How to Measure a Trampoline: Round, Rectangle, Octagonal & Oval

When you use a trampoline for an extended period of time, some parts like the mat, net, and springs may need replacing due to old age, rusting, etc.

Please ensure you measure your trampoline correctly to find the proper measurements; this will ensure you buy the correct spare parts and don’t waste your time.

Let me explain how to measure a trampoline easily.

Why Do You Need to Measure Your Trampoline?

We want to ensure you don’t waste your time ordering the wrong parts for your trampoline.

As we discussed, you need to replace some parts for your trampoline as it gets older.

You should measure your trampoline and note down the dimensions. After that, you need to search for the enclosure safety net or mat in the size that is compatible with your trampoline.

If you don’t know the exact size of your trampoline, you will not be able to find the correct parts for your trampoline.

How to Measure a Trampoline (Round, Rectangle, Square, Octagonal, Oval)

Trampolines are available in different sizes, from 36 inches to 17 feet long.

Trampolines are also available in various shapes such as round, rectangle, square, octagonal, oval, and others.

You may have any of these best trampolines, and you need to replace their mat, net, springs, or other parts.

You will need a measuring tape to measure your trampoline, trampoline mat, enclosure safety net, frame, springs, and other parts.

  1. How to Measure a Round Trampoline

How to Measure A Round Trampoline
How to Measure A Round Trampoline

How to Measure A Round Trampoline

Round trampolines are very popular, and most people prefer to buy round-shaped trampolines for their backyards.

To measure a round trampoline, you should start measuring from the outer metal edge of the trampoline. The diameter of the trampoline frame is the actual size of the round trampoline.

Here we provide the step-by-step procedure to measure a round trampoline as follows:

  1. Measure straight across to the opposite side, to the outer metal edge of the trampoline.
  2. Measure the frame diameter again, but opposite the measurement, you have taken in step 1.
  3. Calculate the average of the two measurements, i.e., step one+step two divided by 2.
  4. The answer is the approximate size of your trampoline.


When you want to measure around the trampoline, you need to measure its frame diameters.

The results will only approximate when all the springs are attached to the trampoline frame and the mat is installed correctly.

If any of the springs are broken, or the mat is torn, you cannot get the exact size by measuring the diameter of the trampoline frame.

  1. How to Measure A Rectangle Trampoline or Square Trampoline

How to Measure Square Trampoline
How to Measure Square Trampoline

Rectangle Trampolines are extremely popular but not as popular as round trampolines. People who want a large trampoline for multiple kids to play at once often end up with a good-quality rectangular trampoline.

A rectangle or square trampoline measurement is based on the trampoline frame; however, it is slightly different from the round trampoline.

First of all, you need to measure the length of the four sides of the trampoline frame.

Start measuring from shorter sides of the frame and the next step is measuring the longer sides. Please note that all sides are equal in length when you measure a square trampoline frame.

  1. How to Measure An Octagonal Trampoline

The octagonal trampoline is relatively easy to measure. Even if you are not a skilled person, you can still measure it in a few moments.

To measure your octagonal trampoline, you should start measuring from one corner of the frame to the opposite corner.

Make sure you measure from corner to corner and not side to side. You can also verify the results by measuring two other opposite corners of the octagonal trampoline.

  1. How to Measure An Oval Trampoline

The oval trampoline combines the performance of a rectangle trampoline and the safety of a round trampoline. It is straightforward to measure an oval trampoline.

You need to start measuring from the greatest width on the shorter side and then measure the greatest width on the longer side.

That’s it; you have taken the exact measurement of your oval-shaped trampoline.

How to Measure A Trampoline Mat

When your trampoline starts to show its age, you may notice that the mat is not working as it used to.

We suggest you find and buy a replacement jumping mat for your trampoline in such circumstances.

How do you measure your trampoline mat?

That’s why we are here to help you.

To measure a trampoline mat (jumping mat), you need to know three crucial measurements of your current trampoline.

If you would like to know how to measure a trampoline mat, then follow the three essential steps provided below:

Step 1 – Measure Trampoline Frame

You may have a round trampoline, rectangle trampoline, or any other shape.

To measure your trampoline frame, you need to follow the methods described above as How to Measure A Trampoline.

We have explained the methods separately for each shape of the trampoline. Make sure you measure your trampoline frame correctly and write it down.

Step 2 – Count the V-Rings

The springs are attached to the frame on one end and the mat on the other with your current trampoline.

The trampoline mat is made of good quality cloth, polypropylene, or other material.

The mat has V-rings all around to help you attach the springs to it.

You need to count the number of V-rings on the jumping mat of your existing trampoline.

Make sure you count every V-ring of the trampoline.

You should mark the spot from where you have started.

It will help you avoid the mistake of counting the same V-rings again.

The result will show you the exact number of V-rings you have on your trampoline.

