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Can You Put Soap on Your Trampoline? [Facts & Myth Busters]

A trampoline, by itself, is a fun enough backyard toy. You get to jump up and down all afternoon with your friends and family getting a decent bit of workout while having fun all the way. But what if I told you a way you could make it even more entertaining? The way is simple, just drench the jumping mat in soapy water.

But is that really a safe idea? Can you damage your trampoline if you put soap on it? I know it sounds a bit risky. But before you discard it, let’s break down all the facts.

Can You Put Soap on Your Trampoline?

First thing’s first, you can, in fact, put soap on your trampoline.

Most people use soap to clean the jumping mat when it gets too dirty. But some people, including myself on occasion, take it a step further. They put soap to make the trampoline even more exciting.

How? Well, by putting soap on the trampoline surface, you make it slippery. So, while you can jump on the mat, you can also slide on it as you jump, turning it into somewhat of a Slip N’ Slide. With bigger trampolines, this can lead to a pretty fun afternoon.

It does make things a bit riskier, but if you have proper netting around the trampoline, you have little to worry about. And when you are done using the trampoline, you can wash off the soap with a hose and clean up your trampoline at the same time.

I will talk more in detail about this and help you understand why it is not the end of the world if you happen to put some on your trampoline.

Is Soap Bad for a Trampoline?

Let’s put an end to the mystery right here – soap is not bad for your trampoline. And if anyone tells you that it is, they obviously never had to clean bird poop off the trampoline.

In fact, to get rid of any tough stains from your trampoline, you need to wash it with a mixture of soap or detergent and water. But I would recommend avoiding acidic soaps as those can somewhat damage the fabric.

However, if you are using any over-the-counter liquid soap that you wash your hands with, your trampoline should be able to take it without too many complaints. Just remember to wash it off thoroughly before you plan on using it.

The reason you want to wash off the soap from the trampoline is not that it will damage it. But because if there is residual soapy water on the trampoline, it will cause the jumping mat to become extremely slippery.

Some people do enjoy it, though, as it turns their backyard trampoline into what is essentially a makeshift Slip N Slide. But more on that later.

Why Would You Want to Put Soap on Your Trampoline?

There are many reasons why you would want to use soap on your trampoline. The most important one among them is to clean it. If you leave your trampoline out in the open and use it frequently, the jumping mat will get dirty over time.

Falling leaves, bird droppings, or even food stains, if you allow them, are common sights on a trampoline. And once the mat gets too dirty, it frankly looks quite disgusting.

But just because it is dirty does not mean you throw it away and get a new one. Instead, you clean it up. If the stains are particularly tough, you need to use a mixture of soap and water to wipe the mat thoroughly.

Another good reason to put soap on the trampoline is to make it into a Slip ‘N Slide. Trampoline is not exactly designed for it, but some people enjoy making it into one. And I am also guilty of occasionally turning it into one for the kids and me to have some fun.

What Type of Soap is Best for Trampoline Slip ‘N Slide?

Transforming your trampoline into a Slip ‘N Slide is not exactly rocket science. All you have to do is drench the trampoline mat with soapy water, and you are good to go. However, using the right soap is important if you want to get the most out of your experience.

You can use liquid dish soap, the ones that create extra foam when you clean your dishes if you want to have the most fun. To apply it, you can use a garden hose to get the mat wet and then put the soap in.

If you set up your trampoline with a trampoline sprinkler, you can turn that on too and make it into a full-blown water park. But a regular garden hose works just as well.

Safety Tips When Putting Soap on Your Trampoline?

While the thought of a Slip ‘N Slide may seem exciting, there are some safety concerns. Many adults consider trampolines to be dangerous, and I can see why. But the truth is as long as you stay on the safe side, you can minimize a lot of the risks. Just use your best judgment, and you should be fine.

For example, when you put soapy water on a trampoline, it will naturally get a lot more slippery than you might expect. So, the chances of someone falling off of the trampoline are higher. But if you have an enclosure netting around the trampoline, it will keep whoever is jumping inside the trampoline safe from falling off.

Needless to say, my first tip is to always use a safety net around the trampoline if you want to use it as a Slip N Slide.

Secondly, you do not want to use your trampoline as a Slip ‘N Slide if it is not at least 14 feet in size. Smaller trampolines do not give you enough jumping area for this to work.

Furthermore, it is best to go one person at a time on a soapy trampoline. Since the surface is slippery, you can easily fall off and bump into each other, which can cause injury. To be on the safe side, it is best to go one at a time.

Finally, I would recommend going barefoot on the trampoline Slip ‘N Slide. Sure, you might be fine with wearing shoes on a trampoline when you are jumping normally, but the soap will just ruin your shoes. So, take them off and enjoy sliding and slipping to your heart’s content.

On the other hand, if you have no intention of jumping on a slippery trampoline mat and just want to clean it, give the trampoline some time to dry off after washing.

Should You Use Soap to Clean Your Trampoline?

The trampoline jumping mat requires a bit of cleaning every now and then to keep everything hygienic. But whether you need to use soap or not depends on the extent of the damage.

For example, if there are no stains or bird droppings to clean off, you do not need to use soap on the jumping mat. You can wash fallen leaves or dirt from the mat using a normal garden hose.

However, for mud stains or bird poop, spraying water from a hose is not enough to clean the trampoline. In that case, you need a bucket full of soapy water and a sponge to scrub the trampoline mat clean. Make sure you are wearing gloves while cleaning off bird droppings to protect yourself.

If you keep your trampoline out in the rain or snow, you might also need to clean it with soap more often. Rainwater or snow can leave water spots on the jumping mat, and if you let it soak up on the mat regularly, it can ruin how it looks.

How to Clean Off Soap on Your Trampoline?

When you are done with your trampoline, make sure you clean off the soap properly. And to do that, you need to blast the mat with a garden hose to rinse it off thoroughly. Do not go with sprinklers as they do not have enough water pressure to clean off the soapy residue completely.

Now That We’re Here

Whether you like it or not, if you want your trampoline to be clean and hygienic, you need to use soap on it eventually. There are some stains that will not go away unless you clean them with soapy water.

But that is not the only reason to use soap on a trampoline. I love turning it into a Slip ‘N Slide, especially during a sunny summer morning. And if that sounds like something you might enjoy, you need to put soap on your trampoline.

The good thing is it will not damage your trampoline in any way. So, whatever myths you may have heard about trampolines getting ruined because of soapy water is completely baseless. Cheers!

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