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Do Cats Like Trampolines?

We are all guilty of loving our pets a bit too much. Now I am not much of a cat person, but if you are anything like how I am with my dogs, I’m sure you have wondered whether it is safe to let cats have a go on your trampoline.

Well, I may not be partial to cats, at least compared to dogs, but I do have one. And this puts me in a good position to answer all your questions related to trampolines and cats.

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Do Cats Like Trampolines?

A trampoline is an extremely fun backyard toy, and kids love it all the time. If you are a family man and have one in your backyard, you already know what I am talking about. But as it turns out, it’s not only humans that enjoy trampolines; so do most animals.

Dogs especially go wild if you let them on a trampoline. They will jump and roll on the mat and burn off all of their pent-up energy within moments of getting on the trampoline. But what about cats? When it comes to energy, cats are the polar opposites of dogs, after all.

Well, if you want the short answer, cats typically do not like trampolines the same way as dogs or human kids. If you let your cat have a go on your trampoline, in most cases, you will see him run around circles for a while and lie down to take a nap afterward. But jumping is something that most cats avoid on a trampoline.

However, this is just the short answer. And my job is not to give you the short and sweet but rather to explain everything that you should know about letting your cat on your trampoline.

Can Cats Jump on Trampoline?

If you are a cat person, I am sure you are tempted to put your cat on your trampoline. You might be thinking – I love jumping on the trampoline, so I guess my cat will love it too. Well, it is not always the case.

Yes, cats do enjoy sitting on the bouncy trampoline mat sometimes and can also decide to take a nap there. But that does not mean they will enjoy jumping on it.

In fact, most of the times I have seen cats jumping on the trampoline with a human kid, they appear to be holding on for dear life. What you need to understand is that cats are not as heavy as dogs and also have entirely different personalities.

The energetic and playful personality of a dog makes it a prime candidate for a trampoline jump along, but a cat prefers a bit more solitude. So, while a dog may love jumping their heart out on a trampoline, a cat will prefer to just sit in peace on top of it if you do decide to let it on the trampoline.

In addition, the lower weight of the cat means that he will not be able to get a good rebound on the trampoline mat on his own in the first place. And most of the time, consistent bouncing on a trampoline causes the cat to lose balance. Although, I admit that it is pretty funny watching a cat trying to stand up straight on a bouncing trampoline mat.

Besides, if you jump on a trampoline with your cat, there is a very real risk of you landing on your cat, which can hurt him. This will, in turn, cause him to lash out at you, and he might even scratch you. But you can avoid it entirely if you simply avoid letting your cat jump on the trampoline. So, the fault lies with you.

Can You Put a Cat on a Trampoline?

While your cat may not enjoy the feeling of bouncing on a trampoline all that much, they do enjoy sitting on the warm jumping mat, especially on a sunny summer afternoon. In fact, I have seen my cat on occasion taking a nap out on the trampoline in my backyard.

However, if your trampoline has a safety net around it, your cat might not enjoy being put on the trampoline. Cats are free spirits, and they do not like the feeling of being trapped in an enclosed space. And if you put it on a trampoline with a safety net around it, he might try to claw his way out of it.

Many cats like running around in circles on a trampoline. I guess they enjoy the slight bounciness that comes off it. But in typical cat fashion, their interest does not last long. So, they either get off the trampoline suddenly or decide to take a nap. 

In my opinion, cats also enjoy the extra height that comes when you put them on a trampoline. I am sure you have noticed how cats like to climb high places and get stuck. With a trampoline, the height is just right for a perfectly peaceful nap.

Should You Let Your Cats on Your Trampoline?

As a pet owner, you might be inclined to allow your cat on the trampoline for a couple of hours. But there are some issues with this idea. And now that you understand how cats are with trampolines, it is time I gave you a quick rundown of these problems.

  • Cats can get quite cranky if you disturb their nap time. So, if the cat decides to take a nap on your trampoline just when you are getting on it for some jumps, you might have to wake him up.
  • If you have owned your cat for some time, I am sure you have potty trained him by now. But even then, they are known for pooping on the mat from time to time.
  • If your cat is scared of being put on the trampoline with a safety net around it, it is best not to push it. When a cat gets scared, his survival instinct kicks in, and he will try to claw or climb his way out of the trampoline. In that situation, his claws can easily get caught in the netting, which is not exactly ideal.
  • If your cat has sharp claws, there is a small but real risk of him damaging your trampoline mat. The chance of him ripping clean through the mat is slim, though. But he can easily poke a couple of small holes in the trampoline mat.

With all things considered, I would say it is a better idea not to let your cats on your trampoline. All you have to do is close the zipper of the safety nets when you are done using them. The cats, as smart as they are, will not be able to open the enclosure net and get into the trampoline on their own.

Do Cats Benefit from Jumping on a Trampoline

All animals like to spend time with their owner. And cats crave attention more than most others. I can understand how you might think of your trampoline as a means to spend time with your cat.

However, cats do not stand to gain much from jumping on a trampoline, unlike a dog that can let off its excess energy by jumping on a trampoline and getting some much-needed exercise. If your cat is craving attention, it is better to snuggle up with him on a couch with his favorite toy.

Cats get spooked easily, and the bounciness of a trampoline might not be the best thing for them. Of course, cats do love to nap on the trampoline as they love the warmth of the mat after a summer morning. But in most cases, that is where it ends when it comes to entertainment for the cat.

They do not get any psychological or physiological benefits from jumping on a trampoline. If you are planning to give your cat some exercise, you do not need to put him on a trampoline.

The Bottom Line

Pets jumping on your trampoline is a fun thing to watch, sure, but not all animals enjoy it as much as you expected. Yes, there are many cats that love running on a trampoline, as I am sure you have watched the videos on the internet, but not all of them like it.

Some cats just want to walk a bit on the bouncing mat and take a nap. And if you are fine with cleaning up after them, then there is no issue with letting them on. Also, you might want to check the nails on your cat and trim it if needed before you let them on the trampoline. Hopefully, I could clarify whatever questions you may have about letting your cat on your trampoline. And if you read through my article carefully, you should be able to decide for yourself whether it is worth it. Cheers!

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