hidden spaces for snakes.

You should check each part of your backyard to find out holes and hidden places where snakes can hide.

You have to remove all unnecessary stuff that creates mess in your backyard. Because the messy backyards have hidden spaces that attract snakes to come and stay there.

So, you have to destroy all the snake shelters in your backyard. Make sure everything is clean, locked and protected.

When all the shelters are removed, where would the snakes stay? In this way, the snakes will automatically stay away from your backyard.

#5. Destroy Snake’s Food Sources

The snakes always have two motives or we can call it their needs. The snakes enter your backyard to get shelter and food.

The mice, rodents, squirrels, rats, large insects and pests are food for snakes. So, the snakes can stay or keep visiting your in-ground trampoline pit or backyard as long as they find their food sources.

To prevent snakes from entering your backyard, you need to destroy snake’s food sources.

For that, you can use a natural repellent for rats, rodents and mice. Here we provide some repellents that are very effective to make your backyard free from rats, rodents, mice as well as large insects and pests.

1. Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent

  • Keep Mice, Rodents, Rats and Similar Insects Out
  • One Pouch is Enough for 125 Square Feet of Non-Infested Area and One Pouch for 8 Square Feet of Infested Area
  • Suitable for Farm, Backyard, Garden, Basement, Garage, Boat, RV and Others
  • Meet EPA Standards for Professional Pest Control Use in Indoor or Enclosed Areas
  • Made with Non-Toxic Balsam Fit Oil
  • Made in the USA by EarthKind

2. Natural Armor Peppermint Rodent Repellent

  • Ready to Use: Just Shake and Spray the Infested Area
  • Effective to Get Rid of All Types of Rodents (Mice, Rats etc.)
  • Made of Safe and Environment Friendly Materials
  • Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use With No Harm to Pets
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee If Your Are Not Satisfied with the Product
  • Powerful Peppermint Essential Oil without Any Chemical or Poison

#6. Get A Pet (Dog or Cat)

A pet can be helpful for your family in many ways. For example: when you have a dog in the house, it will provide security against unwanted guests (thieves) during night time.

In addition, most kids and adults love to play with their dogs as they are full of energy.

To get the snakes away from your backyard, you should get a pet. It can be a dog or a cat, both of them are capable to find snakes.

Moreover, the snakes are scaled of dogs and cats and therefore they don’t enter the place where they notice the presence of a dog/cat.

#7. Plant Onion, Garlic and Lemongrass

Onion and Garlic have many health benefits and they are also used in making of some medicines.

But you may not know that their plants can help you to prevent snakes to enter your backyard. Yes, onion and garlic have strong smell that affects humans and animals staying nearby.

Lemongrass is also effective to drive the snakes away from your yard. If you want to keep the snakes away from your in-ground trampoline pit then you should plant onion, garlic and lemongrass in your backyard.

The scent (smell) of these three plants will help to make your backyard snake-proof and safe for your family.

So, these are the 7 simple ways (techniques) to avoid or prevent snakes in the in-ground trampoline pit and your backyard.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your In-ground Trampoline Pit

Having a snake in your backyard is dangerous. You and your family are at risk as it can be a venomous snake that can bite you.

The snakebite may lead to headache, numbness, fever, convulsions and it may also lead to death at its worst result.

That’s why it is very important to get rid of snakes in your in-ground trampoline pit and other areas of your backyard.

Here we will give you some simple ideas to get rid of snakes. These ideas will make your in-ground trampoline pit and whole backyard free from snakes.

It means your kids will be safe again while playing in your backyard or home garden. So, the ideas to get rid of snakes in your in-ground trampoline pit are as under:

  1. Scare the Snakes with Vibration
  2. Call Your Pet
  3. Get Snake Traps
  4. Use Snake Repellents
  5. Don’t Kill, Call A Professional

(i) Scare the Snakes with Vibration

Snakes often choose places that humans are not inhabited. Because the snakes are scared of humans.

Yes, only we believe that we have a fear of snakes but they are also scared of us. When you find a snake in your backyard you can scare it with vibration.

You can use a lawn mower to create the vibration for scaring the snake. If you know where is the snake hiding in your yard then you should use the lawn mower nearby that place.

The vibration will frighten the snake and it will run away from your backyard.

NOTE: Scaring the snake(s) with vibration of a lawn mower or other machine is NOT a permanent solution. Moreover, you should NEVER run behind a snake with a mower to drive it away, it can be dangerous. You need to apply other techniques to get rid of snakes in the in-ground trampoline pit on permanent basis.

(ii) Call Your Pet

When you realize that there are one or more snakes in your backyard, you should call your pet.

