10 Best Trampoline Accessories [2023] More Fun

Trampoline accessories are designed to increase safety or add some entertainment to the trampoline. When you have the best trampoline in your yard, it is a great idea to add some accessories.

This article will show you the most fantastic trampoline accessories that you should add to your trampoline to make it more entertaining so that your kids can play longer and enjoy it a lot.

Best Trampoline Accessories

10 Best Trampoline Accessories List

There are many trampoline accessories available on the market. Out of them, we have picked the following accessories for you.

Therefore, we request you to look at our selected trampoline accessories and choose the supplement that suits you the most.

Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Trampoline Basketball Hoop

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: JumpKing
Trampoline Sprinkler

Trampoline Sprinkler

  • Size: 39ft
  • Brand: BOBOR
Decorative Lights

Decorative Lights

  • Brand: Waybelive
  • Shape: Round
Water Balloons for Trampoline

Water Balloons for Trampoline

  • Unit Count: 1.0 Count
  • Size: 5cm


  • Color: Red
  • Brand: NorthShore
Trampoline Slide and Ladder

Trampoline Slide and Ladder

  • GemonExe Trampoline slide
  • The width of trampoline slide is 22"
Trampoline Tent

Trampoline Tent

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Zoomster
Trampoline Shoe Bag

Trampoline Shoe Bag

  • FITS - Most Trampoline Models
Wind Stakes Trampoline

Wind Stakes Trampoline

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Skywalker Trampolines
Trampolines Weather Cover

Trampolines Weather Cover

  • FIT: 14 Feet rectangle trampolines
  • MATERIALS: Made of weatherproof vinyl coated UV resistant PVC material

Trampoline Accessories

Most trampoline accessories come in a universal design to fit almost all trampoline models.

Still, some limitations are that some supplements are only compatible with a specific type(s) of trampolines.

Therefore we request you check & verify the compatibility details before buying any trampoline accessory.

  1. Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Jumping on the trampoline is quite a fantastic experience, but you can increase the fun with a basketball hoop.

Some people try to use the regular basketball hoop on their trampoline, which is dangerous. We don’t recommend it.

We are talking about the trampoline basketball hoop that is specially designed to use on a trampoline.

You can add a trampoline basketball hoop to your trampoline and enjoy playing jump and slam dunk with your friends.

Trampoline Basketball Hoop

All the kids love playing games while jumping on the trampoline. Therefore you should get a high-quality basketball hoop & a ball and attach them to the enclosure of your trampoline.

You can check the best basketball hoops for the trampoline here and choose a suitable one for your trampoline.

The basketball hoop is generally made of rust-resistant metal/steel, plastic, and other materials.

It has a backboard to prevent the ball from flying out of the trampoline even when you miss the shot. It has a rim and net like a real basketball hoop to give you the feel of playing a basketball game on the trampoline.

The circle attaches perfectly on the enclosure net so that you/your kids can safely play & jump without worrying.

  1. Trampoline Sprinkler

You have a trampoline in your backyard, and your kids want to play & jump on it. But due to the hot summer season, you can’t allow your kids to do so.

So we have a fantastic idea for you for such a typical time, add a sprinkler to your trampoline to turn it into a water park.

Trampoline Sprinkler

You can do it with the help of a trampoline sprinkler and water supply line in your backyard. You can install the water hose or pipe around the trampoline and attach one end of the hose to the water faucet.

You can also place the sprinkler under the trampoline surface. After installing the trampoline sprinkler, you should slowly turn on the water tap to start the water supply, let the water get sprayed on your trampoline, and cool it down.

After a few minutes, you and your kids can start jumping on the trampoline.

Then, you can have a fantastic fun time with your kids when water is spraying on the trampoline surface. It will save you from the heat waves of summer and give you the feeling of playing in your water park.

  1. Decorative Lighting (Trampoline Lights)

There are three types of lights to attach to your trampoline, i.e.,

  1. Single LED flashlight
  2. Solar landscape spotlights, and
  3. Light string.

A single light is installed in the center, right below the trampoline surface, to illuminate the entire trampoline from underneath.

