Best Rectangle Trampolines of 2023 [Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

When I started looking for rectangle trampolines, I was kind of struggling with one thought –

“Would I be better off with an oval or square trampoline?”

My childhood years were spent on top of an oval trampoline. And I have very fond memories of it. But the thing is – I have two kids. Can you imagine if the oval trampoline isn’t the right size and the kids start fighting over who goes next? Truth to be told – it defeats the entire purpose of the trampoline.

Plus, I wanted a trampoline that could help me unwind after a stressful day as well. You should know that a rectangular trampoline can carry more weight, has more bounce, and is – by principle – larger.

So, I cast my doubts aside and got myself the best rectangle trampoline. But the path to getting there was rocky – to say the least.

I did try out a number of trampolines beforehand. And tested some of my neighbors’ trampolines to really understand what I wanted. Luckily, I have a big property to accommodate/test multiple trampolines of different sizes.

And I thought I’d give a hand to aspiring or veteran trampolinists out there. I’ll tell you what makes a rectangular trampoline stand out + what features can ensure maximum fun and safety.

In a Hurry? Here’s My Top Pick…

Top Pick #1

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set with Premium Top-Ring Enclosure System

15-foot trampoline with sturdy frames and 500lbs weight capacity. This trampoline is safe for kids – safety nets are included + ASTM certification. Three or more kids can get up at a time to have fun. 90 springs give enough bounce to keep children and adults happy. Other sizes and colors are available –

  • Size: 14-foot (8 X 14) / 15-foot (9 X 15) / 17-foot (10 X 17)
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb
  • Color of trampoline: Blue, Yellow, Beige & Black

Comparison Chart Of Best Rectangle Trampoline

Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style Rectangular Trampoline Set
Our Top Pick

Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style Rectangular Trampoline Set

  • Size: 15-foot (9 X 15) / 17-foot (10 X 17)
  • Weight Capacity: 500lbs
  • Durability: 3-5+ years
Jump Power Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline
Best Rectangle Trampoline for Kids

Jump Power Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

  • Size: 6-foot (4 X 6) / 17-foot (10 X 17)
  • Weight Capacity: 110lbs
  • Approximate Durability: 3+ years
Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk

Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk

  • Size: 15-foot (9 X 15) / 14-foot (8 X 14)
  • Weight Capacity: 250lbs
  • Approximate Durability: 3-5+ years
Exacme 7x10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline

Exacme 7x10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline

  • Size: 10-foot (7 X 10)
  • Weight Capacity: 275lbs
  • Approximate Durability: 3+ years
JumpKing 10' x 15' Rectangular Combo

JumpKing 10' x 15' Rectangular Combo

  • Size: 15-foot (10 X 15)
  • Weight Capacity: 220lbs
  • Approximate Durability: 2+ years
Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline
Premium Pick

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

  • Size: 17-foot (10 X 17) / 20-foot (10 X 20) / 23-foot (10 X 23)
  • Weight Capacity: 550lbs
  • Approximate Durability: 5+ years
Beast K9 10x17 Performance Rectangle Trampoline

Beast K9 10x17 Performance Rectangle Trampoline

  • Size: 15-foot (10 X 17)
  • Weight Capacity: NO LIMIT
  • Approximate Durability: 5+ years

A Quick Look at the Best Rectangle Trampolines

If you don’t have the time to go through the in-depth discussion, just have a look at the short summary of each trampoline that I have on the list.

Excellent 15 ft mid-tier trampoline. 500lbs weight capacity with strong frames, safety net, and comfortable jump pad.

  • Best Budget Trampoline: Jump Power Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline & Safety Net Combo

Reasonably priced 6-foot trampoline comes with an attached swing set, safety net, and durable frames. 110lbs weight capacity is enough for two small kids.

  • Best Trampoline with a Basketball Hoop: Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk

15 ft trampoline has an attached basketball hoop for some dunking fun. Sturdy frames, safety net, curved poles, 250lbs weight limit, and decent price point make it an incredible value-for-money.

  • Best Mid-tier Trampoline: Exacme 7×10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline

People who don’t have the moolah to afford the Upper Bounce should try this trampoline. It’s a good 10-foot trampoline with 275lbs weight capacity. Affordable trampoline with reasonable performance.

  • Best Premium Commercial-Grade Trampoline for Gymnasts: Happy Trampoline’s Galactic Xtreme 17 ft

Extremely durable trampoline is perfect for gymnasts. 550lbs weight capacity, thick frames, galvanized springs make it ideal for either gymnasts or families who want to play and jump together.

7 Best Rectangle Trampoline Reviewed

All the trampolines I’ve highlighted here bring something unique to the table. But what one rectangle trampoline offers might not fit your budget, taste, and preference. So, be sure to check out a few of the rectangular trampoline reviews before you make a decision. Even if you skim through them, that’s fine. You’ll still get a birds-eye view. It’ll make the thinking-analyzing-choosing process much easier.

1. Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set

Highlight Features:

  • Size: 15-foot (9 X 15) / 17-foot (10 X 17)
  • Weight Capacity: 500lbs
  • Safety: Child-Safety Certified (ASTM Standard)
  • Packaging Box: 3
  • Springs: 90
  • Enclosure: Attached PP mesh – safe without any harmful ingredients
  • Frame: Galvanized Steel
  • Installation: 3-5 hours
  • Approximate Durability: 3-5+ years

Of all the outdoor rectangular trampolines I’ve tried, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set was my fifth. And boy, do I wish I got my hands on it earlier. It would’ve saved me a lot of time, effort, and not to mention money.

