Does a Trampoline Make You Taller? [Why/Why Not?]

You may have seen the selling points, the advertisements, and the claims that many trampoline companies come up with these days.

“Get a trampoline for your champ and help him grow taller!!”

Well, how much of that is true, really? Yes, it does seem plausible to some extent, but in practice, does jumping on a trampoline really help in height growth? Let’s look at the answers below.

Does a Trampoline Make You Taller?

I’ll just come right out and say it, jumping on a trampoline alone will not help you grow taller. But it does have some indirect impact on the growth hormones that can boost height increase.

The main factor behind height gain has always been your genetic makeup.

Secondary factors that affect your growth hormones are your medical conditions, nutritional input, and activity levels. Jumping on a trampoline causes your body to stretch and work against gravity which can have a positive impact on height gain. However, the impact is not as much as one might imagine at first.

In this article, I will talk about this topic further and try to unravel a lot of the myths surrounding trampolines and height growth. In addition, I will also talk about whether it can adversely affect your growth hormones and stunt your height gain.

Does Using a Trampoline Increase Height?

Short Answer– Yes! But not in the way that you might imagine.

It does affect the height gain indirectly. However, it can also lead to stunting growth in some situations. So let me talk about these things in detail to help you understand the exact impact of trampoline jumping on height growth.

Why Trampolines Don’t Make You Taller

Most trampoline companies claim that their yard toy can help activate growth hormones and accelerate height gain. Their argument is that constant stretching and jumping on a trampoline will help stretch the spine and activate the growth plates on the long bones. This will, in turn, help increase height in young children.

And it is understandable how some might think that the logic is sound. In fact, science has proven that a full eight hours of sleep each day can help increase height, sometimes even up to an entire inch. So gaining height from trampoline jumping does seem probable at first.

However, height gain does not work the way that the trampoline companies want you to believe. When you are sleeping for a full eight hours, you are not necessarily gaining height.

Instead, your body is working to fix all the effects of gravity on your body, causing you to slouch or have a hunched posture when you are sleeping. So, you are not essentially gaining height but rather restoring your original body height. What I am trying to say is that height gain has little to nothing to do with stretching.

Don’t get me wrong, I love trampoline jumping, and it offers a boatload of benefits. However, it does not negate the effects that gravity produces on your body completely. Neither does it create a state of perfect relaxation. So, getting a sound sleep and jumping on a trampoline is pretty different, to say the least.

And as it turns out, research shows no noticeable difference in height before and after jumping on a trampoline. But some people still think that trampoline jumping can help permanent height gain in young children if you get them jumping from an early age.

Unfortunately, this argument is a bit harder to dismiss, as there is no easy way to test it. A healthy amount of exercise for the young ones does help you gain height. But whether trampoline exercise is the best option for it is up for some debate.

Then again, you would rarely be able to make sure your kids are jumping in an organized way that boosts their growth hormones. Children like jumping on a trampoline because it’s fun, not because it helps them gain height.

So, using a trampoline to impact growth hormones is not really the brightest idea. And even if it does help in growth development, the effect would not be as high as the effect of his genetic makeup. DNA is the main factor in affecting the height growth of a child.

Does Jumping on a Trampoline Stunt Growth?

I already made it pretty clear that jumping on a trampoline does not offer any quick height gain like getting proper sleep does. But does it stunt growth in any way?

Well, in a recent study by the National Library of Medicine, they said that sustaining injuries or, more importantly, fractures while taking part in sports or any other physical activity can stunt growth in a child. And we all know that trampoline jumping is not exactly the safest physical exercise out there.

If your young child sustains an injury while jumping on a trampoline, it can end up stunting his height gain. The thing is, kids are not the expert when it comes to trampoline safety. They like to jump around and have little thought about the danger it can pose.

Sure, it is a great exercise and can help him develop a healthy physique. But a fracture or injury while jumping will have a massive negative impact on his physical growth. That is why it is essential to use a net to make the trampoline safer for the children.

So, trampoline jumping does not stunt growth directly. But sustaining an injury while jumping can impact the growth plates and stunt your height gain.

How to Use a Trampoline to Increase Height?

If you still have your heart set out on using your trampoline to increase height, I won’t stop you. Even if you do not gain any noticeable height, you will at least get a solid workout. And that in it itself is a good enough reason to spend some time jumping on a trampoline.

So let me give you a couple of tips that can help you increase your height using your trampoline.

1. Healthy Diet

I just realized; the first tip I want to give you does not have anything to do with the trampoline at all. Still, a healthy diet is the main way to boost your height gain and keep healthy. It will also give your body more energy to work with and help you work out for longer.

2. Proper Exercise

When you are using the trampoline, do not bounce around aimlessly. Instead, it is best to have a proper workout plan that involves a lot of stretching. Jumping techniques like stretch jump or pike jump can help enable your growth hormones and help you gain height.

I have talked a bit about some great trampoline exercises in my article on how a trampoline can help you lose weight. So if you have the time, it may be worth checking it out.

3. Proper Sleep

Another way to accelerate height gain is to get proper sleep each day. Getting an eight-hour sleep schedule will help negate the effects of gravity and help you get a good posture. Also, make sure you are sleeping in a good position to prevent any permanent posture damage.

4. Safety First

Trampoline jumping can be dangerous even for adults. So, make sure you are not taking any unnecessary risks while jumping. There should always be a safety net around your trampoline to minimize the risk of accidents. After all, injuring yourself can have negative impacts on height gain and can even stunt your growth.

Does Trampoline Help Increase Height in Kids?

Since there is no scientific research supporting this fact, I cannot give you a straight answer. Still, trampoline jumping does provide a fun way to exercise for young kids, and physical activities, in general, can help increase height in kids. Besides, it has a positive impact on the psyche and keeps the kids stress-free.

Does Jumping on a Trampoline Make You Shorter?

No. If you do not sustain any injuries while jumping on a trampoline, it will not make you shorter or stunt growth. However, getting a fracture while jumping on a trampoline can stunt growth in young kids.

The Bottom Line

While a trampoline might not impact height gain all that much, it is still a great exercise tool. It strengthens your core, helps you burn calories, and also gives you a fun way to spend the afternoon with your kids or friends. So, good cardio + entertainment = win-win!

I have always loved jumping on a trampoline because of these reasons. And if you are planning to get a new one for yourself, I want to make sure you are buying it for the right reasons. Unfortunately, gaining height just does not seem like a good reason to get a trampoline for your backyard. Cheers!

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