Decorative Lighting

On the other hand, the LED lights string is installed differently.

You need to install the line around the trampoline from the outer side of the enclosure net.

The purpose of adding decorative lights to your trampoline is to make it more attractive to grab everyone’s attention.

In addition, the lights illuminate the trampoline surface so that you and your kids can play on the trampoline during the nighttime.

  1. Water Balloons for Trampoline

All the kids love to play with water balloons, but the fun can be doubled when adding them to your trampoline.

Just imagine that your kids are playing on the trampoline with so many water balloons on the jumping surface.

Water Balloons for Trampoline

It can provide hours of fun, and your kids become extremely whenever they burst a water balloon when jumping on the trampoline.

You can add small or giant water balloons to your trampoline. The small balloons take a little space, so you must add 40-50 water balloons on a 15-foot trampoline.

While giant balloons are more prominent, you need to add just 5-6 giant water balloons on a 15-foot trampoline. Kindly note that the massive water balloons require more water and are hard to burst.

Both types of water balloons provide so much fun when you add them to your trampoline.

  1. Trampoline Bounce Board

Trampolines are generally used for bouncing fun and exercise purposes.

But you can also use it to perform gymnastic stunts and snowboard tricks. To do such amazing tricks, you need to find a very good trampoline bounce board at the best price.

Trampoline Bounce Board

The bounce boards come with a universal design with adjustable Velcro to fit the feet of kids as well as adults. So, you and your child can use the same bounce board and enjoy doing the tricks on your trampoline.

With the help of a trampoline bounce board, you can do snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and kitesurfing tricks on your trampoline.

The bounce board is made of soft and shock-proof material to let you perform adventurous stunts/tricks without impacting your knee or other joints.

  1. Trampoline Slide and Ladder

The slide and ladder are two essential accessories of a trampoline. Some trampolines come with a steel ladder, while others don’t include it in their package.

Unfortunately, the trampoline slide is primarily not included with the trampoline, so you have to buy it separately.

A trampoline ladder helps your little kids climb up on the trampoline surface.

Trampoline Slide and Ladder

Without a ladder, the kids may not easily access the trampoline or fall on the ground when entering or exiting the trampoline.

So, you must add a trampoline ladder to your trampoline to let your kids quickly access the trampoline.

The trampoline slide is also helpful for kids to climb safely on the trampoline surface. With a high-quality drop, your kids will enjoy coming down (by sliding) to the ground from the trampoline.

When the kids play with balls on the trampoline, they can roll down the balls on the slide.

  1. Trampoline Tent

Trampoline tent is a handy trampoline accessory for your family as we know that the trampoline is placed in your backyard where it can get affected by outdoor weather, including snowfall, rain, sunlight, heat waves, cold waves, dust, and others.

You can avoid such weather effects on your trampoline by adding a tent to it. A quality trampoline tent can save your kids from different weather conditions so that they can play safely on the trampoline.

Trampoline Tent

The trampoline tents come in two styles, i.e.,

  1. Roof tent
  2. Camping style tent

The roof tent covers the roof only, while the camping-style tent covers the top and all sides of the trampoline.

Such trampoline tent has mesh windows and ventilation for better air circulation inside, and it also contains a zipper or rolling door for easy entry and exit for kids.

To buy a trampoline tent, you must know your trampoline’s size, shape, pole type, and brand.

Therefore, we request you to check quality trampoline tents for 7.5-foot to 15-foot trampolines and choose the best.

The tent will turn your trampoline into a clubhouse where your kids can play and rest without getting affected by critical weather conditions.

  1. Trampoline Shoe Bag

The trampoline shoe bag does not provide any fun but convenience for your shoe storage.

When your kids play with their friends, they all have to wear either shoes or sandals. But when they climb up on the trampoline, you should ask them to take off their shoes.

