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How To Put a Net on A Trampoline? – Simplified

Assembling a new trampoline and getting everything set up can take a fair bit of time. And I know the feeling better than most; the itching to start jumping on it the moment you get your hands on it. But the truth is before you set it up fully, you should not start jumping on it.

And that includes putting on the safety net. Struggling with setting it up for the first time? Let’s take a look at how you can minimize the hassle.

How to Put a Net on a Trampoline?

The safety net around your trampoline is your first and probably the last line of defense against awkward falls while jumping on a trampoline. A trampoline is considered by many to be an unsafe yard toy. And in many instances, they might even be right.

However, in my experience, a trampoline is only a danger to you or your kids if you are reckless with it. And the first sign of recklessness is refusing to put up the safety net.

Some people say that the safety net is too complicated to put up, and they prefer to go jumping without it. But that can never lead to anything good. Without a safety net, if you lose balance on the jumping mat, you can really hurt yourself falling on the ground.

And it’s just a simple 4-step process –

  • Start with the Bungee Loops
  • Connect and Mount the Posts
  • Secure the Safety Net Clips
  • Test it Out

Here, I will talk about how you can put on a net around your trampoline the easy way. So, after today, you really should not have any excuse not to put it up when you buy a new trampoline.

How to Assemble a Trampoline Net Step by Step

Putting net on trampoline frame is really not all that difficult. But I understand how it might confuse new trampoline owners. There are a lot of components to cater to, and it might feel a bit hectic at first.

The first thing you should do is go through the owner’s manual. If the enclosure came included with the trampoline, then it should contain all the information you would need to set it up. And if your manual does not include instructions on how to set it up, don’t worry; it’s pretty easy.

Let me give you a quick step-by-step rundown of an easy way to put net on trampoline so that you have a hassle-free time with it.

1. Start with the Bungee Loops

I like to start with the bungee loops when setting up the net, as it can make the rest of the process a lot easier. If you are having trouble figuring out which part is the bungee loop, it’s the one that looks like a rubber band. You need to attach the loop to the netting.

The purpose of the bungee loop is to make sure the net stays firm when you bounce against it. So, if you bounce on the jumping mat and collide against the net, the net will rebound you back towards the center of the trampoline.

2. Connect and Mount the Posts

Most trampoline enclosure nets come with two sets of posts that you can attach to one another. The first step is to attach the upper posts to the net following the instructions from the manual of the net. Once you are done, attach the upper post to the lower posts one at a time.

With that out of the way, line up the posts to each leg of the trampoline frame. Then stand them up one at a time in alignment with the legs and clamp them down with the legs. Once you are done, your safety net should already start to come together quite nicely.

3. Secure the Safety Net Clip

Your safety net enclosure should also come with a clip to ensure that it is tightly secured to the frame. Bring the clip underneath the frame and the spring covers and attach it to the bottom of the frame. After that, simply put the ladder in place, and your trampoline is ready to be used.

4. Test it Out

Do a couple of test jumps on the trampoline and see if the net holds up. If yes, then you can bring out the kids and let them have a go at the trampoline. There really is not much else you need to do to set up a trampoline safety net.

Why Should You Install Safety Net on A Trampoline?

I think it’s pretty obvious why you need to put on a net around your trampoline; safety. A trampoline is generally considered to be a pretty risky toy. There are many cases of people falling off of it while jumping, breaking a limb, and ending up in the hospital.

But with a proper safety net around the trampoline, the risk of that happening gets reduced by quite a lot. Even if you lose balance on the trampoline mat, the safety net around the trampoline will be there to catch you and throw you back into the jumping mat.

Besides, most states require you to install a safety net by law if you want to have one in your backyard. Without a safety net, you are unnecessarily putting yourself or anyone using the trampoline at risk of injuring themselves. I cannot think of any good reason for not using it.

So, the better question would be, why not put a net on a trampoline. Some people say that it is complicated, or some say that they do not want to buy an aftermarket net. However, these are pretty lame excuses as most safety nets have a pretty straightforward installation process and are also not that expensive.

The truth is, a safety net is not just there for show. It is an essential part of the trampoline and caters to your safety and security when you are having the time of your life jumping around inside the trampoline. Without it, you make the trampoline a lot more dangerous than it actually is

Does the Net on a Trampoline Go on the Insider or Outside?

