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The 4 Best 20 feet Trampolines 2022 with Highest Weight Limit

20 Feet Trampolines for Large Backyards: When you have a large backyard attached to your house, it’s a good idea to get a giant trampoline. The trampolines are available in various shapes and sizes, but the small trampolines don’t offer much playing area. Therefore we suggest you get the best 20 feet trampoline for your backyard. It provides a giant jumping surface to allow your whole family to play and jump together.

Why Are Trampolines So Expensive?
Why Are Trampolines So Expensive?

The 20 feet trampolines are not standard because they are tremendous and require so much space. Moreover, people with a tight budget may not afford a 20 feet trampoline as it costs more than any conventional trampoline. However, if you are ready to pay what it takes, you will get the most durable 20-foot trampoline right here.

4 Best 20 Feet Trampolines

To find a 20 feet trampoline is not difficult at all, but you don’t get many options. The same thing happened when we decided to find out the best 20 feet trampolines for kids, adults, gymnastics, and athletes. After long research, we have found two 20 FT rectangle trampolines (above ground trampolines) and two 20 FT round trampolines (water trampolines). So here we provide the best 20 FT trampoline list as under:

Check Price

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline
Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline
  • Weight Limit: 550 lbs
  • Number of Springs: 140 Springs
Best Trampoline USA Galactic Xtreme 20 feet trampoline
Best Trampoline USA Galactic Xtreme 20 feet trampoline
  • Weight Limit: 550 lbs
  • Number of Springs: 140 Springs
Island Hopper 20 Foot Acrobat Water Trampoline
Island Hopper 20 Foot Acrobat Water Trampoline
  • Weight Limit: 800 lbs
  • Number of Springs: 72 Springs
RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse 20′ Water Trampoline
RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse 20′ Water Trampoline
  • Weight Limit: 1050 lbs
  • Number of Springs: 112 Springs

Best 20 Feet Trampolines Reviews

We have selected 4 best 20 feet trampolines of 2021 worth buying for you. Now, we will give you detailed reviews of each 20-foot trampoline with pros and cons. Then, we request you to go through the reviews below to know which 20 FT trampoline is perfect according to your needs and priorities.

#1. Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme is a heavy-duty rectangle trampoline for outdoor use. It comes with dimensions of 10 feet x 20 feet to provide a considerable jumping area for multiple kids and adults.

Your search for the best 20 feet trampoline for your family should end with this fantastic trampoline from a reliable brand. This 20 FT trampoline is trusted and endorsed by ski racer Olympic medalist Bode Miller. It is suitable for gymnastic training and doing flips & stunts.

The Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme 20 feet trampoline is a 9 gauge 3mm thick, fully galvanized steel frame. It has the broadest and strongest edge in the trampoline industry to assure your family’s safety and maximum durability. It has four heavy steel legs that keep the trampoline stable when in use. It offers the maximum weight limit of 550 lbs which makes it the perfect trampoline for multiple kids/adults to jump simultaneously.

The Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Trampoline comes with 140 9-inch, super heavy-duty steel springs. Each spring works independently to generate higher bounces at any jumping surface area. In addition, it has a high-quality jumping mat with 10 rows of stitching to provide the necessary strength and long-lasting performance. It also contains a premium polyester mesh enclosure net with 360-degree protection to save you and your kids from falling out when jumping on the trampoline. It also includes a steel ladder so that your kids can easily climb on it to enter the jumping surface.

The Happy Galactic Xtreme Rectangular Trampoline includes 140 springs. So, it requires a spring cover that can hide all springs and frame edges. In addition, it consists of an extra-wide frame pad cover that keeps your kids away from walking, falling, or getting caught in springs. The spring cover has soft foam padding for added safety. All materials of this 20 FT trampoline are UV resistant, waterproof, and can withstand all weather conditions. It also meets or exceeds all ASTM and TUV standards.

