Best Replacement Trampoline Mat to Improve Its Performance

A trampoline mat is the essential part of a trampoline. You cannot use a trampoline if it doesn’t have a jumping mat. It is the trampoline base where all the users jump and play for hours. So, you should check it from time to time to know if it requires a replacement trampoline mat or not.

The trampoline mat is generally made of high-quality polypropylene or other material. It is constructed from UV-resistant material to provide long-lasting performance. If you keep your trampoline outside (in your backyard) for the whole year, then it will be affected by rain, snowfall, high winds, sunlight, and other weather conditions. As a result, you will need to buy a trampoline replacement mat for your trampoline.

You must know your trampoline shape and size to find the best trampoline replacement mat for it. Many brands make replacement mats for various trampoline models. This article will show you the most durable and best replacement trampoline mat products that will match perfectly with your trampoline model.

In a Hurry? Here’s My Top Pick…

Top Pick #1
9.6/10Our Score

SkyBound 14 Ft Replacement Trampoline Mat

  • Mat Width: 144 inches
  • Spring Size: 8.5 inch
  • Rings: 96
  • Brand: SkyBound
  • Color: Black

Best Replacement Trampoline Mat

Best Replacement Trampoline Mat Comparison

Here we provide our collection of the best replacement trampoline mat products to fit 12 foot, 14 foot, and 15-foot trampoline models.

SkyBound 14 Ft Replacement Trampoline Mat

SkyBound 14 Ft Replacement Trampoline Mat

  • Fit 12/14 Ft Round Trampoline
  • Spring Tool Included
  • One Year Warranty
SkyBound 15 Ft Replacement Trampoline Mat

SkyBound 15 Ft Replacement Trampoline Mat

  • Two Width Options
  • Fit 15 Ft Round Trampoline
  • Anti-Fungal and UV Protected
Upper Bounce 14 Ft Trampoline Replacement Mat

Upper Bounce 14 Ft Trampoline Replacement Mat

  • Fit 14 Ft Round Trampoline
  • UV, Water and Fade Resistant
  • 8 Rows of Stitching
Trampoline Depot Premium 14 Ft Replacement Jumping Mat

Trampoline Depot Premium 14 Ft Replacement Jumping Mat

  • Finest Permatron Fabric Material
  • Includes Spring Tool
  • One Year Warranty
Skywalker Trampolines 15 Ft Round Jump Mat

Skywalker Trampolines 15 Ft Round Jump Mat

  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • High Quality PP Mat

Replacement Trampoline Mat Reviews

The regular trampolines are generally made in round shape. They come in various sizes from 8 foot to 16 foot or even more significant, but the popular lengths are 15 foot, 14 foot and 12 foot. We provide our top five picks and the best trampoline replacement mat reviews in detail. We recommend you refer to the detailed reviews with pros and cons to find a suitable jumping mat for your trampoline.

#1. SkyBound 14 Ft Replacement Trampoline Mat – Best Value for MoneySkyBound 14 Ft Replacement Trampoline Mat

SkyBound is a reliable brand that makes trampolines and their accessories. Many people prefer to buy SkyBound products because they offer excellent quality at affordable prices. This SkyBound trampoline mat is the best trampoline replacement mat for a 12 or 14 foot round trampoline. In addition, it comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty against any defect found in the manufacturing or craftsmanship of the mat.

The SkyBound replacement trampoline mat is made in three different widths of 144-inch, 147-inch and 150-inch. It also offers various rings, such as 72 rings, 88 rings, and 96 rings. You can fit this jumping mat on your round trampoline with 5.5-inch springs, 6.5-inch springs, 7-inch springs, and 8.5-inch springs. When buying this mat, you should check the width, the number of rings, and compatible spring size.

This SkyBound trampoline mat is built from premium quality material. The material is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and UV resistant. In addition, it has heavy-duty stitching and thicker & stronger steel V-rings to provide long-lasting use. It offers excellent quality and durability still it is available at an affordable price. This is the best trampoline mat under $100 from the SkyBound brand.

