Can You Put A Trampoline In Your Front Garden? (Does It Comply With All The Regulations?)

One of the first things that homeowners have to think about when buying a new trampoline is where to put it. Aesthetics are important to anyone who invests in a nice home in a nice neighborhood. I get that. But sadly, that can’t be the only determinant factor in deciding where you want to put the trampoline.

If you want to install a trampoline on your property, you need to check in with insurance laws and the residential code of conduct on whether you can have it in the front yard. And you would be surprised how many neighborhoods restrict having it out in the open in front of your house.

Can You Put A Trampoline In Your Front Garden?

A trampoline in the front garden attracts too many kids, which can become a massive liability for you. And there is always the matter of privacy for your next-door neighbors when there is someone bouncing up and down on the trampoline.

When I wanted to put a trampoline in the front garden in my old house, I had to learn about these things the hard way. But now I am wiser, and if you are thinking of going down the same path, maybe my article can lend you a helping hand.

Can I Put a Trampoline in My Front yard?

Can I Put a Trampoline in My Front yard?

If you have a large front yard, but the space out back is small, naturally, you would want to install your trampoline in your front yard. But whether it is a good idea to put it out in your front yard depends on many factors.

The first thing that you want to check is the residential law. If you are buying a new home in a certain neighborhood, remember to go through the contract. You should find information on what you can or cannot have in your front yard, and if a trampoline is on it, you are out of luck.

Many neighborhoods these days also have Homeowner Associations setting up rules of conduct for the safety and betterment of everyone living there. I know it sounds a bit unfair, but if they have rules against trampolines, then you might have to rethink putting them in the front yard.

A trampoline, by design, attracts a lot of kids. Naturally, kids from your neighborhood will want to have a go at your trampoline from time to time. And you, being the good neighbor that you are, might even let them have some fun.

But if they get injured, the blame will fall on your shoulders. This is another reason why putting a trampoline in the front yard in full view is not a very bright idea.

I get it; in my old house, I had a beautiful front garden and enough space right in the middle for a 10 feet trampoline for the kids. I even installed nets and everything to ensure their safety. But in the end, I decided to move it to the backyard because of the many issues that came with putting a trampoline in the front yard.

Can I Put a Trampoline in My Backyard?

Can I Put a Trampoline in My Backyard?

The backyard is the most common place where most people who own a trampoline end up placing it. It’s private, and it’s yours to do with whatever you please. And whether you want to install a trampoline there or throw a barbeque party is entirely up to you.

But there is another issue here. In fact, it is not only relevant to setting up your trampoline in the backyard but also to having a trampoline on your property, in general. If you have Homeowners insurance, you want to check in with the agency before you get a trampoline in the first place.

Trampolines, because of their volatile nature, are sometimes considered a liability. But this is not set in stone, and if you talk to the agency, you should be able to find a way to work it out. Other than that, you should have no issues with installing a trampoline in your backyard.

Where Should I Put My Trampoline in the Garden

Technically, you can put your trampoline anywhere in the garden as long as it is not bothering anyone else. If you have a large garden and have high fences that block out the view, then you should not have to explain why you put your trampoline where you put it.

I prefer to place my trampoline around the middle of the yard. That way, even though the trampoline takes up a big chunk of yard space, it is safer. So even if a kid falls out of the trampoline while jumping, he will have grass on each side to break his fall and prevent serious injuries.

As I said, you should always check in with the Homeowners Association if your neighborhood has one to see if you are violating any privacy clause. If your neighbors are friendly enough and only kids use the trampoline, though, I do not see this becoming too much of an issue.

I know it might seem a bit unfair if you cannot put your trampoline in the front garden because of privacy issues, but it is what it is. Think of it this way, if your neighbor was a creep who used his trampoline to peer inside your home, would you like it? Definitely not.

Ultimately, a backyard garden is the best place to install your trampoline. That portion of your property is entirely yours, and you can install a decent-size trampoline in it. And as long as you set it up properly and know what to put under the trampoline, it should be quite safe, too.

So long story short, you can certainly put your trampoline in the front garden if the conditions are right. But it might not be worth the hassle in most cases.