But there’s a reason why I didn’t jump on the Upper Bounce Trampoline the moment I saw it. It’s a bit expensive. Not gymnast expensive. But it’s close. Still, it’s an incredible 15-foot trampoline. Let me tell you why.

Rectangular trampolines with enclosures are hard to come by. Even if you find one, you’ll see that either A) the enclosure is pathetic or B) the enclosure fabric blocks visibility + wind (to some extent). Now, while problem A is expected, people who aren’t used to trampolines barely know about problem B.

This rectangle trampoline has a terylene mesh net. Once you get inside, you’ll have a good vision of what’s going on. You’ll have a pleasant smile on you as you watch your kids laugh inside, jumping, falling, and jumping again. Plus, the wind will pass without a ton of restriction. Your kids won’t come out of the trampoline all sweaty.

And terylene mesh has good elasticity. So, even if a bounce goes wrong and your kids crash on the enclosure, the net will put them right back to the pad.

That’s not all. The 8 curved poles of the enclosure system have foam sleeves. Kids – especially when they’re banded together – can do a lot of crazy stuff. Hitting the curved poles on the side is a real possibility. So, the foam sleeves = no pain, no injuries.

And poles not being straight is also good. My kid (Zach) tried to do some Spiderman bit inside the trampoline. He almost pulled the net down by trying to climb on top like the web-slinger himself. Anyways, the curved poles stopped my son in his tracks, pushing him back to the pad.

Plus, moms who’re wondering whether this outdoor rectangular trampoline holds up – it does. The galvanized steel legs (4 in total) can hold up to 500lbs. I believe 500lbs is perfect unless you’re using it as a birthday party trampoline where 5-7 kids get on it. To me, 500lbs = me + two of my kids = all good!

And it’s a 15-foot trampoline that holds 500lbs – so I was really happy that the entire thing came in three separate boxes. If it was more than that, I would’ve had to call a moving truck.

The bouncing mat is PP mesh (Polypropylene). PP is a better and safer option. It’s stable. There are no carcinogenic ingredients. Plus, PP is heat-resistant, and it’s more flexible than PE (polyethene). So, you’re getting the best of both worlds. And you have 90-springs in this rectangle trampoline. When it works with a good jumping pad, the bounce you get is excellent!

Coming back to the point of heat resistance – the Upper-Bounce can mount a defense against weather all by itself. However, if you keep everything as is during extreme weather, the jumping pad, the springs, and even the frame will suffer.

So, you can keep the frame outside if you’re bothered about reassembling it. But I recommend taking the pad, springs, net, and poles inside when there’s extreme rain or heat. I know you’re worried about doing the extra legwork because you’d just have to put it together again. But it’s worth it. Your trampoline will thank you and serve you for years if you do this.

Plus, the assembly isn’t half bad either. Yes – it took me like 3 hours to get it done. Now, I’m somewhat of a DIY expert. So, north of 3 hours for me should be around 4-4.5 hours for someone not used to assembling trampolines. Still, the frames take most of the work. Once you get that part right, the enclosure is pretty straightforward from there.

If I compare the Upper Bounce with the second trampoline on this list (Jump Power 6-foot trampoline), it won’t be fair. The Jump Power is a kids trampoline and will barely support 1 adult.

A fair head-to-head would be against the Skywalker 15-foot, JumpKing 15-foot, and Happy Trampoline 17-foot. I can get into the details of how the Upper Bounce has the “upper hand” against each of these trampolines. But I have a separate review for all of them. So, you can get that later.

Overall, the Upper Bounce Trampoline Set has all the perks you’d want in a 15-foot rectangular trampoline. It’s got the bounce thanks to the 90 springs, the safety enclosure, sturdy frames, and durability that’ll have your back for 3-7 years (depending on how you maintain it).

And yes – the one I’ve listed here has other size options as well. You can get the 17-foot version if you feel like it. Remember, 17-foot trampolines are better only if you have 4+ kids or need gymnast-level bounce.

Some people do argue with me about durability. I’ve only one thing to tell them – look after your trampoline, buddy. You can’t just buy a trampoline and let it sit there come hell or high water. You need to take care of it. If you care, the Upper Bounce trampoline will give you years of happy moments.

What We Like
  • Two or more kids can use the trampoline at a time due to the high load capacity
  • Comfortable and safe jumping pad helps prevent injuries
  • Safety net is sturdy and keeps kids/adults inside the trampoline – no bouncing off
  • The overall construction is strong enough to hold its own against extreme weather
What Need Improvement
  • Needs maintenance – if you leave it high and dry, you won’t get the expected durability
  • Installation can take time for first-timers

2. Jump Power Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline & Safety Net Combo

Jump Power Rectangle Indoor_Outdoor Trampoline & Safety Net Combo

Highlight Features:

  • Size: 6-foot (4 X 6) / 17-foot (10 X 17)
  • Weight Capacity: 110lbs
  • Safety: Child-Safety Certified (10% PVC included on enclosure poles)
  • Packaging Box: 2
  • Springs: 42
  • Enclosure: PP and PE (50% and 40%)
  • Frame: Galvanized Steel
  • Installation: 3 hours
  • Approximate Durability: 3+ years

Now, I understand that a 15-foot trampoline can be a bit overwhelming, especially for people who have never had a rectangle trampoline in their life. So, to people who are new to the trampoline train, I recommend going for a 6-foot small rectangular trampoline. And the Jump Power Rectangle Trampoline is perfect for new trampolinists.