Generally, the number of V-rings is in the multiple of 12, i.e., it can be divided by 12, such as 72 V-rings, 84 V-rings, or 96 V-rings.

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Step 3– Measure the Spring Length

To measure the spring length, you have to remove one or more springs from your trampoline. Make sure the spring isn’t stretched when you are measuring its length.

You should have the exact size of the spring in inches to get a compatible replacement jumping mat for your trampoline.


After completing all three steps, you can find your desired trampoline mat. You should keep the results of the above three steps in mind while looking for the replacement jumping mat for your trampoline.

The new trampoline features will show all the details you have noted from your current trampoline.

For example, Your trampoline frame is 14 feet, it has 96 V-rings, and the spring size is 7 inches.

So it would be best if you found a trampoline mat that contains all three features together.

How to Measure a Trampoline for a Net

Enclosure Safety Net is installed all around the trampoline. The primary purpose of the safety net is to protect the user while the kids are playing on the trampoline.

When you use the trampoline for a long time, all the parts get affected by sunlight and other climate changes.

You should check the enclosure safety net at least once a month to know if it’s safe or if you need a replacement.

Enclosure Net is included in your trampoline package when you buy it. You will need to purchase the net separately at the time of replacement.

You cannot find the right trampoline net without knowing some critical measurements of your trampoline.

There are four things you will need to know, i.e., trampoline frame, enclosure poles style, number of poles or archer, and type of connection.

Step 1 – Measure Trampoline Frame

Measuring your trampoline frame is very easy.

Firstly, you should check the shape of your trampoline, i.e., round, rectangle, square, octagonal, or oval.

After that, you should pick one method to measure a trampoline we have shared above.

Once you get your trampoline size, note it down, it will be helpful to find the safety enclosure net for the trampoline.

Step 2– Know Safety Enclosure Poles Style

The safety net around your trampoline has supports that are known as poles. These poles are directly connected to the trampoline frame.

The poles support the safety net to keep it in place when a child hits the net during the jumping game.

The safety enclosure poles are made in different styles; you need to know the exact poles to find their matching safety net.

Here we provide different styles of poles as follows:

  • Arched Poles
  • Enclosure with Top Rings
  • Curved Poles
  • Straight Poles
  • Straight Curved Poles

You should check the poles of your trampoline’s enclosure safety net and note it down.

Step 3– Count Poles or Archer

You should count the number of poles attached to the enclosure safety net of your trampoline.

Step 4– Type of Connection

The enclosure net is connected to the trampoline, but the location of the springs may differ.

There are two types of connection available for the trampoline, i.e., inner connection and external connection.

  • Inner Portion Connection Type: The pad to cover the springs is surrounding the inside netting.
  • Outer Portion Connection Type: The pad to cover the springs is outside the netting.

Check and note down the connection type of your trampoline.

Now, you know all four details to find the correct enclosure net for your trampoline model.

How to Measure a Trampoline for a Pad

The trampoline pad is an essential part of your trampoline.

It is situated in the middle of the enclosure net and jumping mat.

When a child or person is jumping continuously on the trampoline, they may jump toward the edge of the mat.

The soft pad is located right after the end of the jumping mat. So it can save the child/person from injury caused by falling outside the range of the trampoline mat.

The trampoline pad or padding also gets affected by sunlight, climate, and time. So you need to replace the pad after a certain period of regular use.

But you cannot get a random pad and install it on your trampoline. First, you need to measure three essential details about your trampoline; then, you can select its compatible trampoline pad.

Here we provide all those three details in brief below:

Step 1 – Measure Trampoline Frame

The first step is to measure your trampoline or trampoline frame.

Follow our guidelines given above as How to Measure A Trampoline.

You can measure it easily whether you have a round trampoline, rectangle, square, octagonal, or oval.

Step 2– Measure the Spring Length

Your trampoline may have 72 to 108 springs.

You should remove two or three springs with the help of the spring tool.

After that, you should measure a spring that isn’t stretched to get the exact length of the spring.

Your trampoline spring can be 6.5 inches, 7 inches, or 7.5 inches long.

You should measure and note the spring size, then proceed to the next step.

Step 3– Count Pad Holes or Cutouts

The trampoline pad is installed between the jumping mat and the enclosure net.

There are some pad holes or cutouts on the trampoline frame.

It would be best to lock it in these pad holes when you install the pad.

So we suggest you count the number of pad holes or cutouts in your trampoline.

You are now ready to find the correct trampoline pad for your trampoline.

Wrapping Up

All the information we have shared here about how to measure a trampoline is true and fair.

We have explained everything in simple words to help you understand it clearly. We hope that this information will help you to measure a trampoline for a mat, net and pad.

You should follow our guidelines about each measurement to find the exact trampoline parts for your trampoline.

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