Trampoline Shoe Bag

To store all kids’ shoes in one safe place, you need to get a shoe bag or shoe holder and add the same to your trampoline.

With the help of a trampoline shoe bag or shoe net/holder, you can keep your trampoline surface clean.

Moreover, all the shoes are stored safely, so the kids can easily find them after playing on the trampoline.

You can also use the shoe bag to store your shoes when they are not in use. The shoe bag will keep your shoes safe from dirt and dust.

  1. Wind Stakes Trampoline

Wind Stakes Trampoline

There are two types of the trampoline, i.e.,

  1. in-ground trampolines and
  2. above-ground trampolines.

The in-ground trampolines are installed, so they don’t require any anchors.

But the above-ground trampolines are just placed on a flat ground surface of your backyard. Unfortunately, the strong wind or heavy storm can blow your trampoline away. Therefore you must secure your trampoline with wind stakes or trampoline anchors and sandbags.

The trampoline anchors are either corkscrew-style anchors with straps or wind stakes.

Ensure you install at least one anchor (or steel stake) on each trampoline leg. It would help to put some sandbags on your trampoline legs to make them more secure during strong winds.

  1. Trampoline Cover (Weather Cover)

You have spent hundreds of dollars on your trampoline, so you must think about its lifespan.

We believe that you have a high-quality trampoline in your backyard, but it is recommended to protect it with a trampoline cover.

The trampoline covers the entire trampoline frame, including the jumping surface and spring area. It protects the trampoline from dirt, dust, debris, tree leaves, and harsh weather conditions.

Trampoline Cover (Weather Cover)

During the winter season, the snowfall gathers on your trampoline. During rainy days, the rainwater can make your trampoline wet which may cause rusting of the trampoline frame and springs.

During summer and average days, the sunlight and UV rays can cause your trampoline materials to fade and deteriorate.

The trampoline cover saves the trampoline materials from weather effects and prevents the frame and springs from rusting & corrosion.

Nowadays, all trampolines are made of anti-UV, weather-resistant and waterproof materials.

But a trampoline cover (weather cover) can provide added safety against all the elements that can damage your trampoline.

So, it is advisable to check the best trampoline covers and get a suitable surface for your trampoline. You must buy the trampoline cover that perfectly fits your trampoline size and shape.

List of 5 Trampoline Replacement Parts

  • Enclosure Net
  • Jumping Mat
  • Spring Cover or Safety Pad
  • Trampoline Springs
  • Trampoline Pole Sleeves/Covers

A trampoline is made of a steel frame, enclosure poles, jumping mat, enclosure net, spring cover/pad, pole sleeves, springs, and other parts.

When your trampoline is new, all its features are in the best condition. But each part of your trampoline gets affected by time, its use, and the surrounding weather.

Therefore you should check your trampoline parts regularly (i.e., at least once a month) to know if any claim needs replacement.

Here we provide the trampoline replacement parts that you can buy to replace the damaged part of your trampoline to make it like new again.

(I) Enclosure Net

The enclosure net is an essential part of your trampoline. It is made of polyethylene or polyester mesh material which is UV resistant and robust enough to offer the required safety.

The safety enclosure net is installed around the trampoline surface to prevent the jumpers from falling out.

Enclosure Net

As the jumpers often hit the enclosure net, the net gets wear and tear soon. Therefore, it is essential to regularly check your trampoline enclosure net to know if it has any holes or tears.

If it has any damage, then you have to get a replacement net for your trampoline to make it safe again for your kids.

The trampoline nets are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles. It depends on the trampoline you want to buy an enclosure net. For example, if you have a 15-foot round trampoline, you should get the 15-foot trampoline net.

Only then will it fit perfectly on your trampoline and provide 360-degree protection to all jumpers.

How to Choose A Replacement Enclosure Net:

  • Measure your trampoline frame from 12’O Clock to 6’O Clock and from 3’O Clock to 9’O Clock.
  • Count the Number of Enclosure Poles.
  • Check the Type of Poles, i.e., Straight Poles, Curved Poles, Arched Poles,, or Any Other.
  • Find the Trampoline Net Enclosure that is designed to fit your trampoline according to the size, shape, diameter, number of poles, and pole-type you have checked above.

