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How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold? [Weight Capacity 101]

Jumping on a trampoline with a friend translates directly to an afternoon well spent. It is extremely fun and addicting. But even a trampoline connoisseur like me must admit that it can be dangerous if you are not careful with it.

For example, if you let four kids have free reign on a small 8-feet trampoline, then an accident is almost a given. Even if you overlook the fact that they may collide while jumping, there is one factor that you cannot ignore – the weight limit of the trampoline.

So, how much weight is safe? And what’s the tipping point? Let’s get to the answer.

How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold?

Almost all trampolines out there have a maximum weight capacity that they can safely handle. And going above it can lead to damaging the trampoline. Needless to say, if the trampoline gets damaged while in use, it can hurt the person that was using it at the time. Each trampoline has a specific weight capacity, depending on the size, shape, and material used for construction.

That’s just the basics, though.

In this article, I will help you understand how much weight different trampolines can handle and also help you understand why it is important to stay under the limit.

Why Do Trampolines Have Weight Limits?

The weight limit that you read about when going through the specifications of a particular trampoline refers to how much body weight it can handle for safe operation. Let’s face it; no other yard toy is as fun as a trampoline. Though most trampolines are built like a tank, they are not indestructible.

The weight limits of a trampoline are there to make sure you have a safe and fun time when you are jumping on it. As long as the combined weight of the people jumping on the trampoline is less than its maximum weight capacity, you should not have to worry about damaging it.

Then again, this brings another big question. Do you weigh every single person that goes on the trampoline to make sure you stay under the weight capacity? Well, not necessarily.

You see, most trampolines, even the smaller ones, have a decent capacity of more than 200 pounds. That means even an average, full-grown adult should be safe on the trampoline if he is going solo.

However, if the weight capacity of a trampoline is only 200 pounds, then that means you should only allow one person to jump on it at a time. This gives you a rough estimate of how many people the trampoline can handle jumping on it at the same time.

In general, it is a good idea to look at the weight capacity of a trampoline when you are buying it. This would give you a decent idea of the number of people that can use it at once. For instance, I have two kids at home, and I never had issues with my 12 feet, 300-pound capacity trampoline that I have in my backyard.

How the Weight Limit on a Trampoline is Determined

I’m pretty sure you have noticed how different trampolines have different maximum weight capacities. If yes, then naturally, you are wondering what affects the weight limit. Well, it turns out that the three major components responsible for how much weight the trampoline can handle are the springs, the jumping mat, and the frame.

1. Springs

The springs might be considered the soul of the trampoline, the unsung hero. This is the component that is responsible for the bounciness of the trampoline. If your trampoline comes with lightweight springs, then its weight capacity would be low. On the other hand, trampolines with heavier springs typically can handle greater weight.

The number of springs and their lengths can also impact the weight limit of a trampoline to a certain degree. I already wrote a comprehensive article on the impact of trampoline springs and spring sizes that you might want to read if you want to learn more about it.

2. The Jumping Pad

The jumping pad or mat also plays a critical role in dictating how much weight a particular trampoline can handle. And it makes sense considering this is the component where you jump on. Typically, trampoline mats are made of woven polypropene or nylon.

If you check, you will notice that trampolines with a stronger jumping pat typically can handle greater weight. In most cases, heavy-duty trampolines with massive weight capacities come with thermal-locked layers of synthetic fabric, which has high tensile strength and a good amount of flexibility to produce the rebounding effect.

3. The Frame

The final part of the trampoline responsible for its weight limit is the quality of the frame. Trampolines can either feature aluminum or steel frames. Needless to say, steel frames will be able to handle a lot more weight compared to a trampoline that has an aluminum frame.

In most cases, trampolines made for toddlers or young kids come with aluminum frames as they do not weigh as much as an adult or a teenager. Aluminum trampolines are more affordable. But if you want a greater weight capacity, I would lean towards a steel frame trampoline.

Can You Go Over the Weight Limit on a Trampoline?

Going over the maximum weight capacity of a trampoline is really not a wise move. If you do it once or twice, you might not notice much of a difference. However, if you exceed the capacity frequently, one of these days, your trampoline will break down on you.

I don’t think I need to explain how disastrous it would be if the trampoline frame decided to give way when someone was using it. It can lead to severe injuries, and your trampoline will require replacing. And a trampoline is not exactly a cheap thing. You need to buy one all over again.

The weight limit that the manufacturers state on their products is there for a reason. If a trampoline is rated for 300 pounds of weight, that is the weight that the trampoline can handle on a regular basis. Stepping your toe above that line should be avoided if you do not want to worry about accidents.

General Questions People Have about Trampoline Weight Capacity

How much weight can an 8 ft trampoline hold?

Most 8 feet trampolines have a weight capacity of 110 pounds.

How much weight can a 10 ft trampoline hold?

Typically, a 10 feet trampoline is rated to hold up to 175 pounds of weight.

How much weight can a 12 ft trampoline hold?

A 12 feet trampoline can typically hold up to 225 pounds.

How much weight can a 14 ft trampoline hold?

A 14 feet trampoline can handle from 250 to 300 pounds.

How much weight can a 15 ft trampoline hold?

The weight limit of a 15 feet trampoline is quite similar to that of a 14 feet model. In most cases, it ranges from 250 to 335 pounds.

How much weight can a 16 ft trampoline hold?

A 16 feet trampoline should be able to handle up to 400 pounds without any issues.

How much weight can a 20 ft trampoline hold?

A 20 feet trampoline is designed for large groups of people and can often handle more than 500 pounds.

How much weight can a mini/small trampoline hold?

A mini trampoline is not the same as a traditional trampoline. Also referred to as a rebounder, a mini trampoline is mostly an exercise tool, and you cannot jump that high on it. It is designed for adults and can mostly handle from 200 to 250 pounds of weight.

How much weight can a large/big trampoline hold?

Any trampoline above 12 feet can be considered a big trampoline in my book. These trampolines have a decent range of weight capacity that can range from 200 to upwards of 600 pounds.

How much weight can a Springfree trampoline hold?

Springfree is a popular trampoline brand that manufactures a lot of different models in different sizes. Regardless of the size you go with, a Springfree trampoline usually has a weight limit of around 1100 pounds. Needless to say, these trampolines are designed to hold multiple people at once.

How much weight can a Skywalker trampoline hold?

Skywalker is another well-known brand that specializes in top-tier trampoline manufacturing. However, the weight capacity of the trampolines they make varies from one model to another.

Skywalker trampolines have a weight capacity ranging from 60 pounds to up to 300 pounds depending on the size and model.

How much weight can a Propel trampoline hold?

Propel might not be as big of a name as Skywalker or Springfree, but it is still a great brand. Their trampolines can handle anywhere from 200 to 400 pounds of total weight.

How much weight can a Bounce Pro trampoline hold?

Bounce Pro is another fine trampoline maker that is worth a look. They have a lot of models with varying levels of weight capacity. The bigger models that they offer can handle up to 500 pounds of total weight.

Parting Shots

Whenever you are buying a trampoline, it is worth checking out its weight limit. It will help you understand how many people can go on it at once. So, if too many people try to get on it, you will be able to step in before things turn south.

I hope my in-depth look at trampoline weight capacity could give you a rough idea about its importance. Good luck!

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