Can You Put Basketball Hoop On Trampoline? (ANSWERED)

Trampoline jumping is fun – there’s no doubt about it. But do you want to know what can make your jumping even more entertaining? Two words – Basketball Hoops.

Think about it. You are already jumping on your trampoline. Why not throw a couple of hoops while you are at it? But how feasible is this idea? And can you even put a basketball hoop on your trampoline? Let’s look at all the answers here!

Can You Put Basketball Hoop on Trampoline?

Can You Put Basketball Hoop on Trampoline

The answer is yes – you can put a basketball hoop on a trampoline.

In fact, it is one of the few ways to make your trampoline even more exciting. And that is saying something considering how fun trampoline jumping is already.

If you love playing basketball and happen to own a trampoline in your backyard, throw a basketball hoop into the mix. The result will be amazing. And if the trampoline is big enough to support two or more people, then you can have a one vs. one shooting competition too. Of course, you want to be safe while you are at it.

So, if you are wondering how you can make this happen, let me help. In this article, I will talk about everything you want to know about when you are planning to add a basketball hoop to your trampoline.

Can You Add a Basketball Hoop to a Trampoline?

As I already said, you can, in fact, add a basketball hoop to your trampoline. Many top trampoline brands already manufacture hoop attachments that you can set up on your trampoline. In most cases, I would recommend going with a hoop designed by the same brand as your trampoline.

However, since basketball hoops for trampolines are typically compatible universally, you do not need to stress about it too much. As long as the hoop is lightweight and is designed to be used inside a trampoline, you should be fine.

Some trampolines out there come with a built-in basketball hoop when you buy them in the first place. So, if you do not want to take the hassle of installation, those can be a good choice for you. Keep in mind, though, that you will have a harder time finding a larger trampoline with a built-in basketball hoop. Mostly, kids’ trampolines come with those.

Can You Use a Regular Basketball Hoop with a Trampoline?

Basketball hoops that are designed specifically for trampolines are much lighter compared to regular basketball hoops. So, it is really not a good idea to install a regular hoop inside your trampoline as the extra weight can put additional stress on the trampoline frame.

Some people try to work their way out of buying a separate trampoline basketball hoop by setting their trampoline under a basketball hoop installed in the driveway. If you decide to go this route, keep in mind that you will have nothing but concrete under your trampoline. And we all know how putting a trampoline on concrete can be risky.

I would strongly advise against this idea. If you want to throw a couple of hoops while jumping on your trampoline, just buy a trampoline basketball hoop. There are some fantastic yet affordable options out there, and setting them up is really not that difficult.

How to Put a Basketball Hoop on a Trampoline

How to Put a Basketball Hoop on a Trampoline

So, you decided to give in and get a basketball hoop for your trampoline, after all. But now that you have it in your hands, you have absolutely no idea what to do. You do not know how to install it. Well, don’t worry, I got your back.

The first thing you should do is look for the instruction manual that came with your basketball hoop attachment. It should already have all the information you would need to set it up.

But if you are still having trouble, perhaps my handy guide can help you out.

Now before I get started, you should know that there are two types of basketball hoops that you can find. One comes with a softer fabric backboard, whereas some models come with a fabric backboard. Thankfully, the installation process of both designs is pretty similar.

If you have a trampoline basketball hoop with a fabric backboard, you can simply tie up its ends to the top of the safety nets. But those with a solid backboard require a bit more effort. Don’t worry, I will give you a thorough rundown of the process.

Step 1: Get Ready

First, take out all of the pieces from the package when you get your basketball hook. The number and type of component will vary depending on which model you end up buying.

But regardless, there should be a part that you attach to the enclosure post of the trampoline and some screws and bolts to attach it to the back of the hoop.

Lay everything out in front of you so that you have an easier time putting them all back together. You should also go through the instruction manual if you have one.

Step 2: Find the Attachment Mechanism

Turn the backboard over, and you should see a mechanism where you can attach a pole that you eventually install on the trampoline post. So carefully insert the pole through the slot in the backboard and screw it tightly. Do not overtighten as it can thread the screws.

Step 3: Clamp it Down

Now align the bottom of the pole to the enclosure post and clamp it down with the included mounting devices. In most cases, it would look like a clamp which you can tighten up using a bolt.

Step 4: Ensure Safety

Make sure the hoop is tightly attached to the enclosure post. Give the net of the basketball hoop a gentle tug and see if it comes off. If not, then congrats, you have yourself a basketball hoop on your trampoline.

Trampoline Basketball Hoop Recommendation:

1.  A Fan Favorite: New Skywalker Trampolines Basketball Game

New Skywalker Trampolines Basketball Game

Now that you know how to set up your basketball hoop let’s talk about your options. And to tell the truth, there are plenty of fantastic choices out there. But if you ask me, I will always recommend going with the new Skywalker Trampolines Basketball Hoop.

Firstly, you have the Skywalker name backing it. So you can be sure that its quality will be pretty decent. And since it has a fabric backboard, setting it up should be extremely easy.

While the manufacturers say that it will fit all Skywalker trampolines, I myself used a Bounce Pro trampoline and had no issues setting it up. It comes with a hook and loop Velcro that makes installation a piece of cake.

And because of its easy assembly and disassembly process, you do not necessarily have to keep it on all the time. You can simply take it apart when you are done and store it away to make sure it does not get damaged.

Overall, this is a great basketball hoop that costs you under 40 dollars. Sure, it will not give you the bounce-back that you get with a solid backboard, but it has a safe design that prevents any risk of accidents.

2. A Great Alternative: PAPAJET Trampoline Basketball Hoop

PAPAJET Trampoline Basketball Hoop

If you have your heart set on a solid backboard, well, take a look at this Trampoline Basketball Hoop by the brand PAPAJET. It also comes at a lower price, which makes it a great choice for those on a budget.

The only gripe I have with this basketball hoop is that it can only be used with straight pole trampolines. So, if your trampoline comes with bent poles, you will not be able to set it up properly.

But if that is not an issue for you, you will find little else to complain about with this beauty. While the back panel is made of solid materials, it does not have any rough edges. There is little chance of injuring yourself when you are playing with it.

You also get a handy 3-step ladder with your purchase. And for the price it already asks, this seems too good to be true. The quality of the ladder is also pretty decent with its UV-resistant galvanized steel construction.

So, if you want a basketball hoop with a solid back panel, this is a no-brainer. Just make sure your trampoline has straight enclosure poles so that you can set it up without any hassle.

Are Trampoline Basketball Hoops Universal?

Are Trampoline Basketball Hoops Universal

Typically, you attach the basketball hoop for a trampoline to the enclosure post of the trampoline. The design of the trampoline itself does not have anything to do with the hoop.

So yes, in most cases, trampoline basketball hoops are universal, and you should be able to get any hoops installed in your trampoline without compatibility issues. As long as you are using safety nets, setting it up should be pretty easy.

Now That We’re Here

Putting a basketball hoop on a trampoline is a great way to spice things up a bit. Jumping is fun, for sure, but throwing a couple of hoops while you are at it is even more entertaining, especially for the young ones.

To reiterate, yes, you can put a basketball hoop on a trampoline. If you want more entertainment + a good amount of cardio from your trampoline, go ahead and set one up. Good luck!