I went down a rabbit hole trying to find some good small rectangle trampolines. It took me a while to get out of said rabbit hole. But I had to go deep because there were so many options. Anyways, I was satisfied with the quality and performance of the Jump Power 6-foot trampoline.

The Jump Power is an excellent small trampoline for kids. As you can see from the title itself, the safety net is included. So, you don’t have to worry about the enclosure. It’s not as sturdy or as elastic as the net of the Upper Bounce Trampoline. But it’s still good enough to hold kids and teenagers.

The springs are covered. If you look at the jumping pad, you’ll see that it’s strong and flexible. So, the jumping pad won’t break, given that you don’t overload the trampoline.

Unlike the Upper Bounce Trampoline, the Jump Power 6-foot trampoline has four pillars. The pillars aren’t curved. So, if your kids try some Spiderman stuff on the nets, the poles will become weak. But the poles are high enough to keep your kids safe.

And yeah – the one perk that sets the Jump Power apart from the Upper Bounce and a lot of other high-end trampolines is – a built-in swing set. That’s a lovely addition. So, you can have two kids inside the trampoline. While one jumps, the other one can use the swing. It’s amazing.

Besides, Jump Power can give even top-tier trampolines a run for their money because of the ridiculous price point. Usually, trampolines can cost anywhere between $350-$500. However, the Jump Power Trampoline is around $250-$300. And you have to factor in the swing set + safety net.

You can’t get more bang for your buck.

But there’s a catch. And a big one at that. The problem with the Jump Power 6-foot trampoline is the PVC material. It’s only 10%. But it’s still a health concern that most parents should know. The 10% PVC is used on the enclosure poles. So, you have to make sure your kids don’t go near the poles, especially if the surface comes off. The toxic ingredient is inside the enclosure poles.

Now, that’s a problem because most parents (including me) either read a newspaper or do some other work while the children are enjoying their time inside the trampoline. You can’t do that with the Jump Power. If the pole surface is gone, you have to be observant.

It has everything good – but one major setback that needs fixing. The 10% PVC is a health hazard. Plus, it’s on the poles – so that’s a bit risky.

If you think the PVC issue is a dealbreaker for you, you can have a look at the GYMAX 6-foot kids’ trampoline. It also has a built-in swing with four poles and a safety net. It’s almost the same as the Jump Power trampoline. The only difference is – less PVC – and that’s in a place unreachable by kids.

Still, both the Jump Power and GYMAX 6-foot trampoline are decent. They are both cheap rectangular trampolines. The performance is also admirable. The only issue is PVC ingredients. But the PVC is actually inside the enclosure poles. So, you’re good until the pole surface comes off (talking about the Jump Power).

When it comes to GYMAX, the PVC is inside the poles but on the top. So, even if the pole surface tears apart, you can rest easy because kids shouldn’t be able to reach the top of the trampoline.

And both these trampolines deserve the title of the best rectangle trampoline for kids. If I had to choose (gun to my head), I’d go with the Jump Power Trampoline. I know the toxic PVC on the poles is a problem. But you’re not supposed to eat/bite a trampoline. But if you are okay with spending the extra $50, try GYMAX out.

What We Like
  • Budget-friendly trampoline won’t take a swipe at your savings
  • Attached swing makes the trampoline even more fun for kids
  • Included safety net ensures your kids will remain safe
  • Sturdy trampoline will last for a long time
What Need Improvement
  • The poles have PVC – it’s a health hazard, and you should keep your kids from chewing on it
  • Only 110lbs weight capacity – after your children grow up a little, it won’t support their weight

3. Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk

Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk

I’ve just highlighted a trampoline with a swing. So, is there any way to make the experience more fun and exciting for not only kids but for adults as well? YES – there is. And what makes a trampoline better is – a basketball hoop. The Skywalker Trampoline – Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk can change your trampolining experience altogether.

Now, you can always attach a separate basketball hoop to your existing trampoline. It’s possible. However, trampolines with built-in basketball hoops are better because A) you save money from not buying the extra hoop, and B) the trampoline is meant for handling the hoop and dunking. Once I explain everything with the Skywalker rectangle trampoline review, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Similar to the Upper Bounce 15-foot trampoline, the Skywalker rectangle trampoline also has 8 poles. And all the poles are curved. I’ve already sung praises of curved poles – so I’m not going to get into that again. But all I’ll say is – curved poles are better as your kids will be dunking all the time.

The “star of the show” in the Skywalker rectangle trampoline is the basketball hoop. Now, it’s not a steel hoop that you see on a basketball court. It’s basically a cylindrical net. But what matters is that it works. You can use a small ball to dunk and have fun. FYI: real basketballs won’t work. They’ll be too big for the hoop.

This trampoline is 15-foot with a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs. So, it has the strength to carry two kids. Honestly, when I had the Skywalker trampoline, I used to get in and get my dunking game on every now and then. It just made me feel like I was 16 again.

