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10 Best Trampoline Tents for 12 14 15 ft Trampoline 2022

A trampoline tent can convert your trampoline into a tent in 10 minutes. First, you need to get the best trampoline tent from the market and install the same on your best trampoline. Then, your kids can play inside the trampoline tent. Finally, you can rest inside the tent and have quality time with your family.

Why Are Trampolines So Expensive?
Why Are Trampolines So Expensive?

We are all aware of tents, but trampoline tents are different. The tents that are designed specifically for trampolines are called trampoline tents. They are mainly of two types, i.e., camping style tent and roof tent. You should keep reading this article to know everything about the trampoline tent.

What is a trampoline tent?

Trampoline Tent is a high-quality cloth cover that is installed on a trampoline. The essential purpose of a trampoline tent is to convert a trampoline into a tent. When your children use the trampoline for playing every day, they can also use it to rest there. The tent protects your kids from moisture, bug bites, and heat from direct sunlight.

Best Trampoline Tent List

A trampoline tent helps cover the trampoline and protect UV rays. Here we provide our collection of 10 best trampoline tent lists as follows:

Types of Trampoline Tents

The trampoline tent can be categorized into various types based on trampoline sizes and shapes. However, there are two types of trampoline tents based on the area they cover. Here we provide the types of trampoline tent as follows:

  1. Trampoline Roof Tent
  2. Camping Style Trampoline Tent

Some tents cover the only roof of the trampoline, while others cover all sides plus the trampoline roof. The trampoline tent covering only the top is known as the trampoline roof tent, and the tent covering the trampoline from all sides is called a camping-style trampoline tent.

Trampoline Tents Reviews

We have researched which trampoline tents are best in quality and worth the money. We realized that it is not possible to recommend only one or two products during the long research. Therefore we collected the top 10 trampoline tents which are worth buying. Here we provide the best trampoline tent reviews in detail. We hope our reviews will help you get the best tent for your trampoline.

#1. Propel 15 Feet Trampoline Club House – (Best Trampoline Tent)

Best Trampoline TentFeatures:

  • Zippered Privacy Entrance Door
  • Suitable for 15 Feet Round Trampoline
  • 3 Screened Windows with Adjustable Covers
  • Weather Resistant Technology on Walls

When considering the best trampoline tent models, we prioritize the quality. That’s why the Propel Trampolines P15-6TT is the first product on our list. It is specially designed for the 15 feet round trampolines with six poles. The manufacturer has built this trampoline tent 15ft with excellent stability, and the tent remains stable even if the kid is bouncing on a trampoline.

This Propel 15FT Trampoline Tent has three screen windows. Each window has an adjustable cover that you can set according to your needs. Each window is given in a different direction, allowing better air circulation inside. All the walls of this tent are weather-resistant to prevent bed bugs, moisture, sunlight, and heat from entering the trampoline.

The size of this trampoline clubhouse tent is 180 inches from all directions. So whether you measure it from front to back, top to bottom, or side to side, the result will be the exact, i.e., 180 inches. The entrance is located on the front to allow everyone in your family to get in and out quickly. It also has a zipper which you can close to shut the tent door when required.

Propel Trampolines 15 Feet Trampoline Club House has many pros and cons mentioned as follows:

What We Like
  • Weather Resistant Walls Keep the Kids Safe Inside Tent
  • Front Entrance with Zipper Allow Easy Entry and Exit
  • 3 Screen Windows for Proper Fresh Air Circulation
  • Windows Can be Opened/Closed with Adjustable Covers
  • One Piece Tent Design Make It Easy to Assemble
  • Provide Complete Stability with Propel 15 Feet Trampoline
What Need Improvement
  • Customers Complain About Color Fading
  • Weather Resistance Not Protect from Heavy Rain

#2. Propel P12-6TT Trampoline Club House Cover

trampoline tentFeatures:

  • Zippered Privacy Entrance Door on Front
  • Fit All Kinetic and Propel 12 Feet Trampolines
  • Weather Resistant Tent Walls
  • Simple Drop Over One Piece Assembly

Propel Trampolines P12-6TT is a trampoline clubhouse tent for 12 feet trampolines. This tent has the same quality as the first tent discussed above. But it comes in a bit smaller size to fit the 12 feet trampolines with 6 enclosure poles. It is made from the highest quality materials and capable of covering the whole trampoline from all directions, including the rooftop.

