10 Best Water Trampolines Reviews – Water Bouncers Buying Guides

To have jumping fun in a lake or river, you need to buy the best water trampoline for your family. However, the water must have 8 feet or more depth to set up and use the water trampoline. Water trampolines are more expensive than land trampolines. But they are still worth buying as they offer so much fun.

The trampoline comes in two basic types, i.e., land trampolines and water trampolines. The names suggest where you can use these trampolines.

You will also see a variety of models in water trampolines. From that, you need to select a trampoline that meets all your requirements. Then, we suggest you read our best water trampolines reviews to get a suitable product.

10 Best Water Trampoline Comparison

The water trampolines are available in limited variety compared to land trampolines. Therefore, it was pretty tricky for us to choose a topwater trampoline from many market models. Therefore, here we provide the list of best water trampolines as under:

Rave Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

Rave Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

  • Trampoline Size: 5 feet and 7 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Nylon Webbing
Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

  • Trampoline Size: 13 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Nylon Webbing
Rave Sports Bongo Water Bouncer

Rave Sports Bongo Water Bouncer

  • Trampoline Size: 10 feet, 15 feet and 20 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Nylon Rope
SportsStuff PVC Funstation Bouncer

SportsStuff PVC Funstation Bouncer

  • Trampoline Size: 10 feet and 12 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Not Mentioned
Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline

Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline

  • Trampoline Size: 10 feet, 13 feet and 17 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Bungee Cords
Island Hopper Giant Jump Water Trampoline

Island Hopper Giant Jump Water Trampoline

  • Trampoline Size: 25 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Steel Springs
AquaGlide Platinum Supertramp Water Trampoline

AquaGlide Platinum Supertramp Water Trampoline

  • Trampoline Size: 23 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Steel Springs
Island Hopper Turtle Jump Water Trampoline

Island Hopper Turtle Jump Water Trampoline

  • Trampoline Size: 15 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Steel Springs
Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Park

Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Park

  • Trampoline Size: 25 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Steel Springs
Island Hopper Classic Water Trampoline

Island Hopper Classic Water Trampoline

  • Trampoline Size: 25 feet
  • Bouncing Mechanism: Steel Springs

Water Trampolines Reviews

The trampoline that fulfills your needs is the best water trampoline for you. Here we provide the top 10 best water trampoline reviews in detail. In addition, we will explain the notable features plus advantages and disadvantages of each water trampoline. You should go through these detailed reviews to know which water trampoline/bouncer is suitable for you.

#1. Rave Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer – Lowest Price Water Trampoline


RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

Rave Sports O-Zone Plus is the best water trampoline for kids. Most water trampolines are expensive in comparison to land trampolines. But this water bouncer from Rave Sports is an affordable water trampoline for you. Although it comes in two different sizes of 5 feet and 7 feet, you can select your desired size when you buy it.

It is a compact size water trampoline with a swimming platform and slide. The Rave Sports has built this O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer with high-quality PVC material for kids under 10 years. Its maximum weight capacity is 500 lbs (5 feet) or 600 lbs (7 feet), so two or three kids can play simultaneously on it. It does not have any metal parts, which makes it lightweight.

The Rave Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer has a swimming platform. The kid can sit on it and play with water around the trampoline. The swimming platform has two soft handles to keep the kid safe while playing. It also has two handles on the bouncing surface to help the kids climb easily.

What We Like:

  • Water Trampoline at Affordable Price
  • Includes A Swimming Platform and A Slide
  • Two Soft Handles for Easy Climbing on Bounce Surface
  • Lightweight Trampoline for Quick and Easy Transport
  • 500/600 lbs Weight Capacity Allow Multiple Kids to Play

What We Don’t Like:

  • Jumping Area (Surface) is Only 5 Feet or 7 Feet

#2. Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer – Best Seller Water Trampoline


Island Hopper 13' Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Island Hopper Bounce N Splash is in 2nd position in our list of best water trampolines in 2020. It is pretty challenging to get a durable water trampoline in your desired size. The Island Hopper has made this water bouncer in three different sizes. So, you can buy the Bounce N Splash water trampoline in 10 feet, 13 feet, or 17 feet size as per your choice.

