How to disassemble a trampoline without damage: Step by Step Guide

A trampoline is an equipment that you use almost every day of the week. But sometimes, you need to take it apart for easy storage or relocation purposes. Some people believe that it is too easy to disassemble a trampoline, while others believe it is difficult. The trampoline disassembly is easy for people who have learned how to take apart a trampoline, and the same is difficult for those who don’t know the exact process.

When you buy a new trampoline, it comes in two or three different boxes. It would help if you assembled it in your backyard before using it. The trampoline assembly process takes two to four-five hours to complete the assembly task. Taking apart a trampoline is the reverse process of assembly or installation. It will also take some time. If you want to learn how to disassemble a trampoline, you should read the entire article carefully, as we will explain the safe way to take down a trampoline.

Why do you need to disassemble a trampoline?

A trampoline can last for many years if you give it proper maintenance. The trampoline materials are generally UV resistant, and therefore, they can bear regular sunlight and other weather conditions. However, when the climate shows extreme heat, heavy rain, winter, or high snowfall, it will affect the trampoline a lot. Therefore, the need for trampoline disassembly occurs at such time.

Why do you need to disassemble a trampoline

We strongly recommend you take apart your trampoline and store it inside your house in a safe place during such harsh weather conditions. Then, when the problematic weather season is over, you can assemble the trampoline again in your backyard.

The weather in your region may remain regular throughout the year. But it would help if you changed your home, so you want to take the trampoline with you. You have sold the old house and now moving all your stuff to the new place. You must disassemble the trampoline, pack it properly in its boxes and then take it safely to the new house. After that, you can assemble it again in the backyard of your new home.

Can you disassemble a trampoline without anyone’s help?

Disassembling a trampoline is a simple step-by-step process that you can do by yourself. You can do it alone, but keeping one person with you is advisable during the disassembling task because two persons can disassemble a trampoline more safely.

You can dismantle it alone if you have a 5 ft, 8 ft, or 10 ft trampoline. However, the 12 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft, and more giant trampolines require at least two persons for the disassembling task. Furthermore, if you are doing it alone and make a mistake, it can damage your trampoline. That’s why we don’t recommend you to take down a trampoline without anyone’s help.

Tools Required for Trampoline Disassembly

Trampoline Disassembly is a process that requires your valuable time and complete concentration. But it would help if you also had some tools for disassembling it in your backyard. These tools will make the procedure easy for you. We believe that you must have all the required tools because they are the same tools that you have used when assembling the trampoline in your backyard.

Here we provide the list of tools and things required for disassembling a trampoline.

  • Hand Gloves
  • Spring Puller Tool
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • 10 mm Spanner
  • Electric Drill

You should have all the tools and accessories mentioned above before beginning the trampoline disassembly process. If you don’t have any tools or accessories, we request you purchase them. This toolset will be helpful also in the future to set up or take down your trampoline.

Clean the Trampoline

You are about to disassemble your trampoline, but it is dirty. You should clean the entire trampoline and then begin the disassembling process in such circumstances. If you take it down in the contaminated condition and store it, it will be affected by bacteria, fungi, rust, corrosion, moisture, and other infections. Ultimately, it will reduce the lifespan of your trampoline. That’s why we recommend you clean it first and then disassemble it.

After cleaning the trampoline, you should also check its boxes where you will store it after disassembly. If the boxes are dirty, you should clean them properly. Storing your trampoline in clean containers will make it last longer.

Simple Steps on How to Disassemble a Trampoline

To take down your trampoline, you must have the required tools and make sure the trampoline is clean. You and your companion (friend or anyone) should wear hand gloves before beginning the process. Hand gloves are required for your safety which is more important than anything. To explain how to take apart a trampoline in an easy way, we have divided the procedure into six simple steps, which are mentioned below:

  1. Remove Enclosure Net, Poles, Ladder, and Other Accessories
  2. Remove the Safety Pad or Spring Cover
  3. Disassemble the Springs
  4. Fold the Jumping Mat
  5. Dismantle the Frame
  6. Store All Components At Safe & Dry Place

WARNING: We strongly recommend keeping your kids away from the backyard as long as the disassembling task is going on. Some parts are dangerous and may hurt the kids. So, it is good to keep your kids away from the backyard during the entire disassembly procedure.

#1. Remove Enclosure Net, Poles, and Ladder

First of all, you should remove the additional accessories from your trampoline. The other accessories include tent, clubhouse, basketball hoop, electron shooter parts, etc. Kindly remove all these accessories, and then you can start disassembling the trampoline. The first thing to remove is the safety enclosure net, and it is generally tied at the top of each pole. Some safety nets have sleeves that go through each enclosure pole, and you need to take the net sleeves off the poles.