The manufacturer has made this trampoline tent 12ft in a one-piece design. It is pretty easy to install on a trampoline. You need to drop it over your trampoline and tie it on the trampoline frame. To get in and out of the trampoline, you need to access its zippered entrance. Then, you can close the zipper to spend some family time inside the tent.

It has three screened windows, i.e., one in each direction except the front. The screen windows help enter the fresh air inside the tent to keep the internal environment better. All the walls of the tent are built with weather-resistant technology. The walls protect everyone inside from outside heat, dust, bugs, and other harmful things.

Propel Trampolines P12-6TT Trampoline Club House Cover has a few pros and cons as under:

What We Like
  • Protect Kids from Outside Weather Conditions
  • 3 Screen Windows Keep Tent Atmosphere Cool
  • Front Door with Zipper Lock for Safe Playing Inside
  • Fit Perfectly on 12 FT Trampolines
  • Convert Trampoline into Camping Tent in 5 Minutes
  • Allow You to Spend Quality Time with Your Family
What Need Improvement
  • Tight Fitting on Poles May Cause It Tear Off
  • No Protection Against Strong Wind or Heavy Rain

#3. Bazoongi Tree House Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod

trampoline tentFeatures:

  • Designed for Bazoongi 7.5 Feet Jump Pod
  • G3 Patent Fiberglass Pole
  • Made of CPAI Standard Polyester Material
  • Zipper Enclosure for Entry and Exit

Bazoongi BZJP7506ECTH is a tree house trampoline tent for 7.5 feet trampolines. This tent comes with various features like a front zipper door, air circulation windows, perfect fitting, and much more. However, its size is relatively small, and the design is suitable only for the Bazoongi 7.5 Feet Jump Pod. In addition, it may not fit on other trampolines of the same size.

The kids’ trampolines are made in small sizes from 36-inch to 7 or 7.5 feet. The Bazoongi Jump Pod (7.5 feet) is also considered under kids trampolines. You can add this best trampoline tent on the Bazoongi Jump Pod in your backyard. It will not only protect your children from outside weather but also give you peace of mind about your kids’ safety while playing on the trampoline.

This trampoline tent is constructed from the CPAI approved polyester material. So you need not worry about the quality of the tent. The internal frame is made of a patented G3 fiberglass pole, making the tent stronger for long-lasting use. It also has mesh windows to allow fresh air inside and let you keep an eye on your children when they are inside the tent.

Bazoongi Tree House Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod contains various pros and cons given as under:

What We Like
  • Patented G3 Fiberglass Pole Offer Great Strength
  • CPAI Standard Polyester Material Withstand Outdoor Weather
  • See-through Windows Allow Parents’ Observation on Kids
  • Mesh Windows Offer Better Air Circulation Inside Tent
  • Perfectly Fit on Bazoongi 7.5 Feet Jump Pod Trampoline
  • Zipper Enclosure on Front for Easy Entry and Exit
What Need Improvement
  • Its Installation is Time Consuming
  • Suitable for 7.5 Feet Bazoongi Jump Pod Only

#4. Propel Trampolines 12 Feet Propel Shade Cover

trampoline tentFeatures:

  • Roof Top Style Trampoline Tent
  • Made of Strong Polyester Fabric Material
  • Made for All Kinetic and Propel 12 Feet Trampolines
  • One-Piece Drop Over Assembly

Propel Trampolines is a famous brand for making trampolines and trampoline tents. We have reviewed two camping-style trampoline tents of Propel above. Now, it’s time for the rooftop-style tent. The Propel Trampolines P12-SC is a multi-color trampoline tent for 12 feet trampolines. You should have 12 feet Propel or Kinetic trampoline to use this tent.
This trampoline tent covers only the roof and not the sides. It means the sides of your trampoline will remain open, which has good and bad impacts. The positive thing is that the air circulation will be better, and you can always see what your kids are doing on the trampoline. The bad part is that the bugs can quickly enter and cannot protect themselves from the rain with heavy wind.
This trampoline tent 12ft is made from high-quality polyester material. It is crafted in a one-piece design to fit your trampoline unit easily. First, you need to drop it on top of the trampoline and tie it with the trampoline frame. The roof cover will protect your kids from falling off the trampoline when doing high jumps.
Propel Trampolines 12 Feet Propel Shade Cover has many pros and cons mentioned as follows:

What We Like
  • Easily Fit Propel and Kinetic 12 Feet Trampolines
  • UV Resistant Strong Fabric Polyester Material
  • One Piece Design for Easy and Quick Installation
  • Rough Troughs (Gutters) Allow Quick Removal of Unwanted Water
  • Protect From Direct Sunlight, Heat and Ultraviolet Rays
What Need Improvement
  • Suitable Only for 12 Feet Trampolines with 6 Poles
  • It Does Not Work with Rectangle Trampoline
  • Water Gather on Roof Top When It Rains

#5. JumpSport 11 Feet Across Trampoline Tent

trampoline tentFeatures:

  • Patented Pending No Pole Safety Design
  • Three Screen Windows for Air Circulation
  • One Door With Easy Unlock Zipper System
  • Provide Quick and Easy Install in 3 Minutes

JumpSport AO-TN-041 is an AlleyOOP’s 11 feet trampoline tent. It is made with no pole design, safer for the kids. Inside the tent, the height is 5.5 feet. So your kids will enjoy playing inside and won’t face any problems. This trampoline tent has three screened windows in different directions for better air circulation.

This AlleyOOP’s Outback Tent is a trendy tent from JumpSport. It is designed for JumpSport 12 Feet and 14 Feet Trampoline models. The installation of this trampoline tent 14ft will be different than the tents we have reviewed above. The earlier tents on installed over the trampoline, while this tent is installed inside the enclosure safety net.

The door of the tent is provided on the front. It allows an easy way to get in and out of the trampoline. The entry also contains a zipper lock to open and close as required quickly. It would help if you had a JumpSport Trampoline to install this tent properly. It may not fit well on other trampolines brands.

JumpSport 11 Feet Across Trampoline Tent comes with several pros and cons as given below:

What We Like
  • 3 Screened Windows Provide Better Air Circulation
  • Zipper Door Keep the Kids Safe Inside the Tent
  • Patent Pending No Pole Design Make It Very Safe for Kids
  • Non-Flat Rood Prevent Water Gathering During Rain
  • Require Only 3 Minutes to Install on Your Trampoline
What Need Improvement
  • Fit Only JumpSport and AlleyOOP’s 12-14 Feet Trampolines
  • Does Not Fit on Rectangular Trampolines

#6. Propel Trampolines 14 Feet Clubhouse Tent

trampoline tentFeatures:

  • Designed for 12 Feet Propel and Kinetic Trampolines
  • One Piece Tent for Easy Installation in No Time
  • Cover Whole Trampoline for Kids’ Protection
  • Has 3 Screened Windows with Adjustable Covers

Propel Trampolines P14-6TT is a trampoline clubhouse tent for 14 feet trampoline models. The 14 feet size is perfect for large backyards. It allows multiple kids to play on it at the same time. If you are looking for an ideal tent for your 14 feet trampoline, this one is made for you. It comes as one piece to easily fit on any Propel or Kinetic 14 Feet trampoline model with 6 poles.

The Propel Trampolines is known for its best quality and ease of use. You will see both things in this tent unit. First, you need to install it properly on your tent to get the perfect covering. It comes with a user manual in simple words, which will help you install it. You just need to drop it over on your 14 feet trampoline and tie it with the frame.
This clubhouse tent provides a three-screen window with adjustable covers. The windows allow the fresh air to enter the inside tent and maintain the temperature cool. So the kids never feel heat or suffocation while staying inside. It has a door on front with a zipper to let you and your kids quickly get in and out of the trampoline.

