10 Best Trampolines for Adults [Buying Guides-2023]

Adult Trampolines are helpful to improve physical and mental health. It can burn calories and assist with weight loss.

In addition, you can enhance your basketball skills by using a trampoline with a basketball hook. So, if you are finding Best Trampoline for Adults, you are in the right place.

We will provide you with information about the 10 Best Trampolines for Adults.

Now, let’s move forward and learn what the Best Trampoline for Adults is.

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Skywalker 15-Foot Jump Trampoline

  • Color: Camo
  • Brand: Skywalker Trampolines
  • Material: Vinyl, Steel
  • Frame Size: 15 Feet
  • Pad Type: Foam Pad
  • Shape: Round
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Maximum Weight: 375 Pounds
10 Best Trampolines for Adults Reviews & Buying Guides

List of Best 10 Trampolines for Adults

Here we are providing a list of the 10 Best Trampolines for Adults. We have listed them as per buyers’ reviews and user satisfaction. So, you can buy any of them to use in your day-to-day exercise routine.

What to Consider Before Buying Trampoline for Adults?

What to Consider Before Buying Trampoline for Adults

The Adult Trampoline has good quality material, safety features, and a high weight limit.

So, if you want to buy this kind of Trampoline for adults, firstly check out its all features. Following are some key features essential to consider to find out Best Trampoline.

Weight Capacity

The weight lift capacity of any trampoline is a must to consider. It depends on the usage of a trampoline. If you want to buy a trampoline only for a person, you can select a trampoline with less weight limit. While if you’re going to use it for multiple people at a time, you can choose anyone from trampolines with high weight limits.

In the above-given table, we have also considered both high and low weight capacity trampolines. So, you can buy any one of them as per your requirements. And then enjoy exercising and jumping activities.

Construction Material

The construction material of the Trampoline affects the durability and lasting period. With poor quality material, you will face some challenges regarding ripping and tearing.
On the other hand, a high-quality material trampoline will provide you with a secure and confident bouncing.
Mostly, galvanized steel framed trampolines are great for lasting more and more years as this kind of steel can resist rust and withstand all weather conditions. Its ladder, padded poles, and jumping Mat are also needed to check out once.


The trampolines for adults are available in various shapes like round, Rectangle, oval, and square. Round-shaped and Rectangle trampolines are more popular while choosing the Best Trampoline for adults. If you want to buy a less expensive trampoline, you can select a round trampoline as the round-shaped trampolines are less costly than other shaped trampolines.

Whereas, Rectangular shaped trampolines are helpful for multiple people usage at a time. It also provides you with a fun outdoor environment to jump as high as possible. So, choose a preferable trampoline shape for you as per your choice.


The size of the Trampoline also affects your exercising or jumping activity. Mostly, trampolines are available from 8 inches to 16 inches size. Small trampolines are best to use for children. At the same time, 10 inches and more than 10 inches trampolines are convenient to use by adults. So, first, check out the preferable size of the Trampoline and then purchase.

Jumping Area

You’re jumping or bouncing; the Trampoline affects you while exercising. At least 40 inches in diameter is the perfect surface size if you want to buy a Mini fitness trampoline.

Basketball Hook

Some trampolines also come with an extra basketball hook. It also helps kids or adults to improve their basketball skills if they are interested. You can also buy it to show off your basketball skills if you have already learned.
Thus, you can also look for a basketball hook if you want to get it with a trampoline.

UV Resistant Jumping Mat

For buying an outdoor trampoline for adults, you should look for a UV-resistant mat. Moreover, the jumping mat should also be all-weather resistant as the all-weather resistant jumping mat can withstand even in harshest weather conditions. Therefore, it won’t be affected by harmful UV rays or arctic snow.

Whereas, if you want to buy an indoor trampoline, there is no need for this feature. You can select a trampoline with either UV resistant or Non UV resistant jumping mat.

Warranty on Parts

It would be best if you bought a trampoline that comes with a warranty on its main parts as trampolines are not so cheap to buy spare parts for.
That’s why it is better to buy it with at least 1-2 years warranty.

However, you can also buy a trampoline with a warranty and 30 days money refund policy. So that, if you have not suited to exercise with a purchased trampoline, you can get your money back.

