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Can Adults Jump on Trampolines (Answered)

While trampoline might be considered a common yard toy these days, back in my days, it was somewhat of a novelty. Not everyone had one, and in my neighborhood, I was the lucky one. Needless to say, a good chunk of my days were spent bouncing on my trampoline with my friends.

And now that I have kids of my own and a trampoline in my own house, I do the same with him from time to time. Not only that, even when my son is busy, I go out and use the trampoline to blow off some steam. I think of it as a well-earned “me time” for going through a busy work week. Wondering whether it’s safe to jump on a trampoline as an adult? The answer’s right here.

Can Adults Jump on Trampolines

So, if you are wondering whether you can jump on a trampoline as an adult, the answer is yes, definitely.

As long as your trampoline can support your body weight, there is absolutely no reason you cannot use it whether you are an adult or a teenager.

But there are a lot of things to talk about here apart from the limitations on the trampoline end. So, brew yourself a hot cup of coffee, and let’s address all the questions you might be having in your mind about jumping on a trampoline as an adult.

Do Adults Use Trampolines?

As I was saying, if the weight limit of the trampoline is what’s stopping you from using it, then get a new one. Trampolines have come down in prices quite a bit, and you can pick up a top-tier 14 feet trampoline for a pretty great price. Even a 12-feet round trampoline should be enough to support an adult’s body weight.

But if you are planning to use a trampoline, make sure you follow the proper safety rules. As it turns out, I recently wrote an article about whether a trampoline is safe for adults or not, which might be worth checking out if you are considering getting yourself one.

However, some people think of a trampoline as strictly a kid’s toy. That is not true at all. Trampolines are used by acrobats and gymnasts almost on a daily basis. Even astronauts use trampolines for training their body muscles, so it being a kid’s toy is far from true.

I get it, you grew up, and people expect you to act the part. And you are thinking of what others might say when they see you hopping around on a trampoline and laughing like a maniac, right? Well, I say that the opinions of others are not worth a dime and you should do whatever makes you happy.

Personally, I love jumping on my trampoline. It helps me cool off after a busy week. Besides, it is also good for your bones and muscles. And for those who want to lose some body weight, a trampoline is a fantastic way to do just that without putting yourself through a rigorous workout routine.

In fact, I know a lot of people who regularly use a trampoline without any worry about looking immature. The truth is, that adults do use trampolines, and you should never let stigma stop you from doing something that you will enjoy.

How Many Adults Can Jump on a Trampoline?

How many adults your trampoline can support is a bit difficult to answer before looking at a couple of things. Firstly, you want to look at the maximum weight capacity of the trampoline. In most cases, a typical 10 feet trampoline should be able to hold more than 350 pounds.

Another thing that you need to check is the size of the trampoline. While a 10 feet model might be enough to support two adults, the size of the trampoline really does get in the way. If it is a round trampoline, for instance, two grown-ups jumping on it at the same time can collide with each other mid-air.

Personally, I would only recommend going one at a time if your trampoline is anything smaller than 14 feet. With 14 feet models, you have enough space to support two people at the same time without worrying about the weight capacity or space.

Then again, not all trampolines are made equally well. For example, if your trampoline has an aluminum frame, even if it is rated to carry greater weight, the frame might crumble under pressure. If you are going with a high-end trampoline with a good brand name to back it up, though, this should not be an issue that you have to worry about.

Can adults jump on an 8FT trampoline?

An 8 feet trampoline is typically designed for a small backyard and can hold around 225 to 300 pounds of total weight. So, it should be fine for a single adult or two small kids. However, the combined weight of two adults jumping on an 8 feet trampoline might be a bit too much for it to handle.

Can adults jump on a 10FT trampoline?

With 10 feet trampolines, you will get a bigger jumping mat and a significantly greater weight capacity. A 10 feet trampoline should be able to hold more than 400 pounds of body weight. The maximum capacity usually goes only up to 600 pounds.

Still, this is a great choice if you want two adults jumping on it at the same time. A word of caution though; I don’t like going with 10 feet models if I want two adults to be jumping on it. While it is bigger than an 8 feet trampoline, I still would like a larger jumping surface to avoid mid-air collisions.

Then again, it is strictly my opinion, and if you want to let two adults jump on your 10 feet trampoline, you should be fine if you are careful with your jumps.

Can adults jump on a 12FT trampoline?

A 12 feet trampoline is a fantastic size for adults. Firstly, it has an excellent weight capacity of around 500 to 650 pounds in most cases. And secondly, the extra two feet of jumping space that it offers over the 10 feet model is amazing for the price.

So, my recommendation is to go with a 12 feet trampoline, at the least, if you want two adults jumping on it at the same time.

Can 2 Adults Jump on a Trampoline?

Yes, two adults can jump on a trampoline as long as it is rated for more than the combined weight of the two adults. One other thing that might get in the way is the space available on the trampoline. For instance, two adults might have a hard time jumping comfortably on a 10 feet trampoline.

However, with 12 feet or bigger trampoline, there should be enough jumping space to support two or maybe even three adults without any issues. Before you do decide to take another one of your friends jumping on your trampoline, though, I would recommend going through the instruction manual and looking up the weight capacity and intended use.

With some trampolines, you will find proper information on how many people should be allowed on it in the instruction manual. So, it should be a good source of information when you are wondering whether you can allow two adults to jump on your backyard trampoline.

What Size Trampoline Is Good for Adults?

When it comes to trampolines for adults, it never hurts to go with bigger models. You will have more real estate on the jumping mat and also not have to worry about the weight capacity. And on top of that, the bounciness of a bigger trampoline will truly let you fly.

But those trampolines can be quite expensive, and I understand if you would rather save some money by getting something smaller. In that case, I would suggest going with a 14 feet trampoline.

Sure, you can also go lower and be fine with using 10 feet or a 12 feet trampoline. But personally, I prefer a bit more space if I am going to be jumping around with a friend on my trampoline.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a kid or an adult, it really should not matter if you want to jump on a trampoline. This is suitable for people of all ages, and everyone can spend some quality time on a trampoline. That is what is truly wonderful about it. If you were struggling with whether you can or cannot use your trampoline because you are an adult, rest easy because the answer is in your favor. As long as the trampoline can support the weight of an adult, he or she can use it without any worries. Cheers!

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