The 10 Best 15 Foot Trampoline Available 2023

If you’re looking for a giant trampoline, we’ve got the best 15-foot trampoline reviews for you.

We looked at the market and current products offered and culled the top 15-foot trampolines from the jumble: the most substantial frames, the most excellent jumping mat, durability, flexibility, safety, and style.

A trampoline is an excellent choice for recreational use at home or in the workplace, professional training or acrobatics, or even a health and exercise prop. Of course, a 15 ft trampoline with a net is close to the top of the consumer trampoline market.

If you’re searching for a large rebounder, you’re probably seeking the ultimate funhouse with plenty of comfort and room. A Jumping surface with a diameter of more than 13 feet will be carried on these trampolines.

These giant trampolines may not be suitable for more minor children or, more accurately, lighter jumpers due to the size of the jump mat and the stiffness necessary to maintain it.

In addition, the high compression springs required for a trampoline of this size may result in light jumpers’ limited and irritating bounce.

Even if you want to maximize your trampoline jump area, there are certain limitations. The necessity for space must be carefully weighed against the profile of the intended users.

Otherwise, you risk missing out on the enjoyment that your trampoline installation should provide.

Though we advocate purchasing a trampoline in person since it is the only way to get a genuine sense of the bounce, we hope that our reviews of the best products will assist you in making better and more educated shopping selections. So here are our top picks.

In a Hurry? Here’s My Top Pick…

Top Pick #1
9.4/10Our Score

Zupapa TUV Approved Round Trampoline

  • Brand: Zupapa
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Number Of Springs: 96
  • Maximum Weight: 425 Pounds
The 10 Best 15 Foot Trampoline Available 2022

10 Best 15-Foot Trampoline List

Zupapa TUV Approved Round Trampoline + Accessories.

Zupapa TUV Approved Round Trampoline + Accessories.

  • Maximum Weight: 375 Pounds
  • Number Of Springs: 48
Beast Round Trampoline (NOT AMAZON)

Beast Round Trampoline (NOT AMAZON)

  • Maximum Weight: 375 Pounds
  • Number Of Springs: 48
Acon Air 16 Sport 15 ft Rectangle Trampoline

Acon Air 16 Sport 15 ft Rectangle Trampoline

  • Maximum Weight: 375 Pounds
  • Number Of Springs: 48
Merax Round Trampoline

Merax Round Trampoline

  • Maximum Weight: 375 Pounds
  • Number Of Springs: 108
Summit Rectangle Trampoline

Summit Rectangle Trampoline

  • Maximum Weight: 375 Pounds
  • Number Of Springs: 48
Giantex Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Giantex Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

  • Maximum Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Number Of Springs: 48
JumpSport The Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport The Fitness Trampoline

  • Maximum Weight: 225 Pounds
  • Number Of Springs: 48
Springfree Large Square Trampoline

Springfree Large Square Trampoline

  • Maximum Weight: 375 Pounds
  • Number Of Springs: 96

1. Zupapa TUV Approved Round Trampoline + Accessories.

Zupapa TUV Approved Round Trampoline + Accessories.

For a long time, the Zupapa 15ft trampoline with the net has been one of our top picks for families’ most good giant trampolines. However, late in 2018, this German manufacturer upgraded the tramp’s build quality, making it considerably more potent and sturdy, as seen by its high weight restriction.

When selecting a giant trampoline, the first thing to consider is the maximum weight capacity. Here is where the Zupapa 15ft trampoline outperforms most of its competitors in its price range.

This Trampoline has been designed to support up to 375 pounds of weight. However, most trampolines of this size, particularly those from well-known manufacturers, have a weight limit of 250 pounds, which is quite restrictive for most adults.

The large jumping area and high weight restriction make for a fantastic combo, especially if you have lively teenagers in the family and are searching for a large trampoline for gymnastics.

The Zupapa 15ft is also safe due to its polyethylene enclosure and no-gap jump mat construction for providing extra protection and its w-shaped legs with caps that keep it from digging into the ground.

This is also the only model in our list of the top 14 and 15ft trampolines that comes with practically all of the necessary attachments for your new Trampoline. A ladder, a rain cover, six wind pegs, two T-hooks, and two sets of gloves are included.

What We Like
  • A ladder, wind stakes, and rain cover come with this product.
  • Advantages of a low pricing
  • The weight restriction is really high.
  • advantages Good bounce
What Need Improvement
  • Pretty hazy instruction manual.

2. Skywalker Round Trampoline 15 feet with Enclosure Net Reviews

Skywalker Round Trampoline 15 feet with Enclosure Net Reviews

These Skywalker trampolines are an attractive choice for a family trampoline. The patented no-gap enclosure net is a unique, long-lasting design that uses a button-hole feature to interlock with the jump mat v-rings, avoiding gaps. The strengthened t-sockets that attach to the trampoline frame help to keep the upper enclosure stable.