The Island Hopper Bounce N Splash is a springless water trampoline. It is constructed from commercial-grade PVC material. The manufacturer has not used any metal parts or steel springs. Instead, it has used nylon webbing to provide a good bounce with every jump. It has four steps soft ladder to climb on the trampoline easily.

It is built with Aqua Sports Technology to ensure the best quality. In addition, the manufacturer provides five years “no blow out” warranty on this best Island Hopper water trampoline. It has ten handles in different directions to help the users in swimming tasks. On top of the surface, it has 1/2-inch foam padding to provide a safe and comfortable bouncing experience.

What We Like:

  • Offers Up to 17 Feet Large Bouncing Surface
  • No Springs, No Metals, Made of Durable PVC Material
  • Nylon Webbing Offers Great Bounce Every Time
  • Four-Step Soft Ladder Included for Easy Climbing
  • Protected by Five Year “No Blow-Out” Warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • The 17 Feet Model is Quite Expensive

#3. Rave Sports Bongo Water Bouncer – Safest Water Trampoline


Rave Bongo Water Bouncer

Rave Sports Bongo is a high-quality water bouncer. This water trampoline is constructed from commercial-grade durable and reinforced materials. Although it does not have springs that may twist, it has interlacing nylon rope to allow easy and quick setup. As there is no metal or steel, this trampoline is lightweight enough to carry anywhere you go.

The Rave Sports has made Bongo Water Trampoline in 10 feet, 15 feet, and 20 feet. The cost of 10 feet and 15 feet is similar, that’s why we recommend you to buy either the 15 feet model or 20 feet model. It provides a giant jumping surface of 81 square feet in 15 ft bouncer and 169 square feet in 20 ft bouncer.

The giant jumping surface allows multiple users to play together on the Rave Bongo Bouncer. The assembly process takes only 20 minutes, and you can inflate or deflate this water trampoline in minutes. In addition, the jumping surface is replaceable, and this function is proper when or if the jumping surface needs replacement after a long-lasting use.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight Design Makes It Easy to Transport
  • Single Inflation Valve Makes It Easy to Inflate During Assembly
  • Large Surface Area Allows Multiple People to Play Together
  • Safe for Kids, It Stays 26-Inch Above the Water Surface
  • In Salty Water, Nylon Rope Connection is More Durable Than Springs

What We Don’t Like:

  • Bouncing Performance is Not Up to the Mark

#4. SportsStuff PVC Funstation Bouncer – Most Economical Water Trampoline


SportsStuff PVC Funstation Bouncer

The SportsStuff Funstation Bouncer is an easy-to-use water trampoline. It is available to buy in two different size options of 10 feet and 12 feet. We recommend the 12 feet water trampoline to provide a larger playing surface. With such a large surface, more kids can play on it without interrupting each other.

This SportsStuff Water Trampoline is constructed from heavy-duty K80 PVC. It is made with very sturdy material to offer up to 200 lbs weight capacity. The kids of 6 years and older can play on this water bouncer. It also contains a boarding platform that you can attach or remove as per your comfort and convenience.

This water bouncer comes with an anchor system which is included in the package. This anchor system keeps the SportsStuff Funstation water trampoline stable when your child is jumping on it. In addition, it has heavy-duty molded handles that easily allow the user to climb the jumping surface from the boarding platform.

What We Like:

  • Single Chamber Design Makes It Easy to Inflate During Assembly
  • Anchor System Keeps the Trampoline Stable When User is Jumping
  • Molded PVC Handles Allow Easy and Quick Climbing
  • Heavy-Duty K80 PVC Makes It Sturdy and Durable
  • It Works Perfectly When Water Depth is 8 Feet or More

What We Don’t Like:

  • Users Complain that the Bounce is Low

#5. Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline – Eco friendly Water Trampoline


Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline Series Splash Padded Water Bouncer Inflatable Bouncer Jump Water Trampoline Bounce Swim Platform for Water Sports

The Popsport is not so famous as Rave Sports and Island Hopper, but it makes good quality water trampolines. This water trampoline is made from the highly durable and eco-friendly PVC Tarpaulin material. The manufacturer claims that this material is waterproof and offers high heat, cold, fire, and aging resistance. Hence, it is suitable for long-term use.

The Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline is available in three sizes, i.e., 10 feet, 13 feet, and 17 feet. If you want the best water trampoline for one person, you should only select the 10 feet model; otherwise, go with 13 feet or 17 feet. The Popsport 13 ft water trampoline is a perfect, medium-size option suitable for two adults or three-four children.

The best part about this water trampoline is that it has bungee cords, not springs. The bungee cords offer better bounce and don’t rust or corrode in salty water. This Popsport best water trampoline has obtained the SGS certification and passed the EN71-1-2-3 test to provide added safety and security. So, it is safe to use for your family.

What We Like:

  • Bungee Cords Provide Good Bounce with Every Jump
  • Made from Durable and Eco-friendly PVC Tarpaulin
  • SGS Certificate and EN71-1-2-3 Test Passed for Added Safety
  • Ladder Included to Offer Easy Access to Jumping Surface
  • 880 lbs High Weight Limit Allows Multiple Kids/Adults
  • It Has Built-in Handles for Easy Moving in Water

What We Don’t Like:

  • It May Have Problems After Some Months of Use

#6. Island Hopper Giant Jump Water Trampoline – Best Commercial Water Trampoline


Island Hopper 25'

Island Hopper Giant Jump is the largest water trampoline on our list. It provides a giant 25-feet total area to allow multiple kids and adults to use it simultaneously. Out of 25 feet diameter, the jumping surface measures around 17.5 feet. The trampoline stays 42 inches above the water level, a good height.

The Island Hopper has made this giant jump water trampoline with UV-resistant PVC. It has a galvanized steel frame and tapered springs to provide outstanding performance. It is not only the most significant water trampoline. It also offers superior bounce. The stainless steel springs provide better and higher bounces than nylon rope/webbing or bungee cords.

It comes with a heavy-duty aluminum ladder with four steps. You can use the ladder to climb on the trampoline surface. It also has four handles nearby the ladder to help you climb easily. This Island Hopper Water Trampoline has 3 chamber inflation tubes to provide structural strength and 7 anchor tie D-rings to keep it safe in the water.

What We Like:

  • Made of 9 mm 1100 Denier Mesh UV Resistant PVC for Durable Use
  • Five Year No Seam Blow Out Warranty and Five Year Frame Warranty
  • 3 Chamber Inflation Tube Guarantees Strength and is Always Floating
  • 25-Inch Diameter Provides Ample Playing Area for Kids and Adults
  • It Has 4 Handles for Ladder and 4 Handles for Swimming Assistance

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slide Attachments Are Shown in Picture, But Not Included

#7. AquaGlide Platinum Supertramp Water Trampoline – Best Luxurious Water Trampoline


AQUAGLIDE Platinum Supertramp Water Trampoline

AquaGlide Platinum Supertramp is a giant 23-feet water trampoline. It is designed in octagon shape with a swim step platform and an anchor bridle. Out of 23 feet diameter, you will get around 17 feet jumping surface. Such a large playing area is enough for two adults or 3 to 4 kids to play simultaneously.

This AquaGlide water trampoline is designed to create a floating playground for the entire family. With every jump, the heavy-duty steel frame and powder-coated 6-inch springs provide a superior bounce. You can also buy stainless springs kit separately if you want to use this trampoline in salty water. In addition, the stainless springs will not rust in such water.

It is constructed from Duratex material. The Duratex material is a commercial grade, fabric reinforced PVC. It has a swim step platform with molded boarding handles. You can use the handles to climb on the swim step platform. The AquaGlide Platinum Supertramp Water Trampoline is treated with a UV block to protect it from UV rays and increase its lifespan.