What We Like
  • Commercial Grade Quality for Long Outdoor Use
  • 9 Gauge 3mm Thick Rust Resistant Steel Frame
  • 4 Heavy Duty Steel Legs Offer Great Stability
  • 550 lbs Weight Limit to Allow Any Size Kid or Adult
  • 10×20 FT Large Size is Suitable for Multiple Jumpers
  • 140 Heavy Duty Springs Create Superior Bounces
  • 33% Longer Springs than the Competitors
  • Enclosure Net Offer Great Safety to Jumpers
  • Provide Lifetime Warranty on Frame and Springs
  • Steel Ladder Allow Kids to Easily Access It
What Need Improvement
  • Assembly Task Cannot be Done by One Person
  • Impossible to Move Without Disassembly
  • Does Not Offer Color or Shape Options

#2. Best Trampoline USA Galactic Xtreme 20 feet trampoline

Best Trampoline USA Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline is a 20 feet trampoline with an enclosure net. It is crafted and designed in the USA to assure the best quality for the price. It is a rectangular trampoline with 10 FT; x 20 FT dimensions to provide a large playing area for your family. The high-quality enclosure net covers the entire jumping surface to protect the jumpers and prevent them from falling out when playing on the trampoline.

The Best Trampoline USA has built this heavy-duty gymnastic trampoline with high-quality components. It contains a permeation polypropylene jumping mat, polyester mesh enclosure net, and foam padded spring cover. The rug, net, and spring pad are weather resistant so that you can keep them outdoor throughout the year. In addition, the mat surface is smooth and more potent than other trampolines available on the market. So, you can perform various tricks, flips, and stunts on this trampoline.

The Best Trampoline USA Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Trampoline is suitable for multiple users. You can allow numerous kids or adults to jump on it simultaneously. It offers the maximum weight limit of up to 550 lbs, but the manufacturer has tested this best 20-foot trampoline with 1500 lbs weight. So, we guarantee that you will never find a trampoline capable of holding 1500 lbs weight.

The Best Trampoline USA has added 140 thick and long springs into this trampoline. Such a large number of springs create better bounces with each jump. Its frame is made of highly heavy-duty 3mm thick rust-resistant steel to withstand all weather and provide long-lasting use. It has four big steel legs that keep the trampoline in balance when kids jump on it. It also includes a steel ladder so that your family can quickly access the trampoline.

What We Like
  • 3mm Thick Steel Construction for Durability
  • Heavy Duty Steel Legs Provide Great Stability
  • 550 lbs Weight Limit and Tested for Up to 1500 lbs
  • 8 Enclosure Poles Hold the Net High to Protect Jumpers
  • Steel Ladder Provide Easy Entry & Exit to Kids
  • 140 Thick 9″ Springs Provide Higher Bounces
  • Large Jump Surface Allow Multiple Kids & Adults
  • Extra Wide Spring Cover Save Kids from Pinching
What Need Improvement
  • Its Assembly is Time Consuming
  • Not Suitable for Small or Medium Backyards
  • Available in Only One Color

#3. Island Hopper Acrobat Water Trampoline

Island Hopper Acrobat Water Trampoline is an inflatable trampoline designed in water. The 20 feet dimensions with a round shape make this trampoline large enough for family camping fun. It is made of high-quality materials and suitable for use in a river, lake, and ocean. It is equipped with a 4-step steel ladder to help you climb on the trampoline without any hassle.

The Island Hopper 20 Foot Acrobat Water Trampoline is crafted with 9mm 1100 Denier mesh reinforced PVC material. This higher quality material is solid and UV resistant to provide long-lasting use. In addition, the manufacturer offers five years “No Seam Blow Out” warranty on this water trampoline. It has 3 chamber inflation tubes to provide structural strength and 7 anchor tie D-rings to offer safe & secure mooring.

To make this best 20 feet trampoline easy to use, the Island Hopper has added 8 swimmer assist handles. These handles help climb on the trampoline ladder and move around in water. In addition, it has 20 feet stainless steel frame and 8.5-inch tapered springs to provide a safe jumping experience. The steel springs create better bounces than nylon webbing or bungee cords.

The Island Hopper 20 feet water trampoline contains a 700 PSI burst strength polypropylene jump surface and a 1-inch foam perimeter spring cover. The jumping surface and spring safety pad are UV resistant to withstand sunlight, UV rays, and other weather effects. This water trampoline has a maximum weight limit of 800 lbs, so you can allow multiple users to play & jump on it at the same time.

