Can You Fit a Trampoline in a Car? [Reference Chart]

Boink… Boink… Boink…

That is my childhood summed up in three words!

Believe it or not, I spent a good part of my younger days bouncing up and down a trampoline. My dad, God bless his soul, got one for my sister and me, and it kept us occupied every single afternoon back then. And naturally, when my younger ones hit their 10-year mark, I got them a trampoline.

But you are not here for my fuzzy history with trampolines. If you are here, that means you have already bought a trampoline and figuring out the best way to move it. Can you use your four-seater sedan, or should you hire a moving service like U-Haul?

Unfortunately, the answer is not simple. There are a lot of variables here, such as the size of the trampoline or the vehicle type. While you can certainly use your car to move your trampoline, fitting it inside can be a bit challenging. But if you are using a smaller trampoline or one of those mini models, then using your car might be more appropriate than renting a pickup.

I am going to break down this topic into digestible bits and help you figure out whether you can fit your trampoline in your car for easy transportation.

Will a Trampoline Fit in a Car (Reference Chart):

Trampoline SizeCar TypeKids at a Time
8 feetSedan or Bigger1
10 feetSedan/Hatchback or Bigger1
12 feetSUV or Bigger2
14 feetSUV/Minivan or Bigger2
15 feetSUV/Minivan or Bigger3
20 feetPickup or Moving Service5

Will a trampoline fit in a car?

Trampoline sizes, these days, can vary wildly. While I may find 12 to 14 feet trampolines the perfect choice for my kids, there are many who consider anything smaller than 18 feet too small.

Now, if you were to ask me if your trampoline would fit in your car, I would not be able to give a straight answer right away. Whether you will be able to fit it in your car or not depends entirely on the size of the trampoline and the space inside your car.

Fret not, I have the perfect workaround. In the following section, I will discuss which sizes of trampolines can fit in a car and which sizes require a different approach when you want to move them.

Will an 8ft trampoline fit in a car

An 8 feet trampoline is the perfect choice for a single 12- or 13-years old child. Moving this size of trampolines should not be an issue in your car. After disassembly, you can probably fit it inside two boxes that you can simply place in the car’s trunk.

To move a small 8 feet trampoline, you would not need anything bigger than a Sedan-style vehicle. Even a Hatchback style vehicle should work perfectly if you pull up the rear seats. Since they do not have a trunk at the back, keeping them inside the car is the only option.

Will a 10ft trampoline fit in a car

The main difference between a 10 feet trampoline and an 8 feet trampoline is not as massive as one might think. You still should not allow more than one child to jump on it at a time. However, with 10 ft trampolines, the age limit goes up to 15 years instead of 13.

A 10 feet trampoline does not take any more space than what you would need for an 8 feet model. You can still fit it in the back of your sedan or hatchback without any issues. Whether you put it on the rear seats or the trunk is fully your decision.

Will a 12ft trampoline fit in a car

A 12ft trampoline is what I got for my two kids so that they could play on it together. After the store disassembled it for me, I had no trouble bringing it home in my SUV. When I returned home, I followed the instruction manual and put it back together.

Will a 14ft trampoline fit in a car

While a 12 feet trampoline can support two children, a 14 feet model can comfortably entertain three children at once. But I would always keep an eye on the children if there are three of them jumping on it at the same time.

After disassembly, a 14 feet trampoline can fit in three boxes that you can put in the back of your SUV or Minivan. A CUV-style vehicle or a Hatchback can also work depending on the trampoline model.

Will a 15ft trampoline fit in a car

A 15 feet trampoline can support two to three kids under 15 years, jumping on it at once. So, you can imagine how much space a trampoline would take in your backyard. Thankfully, there are many 15 feet models out there that fit into only three or four boxes after disassembly.

If you own an SUV or a Minivan, you should be able to move your 15 feet trampoline inside it quite easily. However, I would not recommend trying to fit it inside a CUV or Sedan.

Will a 20ft trampoline fit in a car

Planning a backyard birthday party for your kid and their friends? – A 20 feet trampoline is the best choice. The main issue with this size is that it is not very portable. Even when you break it down, it requires five or more boxes to fit all the pieces.

Remember, 20ft trampolines are usually not meant for kids. I’ve seen Olympic contenders/pro gymnasts use these trampolines. So, it’s specialist equipment – not for casuals. 

Ideally, you want to avail a moving service when you need to bring it into your backyard. The boxes where you put the disassembled pieces might not fit your car properly. If you have a pickup, though, moving a boxed 20ft trampoline should not be all that hard.

Can You Fit a Mini Trampoline in a Car?

A mini trampoline is quite popular among health buffs. Also commonly referred to as rebounders, the size of this type of trampoline ranges from 30 to 39 inches. Though it can keep the kids entertained for a while, it is actually a workout tool, not unlike a treadmill or an air bike.

The best thing about this type of trampoline is that you can simply lift it up and load it onto your car without even taking it apart. Typically, you would put it inside your car’s trunk, but if the rear seats are empty, you can also fit it inside your car without any issues.

These sorts of trampolines are quite lightweight and portable. They are designed for personal cardio exercise. Some of these models do feature a handlebar that lets you keep balance. If your unit comes with such a handle, you need to disassemble that part only.

Will a Disassembled Trampoline Fit in My Car?

Once you disassemble a trampoline, it actually breaks down into very small pieces. At that point, you should be able to fit it in a car’s trunk quite easily. However, the number of trips you have to make will depend on the overall size of the trampoline, the space inside your car, and how many pieces there are.

A small trampoline of around 8- or 10-feet size can easily fit in your car after disassembly if you pull down the rear seats. On the other hand, if the trampoline is 12 feet or larger, you cannot hope to move it without putting it into a couple of boxes. And even then, you might have to make a second trip to move all the boxes.

However, if you have a larger vehicle like an SUV or a pickup truck, you should be able to fit even a 14- or 15-feet trampoline after disassembly quite comfortably.

Will A Trampoline Box Fit in A Car?

It depends. If your trampoline fits inside only one or two boxes, you should be able to fit it inside your car’s trunk or rear seats. However, bigger trampolines come in multiple boxes, and the boxes themselves are pretty large. So, you might not be able to fit all the boxes inside the car at a time.

I would recommend renting a bigger vehicle like a pickup truck when you need to move three or more trampoline boxes. The back of a pickup is the perfect option for moving your large trampolines.

Can a Trampoline Fit in a U-Haul?

If you are looking for an alternative to carrying your trampoline in your car, U-Haul trucks might be worth consideration. It is a convenient and affordable way to get your trampoline home without the hassle of carrying it yourself.

The good thing about this service is that they provide different sizes of vehicles. So, you have the freedom to choose which size of vehicle you would need to fit your specific trampoline.

Even if you bought a 20 feet trampoline, a U-Haul truck could easily get it to your home.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can definitely fit a trampoline in your car if the circumstances are right. If you are going with a smaller trampoline, by all means, use your car. However, for larger models, I would suggest getting professional help. This would also ensure the full safety of your new trampoline.

I hope my in-depth guide on the different trampoline sizes and whether they would fit your car could help you get a deeper understanding of the subject. Cheers!

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