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5 Best Square Trampolines of 2022: Square Trampolines Reviews

Various brands in the United States make the square trampolines. However, when you decide to choose the best square trampoline from so many products, it will take so much of your valuable time. Therefore, we are here to help you select your desired trampoline from our best square trampolines of 2022 listed below.

The rectangle and square trampolines provide more playing area and higher bounces than round and oval trampolines. In addition, the square trampoline has equal length and width, which makes it fit any backyard with limited space. So, the square trampoline saves space and provides impressive performance.

The square trampoline is perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults who want to experience better bouncing at home. The square trampolines are also suitable for doing trampoline tricks and stunts.

Best Square Trampoline

Square Trampoline Reviews

The square trampolines are a great combination of high-performance and space-saving designs. Out of all the best trampolines in the market, we have selected the top 4 square trampolines to review in-depth.

#1. Skywalker 14 Foot Square Trampoline


Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Square Trampoline


Skywalker 14 Foot Square Trampoline is the best square trampoline for your backyard. First of all, it is made by the most reliable brand, i.e., Skywalker Trampolines. Moreover, it comes with a patented no-gap enclosure system that eliminates the gap between the trampoline mat and enclosure net to prevent unwanted accidents.

This Skywalker square trampoline is made of a heavy-duty steel frame. The frame is rust-resistant and weather-resistant to withstand all weather and last longer. This trampoline meets all ASTM safety standards and is suitable for kids of 6 years and above. In addition, because of the square shape, it provides 11% more space than a 15-foot round trampoline.

The Skywalker 14FT square trampoline has 96 6.5-inch long springs. These springs create better bounces with every jump. The jump mat is made of premium polypropylene, and the enclosure net is made of polyethylene. The carpet, net, and spring cover are UV protected to withstand sunlight and UV rays. This Skywalker trampoline can have a user weight of up to 250 lbs.

What We Like
  • Square Shape Offer More Corner to Corner Area
  • No Gap Enclosure System for Added Safety
  • Enclosure Net Provide 360 Degree Protection
  • Rust Resistant Steel Frame is Sturdy and Durable
  • Tightly Coiled Steel Springs Offer Better Bounces
  • Ideal for Simple Jumping and Doing Stunts & Tricks
  • 8 Curved Poles Hold the Safety Net to Protect Jumpers
  • Up to 250 lbs Weight Limit for Any Adult Person
What Need Improvement
  • Much More Expensive Compared to Round Trampoline
  • Some Users Claim Its Assembly is Complicated

#2. Upper Bounce 16-Foot Square Trampoline


Upper Bounce Square Trampoline


Upper Bounce 16 Foot Square Trampoline is the biggest square trampoline on our list. The Upper Bounce brand makes it as per ASTM safety standards. The 16-foot x 16-foot dimensions provide a large jumping area for multiple kids or adults to play simultaneously. It also contains a safety enclosure net with 8 curved poles and a top ring to hold the enclosure net high to prevent the kids from falling out.

This Upper Bounce square trampoline comes with 156 galvanized steel springs. Such a large number of high tension springs can create much higher bounces than other trampolines. Moreover, this best square trampoline has a maximum weight limit of 500 lbs. So, you can allow multiple kids to jump on it, and even you can also join your kids to jump together on this trampoline.

The Upper Bounce 16FT square trampoline is equipped with a UV and water-resistant jumping mat, safety net, and spring cover. Its frame is made of heavy-duty aluminum to provide enhanced safety and durability. The four U-shaped steel legs keep the trampoline in balance when jumping on it. The foam-padded spring cover protects the jumpers from falling or banging on steel springs or frame edges.

What We Like
  • Top-Ring Enclosure Provide 360 Degree Protection
  • UV and Water Resistant Materials for Durable Use
  • Up to 500 lbs Weight Limit is Enough for Kids & Adults
  • 16×16 Foot Large Area to Allow Multiple Jumpers
  • 156 Steel Springs Give Best Bouncing Experience
  • 4-U Shaped Legs Offer Great Stability
  • Strong and Firm Structure Offer Maximum Durability
What Need Improvement
  • Much More Expensive than Other Square Trampolines
  • Does Not Include Trampoline Ladder

#3. Skywalker 15 Foot Square Trampoline


Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Square Trampoline


Skywalker 15 Foot Square Trampoline is a robust trampoline with a safety enclosure net. This trampoline is much different than the previous Skywalker square trampoline because this trampoline has a 15-foot diameter, 4 arch style poles, and longer springs than Skywalker 14 foot square trampoline above.