This keeps the structure from twisting. The frame is made of 16-gauge rust-resistant galvanized steel. The trampoline frame’s primary construction contains six W-shaped legs that give additional stability and safety for several individuals on the Trampoline. When everyone wants to bounce together, this is an excellent family trampoline.

These Skywalker trampolines are equipped with a UV-resistant enclosure net for providing extra protection. There are 96 rust-resistant springs in total. The braided jumping surface prevents slippage when jumping. Two people are better than one when assembling the Skywalker trampolines.

When putting up the enclosure attachments, springs, and jump mat, make sure the enclosure net’s zipper opening is matched up with an at-bracket that doesn’t have the additional hole.

This extra hole will be used to place the enclosure post. The spring pad should also be fastened down at the very conclusion of the assembling procedure. This will also free you from retrying the spring pad down if you make any mistakes throughout the construction.

One good thing here is that the total assembly time is around 2 hours. The weight limit for a 15-foot trampoline is 425 pounds. This is an excellent trampoline for the whole family. You’ll have a great time, and there’s plenty of room for everyone.

This Trampoline is of excellent quality and value. It will have the entire family jumping and energetic for hours. If you enjoy the features of the Skywalker 15 feet but want a smaller trampoline, this Trampoline is also available in 8 and 12-foot sizes.

What We Like
  • The frame is powder-coated twice.
  • Isolated springs in a safety mesh
  • Design with six sturdy legs
  • A variety of hues
  • Rust resistant galvanized steel frame.
  • An excellent trampoline to make long-lasting memories with the whole family
What Need Improvement
  • Maximum user weight capacity is limited.
  • There is no access ladder provided.

3. Skywalker 15 Foot Jump N’ Dunk Round Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

Skywalker 15 Foot Jump N' Dunk Round Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

The Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk round trampoline comes with a UV-resistant enclosure net. Not to mention basketball hoop, offering the youngsters lots of opportunities for slam dunk action! The basketball hoop is constructed of a soft material to prevent harm, while the ball is made of foam.

If a lot of pressure is given to the hook and loop component of the basketball hoop, it is intended to break away safely. This minimizes the possibility of arms being trapped when dipping. Rope and backboard straps secure the basketball hoop to the trampoline and enclosure poles.

The Skywalker 15-foot Jump N’ Dunk is pretty simple to put together, although two people best do it. When placing the jumping surface, spring, and enclosure attachments together, ensure the enclosure net’s zipper opening is aligned with the at-bracket that doesn’t have the additional hole.

The enclosing post will be put in the extra hole. It is also good to secure the spring pad at the end. Then, if you make any mistakes during the assembly, you will not have to reattach the spring pad until everything is in order. And all that assembly will only take around 2 to 3 hours max.

One of the most acceptable trampolines for kids has to be this one. They’ll be entertained for hours on this well-made Trampoline. If you enjoy the features of the Skywalker 15-foot Jump N’ Dunk but want a smaller trampoline, this Trampoline is also available in 8-foot and 12-foot sizes.

What We Like
  • Isolated springs with a simple setup and a low price
  • Patented no-gap enclosure net with a strong zipper entrance
  • Stiffening the frame Adapters for assembling enclosure net in the shape of a tee
  • This round trampoline also comes with a hoop to add to the enjoyment
  • Has galvanized steel frame
What Need Improvement
  • Weight Range is limited
  • There is no access ladder provided

4. Beast Round Trampoline

Beast Round Trampoline

The Beast round trampoline is a fitting moniker for him! It’s large, robust, and durable, and it has no weight limit, as its name implies. So, if you’re a huge guy who can’t seem to find a tramp that can handle your weight, this one could be a good fit.

To be honest, the design of this round trampoline is unique and eye-catching. So, even though it’s a little more expensive than the others on this list, if you’re searching for the finest round trampoline with enclosure combo that won’t be an eyesore in your backyard, you might want to consider it.

The ‘beast’ design emblem on the patented no-gap enclosure and spring pad does not detract from the Trampoline’s build quality. Galvanized steel with a diameter of 1.9 inches and a thickness of 0.07 inches makes up the frame, leg, and enclosure support poles.

Another essential structural feature that we enjoy is T-sockets to link the frame and enclosure poles. There are no welds to fail, and the t-sockets minimize structural twisting dangers, even with the heaviest jumper onboard.

The Beast round trampoline, on the other hand, does not sacrifice bounce for a high weight restriction. This model has 96 8.5-inch springs, which makes most of its competitors envious.

What We Like
  • Isolated springs with a simple setup and a low price
  • Patented no-gap enclosure net with a strong zipper entrance
  • Stiffening the frame Adapters for assembling enclosure net in the shape of a tee
  • This round trampoline also comes with a hoop to add to the enjoyment
  • Has galvanized steel frame
What Need Improvement
  • Is a bit pricey

5. Acon Air 16 Sport 15 ft Rectangle Trampoline

Acon Air 16 Sport 15 ft Rectangle Trampoline

While many backyard trampolines have weight restrictions that limit their usage to children, Acon produces high-quality trampolines that anybody can use. The Acon Air 16 Sport has no weight limit for a single user, allowing any adult to jump around freely on this robust, springy model.