What We Like:

  • Duratex Material Seams are Fused with Durable Hot Air Welding
  • Lifetime Warranty Covers any Manufacturing Defects
  • Treated with UV Block to Provide High Grade 3 Year UV Coating
  • Octagon Shape Offers 10% More Surface than Same Size Round Trampoline
  • 6-Inch Heavy-Duty Springs Provide Superior Bounce with Each Jump

What We Don’t Like:

  • This Water Trampoline is Very Expensive

#8. Island Hopper Turtle Jump Water Trampoline – Unique Shape/Design Water Trampoline


Island Hopper 15' Turtle Jump Water Trampoline

Island Hopper Turtle Jump is a large water trampoline in the shape of a turtle. It has a turtle face in front with two arms and two legs on the sides. The jumping surface and safety pad are black, while the remaining portion is green and yellow to create a beautiful appearance. It provides 20 feet broad area and 15 feet jumping surface for the users.

The inflation tube is made from heavy duty, commercial 30 oz 1000 denier PVC material. The line is also UV resistant to withstand the summer season and provides excellent performance. The Island Hopper Turtle Jump Water Trampoline also contains a galvanized steel, tubular frame, and 8.5-inch long cross tapered springs to offer better bounce and long-lasting use.

It comes with a 5-year limited warranty on the trampoline frame and an inflation tube. The Island Hopper guarantees that the inflation tube seam will not blow out at least up to five years from its purchase. The safety pad has 1-inch foam to cover the springs and keep the users from hitting the springs while jumping on the trampoline surface.

What We Like:

  • UV Resistant Jumping Mat and Safety Pad will Last Long
  • Four Step Ladder Allows the Users to Climb on It Easily
  • 8.5-Inch Long Galvanized Steel Springs Provide Great Bounce
  • 1000 Denier PVC Inflation Tube with 5 Year No Seam Blow Out Warranty
  • 7 Anchor Tie D-Rings Provide Safe and Secure Mooring

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slide Attachment Not Included in Package

#9. Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Park – Best Water Park Trampoline


RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse 15' Water Park

Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse is a 15 feet water trampoline. It includes a water launcher and a balance log. However, the swimsuit platform is not included in the package. If you want it, you will need to buy it separately. A five-step ladder is included to let you easily climb on the trampoline and start jumping on its surface.

The Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse is a unique water trampoline. It does not have any heavy steel or metal frame around the perimeter. This frameless design makes this water trampoline lightweight and easy to set up. In addition, it provides a large 65 square feet jumping surface which is spacious enough for two adults or 3-4 kids.

It has an attached aqua log, and you can challenge your friends to walk on it without falling into the water. The Rave Sports Aqua Jump Trampoline also contains an aqua launch that allows you to send your friends soaring into the air. It is equipped with 80 5-1/4-inch high-quality springs that give you great bounce. In addition, it can bear the user’s weight up to 700 lbs.

What We Like:

  • 80 Heavy Duty Springs Provide Better Bounce than Springless Trampolines
  • 700 lbs Weight Limit Allows 4 Children or 2 Adults at the Same Time
  • Frameless Design Provides 30% More Jump Surface and 30% Lightweight
  • Boat Grade PVC with Heat Welded Seams for Long-Lasting Use
  • Padded Spring Cover to Keep the Users Safe While Playing

What We Don’t Like:

  • Swimsuit Platform is Not Included

#10. Island Hopper Classic Water Trampoline – Best Value Water Trampoline


Island Hopper 15'

Island Hopper Classic is a 15 feet water trampoline with a ladder. It is made from heavy-duty commercial-grade materials to offer great strength and maximum durability. It is built with a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and 8.5-inch cross tapered springs. Such heavy construction and long springs will give you the best bouncing experience for years.

This water trampoline comes with a 4 step ladder. It also has four soft handles nearby the ladder, and you can use them to climb on the jumping surface safely. The Island Hopper Classic Water Trampoline has four more handles that assist the users in swimming safely into the water.

The trampoline package includes a PVC inflation tube, hardware frame, springs, jumping mat, safety pad, and ladder. It also includes a storage bag, repair kit, and instruction manual. But the Island Hopper does not provide any attachment with it. So if you want a swimming platform or water slide, you will have to buy it separately by paying additional money.