What We Like
  • Anti-Fungal and UV Resistant Material
  • Heavy Duty Stitching for Maximum Durability
  • Available with 72, 88, and 96 V-Rings
  • Designed for Any 12 or 14 Foot Round Trampoline
  • Protected with 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

What Need Improvement

  • Users Claim that It Has Poor Customer Service.

#2. SkyBound 15 Ft Replacement Trampoline Mat – Safe and HygienicSkyBound 15 Ft Replacement Trampoline Mat

The trampoline is available in various sizes like 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot, 15 foot, and others. Some people prefer to buy 12 ft or 14 ft trampolines, while the regular size is 15 foot. This SkyBound replacement trampoline mat is specially designed to fit a 15-foot round trampoline with a width of 159-inch or 161-inch and 96 steel springs. This mat will fit your 15 ft round trampoline with 6.5-inch springs or 7-inch springs.

This trampoline mat comes with a 15-foot diameter and 96 V-rings around it. It also includes a spring tool that allows you to connect this jumping mat to your trampoline springs easily. You don’t need to have a SkyBound trampoline. This replacement mat is compatible with all brands round trampolines with 15 ft diameter. In order to avoid size problems, it is advisable to measure your trampoline frame spring size and count the number of springs.

The SkyBound trampoline replacement mat is made from high-quality material. Such material makes this jumping mat protective against UV rays. The mat material is also anti-microbial and anti-fungal, good for your kids’ health and hygiene. It also has heavy-duty stitching to provide excellent performance in standard to heavy use for a long time. It also offers one year warranty from SkyBound as an added protection.

What We Like
  • Suitable for Any Brand 15 Ft Round Trampoline
  • Anti-Microbial & Anti-Fungal Mat is Safe to Use
  • Heavy Duty Stitching Protects It from Tearing
  • Springs Tool Included for Quick Installation
  • One Year Warranty for Any Manufacturing Defect
What Need Improvement
  • Some Users Claim that It Doesn’t Last Much Longer

#3. Upper Bounce 14 Ft Trampoline Replacement Mat – Best Water ResistantUpper Bounce 14 Ft Trampoline Replacement Mat

Nowadays, the customers always check if the product is made in the USA before buying it. The Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Mat is made in the USA, making it trustworthy. It is constructed from a high-grade polypropylene material that is designed to last longer than any cheap fabric. This best replacement trampoline mat is suitable for any 14 foot round trampoline with 72 V-rings or V-hooks and 5.5-inch springs.

The Upper Bounce is a well-known trampolines brand, parts, and accessories. The replacement mat made by Upper Bounce is compatible with all trampoline brands, so you don’t have to have an Upper Bounce trampoline to buy and use. The material of this mat is UV resistant, water resistant, and fade resistant. It means it will work well in all weather conditions and last for many years.

This Upper Bounce jump mat is UV resistant, so you can expose it to direct sunlight. The UV rays won’t be able to harm the mat. It is also fade-resistant, so the mat color will remain the same even if you keep it outdoor for months. This trampoline mat has 8 rows of stitching to keep it more potent and save it from tearing while kids are jumping on it. Overall, it is good quality meat and the best replacement for your existing trampoline mat.

What We Like
  • Fade Resistant Jumping Mat Will Stay Same
  • Premium Quality Polypropylene Material
  • 8 Rows Stitching for Long-Lasting Use
  • Made in the USA for 14 Ft Round Trampoline
  • UV & Water Resistant For All Weather Use

What Need Improvement

  • Spring Pool Tool (T-Hook) is omitted

#4. Trampoline Depot Premium 14 Ft Replacement Jumping Mat – Ultimate Performance Trampoline MatTrampoline Depot Premium 14 Ft Replacement Jumping Mat

Trampoline Depot makes various trampoline parts, including the best replacement trampoline mat like this one. It is a high-quality jumping mat designed for a 14-foot round trampoline with 72 5.5-inch springs. The Trampoline Depot allows you to select the number of V-rings and spring size at the time of purchase. You should first check all the details in your existing trampoline and then buy this mat with matching measurements.