Detail Reviews of Best 10 Trampoline for Adults

Here, we will review all trampolines for adults stated in the above-given table. You can easily find the perfect Trampoline with the help of these detailed reviews. We also discuss each fitness trampoline’s features, advantages, and disadvantages. So, let’s start to know about all 10 Best Trampolines in detail.

1. Skywalker 15-Foot Jump Trampoline

Skywalker 15-Foot Jump Trampoline

he Skywalker Trampoline is a Heavy Duty trampoline made with top-quality materials. The Mat is made with breathable and robust polyurethane. The enclosure net also has a dual zipper and latch clip that provides more safety.

 Its slam dunk basketball hook is made of soft and safe play material. This hook is helpful for you if you want to enhance your basketball skills.

The patented enclosure system of this Trampoline connects the net and mat surface without any gap. So, it will adequately save adults from pinch points and openings that may be harmful. Skywalker trampoline also provides you with good exercise. As well, it helps to you for blood pumping and muscles moving. 

Features of Skywalker 15-Foot Jump Trampoline :

  • Weather Resistant Galvanized Steel
  • 200 lbs weight capacity
  • 96 Spring count
  • UV resistant PVC Spring Pad
  • ASTM approved

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What We Like
  • Skywalker 15-Foot Jump Trampoline provides you with a better exercise and jumping experience.
  • It is straightforward to assemble this Trampoline by following the user manual’s instructions.
  • Kids can use this Trampoline over six years of age to improve jump and dunk abilities.
  • You can buy this Trampoline in any color from green, blue or pink as per your choice.
  • Skywalker offers you a warranty of 3 years on frame and one year on all other parts.
What Need Improvement
  • This Trampoline only bears weight up to 200 lbs, which isn’t much.
  • This trampoline setup process takes a bit more time than other trampolines.

2. Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline

Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline

This Skywalker Rectangle trampoline is made with soft and safe play materials. The springs of this Trampoline work independently to provide you better jumping experience. In addition, it allows you a controlled take-off and landing to any point on the mat surface. So, this is Best Trampoline for adults and aspiring gymnastics and athletes.

This Trampoline also has a soft basketball hook that does not hurt the user while dunking. Skywalker Rectangle trampoline provides you jumping surface up to 92 sq. ft. As well, this Trampoline can bear weight up to 250 lbs. A patented net enclosure is helpful to protect kids from pinch points and openings that may hurt. You can use this Trampoline for kids above three years of age.

Features of Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline :

  • Safe and Durable Trampoline
  • Excellent material Quality
  • 250 lbs weight capacity
  • Basketball hook
  • No-gap Enclosure System
What We Like
  • Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline is great for multiple people usage at a time.
  • The frame of this Trampoline is designed to withstand all weather.
  • Its steel parts are galvanized to be rustproof and unbreakable.
  • Added soft basketball hook encourages kids to increase their ability by jumping, shooting, and dunking as their way.
  • You can buy it as per your preference from available size, color, and hook options.
What Need Improvement
  • The net of this Trampoline may not provide proper safety in all the conditions.
  • Few buyers have faced missing parts difficulty, so it is better to check whether all parts are available or not.

3. Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline

Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline

The Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline has UV resistant mat and galvanized steel frame. So, this Trampoline is resistant to rust or corrosion. It is TUV certified, GST tested as well UV testing approved Trampoline. This fitness trampoline can lift weight up to 375 lbs. In addition, it is enclosed with the net from outside to provide a safer exercising environment.
This Trampoline has eight sewen layers on the edge of the jumping mat. So, the user can easily exercise on it without any fear of falling. You can choose it as per your convenient size from 8′, 10′, 12′, 13′, 14′, 15′ and 16′. Exacme also offers a money refund policy if there are any quality issues. Moreover, you get a warranty of 1 year on the jumping mat, spring cover, net, other accessories, and three years on its frame.

Features of Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline :

  • High-Density PV Netting
  • 375 lbs weight capacity
  • 6 W shaped legs
  • Waterproof Mat Surface
  • 12 balanced contact points

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What We Like
  • The Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline is the perfect present for your children.
  • Its extended, durable net is safer for beginners and adults to exercise.
  • This Trampoline has an excellent mat that is not only UV resistant but also fades resistant.
  • You can bounce confidently on its jumping mat as it is made with a 0.6 thick PVC pad from inside.
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel of these trampolines makes it safer and more durable for a long time.
What Need Improvement
  • This Trampoline is only designed to use by one person at a time.
  • As per a buyer’s review, this trampoline net may deteriorate within a few years.

