How to Secure a Trampoline During High Winds

How to Keep a Trampoline from Blowing Away: You need to secure your trampoline so that it does not blow away during high winds, storms, or hurricanes. To keep it safe in harsh weather, you need to tie the trampoline to the ground. Then, you can use a trampoline anchor kit to prevent it from flying away.

Some trampolines come with an anchor kit so that you can tie them down right after the installation. If your trampoline doesn’t include the anchors, buy the equipment separately. 

During strong winds, your trampoline may fly away and damage your property.

So, it is highly recommended to secure your trampoline to keep it in place in your backyard.

How to Secure a Trampoline During High Winds

How to Secure Your Trampoline

Storms and Strong Winds can occur randomly, so you must be prepared to face them. Depending upon your region and surrounding weather conditions, you may need to face high winds and hurricanes several times a year. The trampoline in your backyard or garden is unsafe as the high wind can blow it away.

Imagine a storm in your area last night; you wake up in the morning and realize that the high wind has blown away your trampoline. You can prevent such incidents and save them with the help of the trampoline anchoring kit. Here, we will explain how to keep a trampoline from blowing away quickly.

Natural barriers such as trees and hedges may prevent the trampoline from blowing away, but you should also create man-made barriers such as anchors, wind stakes, and sandbags. To save your trampoline from high winds, you must secure it with an anchor kit, sandbags, or both.

What is a Trampoline Anchor Kit?

What is a Trampoline Anchor Kit

A trampoline anchor kit is a set of tools used to keep your trampoline in place. The trampoline anchor kit includes anchor hooks and anchors/straps. The hooks go deep into the ground while straps are attached to the hooks and the legs. Tying down your trampoline with the anchor kit will save it from being blown away by high winds.

Types of Trampoline Anchor Kit

The trampoline anchor kit is available in two types: U-shaped Anchors (wind stakes) and Corkscrew Shaped Anchors (augers). Both types of anchor kits are capable of securing your trampoline to the ground.

Before you begin the installation of anchors on your trampoline, it is essential to check the grass and soil of the concerned location. Ensure the relevant spot (area) is soft and supportive for the anchors. In addition, there must not be any stones preventing the anchor hook or stake before it is at least 40 cm deep into the ground.

Now, let us understand each trampoline anchor type in detail.

1. Secure Your Trampoline with Augers or Corkscrew Anchors

Secure Your Trampoline with Augers or Corkscrew Anchors

This trampoline anchor kit contains four augers, i.e., corkscrew-shaped hooks and four high-quality straps. The galvanized steel hooks or stakes are not straight; they look like a drill. This shape is the main feature of this kit type. The auger shape helps create a firmer grip on the ground, and these best anchors will not become loose even if your kids use the trampoline every day or the ground becomes wet.

When you want to install the trampoline anchor kit, you should spread some water on the ground. The anchor kits are easy to install when the ground is wet. First, you should insert the auger-shaped stake by hand at a cross 60-degree angle; you can also use a hammer only if it’s required. After the augers are inserted into the ground, bind the straps tightly on stakes and legs to secure the trampoline. After several months, the straps may wear out or become loose.

2. Secure Your Trampoline with Wind Stakes or U-Shaped Anchors

Secure Your Trampoline with Wind Stakes or U-Shaped Anchors

The U-Shaped Trampoline Anchor Kits are known as wind stakes. They are easy to install in comparison to corkscrew anchor kits. This anchor kit may include four or six U-shaped stakes compatible with U-shaped and W-shaped frame legs. You need to insert the wind stakes on each leg to secure the trampoline completely.

To properly install wind stakes, you need to wet the ground before installation. In addition, you must have a hammer to insert the galvanized steel stakes into the ground. Finally, ensure all wind stakes are correctly installed and have a firm grip on the ground.

The U-shaped anchors are not as strong as augers, but they don’t have straps; steel stakes secure the legs. So, it can save the trampoline from high winds. If you add cement around the stakes after installation, they will provide the best protection.