The lifespan of a trampoline mat is based on its material quality. The Trampoline Depot has built this best trampoline replacement mat from the most delicate quality fabric called Permatron. This material is made by mixing polypropylene and carbon to create a more substantial jumping mat for outstanding performance. In addition, it is UV resistant, so you can keep your trampoline outdoor under direct sunlight without worrying about fading or other effects.

The best part of this jumping mat is that it belongs to a reliable brand made in the USA. It is designed to fit any brand trampoline with a round shape and a relevant number of rings and spring size. This trampoline mat includes a spring pull tool that will be helpful in the installation of the mat. It will also save the money you need to spend if you buy a trampoline mat without a spring tool.

What We Like
  • Made in the USA and Provides One Year Warranty
  • Spring Tool Included for Ease of Installation
  • UV Resistant Mat Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • Permatron Material Offers Long Usage Life
  • 8 Rows Stitching to Protect from Tearing

What Need Improvement

  • Users Complain About Warranty Issues

#5. Skywalker Trampolines 15 Ft Round Jump Mat – Best Durable Trampoline MatSkywalker Trampolines 15 Ft Round Jump Mat

Skywalker Trampolines is the most popular brand in the market, and it has made the best quality trampolines, their parts, and accessories for many years. This Skywalker jump mat is the perfect replacement trampoline mat for your backyard trampoline. It is designed to fit all Skywalker round trampolines with 12-foot size and 72 5.5-inch springs or 15-foot size and 96 6.5-inch springs. Of course, you should check your trampoline before buying this mat.

The Skywalker trampoline replacement mat is made of premium quality polypropylene material. The mat material is UV resistant and weather-resistant, so you can keep it exposed to direct sunlight and other weather conditions without any tension. In addition, polypropylene makes this jumping mat comfortable to walk and jump for users of all age groups.

This trampoline mat is safe to use for kids and adults. It meets all ASTM standards to provide required safety as well as durability. It is a genuine jumping mat from Skywalker that will fit your Skywalker trampoline and bring its original bounce performance back. The Skywalker also provides a one-year limited warranty on this replacement mat. If you find any defect in the carpet, you can contact Skywalker to claim the warranty.

What We Like
  • Fit 12 Ft/15 Ft Skywalker Round Trampolines
  • Premium Polypropylene for Long-Lasting Use
  • UV Resistant and Weather Resistant Material
  • It Meets or Exceeds All ASTM Safety Standards
  • Protected with 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

What Need Improvement

  • May Not Fit Other Brand Trampolines

Why Do you Need to Replace your Trampoline Mat?

Why Do you Need to Replace your Trampoline Mat

When you buy a new trampoline, all the parts are in brand new condition. Therefore your new trampoline works excellent and provides a fantastic bounce experience. The usage life of a trampoline ranges from 5 to 10 years based on the maintenance done by the user and the surrounding weather. Therefore, the trampoline can last for 10 years or even more, but its parts need replacement from time to time.

The trampoline mat comes with a lifespan of 1 to 2 years, and it also depends on its use and surrounding weather. Most trampoline mats are UV resistant and weather-resistant, so you can keep them outdoor during rain, snowfall, winter, summer, or all the time. But sometimes, severe weather may harm the mat and make it weaker. As a result, the carpet starts showing wear and tear, which will also reduce its performance compared to an earlier time.

After using the trampoline for one year or more, you may see some wear and tear on the mat. But it may also have some tiny holes which are not noticeable until you see it correctly. If you keep using the trampoline, which has an older mat with wear & tear, or holes or stitches are broken, it can be very dangerous for your entire family. We suggest that you should not put your safety at risk and buy the best replacement trampoline mat from the market.

When Should you Replace your Trampoline Mat?

The trampoline mat comes with a usage life of up to 2 years from its installation. However, not all trampoline mats need to last for 2 years, it depends upon how long the trampoline is used on a daily or weekly basis. Furthermore, the lifespan of the jumping mat also depends on the weather condition near the trampoline. So, the period for replacing the trampoline mat is different for different users.