For example: your dog is more capable to find snakes than you or any other human. Because the dog has very strong smelling power, so it can find snakes even in their hidden places.

You should get the help of your dog and ask it to find snakes. Snakes are scared of dogs because most dogs eat snakes. It may also happen that the snakes will run away just by hearing the barking of your dog.

(iii) Get Snake Traps

When you see the snakes too often in your backyard, it is the time to get some snake traps.

With help of a snake trap, you cannot only trap the snakes but also mice, rats and rodents. But you have to choose a snake trap that is worth your investment. Here we provide the best snake traps for your backyard.

1. Catchmaster Baited Snake Trap

  • Pack of 12 Glue Trays Made of Disposable Plastic
  • Made of Non-Toxic and Safe Materials for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Easily Fold into Tunnel Shape to Fit in Tight Area to Catch the Snake
  • Capable to Catch Snake, Mouse, Rat, Cockroach, Cricket, Spiders and Others

The snake trap with glue trays is very effective and useful. But the problem is that it can catch some helpful insects that are helpful for some plants in your backyard. Therefore we have found an alternative of glue traps for snakes which are will show you here.

2. Cahaba Snake Trap

  • Foldable and Reusable Snake Trap
  • Made in Alabama, United States
  • Constructed from Commercial Grade, Strong Corrugated Plastic
  • Completely Environment Friendly and Safe for Pets
  • Equipped with One Replaceable Catch Insert
  • Catch Insert Has Catching Power of 180 Square Inches
  • Ideal for Both the Indoor and Outdoor Use in All Weathers

(iv) Use Snake Repellents

When all the above-given techniques don’t work out for you. It’s time to take an extreme step i.e. use a snake repellent.

Because most snake repellents are effective to repel snakes but some experts recommend not using snake repellents frequently.

The snake repellents start working as soon as you apply them in your backyard including the area of in-ground trampoline pit. The element(s) used in snake repellents signals the snakes when they come to nearby area.

This signal encourages snakes to avoid the area (your backyard) and therefore they go away.

Here we provide the most effective and best snake repellents for your in-ground trampoline pit and other areas.

1. Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules

  • Made with Rain Resistant Formula for All Weather Use
  • Prevent Snakes from Entering, Nesting (Staying) and Foraging in Your Backyard
  • Safe to Use Around People, Plants and Pets If You Use It As Directed in Its Instruction Manual
  • No Stink Formula: It Won’t Spread Any Unpleasant Smell
  • Ready to Use: Does Not Require Any Process At Your End

2. Victor Snake-A-Way Snake Repellent Granules

  • EPA Registered Granules Repel Poisonous and Non-Poisonous Snakes
  • Contain 7% Naphthalene and 28% Sulfur
  • Temporary Disrupt Snake’s Sensory Reception
  • Contain 4 lbs Granules That Can Cover 0.5 Acre Area
  • Easy to Use: Simply Apply Around Your Backyard to Protect It From Snakes
  • Safe for People, Pets and Plants When Used As Directed in Its Instruction Manual

3. Safer Brand Snake Shield Repelling Granules

  • Proven to Repel Snakes Immediately After First Application
  • Made with A Unique Blend of Natural Oils and Sulfur
  • Completely Safe for Lawns in Your Backyard, Safe for People and Pets
  • Create A Natural and Harmless Flight Response in Snakes to Keep Them Away

(v) Don’t Kill, Call A Professional

When you see a longer or dangerous snake in your in-ground trampoline pit or other area, you should be alert. If the snake is venomous then you must not waste your time other techniques we explained above. Because the snake is venomous and the life of your family is at risk.

In such circumstances, you must not kill the snake. Because it is possible that the snake can bite you when you try to kill it. Moreover, it is better to seek help from a professional snake catcher so that s/he catches the snake alive and send it to a safe place (such as forest).

You must not try to catch the snake by yourself or with help of your friends. Because it requires special skills and experience to catch a snake which are available with a professional person only. So, it is strongly recommended to call a professional snake catcher/controller who can catch the snake in your backyard and take it away.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we request you take care of your backyard and use your in-ground trampoline on daily basis.

When you keep your backyard/garden clean and bounce on the trampoline every day, the chances of snakes in the in-ground trampoline pit are rare.

If you still find any snake in the in-ground trampoline pit or other area of your backyard, now you know how to handle it.

We hope all the techniques we have suggested have prepared you to deal with snakes and you have learned how to prevent snakes from entering your backyard.

In case you have any query or question regarding how to avoid snakes in in-ground trampoline pit then you can ask us in the comment section.

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