The Skywalker 15 FT square trampoline is made of a fully galvanized steel frame and arch-style poles. It has 96 7.7-inch long rust-resistant springs that provide superior bouncing performance. In addition, the PE mesh enclosure net protects the jumpers from falling out. This trampoline can bear up to 250 lbs weight at its maximum weight capacity.

The jumping mat is made from UV-resistant PP material to offer consistent comfort and enhanced performance. It also includes a foam padded spring pad that hides the trampoline frame edge and springs to keep the kids safe. In addition, it has 4 U-shaped steel legs that support the trampoline in place when you/your kids are jumping on it.

What We Like
  • No Gap Enclosure Design for Maximum Safety
  • Foam Padded Poles Provide Complete Protection
  • Up to 250 lbs Maximum Weight Capacity
  • Provide 20% Larger Jumping Area than Other Shapes
  • 7.7″ Long Springs Create Higher Bounces
  • UV Protected Materials Prevent Fading in Outdoor Use
  • 3-Year Warranty on Frame and 1-Year on Other Parts
What Need Improvement
  • Trampoline Ladder is Not Included
  • Bouncing Rate is Not Up to the Mark

#4. Springfree 13 Foot Jumbo Square Trampoline


Springfree Trampoline S155 Kids Jumbo Square 13 Foot Trampoline


Springfree 13 Foot Jumbo Square Trampoline is the safest square trampoline for your family. We called it “safest” because this trampoline does not have steel springs. Instead, this best square trampoline comes with flexible composite rods to provide good bounces and keep it completely safe for the kids.

The Springfree square trampoline has a FlexiNet enclosure net around the playing area. It prevents the jumpers from falling out of the trampoline. In addition, the trampoline frame is below the jumping surface to make it impossible for the kids to jump on it. So, there are no chances of being pinched in metal/steel springs.

The Springfree square trampoline includes a SoftEdge jump mat. It absorbs shocks and provides a smooth jumping experience for everyone. It provides 155 square feet jumping area and up to 220 lbs weight limit. This trampoline is tested for up to 1100 lbs weight. The Springfree Trampoline has 10-year warranty on the entire trampoline.

What We Like
  • No Harmful Metal Springs Attached
  • Flexible Composite Rods for Safe Bouncing
  • Up to 220 lbs Maximum Weight Limit
  • 155 FT Large Jumping Area
  • Frame is Below the Jump Mat for Added Safety
  • Protected with 10 Year Warranty on Whole Trampoline
What Need Improvement
  • Too Much Expensive Compared to Trampoline with Springs
  • Trampoline Assembly is Taking Longer Time

#5. Galt 36-Inch Folding Trampoline


Galt Toys, Folding Trampoline


Galt 36-Inch Folding Trampoline is the best square trampoline for toddlers and young kids. It comes with a 36-inch diameter to provide enough jumping area for a child. It is suitable for kids of 3 years and above. It has four sturdy legs with anti-slip caps at the bottom to provide proper stability when the child is jumping on it.

The Galt folding square trampoline is made of a heavy-duty steel frame and high-quality components. The folding design allows you to assemble it in a few minutes and disassemble it quickly for easy storage. In addition, it is capable of bearing the maximum user weight of 55 lbs which is enough for any toddler or child.

The manufacturer has not used steel springs in this trampoline to keep the little kids safe. Instead, the Galt folding trampoline comes with bungee cords that create a safe and gentle bounce. It also has a handlebar to support the child when jumping on it. The bungee cords are hidden under its cover for kids’ safety.