You should check your trampoline mat and other parts every week. First, make sure the mat does not have any holes or stitching is not broken. You should also check the edge of the jump mat where it has V-rings to connect to the springs. If your trampoline mat shows wear and tear, some tiny holes and one or more V-rings are broken then you should understand that you need to replace your trampoline mat.

How to Know if you Really Need to Replace your Trampoline Mat

As an owner of a trampoline, it is your responsibility to check the trampoline mat from time to time. Because your carelessness may lead your children to a dangerous trampoline accident. In order to know if you need to replace your trampoline mat, you should notice its performance. If the carpet is not providing the same performance as earlier, it may have some issues.

You should check when the kids are playing on the trampoline. If the mat is sagging from the center, it means it has become weaker. If the stitching or V-rings are coming off, the mat is torn or ripped from somewhere, and you should immediately buy a replacement trampoline mat. So, this is how you can know if your trampoline mat needs a replacement or not.

How to Measure a Trampoline Mat for Replacement

Replace your Trampoline Mat

When you need to replace your trampoline mat, you must know some key measurements to find the right trampoline replacement mat. First, your trampoline mat has been stretched as it has been used for a long time, so you should not measure the old mat. You need to measure your trampoline frame spring size and count the number of springs as well. Finally, you must know the shape of your trampoline. These four details will help you get a perfect replacement trampoline mat that will fit your trampoline.

You should have a measuring tape to check the size of the trampoline frame and springs as well. To measure the trampoline frame, you should consider a clock. First, measure the trampoline frame in the 12’O Clock to 6’O Clock position, then measure it again in 3’O Clock to 9’O Clock position. After that, measure the spring size and count the number of springs. The trampoline mat must have the same number of V-rings equal to the number of springs in your trampoline.

In this way, you can measure your trampoline for a replacement trampoline mat.

What is the Best Replacement Trampoline Mat?

What is the Best Replacement Trampoline Mat

The best replacement trampoline mat not only fits perfectly on your trampoline but also provides outstanding performance and durability. If we talk about the best jumping mat, it is not about any brand, and it is about the quality of the mat material, stitching, v-rings, etc. Four key points make any mat the best trampoline replacement mat to buy.

  • Premium Quality and Strong Material

When a trampoline mat is made of premium quality polypropylene or permeation material, it can fit in the best replacement trampoline mats list. The mat material is UV resistant, water-resistant, and weather-resistant. So, you can keep the mat outside in the rain, snowfall, sunlight, winter, and other weather. In addition, the PP or Permatron material can withstand weather changes and hold the user weight of up to 350 lbs at a time.

  • Strong and More Number of Stitching

The trampoline mat should have at least 8 rows of stitching to provide great strength and maximum durability. When you jump on the trampoline, the mat is get affected with every bounce. With every jumping action, the V-rings and mat stitching get stretched along with the springs. Therefore, it is great if the trampoline mat has 8 or 10 rows of stitching. It will provide good performance and also increase the lifespan of the jump mat.

  • Heavy Duty V-Rings

The V-rings are generally made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, but the thickness varies in different mats. The V-rings work as a mediator between the trampoline mat and springs. The mat gets connected to springs with the help of V-rings that are integrated with the mat. The springs are connected to V-rings (mat) on one end and the trampoline frame on the other. The V-rings should be thick and sturdy enough to provide resistance to rust & corrosion and long-lasting performance.

  • Long-Lasting Warranty

The trampoline mat offers a limited warranty from six months to one year or more. The warranty period is different for different brands, so you should check it before buying the mat. The warranty gives you an assurance that the replacement trampoline mat is made of high-quality materials and is designed to last longer. If any manufacturing defect is found in the mat, you need to contact the manufacturer during the warranty period.

So, the best trampoline replacement mat is a perfect combination of premium quality material, strong stitching, heavy-duty V-rings, and a long-lasting warranty.