Propel Trampolines 14 Feet Clubhouse Tent contains various pros and cons given as under:

What We Like
  • Higher Quality Polyester Material Provide Long Lasting Use
  • Simple One Piece Design with Drop Over Easy Assembly
  • Door Provided on Front to Allow Easy and Quick Entrance
  • Zipper Lock Shut the Entrance to Keep Kids Safe Inside
  • 3 Screened Windows with Adjustable Covers for Customization
  • Protect Kids from Sun-Heat, Bugs, Dust and Rain
What Need Improvement
  • Designed Only for Propel and Kinetic Brands
  • Some Customers Received the Tent in Different Color

#7. Acon Trampoline Tent for 14ft Round Trampolines

trampoline tentFeatures:

  • Simple Design for Quick Put Up & Take Down
  • Made from High Quality Fabric Material
  • Made to Fit 14 Feet Round Trampolines
  • Multiple Windows and Front Door

Acon Trampoline Tent is a high-quality tent for 14 feet round trampolines. You must have a 14 feet trampoline in your backyard to use this tent. The design is awe-inspiring as it covers the whole trampoline from all sides. However, you need to remove the enclosure net from your trampoline before installing this tent on it.
This Acon Tent is different than other trampoline tents. Other tents fit on the trampoline’s enclosure poles, while this tent does not need to be attached with rods. It has multiple screen windows in different directions. The purpose of the screen windows is to keep the inside environment cool and fresh. You will enjoy being inside the tent.

This trampoline tent 14ft is constructed from premium quality fabric. The walls of this tent are weather resistant. When you and your children are inside the tent, it will protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The door is provided on the front for quick entry and exit for all family members, and you can also shut the door to have some privacy.

Acon Trampoline Tent for 14ft Round Trampolines has a few pros and cons as under:

What We Like
  • Fit Perfectly on 14 Feet Round Trampolines of All Brands
  • Extremely Easy to Set Up and Take Down on A Trampoline
  • Front Door with Simple Shut Option for Added Safety
  • Multiple Screened Windows for Passing of Fresh Air
  • Protect Kids from Sun Heat, UV Rays, Dust and Bugs
  • Provide Enough Room for Multiple Persons
What Need Improvement
  • Not Capable to Protect from Rain
  • Cannot Install It Without Removing Enclosure Net from Your Trampoline

#8. Bazoongi Circus Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod

trampoline tentFeatures:

  • Multiple Colors in One Trampoline Tent
  • Patented G3 Fiberglass Pole Internal Frame
  • Ideal Tent for 7.5 Feet Bazoongi Jump Pod
  • Constructed from CPAI Standard Material

Bazoongi BZJP7506ECC is a 7.5 feet trampoline tent. It is made for round-shaped trampolines, specifically for Bazoongi Jump Pod. This tent is crafted in multiple colors, and therefore, it is named a circus trampoline tent. If you have the 7.5 feet Bazoongi Jump Pod in your backyard, you must add this best trampoline tent.

The Bazoongi Circus Trampoline Tent is built from high-quality CPAI standard polyester. Such quality material helps to increase the safety and durability of this tent. Although it cannot fit only Bazoongi Jump Pod Trampoline, it does not sacrifice in safety and quality. It will perfectly fit on the 7.5 feet Bazoongi trampoline unit.
This tent has a patented G3 fiberglass pole internal frame. This frame makes the trampoline tent sturdier enough to last long. It has multiple windows with different shapes on each side of the tent. The front entrance allows your kids to enter and exit from the tent quickly. The tent windows also have covers which you can use to close them as per your requirement.

Bazoongi Circus Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod provides some pros and cons as mentioned below:

What We Like
  • Patented G3 Fiberglass Pole Internal Frame Make It Stronger
  • High Quality Polyester Material Ensure Best Quality
  • Multiple Windows Allow Fresh Inside the Tent
  • Zipper on Front Let the Kids Easily Enter & Exit
  • Save Kids from Heat, Dust and Weather Effects
What Need Improvement
  • Suitable Only for 7.5 Feet Bazoongi Jump Pod
  • May Not Stay in Place During Strong Wind

#9. Vuly Thunder X-Large Tent

trampoline tentFeatures:

  • Made from High Grade Fabric Material
  • Built with Weather Resistant Technology
  • Designed to Remain Stable Against Strong Wind
  • Provide Great Shade Shelter Inside the Tent

Vuly Thunder X-Large Tent is a full-size tent for large trampolines. You can cover your entire trampoline with this extra-large tent and enjoy family time inside. It provides enough room so that multiple persons can stay comfortably. In addition, it is made from the highest quality fabric material to protect from weather effects and durable use.

