Can Grass Grow Under a Trampoline?

Considering getting a new trampoline for your backyard? Well, if you pride yourself on having a well-maintained backyard lawn, then I understand the hesitations you might have. Maintaining a perfectly mowed lawn is tough enough as it is, and the inclusion of the trampoline does not make things easier.

The big question here is whether you can even grow grass under a trampoline in the first place. Well, let’s look at all the answers here.

Can Grass Grow Under a Trampoline?

Any homeowner who has a nice backyard knows how hard it is to keep it looking pretty.

That is the main reason why many homeowners tend to avoid buying a trampoline despite the many pleading from the kids. They believe that if they get a trampoline for the backyard, the grass under it will begin to die from lack of sunlight and moisture. And in many cases, they would be right.

However, if you know what you are doing, you can, in fact, grow grass under a trampoline. It requires a bit of knowledge about the types of grass and trampoline placement. Your location also plays a big role in whether your grass will thrive or die under your trampoline.

But that’s just the short answer. There is still the matter of how you can make sure your grass remains healthy under a trampoline. Well, don’t let me hold you back any further.

Here, I will talk about whether it is possible to grow grass healthily under your trampoline and how you can protect your grass if you do decide to get a trampoline for your backyard.

Grass Growth Rate Under a Trampoline

If you have a backyard lawn with a trampoline, two things can happen. Either the grass under your trampoline will start to fade and die, or it will grow stronger than before. There is no in-between.

But what is responsible for this phenomenon? And what can you do to prevent your trampoline from killing grass?

Well, there are a couple of things that can dictate whether the grass will grow or die under a trampoline in your backyard.

1. Geography and Weather

The first thing that affects the growth rate of grass under a trampoline is where you live and the weather conditions in your region. Grass needs sunlight and moisture to thrive. But too much of it can also halt its growth, forcing it into an idle state where it conserves water to protect itself.

If you live in a cold or temperate region, the grass under your trampoline will start to fade because it will not receive enough sunlight when it is in the shade of the trampoline mat. Over time, you will notice discoloration in the grass, and slowly it will start to die off.

However, if you live in a region that sees a lot of direct sunlight, the grass under your trampoline will grow better than the rest of your backyard. The reason is that the trampoline mat will provide enough shade to protect it against too much heat, while the sunlight would be strong enough to provide nutrients even in the shade.

2. Type of Grass

If you have a decent bit of knowledge about grass and plantations, you would know that there are a wide variety of grasses that you can grow in your backyard. And some types of grass are more resilient and can survive more adverse conditions compared to other types.

In addition, some grasses prefer shade and are well-suited for specific weather conditions. And if you happen to grow a type of grass that prefers your regional conditions and can thrive under shade, then the grass would naturally grow faster under your trampoline.

Let me give you a quick example; if you live in the northern parts of the USA, you will notice that the Fescue Grass will grow faster than other types of grass even when you put it under the shade of a trampoline. But if you were using St. Augustine grass, it would not grow as quickly, if at all.

3. Position of the Trampoline

Where you position your trampoline in the backyard can also affect the growth rate of grass under its shade. If you position it in a way that some of the sunlight reaches under it at certain times of the day, you will notice that it grows faster and better than the rest of your backyard grass.

The reason is that grass does not require nor does it prefer constant sunlight. If it gets a good level of sunlight for a couple of hours and is kept under shade, it will thrive. And the shade from a trampoline will also protect it against extreme temperature during a bright sunny morning.

Proper trampoline placement is essential if you want to grow grass under its shade in your backyard. If the grass under your trampoline does not get any sunlight at all, it will have a hard time surviving. So, your trampoline’s positioning plays a significant role in dictating the health of your lawn grass.

Lawn Care Tips for Trampoline Owners

Some might say that maintaining a lawn that has a trampoline in it is too much work. And while they might be true, I think that if you want your backyard to look as pretty as possible, you will not shy away from honest labor. End of the day, as you sit on your backyard patio with a cup of coffee in your hands, it will all feel worth it.

With that said, here are a couple of essential lawn care tips for trampoline owners who want to keep their backyard looking lush and green.

1. Mow Regularly

The first tip I have for you is a simple one, but it is the most critical thing to remember if you want to care for your backyard lawn. You need to always mow your lawn when the grass gets too high. Uncontrolled grass growing up too high is not a pretty sight for your backyard.

Now, there are ways to cut the grass under a trampoline properly by using an adjustable lawn mower or a robotic mower. You can also move the trampoline around if you want while mowing the lawn if you do not want to invest in a new lawn mower.

2. Move Your Trampoline Around

Moving your trampoline around from time to time is a good practice to make sure all the area of your backyard gets even sunlight. If you have a small trampoline, you can do it on your own. But for larger trampolines, getting someone to help you relocate the trampoline might be the better idea.

You can also invest in a set of wheels for your trampoline to make it more maneuverable. Trampoline wheels are readily available in most local stores and can help you move the trampoline around easily.

3. Use Grass Feeds

If you notice that the grass under your trampoline is slightly deteriorating in color, you need to step up and handle it right away. The first thing you should do is move the trampoline to a different location. It will help the deteriorating grass get more sunlight.

But to return the grass to its lush state, you should also spread some grass feed over the area. Grass feed will help the grass get some extra nutrients and help accelerate its growth temporarily. That, combined with better access to sunlight, will make sure your grass does not die on you anytime soon.

4. Set up Proper Drainage

Sunlight is important, but it is not the only thing that matters when it comes to the health of your lawn grass. Access to moisture is also just as important for the grass to grow. In most cases, though, rainwater should be sufficient to provide enough moisture to the grass for it to thrive.

However, you do not want to let rainwater turn into a puddle in your backyard. This would end up hurting the grass. Instead, you should set up proper drainage in your backyard so that the water can drain away while leaving your grass with a good bit of moisture to grow.

Now That We’re Here

Growing grass under a trampoline might take a bit more work than growing it under an open sky. But if you love trampolines as much as I do, then I think you would find the extra hassle worthwhile.

Besides, a trampoline is not only fun for the kids but can also enhance the looks of your backyard. And it will also make your lawn look more inviting and entertaining for the guests.

Hopefully, my extensive article could help you out if you want to grow grass under your trampoline. Cheers!

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