Many companies make trampoline anchor kits. Here we reviewed the Best Trampoline Anchor kits for securing your trampoline.

How to use Sandbags to Secure Your Trampoline

How to use Sandbags to Secure Your Trampoline

In addition to anchor kits, you can also use sandbags to keep your trampoline in place during high winds. Unfortunately, not all trampolines support the anchor kits. Therefore, you have to use sandbags to secure them.

The sandbags effectively keep the heavy-duty trampolines safe during strong winds and storms. If you already have the sandbags, put them on each leg of the trampoline. More sandbags will provide more security. If you don’t have the sandbags, you have to buy a set of empty bags, fill them with sand, and put them on the legs.

The sandbag is the best option for securing your trampoline without anchoring it. After putting the sandbags in, you need to check the bags once or twice a month to ensure that the bag is not broken and the sand is not coming out of it.

How to Secure a Trampoline on Concrete

It will help if you put your trampoline on soft soil with a flat surface. However, it would help if you did not put it on bricks, stones, concrete or rocky surface. If your trampoline is on the concrete, you cannot protect it with the anchor kits. In such circumstances, you have two options, i.e., either change the location of a trampoline or add sandbags on its legs. So, you can secure your trampoline on concrete by adding at least one sandbag on each leg.

How to Secure a Trampoline During a Hurricane

How to Secure a Trampoline During a Hurricane

Trampolines are at high risk when a hurricane hits your area. The anchor kits are helpful to secure the trampolines from high winds and storms. But a hurricane is much more substantial than a storm. Therefore, you must take some action to keep your trampoline safe from blowing away and getting permanently damaged.

When you come to know that a hurricane is about to hit your region, you should immediately disassemble your trampoline. Disassembly is the best option to save it from a hurricane. However, if you cannot disperse it or don’t have enough time for disassembly, you must detach the enclosure net and jumping mat with a spring pad and springs.

You should ensure that the frame is safe by the anchor kit or sand bags. You can add an anchoring kit and more sandbags to prevent the frame from flying away during the hurricane.

How Much Wind Will Lift a Trampoline?

Some people believe that the high winds cannot move heavy-duty trampolines. Well, this is not true. No matter how heavy-duty your trampoline is, the wind can move or blow it away. Don’t think that only a higher wind speed can affect your trampoline; even a 40 mph wind can shake and move it. The 60 mph wind speed can easily lift your trampoline and throw it in your neighbor’s backyard.

Even if your region does not have high winds, we recommend applying an anchor kit and sandbags. Because the wind can occur anytime, and then you won’t have enough time to save your trampoline from blowing away.

Cost of Trampoline Anchors: Are They Expensive?

Cost of Trampoline Anchors

The trampolines are indeed expensive, but the anchor kits are not. You can buy the anchor kits between the best and most affordable price range of $10 to $60. It is essential to anchor your trampoline to make it safer during strong winds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we provide some common questions about trampoline anchors and the procedure to secure your trampoline. We request you to refer to these FAQs and their answers to clear your doubts and know everything about the anchor kits.

How to secure a trampoline during a storm?

You can secure your trampoline with anchors or use sandbags during a storm.

Do you need to tie down a trampoline?

Yes, it would be best to tie down a trampoline to keep it safe and prevent it from blowing away during high winds.

How many anchors do you need for a trampoline?

You need at least four anchors for a trampoline; install one anchor on each leg in each direction to protect it completely.

Where do you put a trampoline?

It will help if you put a trampoline on the soft and energy-absorbing ground. You can put it on sand, bark, or other soft materials to get the cushioning effect. 

Please do not put your trampoline on concrete, bricks, stones, asphalt, or other hard surfaces.


In the end, we want to tell you that anchoring your trampoline is very important. The wind stakes, augers, and sandbags will save it from blowing away during high winds and storms. You should apply one or more methods for securing your trampoline in your backyard.

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