The Vuly Thunder Tent is different than other brand trampoline tents. It comes with panoramic windows that help you set the airflow inside the tent. You can adjust the windows to get the proper airflow in summer and winter or rainy. In addition, this best trampoline tent allows you to detach the tent walls to adapt to hot climates, and you won’t find this feature in any other tent.

As this tent supports to adapt both the seasons, it allows kids to play throughout the year. This trampoline tent covers your trampoline from all directions to provide a complete shield. It protects everyone inside the tent from dust, debris, bugs, and weather effects. The height inside the tent is also high enough to let a child or adult person stand & walk comfortably.

Vuly Thunder X-Large Tent comes with several pros and cons as given below:

What We Like
  • Perfectly Fit on Large and Full Size Trampolines
  • Provide Great Stability During Strong Winds
  • Panoramic Windows Can be Adjusted As Per Weather Season
  • Tent Walls Can be Detached to Adapt to Hot Climates
  • Provide Protection from Wind, Storm, Heat, Dust and UV Rays
What Need Improvement
  • Replacement Parts and Accessories Are Hard to Find
  • Customers Claim that It Takes So Much Time in Installation

#10. Jumpking Jumppod 7.5 Feet Trampoline Circus Enclosure Cover


  • Side Zipper for Easy Access Inside Tent
  • Mesh Windows Provide Necessary Ventilation
  • Bright Colors and Lightweight Design
  • Designed to Fit on 7.5 Feet Jumpking Jumppod

Jumpking Jumppod is a circus-style trampoline tent in attractive colors. It is designed in multiple bright colors to replicate a circus tent and catch kids’ attention. If you have a Jumpking Jumppod 7.5 Feet model, nothing can be better than this trampoline tent. It has a side zipper that allows everyone to enter easily and exit from the tent.

The Jumpking Jumppod 7.5 Feet Trampoline is designed for younger children. The kids of 3 to 5 or 5.5 years are supposed to play on that trampoline. With the help of this circus enclosure cover, you will be able to convert your trampoline into a tent. So your little ones can not only play on the trampoline but also can rest after that playing.

It is built from premium quality materials and has a patented G3 enclosure system. It saves everyone from the outside climate and high temperature. The windows of this tent have covers which you can keep open and shut down as per kids’ demands. The door with a zipper provides complete privacy to your family and allows easy opening/closing when required.

Jumpking Jumppod 7.5 Feet Trampoline Circus Enclosure Cover provides some pros and cons as mentioned below:

What We Like
  • Mesh Windows Allow Fresh Air Inside to Keep It Cool & Fresh
  • Side Zipper Allow Easy & Quick Access for Kids
  • Roof Shape is Not Flat, So Rain Water Can’t Gather There
  • Patented G3 Fiberglass Poles Internal Frame Offer Durability
  • Bright and Multiple Colors Look Beautiful
What Need Improvement
  • Fit Only with Jumpking Jumppod 7.5 Feet Trampoline
  • Its Replacement Parts Are Not Easily Available

Things to Consider When Buying A Trampoline Tent

Buying a trampoline tent is not as simple as buying any random toy for your child. You need to check various things and details before deciding to buy the tent. Here we provide all those essential details you need to check to buy the right trampoline tent for your trampoline unit.


You should measure the trampoline model you have in your backyard because you can find a suitable trampoline tent only after knowing the exact size of your existing trampoline. Therefore, you need to keep the size of the trampoline tent you want when considering various tent models.

Material Quality:

The trampoline tent you select should be made from premium quality material. You should check carefully which material it is, i.e., polyester, fabric, or others. The tent’s material must be weather resistant so that it can protect your family members from outside weather. The tent made with weather-resistant technology saves you from dust, bugs, UV rays, heat, and other climate effects.


You must not miss this essential point while choosing a trampoline tent. First, you must check if your selected tent is compatible with your existing trampoline. Only then is it helpful for you. You should never choose a trampoline tent if it’s not compatible with your trampoline, irrespective of how good quality it is.

Ease of Installation:

The trampoline tent should be easy to install. Most tents come as one piece to provide a simple drop-over design for quick and straightforward installation on a trampoline. But it is your responsibility to check the assembly and installation information when buying a new trampoline tent.