The steel frame is strong enough to handle a lot of beating. So, unless you exceed the maximum weight capacity, there shouldn’t be any issues.

I think the Skywalker rectangle trampoline is almost equal to the Upper Bounce rectangle trampoline 17ft. Both trampolines come in three separate boxes.

The added basketball gives Skywalker an edge, of course. But the Upper Bounce trampoline has 90 springs compared to Skywalker’s 76. Naturally, the Upper Bounce trampoline will have more bounce.

Plus, the Upper Bounce has a weight capacity of 500lbs compared to the Skywalker’s 250lbs cap. On the other hand, the Skywalker is almost $300 cheaper. So, it really comes down to what you want from the trampoline.

If you love dunking, want to save an extra $300 bucks, and you don’t mind the 250lbs weight limit, the Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk is right up your alley. But if you have three kids or more, want more bounce, more durability, and love getting a jump in alongside your children, the Upper Bounce is better.

I can – without a doubt – bestow the title of the best rectangle trampoline for adults on both trampolines because they’re both excellent. It’s just personal preference that makes one triumph over the other.


  • Size: 15-foot (9 X 15) / 14-foot (8 X 14)
  • Weight Capacity: 250lbs
  • Safety: Child-Safety Certified (ASTM standard)
  • Packaging Box: 3
  • Springs: 76
  • Enclosure: PP mesh
  • Frame: Galvanized Steel
  • Installation: 3-5 hours
  • Approximate Durability: 3-5+ years
What We Like
  • Extra basketball hoop = more activity = more entertainment
  • Sturdy steel frame will last for years (if it doesn’t, there’s a 3-year warranty on it)
  • Can accommodate three or more kids
  • No toxic ingredients – the trampoline is safe for kids and adults
What Need Improvement
  • Assembling the trampoline can be tricky
  • Shipping can be problematic – boxes may arrive one at a time

4. Exacme 7×10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline

Exacme 7×10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline

While the Skywalker rectangle trampoline is cheaper than the Upper Bounce, it still costs a decent chunk. So, if you don’t want to leave your wallet gasping for air, you should have a look at the Exacme 10-foot rectangle trampoline. It’s not super expensive + it’s got decent features to keep you and your kids happy.

The Exacme I’ve listed here is a 10-foot trampoline. But it can carry 275lbs of weight. That’s 25lbs more than the 15-foot Skywalker. So, the increased maximum weight capacity goes to show just the strength of the steel frames and the ingenuity of the overall design.

Despite being a 10-foot trampoline, the Exacme has a lot of features similar to a 15-foot trampoline. For starters, small rectangle trampolines have 4 enclosure poles. Instead, the Exacme replicates the 8-pole structure of most high-end trampolines. I think this one feature speaks volumes.

So, it’s a small 10-foot trampoline with 8 poles. What’s that got to do with you? The safety, durability, and steadiness of the trampoline are incredible. In short, it’s solid and won’t budge even when the winds are going crazy.

Besides, the safety net won’t let your kids jump off the trampoline. It’s strong enough to hold them inside. And the poles are curved – so that’s a plus as well. The only downside to a curved pole is that you can’t put a basketball hoop inside even if you want to.

The Exacme 10-foot trampoline has 56 springs. Now, the bounce won’t be as powerful as the Skywalker 15-foot or the Upper Bounce 15-foot trampolines. However, it’ll still be decent. I think kids don’t need to have a lot of bounce, especially children of ages 6-8. So, less bounce = less fun but more safety.

Plus, this trampoline has a triangular structure. On all four corners, you’ll see a triangle. I didn’t understand the purpose of this design. But apparently, it holds better against storms and powerful winds. So, the trampoline can surely hold its ground without any trouble.

I think it’s unfair to compare this trampoline to Skywalker and Upper Bounce. It would be better to put it against the Jump Power and GYMAX 6-foot trampoline. If you’re looking to get a budget rectangle trampoline, I suggest you go for the Exacme.

Now, I understand that it’s double the price of Jump Power and GYMAX, but it’s better and safer. So, even if you end up spending a few hundred extra greens, the trampoline you’ll get will be excellent. Compared to Jump Power and GYMAX 6-foot trampolines, the Exacme can carry 100lbs extra weight and has 14 more springs. Plus, this trampoline has a warranty.

The only issue I have with Exacme is their support team. It’s bad. The number doesn’t even work most of the time. One way to reach the support team is to contact them through Amazon. That’s poor. I hope the people over at Exacme have worked on this issue, and it’s all better now (fingers crossed).

Overall, this trampoline is the best mid-tier rectangle trampoline. I think the closest competitor when it comes to mid-tier trampolines would be the JumpKing 10-foot trampoline. But the JumpKing costs an extra $200. So, that’s where the Exacme shines. It’s a great trampoline for the money. And only two boxes – so lower chances of shipping shenanigans.