What We Like
  • Handlebar Provide Support When Jumping
  • Handlebar is Foam Padded for Better Gripping
  • Up to 55 lbs weight limit
  • Folding Design for Easy Storage When Not in Use
  • Bungee Cords Create A Safe and Gentle Bounce
  • No Steel Springs that can Hurt Kids
  • Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Weatherproof Materials for Durable Use
What Need Improvement
  • Weight Limit Could Be Better
  • Bungee Cords Are Not So Durable

What to Check When Buying A Square Trampoline

When you think of buying a square trampoline for your family, you need to be very careful. However, there are some essential points that you should consider at the time of selecting the trampoline. Here we provide all such issues to help you choose the best square trampoline for your backyard.

Trampoline Size:

You should check the space available in your backyard. Based on that, you can choose the trampoline size to select from all the square trampolines in the market. If you have a large backyard, you should select a 14 foot or 15-foot square trampoline.

Required Space:

Kindly note that the square trampolines have equal length and width. Moreover, the trampoline requires at least 2 feet of free space in all directions after installation. So, if you are buying a 14-foot square trampoline, you must have at least 16-foot x 16-foot free space with flat surface/ground in your backyard.

Trampoline Frame & Springs:

The frame of most trampolines is made of heavy-duty and fully galvanized steel/metal. The same quality is available in square trampolines, but the frame structure is more substantial than other shapes. This makes the square trampoline sturdier and more durable.

You should check the number and size of the springs of the square trampoline. The longer springs create higher bounces, so you should choose a trampoline that has a more extended and more number of springs.

Trampoline Mat, Net, and Spring Cover:

You should check the material quality of the trampoline mat (jump mat), enclosure net, and spring cover. Please make sure all of them are made of premium quality material and have UV protection to withstand outdoor weather conditions. In addition, the spring cover must have thick foam padding to protect the jumpers from direct contact with steel/metal springs.

Weight Limit:

You must check the maximum weight limit of the trampoline before you buy it. The trampoline should offer at least a 30 to 50 lbs higher weight limit than your needs. For example, if you are going to use the trampoline and your weight is 150 lbs, you should choose a square trampoline with a 180 to 200 or higher weight limit.

Warranty Information:

All the square trampolines we have reviewed above come with at least one year warranty from the manufacturer. The Skywalker square trampoline has a 3-year warranty on frame and 1 year warranty on all other components. The Springfree trampoline comes with a 10-year warranty on the whole trampoline. You should check the warranty details at the time of buying the best square trampoline for your kids.

Trampoline Cost:

The trampoline cost is a crucial point to consider, especially when you are on a limited budget. If you are looking for a large trampoline with an enclosure net on a low budget, the square trampoline is not for you. The square trampoline will cost you at least $600+ for one trampoline, assembly not included.

In this way, you need to check all the above points carefully at the time of purchase. We hope our guideline has helped you to choose a suitable square trampoline for your backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions About Square Trampoline

Square Trampolines are not as popular as round trampolines. Therefore people don’t have much knowledge about them. As a result, they have some queries about square trampolines, but nobody is there to answer them.

Here, we will provide a few frequently asked questions about square trampolines to improve your knowledge about them. We request you to read all the FAQs and their answers carefully to get your answer and make yourself clear before buying a square trampoline for your family.

Q.1 Are square trampolines good?

Yes, square trampolines are good enough to buy for your kids and yourself. They offer a larger playing area and better bouncing performance to offer maximum fun.

Q.2 Are square trampolines better than rounds?

Yes, square trampolines are better than round trampolines because they provide more jumping and higher bounces.

Q.3 Are square trampolines safe?

Yes, square trampolines are entirely safe. They are made of high-quality components and have an enclosure net around the jumping surface to save you from falling out.

Q.4 How much is a square trampoline?

A square trampoline may cost you $600 to $2500 based on the size and brand of the trampoline. Comparing various shapes, rectangle and square trampolines are more expensive than round trampolines.

Wrapping Up

All the information we have shared here about best square trampolines reviews for 2022 is accurate and fair. You can choose any square trampoline from our collection and enjoy jumping on it daily. If you still have a query or doubt regarding square trampolines, you should go to the official Amazon website at Www.Amazon.Com.

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