4. ANCHEER Mini Fitness Trampoline

ANCHEER Mini Fitness Trampoline

ANCHEER Mini Fitness Trampoline is foldable and easy to carry Trampoline. This Trampoline’s quality material and manufacturing process enable it to last for a long time. Its steel parts can also remain without rusting, making it a strong trampoline. In addition, the Heavy-duty rebounding surface allows you to exercise without slipping.

This Trampoline can also be transferred from one room to another easily. ANCHEER Mini Trampoline helps you to build physical strength and muscular development. It is available in two sizes and two color choices, so buy it per your preference. The 38 inches trampoline can be folded twice, whereas 40 inches trampoline can be folded once.

Features of ANCHEER Mini Fitness Trampoline :

  • Rustproof steel and Enhanced Springs
  • Breathable Mat
  • Compact sized Trampoline
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Indoor Exercise tool

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What We Like
  • ANCHEER Mini Fitness Trampoline can burn your 15 kcal/ minute, great for weight loss./li>
  • This Trampoline enables you to enhance your cardiovascular development.
  • Tough rubber guards of this Trampoline prevent unnecessary movement so that you won’t slip.
  • You can easily place it in your living room, garden, bedroom, office, and other smaller spaces.
  • This Trampoline can also be used for 10+ aged children for cardio exercise.
What Need Improvement
  • ANCHEER Mini trampoline only bears weight up to 220 lbs, which is less than other trampolines.
  • It is straightforward to assemble this Trampoline but a bit harder when you want to unfold it.

5. JumpSport 350 Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport 350 Fitness Trampoline

The JumpSport 350 Trampoline can provide you with total body exercise. This fitness trampoline can bear weight up to 275 lbs. As well, its 39 inches frame diameter allows you to exercise safely with good stability. In addition, the patented easy-to-adjust system of this Trampoline will make it convenient to use as per individual weight. So, it is a preferable trampoline that also helps you improve your health.

This Trampoline is perfect for weight loss, cardio, improving balance. It is also helpful for affecting your mental health to sleep better at night. JumpSport 350 trampoline is club tested for 800 thousand smooth bounces. That’s why this is perfect to use by adults and beginners. JumpSport 350 Trampoline is adjustable in 3 various firmness levels. So, just adjust it as per your preferable firm-level and start your exercise.

Features of JumpSport 350 Fitness Trampoline :

  • Long-Lasting Premium Bungees
  • Integrated Permatron Skirt
  • 30 Cords
  • Price worthy Trampoline
  • Lifetime warranty of Frame and Legs
What We Like
  • JumpSport 350 Fitness Trampoline has a 915 sq. inches workout area with a skirt.
  • Patented no-tip legs provide more safety and stability to you during exercise.
  • This Trampoline doesn’t make any sound while you are jumping on it.
  • It comes almost assembled, so there is no chance to face many difficulties due to the setup process.
  • The Mat and Cords of this Trampoline come with a three-year warranty by JumpSport.
What Need Improvement
  • One person can only use this fitness trampoline at a time.
  • As per the reviews, bungees of this Trampoline may tear out of Mat when they are stitched.

6. Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style, Rectangular Trampoline

Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style, Rectangular Trampoline

The Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline is designed with a top flex enclosure system. This Trampoline has independently working springs that work at a different rate. And provide the highest jump as a well enjoyable environment for adults and kids. It is constructed with heavy-duty black-coated steel for more durability. Also, this Trampoline’s welded sockets hold upper enclosure poles tightly so they won’t be twisted.

This Gymnastics Trampoline has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. Thus, many adults can use it at a time for maximum bouncing. The poles of this fitness trampoline are covered with foam and vinyl material. 

The Upper Bounce rectangular trampoline also helps you to enhance your strength.

 Its jumping mat is premium PP mesh material with 8-row stitching. So, it offers you extra security as stitching prevents jumping Mat from getting ripped.

