Best Way to Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart

How to move a trampoline: A trampoline is generally installed in the backyard, and it stays there for the whole year. But, sometimes, you need to move it for specific purposes. The moving can be within the backyard and can also be moving to the new home. Here, we will explain the best way to move a trampoline in short distances and long distances. So, it would help if you read the entire article before you practically/do it.

To move your trampoline from one place to another, you should be very careful. If you make a little mistake in the moving process, you will hurt yourself or damage the trampoline. Therefore we suggest you learn how to move a trampoline without taking it apart before executing the task.

Why Do You Need to Move Your Trampoline?

You may need to move your trampoline to mow, i.e., cut the excess grass from the lawn. The grass grows by itself, and you cannot miss the grass located around the trampoline and underneath it. So, it would help if you moved the trampoline a few feet or meters away within the yard. It is also possible that you are changing your home, you are going to your new home and need to carry the trampoline. So, these are the reasons that encourage you to move the trampoline.

How to Move a Trampoline by Yourself

If you have a fitness trampoline that comes in the size of 3 to 4 ft, you can move it alone. The large outdoor trampoline requires multiple people to lift or slide it for moving purposes. For your safety concern, we don’t recommend carrying a trampoline alone. The best way to move it is with the help of three more people to perform the task.

Move a Trampoline in Short Distance

You don’t need to disassemble your trampoline because it is incredibly time-consuming, and the reassembly may be a headache for you. Here we provide some simple techniques to help you move a trampoline without taking it apart.

#1. Get Trampoline Wheels


how to move a trampoline

The trampoline in your backyard stays in its fixed place, and you cannot move it alone. To make moving a trampoline easy, we recommend you buy the trampoline wheels from Amazon. These wheels are attached to the trampoline legs and allow you to roll & move it quickly to any short distance. If you want something for moving a trampoline in a far distance, don’t consider the wheels.

It is advisable to perform a trampoline task with two to three people and not alone. You should push it very carefully to prevent the trampoline from being damage and save the people around from getting hurt/injured. Once your trampoline reaches your desired location, you should remove the wheels and attach the anchors to prevent the trampoline from flying away during high winds and storms.

You must check the leg type in your trampoline before buying a new set of wheels. Some wheels may not support U-Shaped and W-Shaped legs. If the wheels are not compatible, then you should not accept them.

#2. Sliding the Trampoline with WD-40

Trampoline Wheels are readily available at Amazon, but it is hard to find a set of compatible wheels. Your trampoline may have U-Shaped or W-shaped leg on which the wheels may not fit. Well, you can still move the trampoline by sliding it with the help of some friends.

Before you begin the process, we recommend you apply WD-40 under each leg of the trampoline. After that, you will easily slide the trampoline to its destination. It would be best not to slide it alone because it is made of heavy-weighted metal and steel. It is good to have two to three people to slide it carefully.

After sliding the trampoline within your yard, you will notice that some grass in your backyard is damaged. Don’t worry, and it will recover within a few weeks. You should apply WD-40 in limited quantity; otherwise, the lawn (grass) will take more time to recover.

#3. Manually Move the Trampoline


how to move a trampoline

We strongly oppose this method because it is hazardous. It may hurt or injure you as well as damage the trampoline. Still, if you want to try it, we will explain how to move a trampoline without taking it apart and without wheels or WD-40.

First, you will need 2 to 4 people to lift the trampoline. The number of people required is based on the weight of your trampoline. You all have to lift it at the same time from its frame. Make sure all of you lift the trampoline frame from one side of the springs. Then move it slowly and put it in your desired place.

Move a Trampoline in Long Distance

The trampoline wheels and WD-40 are not helpful when moving them long distances. Let us understand the term “long-distance.” It simply means that you are not shifting the trampoline within the yard. But you want to take it a little far. It happens when you move from your old house to the new home. Here we will give you some ideas on how to drive a trampoline without taking it apart in a far distance.

#1. Trailer


how to move a trampoline

A trailer can help you to shift a trampoline without taking it apart. Even if you are changing your house, you don’t need to disassemble it. Before you rent a trailer, make sure that it supports the total width of the trampoline. You must strap it down with ratchet straps and drive the trailer slow and carefully to save the mat and poles from damage. It is better to shift it in the trailer when there is no rain, snowfall, or storm.

#2. Truck

You can also rent a truck to move your trampoline, but you have to remove one or two legs and fasten it correctly with the truck’s exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide some FAQs and their answers in brief. It would help if you referred to the FAQs to solve your queries and doubts.

Q.1 How do you take apart a trampoline and move it?

You can take apart a trampoline with the help of a Phillips Head Screwdriver, 10 mm Spanner, and Spring Puller Tool. Then, you can move it through any transport vehicle after packing it in secure carton boxes.

Q.2 Are trampolines easy to take apart?

Yes, trampolines are very easy to take apart. You can disassemble it with the help of some tools and two-three people.

Q.3 How long does it take to take down a trampoline?

The time consumption depends upon the size and style of a trampoline. Generally, it takes three to five hours to take it down.

Q.4 Can you fold a trampoline?

If you have a fitness trampoline, then you can fold it easily. Unfortunately, recreational trampolines don’t come with a foldable design.


Thus, we have completed the discussion about the best way to move a trampoline within the yard and far distance. We have explained each method in simple words to apply it easily. If you still have a query on how to move a trampoline without taking it apart, or you have any creative ideas on how to drive a trampoline, you should tell us in the comment box.

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