What We Like
  • UV Resistant Jump Surface and Spring Cover
  • 8.5″ Cross Tapered Springs Create High Bounces
  • Stainless Steel Frame Build A Strong Structure
  • 800 lbs High Weight Limit Allow Multiple Users
  • 3 Chamber Inflation Tube Keep It Always Floating
  • and 7 Anchor Tie D-Rings for Safe Mooring
  • 4-Step Entry Ladder for Easy Access by Everyone
  • 8 Swimmer Assist Handles Offer Easy of Use
  • Has 5 Year “No Seam Blow Out” Warranty
  • Storage Bag and Repair Kit Are Included
What Need Improvement
  • Air Pump (Inflator) is Not Included
  • Does Not Include Any Attachments

#4. RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline

RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse is a 20-foot round trampoline with an anchor connector kit. It is a large water trampoline for kids and adults to have summertime fun in the lake, river, or ocean. It provides 124 square feet large jumping surface to accommodate multiple kids and adults simultaneously. According to the manufacturer, you can allow 6 kids or 4 adults to play & jump on this best 20 FT trampoline at a time.

The RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline comes with a high-speed inflator/deflator. So, you can start inflating this 20 feet trampoline right out of the box. It also includes a 6 step steel ladder that allows you and your kids to climb on the trampoline from water easily. Kindly note that it requires 10 feet deep water to float properly and provide good bouncing fun to all users.

The RAVE Sports has constructed this durable 20 feet trampoline from commercial grade reinforced PVC material with heat-welded seams. It includes RAVE’s Anchor Connector Kit, which you can use to anchor the trampoline with the land when it’s floating in the water. It offers a maximum weight limit of 1050 lbs, making it a heavy-weight capacity water trampoline for adults.

The RAVE Sports Aqua Jump 20 FT Water Trampoline has a nylon webbing jump surface and foam padded spring cover. The jumping surface is attached with 112 7.5-inch steel springs attached to the trampoline’s inflation tube. The long springs create higher bounces with every jump, and the spring cover keeps the jumpers safe from springs. Overall, it is a high-quality water trampoline 20 feet in size to provide enough jumping space for your entire family.

What We Like
  • 124 Square Feet Jump Surface for Multiple Users
  • High Speed Inflator/Deflator Included
  • Up to 1050 lbs Maximum Weight Limit
  • Nylon Webbing Jump Surface Offer Smooth Play
  • Foam Padded Spring Cover Save from Pinching
  • 112 High Tension Springs Create Great Bounces
  • Can Fit 6 Children or 4 Adults At A Time
  • 6-Step Steel Ladder Offer Easy Entry & Exit
  • Original Anchor Connector Kit is Also Included
What Need Improvement
  • Does Not Offer Any Color Option
  • Does Not Include Any Attachments

FAQs About 20 Feet Trampolines

The 20 feet trampolines are not so typical as 15 feet trampolines and other sizes. Therefore you may not have complete knowledge about them, which may lead to some doubts and confusion. We have talked to the people who want to buy a 20-foot trampoline, and they asked us some important questions about it.

Here we provide such common questions as FAQs and their answers in brief. It would be best to read these questions and answers to clear your doubts and get a suitable 20 FT trampoline for your backyard.

Q.1 Can adults jump on 20 feet trampolines?

Yes, adults can jump on a 20-foot trampoline as it comes with a higher weight limit.

Q.2 Are 20 feet trampolines round or rectangular?

The 20 feet trampolines are made in rectangle shape. If you are looking for a 20-foot water trampoline, you can get it in a round shape.

Q.3 How many kids or adults can use a 20 feet trampoline?

4 to 6 kids or 2-3 adults can use a 20-foot trampoline simultaneously.

Q.4 How much weight can 20 feet trampolines hold?

A 20-foot trampoline can hold the user weight of up to 550 lbs, and 20 feet water trampolines can hold the weight of 800 lbs to 1050 lbs.

Q.5 Are 20 feet trampolines suitable for gymnastics and athletes?

Yes, 20 feet trampolines are suitable for gymnastics and athletes performing various trampoline tricks, flips, and stunts.

Wrapping Up

We have reviewed all 20 feet trampolines that are worth your attention. We hope that our reviews have helped you get the best 20 FT trampoline for your family in 2021 at a reasonable price. Suppose you still have a query regarding any of these 20 feet rectangle trampolines or 20 feet water trampolines. In that case, you can ask us in the comment section or visit the official Amazon website at Www.Amazon.Com.

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