  • Size: 10-foot (7 X 10)
  • Weight Capacity: 275lbs
  • Safety: Child-Safety Certified
  • Packaging Box: 2
  • Springs: 56
  • Enclosure: PP mesh
  • Frame: Galvanized Steel
  • Installation: 3-5 hours
  • Approximate Durability: 3+ years
What We Like
  • Excellent mid-tier rectangle trampoline
  • Although it’s a 10-foot trampoline, 8 enclosure poles make it super sturdy
  • High-quality jumping pad won’t tear even after hours of jumping
  • Can withstand high winds with ease
What Need Improvement
  • Customer service team only responds through Amazon – the number doesn’t work
  • Can’t attach basketball hoop separately

5. JumpKing 10′ x 15′ Rectangular Combo

 JumpKing 10′ x 15′ Rectangular Combo

You’ve crunched the numbers – did the math – and you know that a 15-foot oblong trampoline can be pretty expensive. But there are a few exceptions when you can get a decent size without choking your wallet to death. As far as I can tell from working with trampolines for years, the JumpKing 15-foot Trampoline is your best bet.

It’s a 15-foot trampoline – so the size is big enough for two or more people. So, if you’ve got a big family, this should be right up your alley. Similar to the Upper Bounce and Skywalker Trampolines, the JumpKing 15-foot trampoline also has a safety net and enclosure poles – 8 poles in total.

And all the poles are curved. Again, I’m not going into why these poles matter – but they’re safer and better. But curved poles won’t let you put up a basketball hoop – keep that in mind. What sets this trampoline apart is the pole-to-safety-net connection design. I’ll explain.

The upper part of the safety net has gaps – the net gaps are steel plates. So, instead of fastening the end of the net with the poles, you can simply put the net on top of the enclosure. The steel plates sit perfectly on top of the net, making it impossible for kids to take the net down both intentionally and accidentally.

I wasn’t stoked about the weight capacity – truth to be told. I think it should be at least 50lbs more than what it is now. The JumpKing 15-foot trampoline can only support 220lbs. Now, it’s no slouch by any means. But if you compare it with the Exacme’s 275lbs capacity – which is nearly $200 cheaper – it’s not impressive.

But the JumpKing makes up for it with the new-and-improved enclosure poles and the UV-treated safety net. The net can stand against sunlight like it’s nobody’s business. The UV treatment even keeps your kids somewhat safe from UV rays.

Anyways, the enclosure poles are the strength and weakness of the JumpKing. They’re good – but not flexible enough to support a basketball hoop.

If you or your kids are basketball fans and can’t stand the thought of not having a trampoline with a hoop, you should look into the JumpKing 10′ x 15′ Rectangular Trampoline with BB Hoop.

The BB Hoop JumpKing has hoops on both sides. It can support the same 220lbs weight as the regular JumpKing 15-foot trampoline. So, two kids can get their dunk game on with this trampoline. The cost is almost the same. Both are 15-foot trampolines. So, the BB Hoop JumpKing is a good alternative.

However, the conventional JumpKing is more durable and has 108 springs compared to the BB Hoop JumKing’s 104 springs. So, the former has a bit more bounce. Honestly, I would’ve sided with the BB Hoop JumpKing, but the shipping nightmares hold me back.

I didn’t have a bad experience. But there are tons of complaints about shipping. So, that’s why I decided to highlight the JumpKing 15-foot trampoline over the BB Hoop.

Still, if you can avoid the shipping shitstorm, the BB Hoop JumpKing is a hoot and a half. In fact, it would be the best price rectangular trampoline that you can buy. But if you want more durability, bounce, and a better overall experience with shipping and installation, go with the JumpKing 15-foot trampoline.


  • Size: 15-foot (10 X 15)
  • Weight Capacity: 220lbs
  • Safety: Child-Safety Certified (ASTM Standard)
  • Packaging Box: 3
  • Springs: 108
  • Enclosure: UV-treated PP
  • Frame: Galvanized Steel
  • Installation: 3-5 hours
  • Approximate Durability: 2+ years
What We Like
  • Reasonably priced 15-foot trampoline
  • Better enclosure system can keep the safety net in place
  • Good bounce due to sturdy 108 springs
  • Safe for your child – no toxic ingredients
What Need Improvement
  • Weight capacity is low for a 15-foot trampoline
  • Shipping can be troublesome

6. Happy Trampoline – Gymnastic Outdoor Adults/Kids Rectangle Trampoline

Happy Trampoline – Gymnastic Outdoor Adults_Kids Rectangle Trampoline

All the oblong trampolines listed here are either mid-tier or budget-friendly. You might think that Upper Bounce is a high-end trampoline. Trust me – it isn’t. Anything that doesn’t cross the $1500 threshold isn’t a premium trampoline. But I did have the time of my life with top-shelf trampolines. And the first one that I recommend from the top of my head is the Happy Trampoline’s Galactic Xtreme.

I’d like to put down a small disclaimer in this rectangular trampoline review before proceeding. Just because the Galactic Xtreme is an extremely powerful and mighty oblong trampoline doesn’t mean you have to get your hands on it. It’s a commercial-grade trampoline meant for pros.

Doesn’t mean you can’t get it in your backyard and get all crazy on top of it. Sure, you can. But the Galactic Xtreme is geared towards professional gymnasts or aspiring gymnasts. So, if you fit the bill, be my guest and go on ahead. But if you don’t, you might want to reconsider.

Anyways, this oblong trampoline is a beast. It’s got 124 springs – so the bounce is awesome. The 17-foot trampoline is spacious enough to accommodate four people or more. Plus, the maximum weight capacity is 550lbs. So, even if 5 kids get up on it, the Galactic Xtreme won’t break a sweat.

