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How Big is a Trampoline Box

Back in my days, the kid with a trampoline in the backyard was the cool one. And when my dad got one for my sis and me, it was an early Christmas for us. Every afternoon since then, my friends around the block would come and have a go at it.

When I had a family of my own, I decided to give my children the same joy that I had as a child. But I did not fully grasp how challenging it is to buy a trampoline before I actually got it.

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A trampoline is a massive investment, and I do not mean its price. Even a small 8- or 10-feet trampoline can take up a lot of space in your backyard. However, the first challenge that you will have to tackle after buying a new trampoline is getting it home.

For those that do not know, a trampoline comes disassembled in several boxes. Once you get your hands on it, you need to assemble all the pieces following the instruction manual. 

Remember, the number of boxes and the size of the box itself depends on the size and model of the trampoline you are buying.

The first time I went out to buy a trampoline for the little ones, I was caught off guard. I did not have my car with me and had to wait an hour for my wife to pick me up in the family minivan.

But while I was waiting, I got to talking with the sales rep. And it turns out – they expect you to know how big a trampoline box is before you actually get to the store.

To save you from the same sour experience, I will give you a quick rundown of the boxes you get with different trampoline sizes so that you can be better prepared when you head out to buy one for yourself.

Trampoline Box Sizing:

Here is a rough estimation of different sizes, weights, and the number of boxes each trampoline may require. However, depending on the make and model of a trampoline, the numbers can (and most certainly will) vary. These are ballpark numbers here – so use this chart as a guide but not as something written in stone.

Trampoline TypeBox Dimension (Length X Width X Height)Box WeightBox Amount
6 feet33-35 X 12-13 X 6-1030-35lbs3-4
8 feet36-50 X 18-20 X 8-1250-60lbs3-4
12 feet50-60 X 20-25 X 9-12120-150lbs4-5
14 feet50-60 X 25-30 X 10-16140-300lbs4-6
15 feet150-180 X 120-130 X 12-16250-300lbs4-6
20 feet200 X 140 X 20-25350lbs+5-7

How Does a Trampoline Come Packaged?

Trampolines do not ship assembled, but instead, manufacturers put all the disassembled pieces in boxes to have them delivered to your doorsteps. This ensures lower logistics costs and also keeps the protectors safe from each other. In most cases, different elements of the trampoline come in separate boxes to prevent collision or damage.

Smaller trampolines typically require two or three boxes, whereas larger models can take up to seven boxes to fit everything. Here is how everything is arranged.

  • Box 1: Contains the jumping mat, the trampoline enclosure, and the spring cover.
  • Box 2: contains small items like nuts, bolts, springs, and also assembly kits such as the spring puller.
  • Box 3: Contains different sections of the frames such as the legs, the t-sockets, rail, etc. This box is typically the heaviest.

If your trampoline comes with more boxes, this means it has too many pieces to fit in these three boxes. Typically, the manufacturer will label each box to help you figure out where everything is. Before assembly, though, I strongly recommend going through the user manual for installation instructions.

As for the size of each of these boxes, it really depends on the type of trampoline. Trampolines can come in various sizes, and the larger the trampoline, the bigger box it needs to fit everything together.

To give you a clear idea of the size of these boxes, I will go through most of the trampoline sizes available in the market.

How Big is a 6ft Trampoline Box?

A six feet trampoline is mainly designed for toddlers. It fits a single child and has a weight capacity that ranges between 200 to 250 pounds. With this type of trampoline, the box should have a rough dimension of 33 to 35 inches in length, 12 to 13 inches in width, and 8 to 10 inches in height.

  • How much does a 6ft trampoline weigh?

A 6 feet trampoline is the lightest option on the market if you are not counting the mini-trampoline. Its weight ranges from 30 to 35 pounds in most cases. So, you will be able to move it quite easily from the store to your home and even around your backyard single-handedly.

How Big is an 8ft Trampoline Box?

An 8 feet trampoline is suitable for kids under ten years. Similar to a 6 feet trampoline, it is designed to carry one kid at a time. However, I have seen two kids bounce around quite happily on an 8-foot trampoline without any issues.

An 8 feet trampoline comes in three boxes when disassembled. The size of the biggest box ranges from 3 to 5 feet or 36 to 50 inches in length. As for the width, typically, it ranges from 18 to 20, and the height stays around 6 to 8 inches.

  • How much does an 8ft trampoline weigh?

An 8 feet trampoline is a considerable upgrade over the 6 feet models. These trampolines usually weigh around 50 to 60 pounds.

How Big is a 12ft Trampoline Box?

If you are blessed with a moderate backyard, investing in the best 12ft trampoline is an excellent idea. It is more versatile than a 10 feet unit and can handle kids up to 16 years old. Because of its higher weight capacity, two 12 year olds can go to town on this type of trampoline.

Typically, a 12 feet trampoline comes disassembled in four different boxes, two for jump and two for springs. The boxes have a general dimension of 50 to 60 inches in length, 20 to 25 inches in width, and 9 to 12 inches in height.

  • How much does a 12ft trampoline weigh?

A 12 feet trampoline is a bit on the heavy side and can weigh anywhere from 120 to 150 pounds. It mostly depends on the model that you are buying.

How Big is a 14ft Trampoline Box?

A 14 feet trampoline is a noticeable step up over 14 feet models though they are quite similar in terms of design. You can allow up to two young kids on the trampoline at a time. However, you always want to keep an eye on them to prevent accidents.

This type of trampoline usually comes in three to five boxes. The size of the boxes ranges from 50 to 60 inches in length, 25 to 30 inches in width, and 10 to 16 inches in height.

  • How much does a 14ft trampoline weigh?

The range of weight when it comes to 14 feet trampolines is a bit wider. You can find some lightweight models that weigh only 140 pounds, whereas some models can be as heavy as 300 pounds.

How Big is a 15ft Trampoline Box?

A 15 feet trampoline box is what you would consider a typical “family-size trampoline.” As you might guess, it takes up a lot of space and can accommodate up to three kids at once. However, this type of trampoline is costly and requires up to five boxes to carry it disassembled.

The general dimension of boxes for this trampoline size ranges from 150 to 180 inches in length, 120 to 130 inches in width, and 12 to 16 inches in height. These trampolines are also capable of carrying a single adult.

  • How much does a 15ft trampoline weigh?

I think it is pretty clear that a 15 feet trampoline is anything but light. You should never attempt to carry or move it on your own. Typically, these trampolines can weigh around 250 to 300 pounds.

How Big is a 20ft Trampoline Box?

While smaller trampolines under 15 feet are great for recreational activities and backyard parties, 20 feet trampolines are designed for gymnasts and Olympic contenders. They have excellent bounce and are made with premium materials. Needless to say, they also tend to be quite pricey.

These units require professional help to move as the boxes are quite large and heavy. Twenty feet trampolines come disassembled in 5 to 7 boxes where the boxes have a typical dimension of 200 inches in length, 140 inches in width, and 20 to 25 inches in height.

  • How much does a 20ft trampoline weigh?

20ft trampolines can weigh upwards of 350 pounds. But since it is such a specialist tool, the size can vary depending on the manufacturer and user requirements.

Bottom Line

The truth is, there is no way to tell you the exact dimension of your trampoline boxes before knowing which model you are going for. Some manufacturers try to make everything as compact as possible to minimize the amount and size of boxes. On the other hand, some prefer to use large boxes and fill them up with bubble wraps.

I tried to give you a realistic idea of what size of boxes you can expect when buying a specific size of trampoline. So, you will not be completely blindsided when you are buying a trampoline for your backyard. Cheers!

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