(II) Jumping Mat

The jumping mat is the most used part of your trampoline. It is made of premium quality permeation or polypropylene material with UV testing approved to offer long-lasting use.

The trampoline mat is designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions and bear the intensity of every jump of any child/adult.

Jumping Mat

But after one year or longer time, the mat shows wear and tear, which are apparent when the trampoline is exposed to direct sunlight & outdoor weather, and it is used regularly.

You should check the jumping mat of your trampoline from time to time. If you see any wear, tear, tiny holes, or the carpet has become loose, you must get a replacement jumping mat for your trampoline.

You should make sure that the replacement mat has the number of V-rings same/equal to the existing carpet because the mat connects with the springs with the help of V-rings.

How to Choose A Replacement Trampoline Mat (Jumping Mat):

  • Measure your trampoline frame from 12’O Clock to 6’O Clock and from 3’O Clock to 9’O Clock.
  • Count the number of V-rings your existing trampoline mat (jumping mat) has.
  • Make sure the replacement mat is the same size and shape as your trampoline to avoid fitting problems after purchase.

(III) Spring Cover or Safety Pad or Frame Pad

The spring cover is a foam-padded wide cover made of PE or PVC or a mixture of both materials.

The primary job of the spring cover (frame pad) is to hide the steel frame edge and springs of your trampoline.

Spring Cover or Safety Pad or Frame Pad

The spring cover protects from frame edge and springs from dirt, dust, debris, and various weather effects.

In addition, the foam-padded spring cover prevents the kids from banging on steel and their feet (toes) from getting caught in the gaps.

When the spring pad shows fading and deterioration and becomes thin, you should know that it’s time to replace it.

You can return your worn-out spring cover with a brand-new thick spring cover to protect the frame & springs and provide added safety to your kids.

You should get expert guidance and read an ultimate guide about trampoline spring pad reviews to find a good quality spring cover for your trampoline.

How to Choose A Replacement Trampoline Spring Pad:

  • Measure the length and width of your existing trampoline spring cover/pad.
  • Make sure the replacement spring pad is the same length and broader or has equal width as your existing trampoline spring pad.
  • The new spring cover must have thick foam inside to add safety and UV resistance to withstand outdoor weather.
  • If your existing spring pad has holes for enclosure poles, you must check when choosing the replacement spring pad for your trampoline.

(IV) Trampoline Springs

The trampoline springs play a significant role in the bouncing performance of your trampoline.

We believe that you have a very high-quality trampoline with tightly coiled, rust-resistant, solid, and extended springs.

Trampoline Springs

But after prolonged use, the trampoline springs get affected by weather conditions and get stretched by daily use.

Therefore, you should check your trampoline springs regularly to know if any spring needs a replacement.

The trampoline springs are made of stainless steel, and they come in various sizes, from 3.5-inch to 9-inch.

You should measure one or two springs of your existing trampoline to know which size replacement trampoline springs you need to purchase. It is not necessary to replace all springs of your trampoline.

Just check the stretched or damaged/broken springs and replace them with the trampoline springs to get better bouncing performance.

How to Choose Replacement Trampoline Springs:

  • Get two springs out of your existing trampoline and measure them with a measuring tape. Make sure the springs are not stretched at the time of counting.
  • If your existing trampoline springs are 5.5-inch (for example), you must buy the replacement trampoline springs with a 5.5-inch length.
  • The trampoline springs come in silver and gold colors, and both are good quality and rust-resistant. You can choose any of these springs for your trampoline.

(V) Trampoline Pole Sleeves/Covers

The trampoline pole sleeves are designed for enclosure poles. They cover the steel/metal poles with foam-padded PE material to keep the kids (and all jumpers) safe from getting hurt by banging on steel.