The 10 enclosure poles are sturdy. They aren’t curved. But the curved design isn’t necessary here because of the increased pole count. And it’s straight. So, guess what you can do? DUNK. That’s right. You can attach basketball hoops, but you have to purchase them separately.

Besides, the bounce of the galvanized 124 springs will make the dunking experience much sweeter. Although the spring count difference seems negligible from the JumpKing 15-foot’s 108, the 124 springs of this oblong trampoline are way more powerful.

And the jumping has 10 rows of stitching. It won’t break. It can handle a ton of beating before flinching.

The one truly outstanding feature of this trampoline is the warranty policy. I know – doesn’t seem like a lucrative feature but hear me out. When it comes to the trampoline’s frame and springs, Galactic Xtreme’s team has your back for life. Yeah – you heard that right. The frame has a lifetime warranty.

However, the manufacturer will only replace it once. So, you do need to maintain it.

It’s safe to say the frame isn’t breaking any time soon. Spring issues are really common. And most trampoline owners face the problem. But this trampoline’s springs will either be alive and kicking a long time, or you can always claim your warranty.

The point is – the Galactic Xtreme 17-foot trampoline is amazing. It’s not budget-friendly. It’s expensive. But it holds up – BIG TIME! Now, I just talked about the 17-foot version here. Once you check it out, you’ll see that many other versions – (14-foot/15-foot/16-foot/20-foot/23-foot) – are available.

The 23-foot Galactic Xtreme is a large rectangular trampoline, but it’s not the largest. (Fun Fact: The Goliath is the biggest rectangle trampoline ever – it’s 24-foot!)

So, I can’t attest to the quality of the other ones. But I’m hoping they’ll not disappoint. One interesting fact – there’s also a 14-foot in-ground round trampoline. It’s not an in-ground rectangular trampoline, but it’s still something you can look into if you love the aesthetic appeal of an in-ground rectangle trampoline.

Overall, the Happy Trampoline’s Galactic Xtreme can make you and your kids really “happy” (dad joke – I know) with its performance, durability, warranty policy, and bounciness. It’s a complete package. I know it’s meant for gymnasts. You can still use it casually if you’ve got the dough.


  • Size: 17-foot (10 X 17) / 20-foot (10 X 20) / 23-foot (10 X 23)
  • Weight Capacity: 550lbs
  • Safety: Child-Safety Certified (GS/TUV/ASTM/EN71/CE Standard)
  • Packaging Box: 3
  • Springs: 124
  • Enclosure: Grade-A PP fabric
  • Frame: Galvanized Steel (9 gauge)
  • Installation: 4-6 hours
  • Approximate Durability: 5+ years
What We Like
  • Limited lifetime support for frame and springs – incredible value for money
  • Really bouncy trampoline – suitable for gymnasts
  • High weight capacity can accommodate many people
  • Weather-resistant mat is comfy and durable
What Need Improvement
  • The bounce can be a bit too intimidating for young children
  • Expensive high-end trampoline

7. Beast K9 10×17 Performance Rectangle Trampoline

Beast K9 10×17 Performance Rectangle Trampoline

I know – I’ve listed an expensive rectangular trampoline already. So, why on god’s earth would I highlight another trampoline that even beats the Galactic Xtreme when it comes to price. Yes – the Beast K9 is the most expensive rectangle trampoline that I have on this list.

Now, the Beast K9 isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Honestly, it’s such an exclusive item that only a few people actually go for it. If you think Galactic Xtreme was premium, wait till you get a load of this oblong trampoline.

Anyways, the first question that needs addressing about the K9 is – “why is this trampoline $300 more than the Galactic Xtreme?” Good question. But there is an even better answer. You see – the Galactic Xtreme is a really good rectangular trampoline. It’s amazing. But far from the Beast K9.

All the trampolines that I have on this best rectangle trampoline review have a weight limit. Whether it’s the whopping 550lbs of the Galactic Xtreme or 500lbs of Upper Bounce or the 110lbs of the Jump Power, there’s always a limit. Now, the weight capacity of the K9 is different.

The weight limit is – wait for it – you have to keep waiting till the end of time because there are NO LIMITS.

I’ve only seen a handful of trampolines with no weight cap. And the Beast K9 is one of them. I don’t think I have to talk more about the frame’s strength.

The no-weight limit speaks for itself here. You can get as many people on it as you want. But it’s a 17-foot trampoline – more than 4 people can cause a real estate issue – you know.

So, you can now understand why the K9 chips more moolah off your wallet. Plus, it’s not just the weight cap. There’s also the larger spring size. Compared to the Galactic Xtreme’s 9-inch springs – the K9 has a .5-inch lead. And it’s got 124 of them.

Apparently, the difference between 9.5-in and 9-in is small. But the .5 can make all the difference to a gymnast.

Speaking of gymnasts – the K9 is also a commercial-grade trampoline. So, it might not be to your taste because it’s a bit heavy-duty and expensive. But you can consider this as a long-term investment. The K9 will last for years to come. So, if you get it for your children, they can play with it until they’re 18 and off to college. (Or even after that if they feel like it).

Besides, all the parts are warrantied. You can rest easy because the parts won’t die anytime soon. And the best part of the Beast K9 – you can join your kids and relive your childhood once again. You don’t have to worry about the jumping pad, frames, or any other part. You can have fun!

And before I go – the enclosure poles are straight. So, basketball hoops are always on the menu.