How to Replace a Trampoline Mat: Step-by-Step Process

How to Replace a Trampoline Mat: Step-by-Step Process

You have correctly measured your trampoline frame and springs and found its compatible jumping mat. Now, you want to install the mat on your trampoline. If your trampoline has an old mat, you need to detach it first. You can use the T-hook spring pull tool to disconnect the old mat from your trampoline. Once the old mat is removed, you are ready to attach the new mat to your trampoline. Kindly follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Important Note:

You have to align the V-rings on the trampoline mat with the holes in the frame. This alignment will let you install the jumping mat on the trampoline without any mistake.

  1. Lay down the trampoline mat inside the trampoline frame area.
  2. If it is a sunny day, we suggest you put the mat under sunlight for a few minutes. It will be easy to install when the trampoline mat is warm.
  3. Suppose your trampoline has 72 springs, so first you need to attach 8 springs in a star-like pattern. Just imagine your trampoline mat as a clock and get ready with the spring tool to begin the installing process.
  4. Install spring 1 at 12’O Clock position and spring 2 at 6’O Clock position. Make sure you have 35 empty V-rings on both sides between spring 1 and spring 2.
  5. Install spring 3 at 3’O Clock position and spring 4 at 9’O Clock position. Make sure you have 17 empty V-rings in each of the four quarters.
  6. Thereafter, install spring 5,6,7 and 8 between spring 1&2, 2&3, 3&4, and 4&1, respectively. Make sure you have 8 empty V-rings between each spring.
  7. Now, attach every fourth spring to the frame and mat, starting from spring 1 in clockwise order.
  8. Your trampoline mat is aligned properly with the holes in the frame. Now, you need to attach all remaining springs to complete the installation process.
  9. When all springs are attached, you should check & verify if each spring is attached properly. Then allow your children to play and jump on the trampoline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A trampoline is made of frame, springs, enclosure poles, safety net, pad, and jump mat. Except for the trampoline frame, all other parts are replaceable. When buying a trampoline replacement mat, you may have some queries and doubts in your mind. Here we provide some frequently asked questions and their answers. We hope that these FAQs will clarify your doubts and help you to choose the best replacement mat for your trampoline.

 Can you replace the trampoline mat?

All parts of a trampoline are replaceable, you just need to know how to replace them. So, the answer to the above question is Yes, you can return the trampoline mat. If you find that your trampoline mat needs to be replaced, then you should buy a high-quality jump mat and replace it with the help of a spring tool and user instructions.

How do you measure a trampoline mat for replacement?

Your old trampoline mat has been stretched by its long-term use, so you can’t get the exact size by measuring it. That’s why the trampoline experts recommend measuring the trampoline frame with a measuring tap to know its size. Then you need to find the trampoline mat of the exact size of its frame. You should also measure the spring size and count the number of springs.

For example: If you have a 15-foot round trampoline, then you need to buy a round trampoline mat of 15-foot diameter. Make sure the trampoline mat has an equal number of V-rings to match the number of springs in your trampoline and it is also compatible with the spring size.

How long do trampoline mats last?

The trampoline mats generally last for one to two years or more months. The longevity of the jump mat depends upon how you (and your family) are using the trampoline, how you do its maintenance, and how is the weather around your backyard.

If you allow multiple users to jump simultaneously and you often have severe weather conditions in your area, then the mat will last a maximum of one year or less. In the same way, if you have good weather, allow only one user at once, and you put the cover on the mat during rain or snowfall then the mat will last for up to two years or more.

What is the bottom of a trampoline called?

The trampoline mat is also known as the base or bottom of the trampoline. So, when you hear from your friend about the bottom of a trampoline, you should know that s/he is talking about the trampoline mat. It is also known as bouncing surface, jumping mat, and jump area.

Wrapping Up

All the information we have shared above about the top 5 best replacement trampoline mats reviews is true and fair. We have also explained the trampoline mat’s use, quality, and longevity. We hope this article has given you enough knowledge about trampoline replacement mat products and their installation. If you still have a query or question about any trampoline mats, you should go to the official Amazon website at Www.Amazon.Com.

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