It really depends on the design of the trampoline net enclosure. In most cases, the net sits on the outside edge of the trampoline mat so that you do not see any noticeable decrease in jumping space. However, some built-in enclosures are designed to go on the inside of the jumping mat.

How Much is a Trampoline Net?

If your trampoline does not come with a safety net, then you need to spend a bit of cash to get an aftermarket trampoline net kit. While there are many expensive options out there, most of the nets are pretty cheap. Of course, the size of the net also plays a part in dictating its overall price.

With that said, in most cases, you might have to spend anywhere from 30 to 100 dollars for a high-quality aftermarket trampoline safety enclosure.

How to Put Net on Jumpking/Skywalker/Upper Bounce/Bounce Pro Trampolines?

If you decided to go with a popular trampoline brand like Jumpking or Skywalker, or any of the other two that I mentioned, then you probably already have an enclosure included with your purchase. These brands take the issue of safety pretty seriously and always make sure you get a safety net before you start using the trampoline.

Of course, there are a lot of other good brands out there, but I’m just one man. And it is virtually impossible for me to list out all the great trampoline brands out there. So, I will save that for my article on the best trampoline out there. For now, I’ll just focus on putting on the safety nets.

The issue here is that the installation steps for the net can vary wildly from one model or brand to another. I cannot give you a single, definitive way to set it up. Thankfully, all the trampolines by these brands come with a clear and concise instruction manual.

As long as you go through it and follow along with the instructions, you should have no trouble setting up the net.

How Do you Put the Net Back on a Trampoline?

If your old trampoline net is damaged, you must get a new one. Ideally, you want to get the same nets like the one that you were using to avoid any compatibility issues. But even if you go with a different net, you should be fine with installation as trampoline netting is usually universal by design.

To replace net on trampoline, follow the same steps that you did to install it in the first place. If you are having a hard time figuring out how to do that, you should go through the step-by-step instruction that I covered above.

Best Trampoline Net Suggestions: Machrus Upper Bounce Trampoline Net Replacement

These days, there are literally thousands of trampoline net replacement kits available in the market at all price ranges. However, if I ever require a replacement, I always go with only one option, the Machrus Upper Bounce Trampoline Net.

What’s so great about it? I’m glad you asked.

The first thing I love is its flexibility. This net comes in a wide range of sizes and is designed to fit all sizes of trampolines. So, whether you have a 10 feet frame or a 16 feet trampoline, you should have little to no trouble installing it. It is also available in four different pole variants to match the type of trampoline you have at home.

Of course, the price varies depending on which variant you end up going with, but even the most expensive option does not cost more than a hundred dollars. You will not have to worry about spending too much on getting a set of replacement nets for your trampoline.

The net is made out of premium-grade Terylene material, which, as some may know, offers excellent protection against UV rays and can sustain itself against any extreme weather conditions. So, if you are the type who keeps their trampoline out in the rain or snow, this net should be able to handle it without breaking a sweat.

This material also makes the trampoline extremely strong and durable. Even if you use the trampoline daily and frequently collide into the net, it should show no signs of wear and tear for a long time. For a family with kids, this trampoline net replacement is a great choice as it can take a lot of abuse.

The trampoline net is also pretty lightweight despite boasting high tensile strength and durability. So, you will be able to move it around pretty easily if you like to disassemble and store away the trampoline from time to time. Personally, this is not a feature that I use as much since I keep my trampoline out all the time.

Another good thing with the trampoline net is its dual closure zipper which allows you to close it up when someone is using the trampoline, enhancing its safety. Once you close the zipper, nobody falls off the trampoline by accident, even if they lose their balance.

As far as trampoline safety nets go, this is a fantastic one to consider. It does not cost too much, is pretty easy to install, and also comes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any trampoline you may have at home.

With All Said and Done

Jumping on a trampoline without a safety net is not really a wise idea. There is absolutely no reason to risk breaking a limb. After all, safety nets are pretty cheap and quite easy to set up. Always make sure your netting is installed properly before you decide to use the trampoline.

If you were struggling with installing the safety net before, you should have an easier time following my instructions. Hopefully, you can now set up the net quickly and enjoy your time on your new trampoline in a safe and controlled way. Good luck!

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