As the pole sleeves are filled with soft foam, they are also known as foam sleeves. When you buy a new trampoline, its package includes foam sleeves for all enclosure poles.

Trampoline Pole Sleeves/Covers

When the foam sleeves are exposed to outdoor weather, they get fade and deteriorate after extended use.

Therefore it is essential to replace the trampoline pole sleeves from time to time. You should check the size and type of poles in your trampoline to find suitable foam sleeves for them.

Your trampoline may have either 4 poles or 6 poles or 8 poles to hold the enclosure net high to protect the kids.

How to Choose Pole Sleeves for Your Trampoline:

  • Check the type of poles in your trampoline; they can be straight poles, curved poles, arched poles, curved poles with rings on top, and others.
  • Measure the size of enclosure poles of your trampoline. Make sure the length and width are correctly measured. Also, count the number of poles.
  • Find and purchase compatible pole sleeves made of high-quality materials with foam padding inside.

The trampoline replacement parts also include ladder and wind stakes or trampoline anchors.

But we have already included them in the trampoline accessories section. So, if your trampoline ladder or anchors need to be replaced, then you must check our suggested trampoline ladders and anchor kits above to find the best trampoline replacement parts for your trampoline.

List of Tools for Trampoline Assembly & Maintenance

List of Tools for Trampoline Assembly & Maintenance

The trampoline is a large piece of equipment made by combining various components.

When you buy a new trampoline, it will arrive in two to three boxes. You have to assemble the parts to build the trampoline in your backyard.

For easy and quick trampoline assembly, you should have some necessary tools.

These tools are also helpful in the maintenance of the trampoline. Here we provide the tools/accessories required for trampoline assembly and maintenance.

  • Protective Hand Gloves
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver or Electric Power Drill
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Spring Puller Tool

There are three main tools that you should have for assembling a trampoline in your backyard.

These three tools are an ahead screwdriver, a rubber mallet, and a spring puller tool. Here we provide the importance of each tool in brief.

1. Protective Hand Gloves

Protective Hand Gloves

Your trampoline is made of metal/steel, plastic, foam, rubber, PP, PE, and PVC materials.

Moreover, it also contains stainless steel springs that can hurt your fingers/hands at installation time. Therefore we strongly recommend you buy high-quality hand gloves and use them during the trampoline assembly process.

2. Phillips Head Screwdriver or Electric Power Drill

Phillips Head Screwdriver

The Phillips Head Screwdriver is very popular for trampoline assembly. Almost every trampoline owner uses it to execute the assembly task efficiently.

However, some users prefer an electric power drill instead of a head screwdriver to make it faster.

If you already have a trampoline, you must have a Phillips head screwdriver or an electric power drill; otherwise, buy them from Amazon or any other store.

3. Rubber Mallet

Rubber Mallet

The rubber mallet helps tap on springs when they don’t fit properly on the trampoline frame. People also use the rubber mallet to attach the T-joints and other parts of the trampoline frame.

Overall, the rubber mallet makes your trampoline assembly task more manageable and safer.

A rubber mallet does not cost much, so you can afford to buy it separately if you don’t have one. We recommend TEKTON 30653 Rubber Mallet as it is made of high-quality rubber with a fiberglass handle to provide the necessary strength and long-lasting use.

4. Spring Puller Tool

Spring Puller Tool

A spring puller tool is an essential tool for assembling a trampoline. Some people install springs on their trampoline without using the spring pull tool, but we don’t recommend that.

Because most trampolines come with a spring puller tool without any additional cost, some replacement trampoline springs also include a spring tool.

You should have a spring puller tool to correctly install the springs on your trampoline. You can buy the JumpKing Spring Pulling Tool at its best price and use it to install or replace trampoline springs.

Wrapping Up

We have explained all vital information about trampoline accessories, replacement parts, and trampoline assembly tools.

We hope that now you are clear about the trampoline accessories you want to buy and the replacement trampoline parts you need. If you still have a query or question, you can ask us in the comment section.