Features of Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style, Rectangular Trampoline :

  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • Thick gauge steel frame
  • Powder-coated protection
  • Easy assembling/ dissembling system
  • Safe Outdoor Trampoline
What We Like
  • Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline is safe to use for both kids and adults at a time.
  • This Trampoline has 4 W-shaped legs to provide a secure jumping surface.
  • Its Strong pad contains EPE foam that is shock absorbent, high density, and closed-cell foam.
  • There is no requirement of any hardware to assemble or disassemble this Trampoline.
  • You can use this Trampoline for outdoor activities, indoor fun, and fitness exercise.
  • This Trampoline comes with a high-quality safety net enclosure with a dual closure system.
What Need Improvement
  • The trampoline boxes are heavy and may be damaged during shipping.
  • According to a buyer, stitches and screws of this Trampoline cannot last long after two years of usage.

7. LEAPS and REBOUNDS Fitness Trampoline

LEAPS and REBOUNDS Fitness Trampoline

The LEAPS and REBOUNDS Fitness Trampoline helps you to increase your physical strength. It comes with a bungee to provide a safer, quieter, and durable bounce. 

This Trampoline can bear 250 pounds of weight.

The fitness trampoline is made with carbon legs and equipped with bungee cords.  You can improve balance and flexibility by low-impact exercise using this Trampoline. LEAPS and REBOUNDS offer a lifetime warranty and a 30-day return policy. 

Features of LEAPS and REBOUNDS Fitness Trampoline :

  • Safety Bungee Cover
  • Carbon Steel Frame
  • UV Resistant Jump Mat
  • Exercise Rebounder Bungees
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee
What We Like
  • LEAPS and REBOUNDS Fitness Trampoline has black color, but you can select its band color as per your choice.
  • This Trampoline helps you for greater flexibility and for burning high caloric fat.
  • It comes in two different sizes to select from.
  • The rebounder bungee safety cover protects your feet from passing through it if you slip.
  • You can buy this Trampoline to get excellent fitness results as per your money spent.
What Need Improvement
  • The setup process of this Trampoline is a bit more time-consuming and complicated.
  • As per one reviewer, this fitness trampoline smells badly after a year of usage.

8. Happy Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

Happy Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

The Happy Galactic Gymnastic Trampoline is a Rectangle shaped trampoline. It is a trampoline with a high weight limit that can bear up to 550 lbs. This Trampoline has a double-matted surface that will provide you with excellent bouncing movements.

 As well, this jumping mat is designed to last for 20-30 years. Its double-dipped galvanized inside and outside frame enables this Trampoline to fight against rust and corrosion.

This Trampoline has a safety net enclosure that surrounds the entire Trampoline. It also provides an enjoyable and safe jumping environment for kids and adults.

 It comes in a forest green color which is pleasant to match with any outdoor background. Happy Galactic Trampoline is ideal to use for jumpers, gymnastics, cheer training, or novice bouncers.

Features of Happy Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline :

  • Reversible Spring Pad
  • 172 Gymnastic Grade Tapered springs
  • Extra Wide Pad Cover
  • Non-abrasive jumping mat
  • Safer and Stronger Trampoline
What We Like
  • This rectangle trampoline can provide you with expected results as per the price you have paid.
  • The surrounding net of this Trampoline is made with tough and high-grade polyester mesh.
  • Its frame is quite thick and well manufactured.
  • The jumping mat of this Trampoline can withstand all harshest weather conditions.
  • You can use this Trampoline for gymnastic training while doing flips and cartwheels.
What Need Improvement
  • If you have received this Trampoline with any manufacturing fault, it is a bit difficult to send it back because of its large size.
  • This Trampoline is heavy, and some clients have received the boxes slightly damaged.

9. Exacme Outdoor Trampoline

Exacme Outdoor Trampoline

The Exacme Outdoor Trampoline can lift weight up to 398 lbs. It is the most popular classic round-shaped Trampoline. 

This outdoor Trampoline provides relatively safe and stable jumping exercise. 

You will also get a basketball hook and ladder with this Trampoline. So, this one is perfect for gifting any adult kid interested in playing basketball.

Exacme Outdoor Trampoline has a rust-resistant and galvanized steel frame. So, it is pretty durable and an excellent Trampoline to be used for many adults at a time. Its net is made from LLDPE material with a high density that can be extended higher. There are also many size options available to buy it as per your requirement. This Trampoline requires 2-4 people when assembling or moving it.