It is also possible that the enclosure net is tied at the bottom for added protection. You may need to untie it properly at the time of removing it. Each enclosure pole is attached to the trampoline frame, and you can detach them by pulling out or opening the nut bolts. You should also disconnect the ladder and keep it aside for storage purposes.

#2. Remove the Safety Pad or Spring Cover

How to disassemble a trampoline

The safety pad is a foam padded spring cover and single-piece construction made of PVC or other material. It is like protection for springs and frames. The spring pad covers the edge of the structure and all-metal springs to protect them from various climate effects. After the net and poles are removed, you should take the safety pad off the frame. The spring cover may be tied with the frame, so you need to untie it first and then take it away.

#3. Disassemble the Springs

Now, it is time to remove springs, and you must have a spring puller tool for that. If you don’t have or don’t want to use the spring puller tool, you can use a caulking gun, screwdriver, or pliers. You must wear hand gloves while removing the sprigs. Each spring has two ends, and it has a closed-end on the mat side and an open slot on the frame side. You should pull one spring from the open end, and then it can be easily removed from the V-ring of the mat.

The spring puller tool or its alternatives have a hook to pull out the springs. After removing the first spring, you can continue detach the springs one by one with the spring tool or the first spring. Although some people claim that a spring hook works better in removing other springs, you should unhook all the springs carefully. If a spring is broken or rusty, be careful and try to detach it as safely as possible. After all, springs are removed, store them in their box. Please put the rusty and broken springs separate from disposing of them later.

#4. Fold the Jumping Mat

After all the springs are detached from the frame and mat, the jumping mat is also detached from the trampoline. Now, you should fold the mat to store it safely. Simply straighten the carpet on the ground of your backyard and fold in the rug from the middle. After that, keep folding the mat in half from all directions to fit the storage box easily. If the jumping mat is torn from somewhere or has tiny holes, you should replace it when assembling the trampoline again in your backyard.

#5. Dismantle the Frame

Trampoline Frame is the last thing to take apart in the trampoline disassembling procedure. Before you begin it, make sure the net, pole, ladder, spring cover, springs, mat, and other pieces are already removed. To perform the trampoline frame disassembly, you must have a Phillips Head Screwdriver. You can also use a power drill (electric drill) to complete it faster.

Just start opening the screws with a screwdriver or electric drill, unscrew all of them from the entire frame and store them safely. If you did your trampoline assembly in the past, you might know how to dismantle the structure and remove the metal pieces. After all, screws are removed, you should start detaching the legs from the outer ring. The ring and legs are joined together to make it stable, and now you should get them out.

To detach the legs, you should put one leg in the middle of the portion and push the outer ring upward. We suggest you do it very carefully as it may hurt or injure you if the steel leg falls on your foot. After removing the portions, you should detach the outer ring from the T-Joints. If any two metal pieces are stuck together, you should twist the curls to loosen them to make them apart.

After removing the trampoline parts, pieces, and accessories, the dismantling procedure is over. You should put all the features carefully into the storage boxes and then pack all the boxes with tape. It would help if you kept all the boxes in a safe and dry place inside your house, basement, or garage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you want to disassemble a trampoline, you may have some queries and questions in your mind. Here we provide the most frequently asked questions and their answers in brief. We hope that you will find these FAQs helpful to resolve your queries. After that, it will be easier for you to disassemble your trampoline.

Q.1 How long does it take to disassemble a trampoline?

It depends upon the design and style of the trampoline. The minimum required time to take apart a trampoline is two hours, and the maximum time is four to five hours.

Q.2 Are trampolines easy to take apart?

Yes, the trampolines are very easy to take apart. It is the exact reverse procedure of assembling a trampoline. It might be easier if you follow our instructions given above.

Q.3 Can you move a trampoline without taking it apart?

It would help if you did not try to move the fully assembled trampoline alone. It can be hazardous, and it may also damage your trampoline. If you want to change its location by a few feet away within your backyard, it is acceptable to lift it with help from three to four people and move it to your desired location. However, if you want to take it a few kilometers away, you must disassemble it.

Q.4 Can you fold a trampoline?

If you have an exercise trampoline (rebounder), then yes, you can fold it. Unfortunately, recreational trampolines don’t come with a foldable design, and you need to disassemble them for storage purposes.

Wrapping Up:

All the information we have shared about taking apart a trampoline is accurate and fair. We have explained the step-by-step method to take it down easier. We request you follow our instructions carefully to efficiently dismantle your trampoline in your backyard.

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