  • Size: 15-foot (10 X 17)
  • Weight Capacity: NO LIMIT
  • Safety: Child-Safety Certified (ASTM/CE Standard)
  • Packaging Box: 3
  • Springs: 124
  • Enclosure: UV-treated PP fabric
  • Frame: Galvanized Steel (9 gauge)
  • Installation: 4-6 hours
  • Approximate Durability: 5+ years
What We Like
  • Heavy-duty trampoline has no fixed weight limit – can hold a huge weight
  • Bigger spring size = better bounciness
  • Straight enclosure poles give you the option to attach basketball hoops
  • Super Safe – no risk of kids getting out the trampoline or the jump pads breaking
What Need Improvement
  • Really Expensive
  • Installation is difficult despite the illustrated instructions

What to Look for in the Best Rectangle Trampolines?

What to look for in the best rectangle trampolines

If you’ve read the rectangular trampoline reviews, you should already have a pretty good idea about what features you want. Still, you’re right to harbor the seeds of skepticism. A trampoline is a big investment. And if you want to bag the best rectangle trampoline, you might have to up the ante. So, for new trampolinists who are struggling, I’ll provide a clear map – a blueprint of sorts. It’ll help you understand –

  • What you can expect from a trampoline
  • What you should be careful of
  • How the budget/pricing looks like and more

Frame Strength and Weight Capacity

The moment you put your eyes on a trampoline, you should look into the frames. Now, it’s impossible to figure out a frame’s strength based on pictures and videos. Ideally, you’d want to use something strong to test the frames. But that’s not possible.

So, you just have to take the manufacturer’s (or the reviewer’s) word for it. Try to understand the size, design, and thickness. Most trampoline manufacturers give you a thickness number (9-gauge/14-gauge). It shouldn’t be difficult to do the math once you’ve got that information.

For instance, the Galactic Xtreme has a super thick 9-gauge steel frame. It can last for a long time unless the inclement weather somehow takes it down.

You can also use the weight capacity number to figure out the frame’s strength.

  • The higher the weight capacity – the stronger the frame.
  • So, a 500lbs weight cap trampoline will always have a better frame than a 110lbs weight cap trampoline.

Plus, the weight limit and frame quality can vary based on the different rectangle trampoline sizes.

  • A 17-foot trampoline will have a better frame than a 10 ft rectangular trampoline.

If you get a mid-tier or high-end trampoline, the frame is likely to be really strong. A high-end trampoline frame can last for 10 years or more, depending on your local weather, maintenance, and use.

Safety Features

I could’ve easily put this consideration on the top of this list instead of putting frame strength and quality. Every parent who wants to own a trampoline have two things in mind –

Yeah, you can also add a monetary question there, but these are the two primary issues of parents. So, safety is really important. Trampolines are fun, but they can be risky. If somebody jumps on a trampoline and lands head-first on the ground, I don’t need to tell you what happens.

So, how can you make sure the trampoline is safe? Two options –

  • Always get a trampoline with net and enclosure system
  • Look for safety certifications (ASTM, CE, GS/TUV)

Now, a lot of people prefer trampolines without nets. But I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. Besides, from all the different trampoline shapes, rectangular trampolines are the worst without a net. Rectangle trampolines have better bounce – so you need a net to keep you and your children safe.

If you insist on getting something netless, I recommend looking into some good round trampolines. Round trampolines have a center-focused bounce. So, your children are less likely to fall off the trampoline.

Bounciness and Spring Sizes

A trampoline’s bounce is directly correlated with the quality, number, and size of the springs. So, this is how the equation looks like –

  • Bigger springs = better bounce
  • More springs = better bounce
  • Thicker/stronger springs = more bounce

However, just because more springs get you more bounce doesn’t mean you have to get a rectangle trampoline with 142 springs. When you’re getting a rectangle trampoline for kids, it’s better to have low to medium bounce. So, you’d want somewhere between 40-100 springs.

You should let your children get used to the bounce before you go with a large rectangular trampoline. And if you have a gymnast in your family or an aspiring one, you can go for a trampoline with 100+. Big families with three kids or more can also get a trampoline with more springs.

Honestly, I think bounciness is not the most significant concern when you’re buying a trampoline. As long as the bounce is decent and your children are laughing, that’s good enough. Still, the number of springs and the size of them is what you need to understand if you’re worried about bounciness.

And now that I’m talking about springs – go for galvanized steel springs. If the springs are bad, accidents won’t be far off. So, make sure the spring quality is top-notch before you get a trampoline.

Different Size Options

There’s nothing much to it, really. The size you select will depend on the number of trampolinists you have in your family. Let’s say you have four kids. So, a 10 ft rectangle trampoline won’t be enough. It can work, but only two can get up at a time. So, you’d be better off going with a rectangle trampoline 17 ft.

Again, it comes down to how many people are getting up on the trampoline at a time.

Exception: if you have a trainee gymnast, you might want to get a 17-foot trampoline or bigger to give them the proper training ground.

Installation Difficulty

Most trampolines are difficult to set up. So, even when you have everything you need from the boxes, it’ll take a fair bit of time to get the trampoline ready. If you’re used to assembling them, it won’t take long. But for first-timers, it can get rough. So, I recommend having a helping hand when working.

It’s better to have three people – two if that’s not possible – when installing a trampoline.

