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Can You Put a Trampoline on Artificial Grass? – Good Idea!

One of the first things that people have to think about when buying a new trampoline is what they want to put under it. I have had the good fortune of owning many trampolines in the past, and every time I had to spend a good chunk of time thinking about this very thing.

Well, the truth is there are many different options out there. People have come up with creative ideas, and you can find plenty of inspiration if you look online. But personally, I do not like to overthink. To me, nothing can beat a good old artificial grass mat.

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Is Asphalt Cheaper Than Concrete?

People have been using grass mats for ages in their backyard to make the landscape look pretty without the burden of maintaining it. I choose to take it one step further and put a trampoline over it. Since the mat is soft, even if someone were to fall off from the trampoline, they wouldn’t get hurt too severely.

From here on out, I will talk about this topic further and try to help you get a clear picture of whether you should use artificial grass under a trampoline.

Will A Trampoline Ruin Artificial Grass?

Let me begin by addressing what must be going on in your mind if you are juggling with the idea of getting an artificial grass mat; “will my trampoline ruin it?” The answer – absolutely not.

In fact, putting an artificial grass mat under your trampoline might be the best alternative to using natural grass. Let’s face it – not everyone has natural grass in their yard. So, the next best alternative is a grass mat.

How Do You Secure a Trampoline on Artificial Grass?

While many like to simply place their trampoline in the backyard without any secured means of holding it down, I always advise against it. Now I live in a particularly windy state, and without anchoring it down, the trampoline can easily get blown away by a strong gust.

Thankfully, you can easily secure your trampoline to the ground with an anchoring kit. And whether you are using it on natural grass or artificial grass really does not make a huge difference.

Disclaimer: It does take a fair bit of effort, so be prepared to really put your back into it.

Steps Of Anchoring a Trampoline on Artificial Grass

As you can see, the only thing that you need in reality is the anchoring kit. The rest should already be in your toolbox.

Step – 1:

Make sure your artificial grass mat is firmly installed in your backyard first. Then mark out the points where you want to attach the anchoring stakes to the mat.

Step – 2:

Then take one of the anchoring stakes and slowly screw it to the ground through the grass mat. It does take a bit of effort to do it by hand. You can use a screwdriver to make it a bit easier for you.

Step – 3:

Loop the anchor strap through the trampoline frame and attach both of the ends to the stake you planted in the previous step. Repeat the same for the rest of the stakes you have.

That’s pretty much it. For best results, I suggest attaching at least five or more anchoring points.

Why is Artificial Grass Better Than Real Grass or Concrete?

If you ask me, or any trampoline owner for that matter, I will always suggest using an artificial grass mat under your trampoline, even if the cost is a bit higher. It will lead to a much better experience than using natural grass. And if the alternative is concrete, artificial grass is the better choice every single time.

Here are three main reasons why going with artificial grass is the better idea.

1. Low maintenance

Artificial grass mats require little to no maintenance on your part. Since the grass is not organic, you do not need to water it or expose it to sunlight. On the other hand, if it were natural grass, it would start fading just after a couple of weeks without water or sunlight.

And even if you do manage to water natural grass and expose it to sunlight from time to time, it will require constant trimming every month. But the alternative, artificial grass mat, will not grow and hence does not require trimming. This makes it one of the best things to put under the trampoline.

Here’s a quick equation to help you out:

Less maintenance = beauty stays the same = little to no effort on your part, but it’s a bit expensive.

2. Safety

A trampoline can quickly become dangerous if you do not put anything soft and squishy under it. This is one of the main reasons we try to avoid putting a trampoline on concrete.

Natural grass is a great option, but the chore of maintaining it every couple of days can become a bit too much for some people, myself included.

However, with artificial grass mats, you can ensure proper safety for whoever is jumping on the trampoline mat. Any decent artificial mat worth its salt will be able to break your fall and prevent injury if any accidents happen. Its soft texture makes it an excellent item to put under the trampoline.

3. Appearance

If you are like me and have your trampoline in your backyard, then I can bet with confidence that you care about aesthetics. For generations, people have installed trampolines in the backyard to give it a more entertaining outlook. And artificial grass mats contribute to polishing up that look further.

Sure, you can get the same look, or maybe even better if you were using natural grass. But if you cannot maintain your grass regularly, it will completely ruin the visuals of your backyard. If you ask me, going with an artificial grass mat under your trampoline is the easiest way to give it a pleasing appearance.

With All That Said

There really is no downside to using an artificial grass mat under your trampoline that I can think of. I have used one for years and have yet to find any reason to complain.

Besides, I think artificial grass mats are better than most alternatives. Anyways, that’s just my two cents. If you are thinking of getting an artificial grass mat, go right ahead.

I hope this article has helped you understand whether or not it’s a good idea to put a trampoline on artificial grass. Cheers!

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