Weather Resistance:

You need to check if the trampoline tent is weather-resistant or not? The term “weather resistance” means preventing UV rays and heat outside to protect the kids playing or resting inside the tent. Therefore the tent you select should be built with a weather-resistant material.

Entrance and Windows:

Each trampoline tent has multiple windows and at least one door for ease of entry and exit for the users. The screen windows of the tent allow the fresh air to enter inside and keep the environment healthy. The tent door with a zipper provides convenience to get in and out of the trampoline. In addition, the zipper gives some privacy when you are inside the tent with your family.


The tent which has proper ventilation save the people inside from suffocation. It allows the excess heat or moisture to get out of the tent. Thus, your trampoline tent must have air ventilation.

Price and Warranty:

When everything is going well, we often forget the last important thing, i.e., warranty. Therefore, you must check the warranty period of the trampoline tent. If the price is a bit higher, you should not trouble much about it, just make sure it provides at least one year warranty.

In this way, you should consider all the details mentioned above when buying a new trampoline tent.

Why Buying Trampoline Tent

We believe it will last for many years when we buy a new trampoline. However, the trampoline stays outdoors under direct sunlight and wears and tears. It is also affected by weather conditions such as winter, snowy, summer, rainy, and stormy weather.

To increase the usage life of your trampoline, you should protect it with a cover during the rainy season and when it is not in use. However, you can also add the best trampoline tent on your trampoline to convert it into a tent. It will help you rest on the trampoline and stay there to save yourself and your family from outside weather effects.

So, the purpose of the trampoline tent is to convert the trampoline into a tent, save everyone from high temperature & weather conditions and provide a place to spend time with family members. The trampoline tent also increases the lifespan of the trampoline.

Where to Buy Trampoline Tent

There are many online and offline stores to buy a trampoline tent. You can visit the local stores nearby to see various trampoline tents. But we recommend you buy the tent for your trampoline from an online store. Because the online stores offer an easy return policy, they provide a full refund when you return the product. It means you will get your every penny back in case you refuse to accept the trampoline tent you ordered earlier. Amazon is one of the best online stores to buy a new trampoline tent for your kids.

FAQs About Trampoline Tent

When we conducted a public survey, we have faced some common questions from the customers. So here we provide all such frequently asked questions and their answers in brief.

Q.1 Does the trampoline tent have enough ventilation?

Most trampoline tents come with mesh windows or screen windows and ventilation for air circulation. But a few tents may not offer this function. So you should check it carefully if your selected trampoline tent has proper ventilation. It will allow your kids to shut the tent door and still play comfortably for hours inside the tent.

Q.2 Is the trampoline tent made from weather-resistant fabric?

We have seen many trampoline tents and checked their build material. We have realized that almost all the tents are made from weather-resistant material. Whether it is fabric or polyester, it is weather resistant.

Such a high-quality tent can prevent sun heat, UV rays, dust, bugs, and other weather effects. However, there are rare trampoline tents that provide safety against rain. Therefore, you need to check it carefully to know if the trampoline tent is weather-resistant or both weather and water-resistant.

Q.3 Will the tent fit our trampoline perfectly?

Most of the trampoline tents are made for specific brands and models. The manufacturers mention in the description that this tent is made for that trampoline only. So you don’t need to doubt or worry about the fitting of the tent on your trampoline. Just check if you have the same trampoline for which the tent is designed.

Q.4 Is the Vuly Trampoline tent waterproof?

Yes, the Vuly tent is waterproof, and all tent materials are weather resistant to offer maximum durability.

Q.5 How much is a trampoline tent?

A trampoline tent costs around $60-70 to $200 based on the size of the tent. Moreover, the cost of a trampoline tent is different for different brands.

Q.6 How are tented attached to a trampoline?

The trampoline tents come with a drop-over design and ties on sides. So you just need to drop the tent over your trampoline and tie it with enclosure poles to attach it properly.

Wrapping Up:

All the information about the top 10 best trampoline tent reviews is accurate and fair. Each trampoline tent in our collection has its special functions to make your experience much better. You should select the trampoline tent based on your priorities and compatibility with your existing trampoline model. If you have further queries regarding any trampoline tents, you should go to the official Amazon website at Www.Amazon.Com.

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