What We Like:

  • 8 Handles for Easier Ladder Climbing and Swimming Assistance
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty on Frame and No Seam Blow Out Warranty
  • Heavy Duty Frame & 8.5-Inch Springs for High Bounce Every Time
  • 30 oz 1000 Denier UV Resistant PVC Inflation Tube for Durable Use
  • 15 Feet Jump Surface Offers A Huge Playing Area for Multiple Users

What We Don’t Like:

  • It Does Not Include Water Slide and Swimsuit Platform

Difference between Water Trampolines and Bouncers

The water trampolines and water bouncers are similar in use but different in design. We will explain the primary difference to help you understand it well.

The water trampolines have steel springs, while the water bouncers don’t have springs. This is the main difference between them. The springs are installed to connect the jumping pad of the water trampoline to the outer inflation tube. On the other hand, water bouncers use bungee cords or nylon webbing/rope to connect the jumping pad to the outer box.

Some water trampolines have a heavy-duty metal frame to support the outer tube. But the water bouncers never have any metal frame. Instead, both the water trampolines and bouncers have an inflatable outer tube made of high-quality PVC material.

The water trampolines are heavier in weight because of the springs and frame. That’s the reason for water trampolines have a higher weight capacity than bouncers. On the other hand, the water bouncers are lightweight as they don’t have a frame or springs. In addition, the setting up process is faster and easier with bouncers in comparison to water trampolines.

FAQs About Water Trampoline

Water Trampolines are not as popular as land trampolines. Therefore, it’s obvious to have some doubts and questions about them. Here we provide the frequently asked questions and their answers regarding water trampolines. You should read them carefully to clear your doubts and make your way to buy a new water trampoline from the market.

What is the best water trampoline to buy?

The best water trampoline is not based on the brand of the product, and it is all about the quality. So if we talk about our research, we have a simple answer. The water trampoline must be made of high-quality materials, and it must offer safety plus durability. If the water trampoline provides excellent quality, safety, and easy assembly, then you can buy it for your family.

It is excellent to include a swimsuit platform, water slide, and other accessories. But it is okay if one or more accessories are not included with the trampoline. If the water trampoline is of great quality, you can buy the accessories separately.

Are our water trampolines worth it?

Water trampolines are more expensive than land trampolines. It means you have to invest a large amount of money, and that’s why you need to know if water trampolines are worth it or not?

The cheap water trampolines are a waste of money, so we are not talking about them. We are talking about the water trampolines or bouncers that offer excellent quality, safety, and long-lasting performance. You and your family members can enjoy playing on it for hours. Such high-quality water trampolines last for years, and they are worth buying.

How do I fix the water in my trampoline?

Some water trampolines come with the repair kit. You should check if your trampoline includes it; otherwise, buy a repair kit separately. When water enters into a trampoline, you have to repair it immediately; otherwise, the trampoline will not float in water for longer.

First of all, you need to deflate the trampoline. After that, you must find the leakage hole from where the water enters into the trampoline. Then, get glue from the repair kit, apply it in the patch and respective area and let the glue dry. It may take two to five minutes. Finally, stick the glued parts to each other and rub them using the hard, smooth, and flat surface. In this way, you can fix the water in your trampoline.

Are Water Trampolines Safe?

Water Trampolines offer great fun and physical activity for your family. But it is essential to know if they are safe because safety is always the priority. The water trampolines require assembly and installation. Moreover, they have a specific weight capacity.

You have to assemble the water trampoline correctly before you or your kids start using it. In addition, the combined weight of users must not exceed the maximum weight limit of the trampoline. Furthermore, we request you supervise your kids while playing on the water trampoline.

The water trampolines are entirely safe if you and your family use them properly. You can buy life jackets or vests for your kids to get added safety. You also need to make sure the anchor tie D-rings are appropriately attached to the water trampoline so that it stays in its place while kids are jumping and playing on it.

Wrapping Up:

All the information we have shared above regarding 10 best water trampoline reviews is accurate and fair. Each water trampoline or bouncer in our collection has excellent functions for the user. We suggest you take a look at all the ten water trampolines and then select one that meets your priorities. If you still have a query, you can visit the official Amazon website at Www.Amazon.Com.