Features of Exacme Outdoor Trampoline :

  • 3 W shaped legs
  • High-Density PE Net
  • Galvanized Springs
  • 398 lbs Weight limit
  • Easy to Assemble
What We Like
  • 1-2 adult kids can use this Trampoline at a time for bouncing well.
  • Its net is waterproof, UV resistant, and fade resistant to withstand more years of usage.
  • Easy-to-install basketball hook attachment encourages and entertains adults as well kids.
  • There are eight sewed layers on the edge of the jumping Mat so that the V-rings of this Trampoline won’t be broken down.
  • Exacme also offers 30 days money refund policy if you are not satisfied with using it.
What Need Improvement
  • This outdoor Trampoline is a bit more expensive as per its features.
  • You should check whether it comes with all necessary parts or not; otherwise, you may face difficulty during assembling.

10. Happy Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Outdoor Trampoline

Happy Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Outdoor Trampoline

The Happy Galactic Xtreme Trampoline is an outdoor trampoline for adults. It is 14 feet round trampoline with a Net enclosure. The Mat of this Trampoline is designed to last for 20-30 years. It can also withstand all the weather conditions, including desert sun and arctic snow. So, this Trampoline is ideal to use for competitive jumpers, gymnastics, cheer training, and novice bouncers.

This Galactic Trampoline has 550 lbs weight capacity. Its frame is double-dipped, and inside-outside galvanized so it won’t be rusted. As a result, there is no need to have worries about the band, wrap or break. Moreover, this Trampoline has an extra-wide spring pad cover that offers fun to adults while bouncing.

Features of Happy Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Outdoor Trampoline :

  • Weight Capacity of 550 lbs
  • 9 Inches super long tapered springs
  • 3.0 mm steel tubing
  • Excellent bounce quality
  • Permatron Polypropylene Jumping Mat
What We Like
  • Happy Galactic Xtreme Trampoline has 96 thicker spring coils compared to other trampolines.
  • The Jumping Mat of this Trampoline provides you with a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • This Trampoline is safe for beginners, younger children, and elite jumpers.
  • It is a good quality trampoline that is available at a budget-friendly price.
  • Happy Trampolines offers you a lifetime warranty on the frame and springs of this Trampoline.
What Need Improvement
  • Assembly instructions are not appropriate given to face difficulties during the setup process.
  • This Trampoline cannot be used indoor side to exercise or jumping practice.

How to Assemble Trampoline?

How to Assemble Trampoline?

All trampolines come with the assembly instructions in its user manual. So, you should first read them to properly assemble it. It is not necessary that all the trampolines will be assembled with one person. Sometimes, you also need to take help from one or more persons to set up it well.

The set up process is essential to be perfect, otherwise, the user may fall down while bouncing. Especially, it is important to check out its parts all the time when kid or teen adults going to use it. You can also watch the setup process video of your trampoline if you don’t understand the process from instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some queries and questions in your mind. Before you choose an adult trampoline, we suggest you to read the frequently asked questions and their answers mentioned below.

Can adults jump on a trampoline?

Yes, adults can jump on a trampoline that is capable to hold their weight. It can be a recreational trampoline or a fitness rebounder trampoline.

What size trampoline is best for adults?

The 14FT or bigger size trampoline is best for adults. The kids can also jump on bigger size trampolines.

What is the best indoor trampoline for adults?

JumpSport 350 Fitness Trampoline is the best indoor trampoline for adults for daily workout. The JumpSport 350 offers consistently good bouncing and the weight limit of up to 275 lbs.

What trampoline can hold the most weight?

Happy Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline can hold the most weight up to 550 lbs.

What is the weight limit on a 14FT trampoline?

The weight limit on a 14FT trampoline is varies from 200 lbs to maximum 550 lbs based on the trampoline brand. For example: A 14FT Skywalker Trampoline offers 200 lbs weight limit, while a 14FT Happy Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Round Trampoline provides 550 lbs weight limit.


The Best Trampoline for adults should have more weight capacity. Where-by, it can be used by more than 1 kid or adult to get enjoyable environment. However, you can also select mini fitness trampoline for indoor usage. You can buy any trampoline as per your preference after reading essential features of considering. For further information of any trampoline, you can search it on www.amazon.com.