Enclosure System and Safety Net

I’ve already talked about safety nets in the “safety features” section. But I’d like to bring it up again. Enclosure system (the poles surrounding the trampoline) and the safety net are really important. It can keep your children safe. But sometimes, the enclosure poles have PVC or other toxic ingredients.

So, if you’re getting a cheap rectangular trampoline, you’ll probably end up with poles that pose a health hazard. In that case, make sure your kids don’t bite or chew the poles. Try to keep them away from the poles as much as possible.

One more thing – curved poles are better in terms of safety. Even if your kid comes in the corner and tries to climb up the net, the curved poles flex will push them back. But most of the time, curved poles don’t allow a basketball hoop extension. That’s a problem. So, you’ve got to choose your poison.

Any Additional Accessories

Any extra item you can get is a big win in my books. Only a handful of trampoline brands offer the additional item. But if you get it, that’s great. I’ve got four trampolines here with extra accessories.

  • The Jump Power and GYMAX trampolines have a swing set.
  • The BB Hoop JumpKing has a hoop on both sides + the Skywalker Trampoline has one hoop.

So, you can get trampolines with benefits (pun intended). But dedicated no-accessory trampolines outperform their accessory-included alternatives. So, while it’s always a nice feeling to get a bonus from a purchase, you have to weigh the value of the items you get against the quality you’ll be sacrificing.

It doesn’t mean the trampoline with swings and hoops is just bad. They’re just not at the same level as the other trampolines when it comes to durability and bounce. But if you maintain the accessory-included trampolines, you can get a lot of value (and fun, of course) from them.

Money Matters

Budgeting for a trampoline – extremely important. Trampolines – even the entry-level ones – are expensive. And on top of that, rectangular trampolines are costlier than round/square trampolines in general.

So, these are the questions you should ask yourself –

  • Who is going to use the trampoline? Adults? Kids?
  • How many people will use the trampoline? Three? Four?
  • What size trampoline can I put in my yard?
  • What extra facilities would I want in my rectangle trampoline?

Let me give you a rough answer to all these questions. The answers here will help you plan things out and budget accordingly.

Low Budget:

If you’ve got two kids (each weighing around 50lbs), you can get the Jump Power Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline. It’s under $300 and comes with a swing. So, you’ll get a cheap rectangle trampoline that your kids will love.


If you’ve got three kids or more, or you want to get inside the trampoline with your kids to have fun, go for the Upper Bounce trampoline. The 500lbs weight capacity can handle 5 kids or more. If the 15-foot isn’t enough, there’s the 17-foot option. Another good mid-tier trampoline is the Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk. You can try that out too.

Big Budget:

If you’ve got the big bucks, you can either try the Happy Trampoline’s Galactic Xtreme or the Beast K9. Both are incredible high-end trampolines. But I tend to lean a bit towards the K9 because of the no weight limit.


I’ve also answered the most common questions I get from friends, family, and other budding trampolinists. There are (and will be) more questions that I haven’t covered here. But I’m pretty sure you’ll find something if you keep browsing.

How Much Does a Rectangle Trampoline Cost?

The price can go from $250 to $2500+ y depending on –

how much does a rectangle trampoline cost
  • Size
  • Durability
  • Brand
  • Spring numbers
  • Other features

Let me give you a rough idea.

  • Cheap rectangle trampolines can cost you anywhere between $250-$500.
  • Mid-tier rectangle trampoline prices can start from $500 and can go up to $1500.
  • Commercial-grade high-end oblong trampolines will be $2000 or higher.

What Sizes Do Rectangle Trampolines Come In?

There are 8 different rectangular trampoline sizes

  • 6 ft
  • 10 ft
  • 14 ft
  • 15 ft
  • 16 ft
  • 17 ft
  • 20 ft
  • 23 ft
  • 24 ft (Only a handful like the Goliath Trampoline)

Are Rectangle Trampolines Any Good?

are rectangle trampolines any good?

Of course. If you have a big family and two or more people will use the trampoline, it’s better to get a rectangular one.

But they’re not the most common trampolines for homeowners. A lot of new trampolinists prefer going for a round trampoline because of the center-focused bounce + it’s cheaper. However, a round trampoline is ideal for one person.

Plus, rectangle trampolines are sturdier and offer an all-around bounce. Gymnasts and people comfortable with bigger bounces tend to go for big rectangle trampolines.

Jump for Joy

A childhood spent jumping on a trampoline is a childhood well spent. And it’s not just about entertainment. You can lose weight, get your cardio done, and get a lot of health benefits from using a trampoline.

And if you have a big family, there’s no better experience than getting on the trampoline together to have a lovely evening. But – all of this can become a reality only if you get the best rectangle trampoline. So, you have to be careful and selective.

Although I’ve already recommended a ton of different trampolines suited to people with varying needs and budgets, I’m going to leave you with another suggestion.

Have a decent budget? Go for the Upper Bounce rectangle trampoline. Yes – it’s a bit expensive. But it’ll last for a long time, and the bounce + safety is really good.

Tight on money? Try out the JumpPower 6-foot Trampoline. It’s not a trampoline to write home about. Still, it provides good value for the money. And people who want to have basketball hoops should look into the BB Hoop JumpKing Trampoline.

That’s it.

Now, understand what you want from your trampoline. Fix a budget. Get it. And Jump. For. Joy. Cheers!