Because of the 140 galvanized steel springs that run around the circumference of this rectangular Trampoline, these trampolines are widely commended for their remarkable bounce.

This means it has sufficient surface area and provides adequate bounce for an adult trampoline without the risk of bottoming out or destroying the framework.

Acon’s trampolines are constructed to last, making the investment in this backyard addition worthwhile. The polypropylene mat and springs are covered by a 5-year warranty, while a 10-year warranty covers the powder-coated, galvanized steel frame.

In addition, compared to other light-duty trampolines meant for a few brief seasons of usage, all parts are interchangeable, extending the Trampoline’s lifespan.

What We Like
  • Frame, springs, and matting are all covered by a warranty
  • There is no weight limit for a single jumper
What Need Improvement
  • When compared to other models, it is somewhat pricey

6. Merax Round Trampoline

Merax Round Trampoline

The greatest round trampolines are all about having a good fun time for the whole fun, and we’re betting that nothing beats a basketball hoop to bring out the proper enjoyment of these toys. The Merax Trampoline, on the other hand, has a lot more in store for you.

The maximum weight capacity of this tramp was the first item that drew us in. The Merax is a terrific tramp for grownups who don’t want to be left out of the action since it can hold up to 330 pounds.

This round trampoline with basketball hoop is made of heavy-gauge steel that has been hot-dip galvanized to prevent corrosion. If you reside in a humid or damp climate, you’ll love this. The UV-resistant mat and safety net, on the other hand, ensure that the tramp may be used all year round.

Because of the 72 springs, the Merax isn’t the most bouncy Trampoline on the market. However, it compensates for this by including a basketball hoop and a ladder in its safety features.

What We Like
  • Comes with a basketball hoop that is securely fastened.
  • Most adults are accommodated because of the high weight restriction.
  • Extremely durable
What Need Improvement
  • Not budget-friendly.

7. Summit Rectangle Trampoline

Summit Rectangle Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines’ Summit 14-foot rectangular trampoline is quite similar to the type shown above. The main distinction is its jungle green spring cover, which is a welcome change from the blue pads seen on most trampolines.

The bounce of this Trampoline is one of its best features, according to most of its previous users. A set of 80 7-inch springs are included with the Summit 14-foot Rectangle trampoline. Unlike the 15ft one above, however, this one contains an additional set of four 5.5″ springs made of rust-resistant galvanized steel to give the tramp even more bounce.

The overall build quality is excellent, especially given the 19 gauge and 16 gauge galvanized steel frames and legs, respectively. The only minor criticism we have about the Skywalker Trampoline 14′ is its weight restriction of 200 pounds.

Despite its overall high-end construction, the limited weight limit makes it suitable exclusively for children. In fact, it is recommended for children aged 8 to 12. However, older adolescents are welcome to ride as well.

What We Like
  • High-quality building materials
  • It looks fantastic.
  • Assembly is a snap because of the easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Appear to be long-lasting
What Need Improvement
  • Weight capacity is limited.

8. Giantex Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Giantex Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

This Giantex round trampoline gives you more bang for your buck. This Trampoline comes in 10-, 14-, 15-, and 16-foot diameters and is a basic, solid solution for outdoor jumping. While it may not have the more significant bounce or unique design elements of more expensive trampolines, this inexpensive Trampoline provides plenty of spring to excite kids, teenagers, and even adults. This is due to its liberal weight restriction of 300 pounds or more, depending on trampoline size.

While there are fewer springs than in some similar-sized trampolines (the 10-foot model has 60 and the 14-foot model has 80), this Trampoline is still enough for recreational usage. The perimeter springs are cushioned to prevent pinching, and a safety net enclosure with padded support poles is incorporated.

Under this round trampoline, four legs are evenly spaced. They provide ample support and stability for the entire Trampoline.

The steel tubes that link the enclosure net to the spring cover are precisely fastened to the safety enclosure netting. This also ensures your safety while jumping on the mat by eliminating gaps between the rug and the safety net.

Steel frame, jumping surface, safety cage combination, and ladder are all included in our Trampoline. It’s also simple to put together. The instruction lists and numbers all of the pieces, including the hardware. The particular assembly processes are depicted in a graphic format that is easy to follow.

The maximum weight allowed is 375 pounds. The heavy-duty PP jumping mat is expertly sewn. It gives a sense of safety and protection when you jump on the mat and move around.

The frame is constructed out of galvanized, rust-proof steel. They are long-lasting and rust-resistant and provide the Trampoline with longer service life.

What We Like
  • All necessary components are supplied.
  • It is suited for both youngsters and adults because of its generous weight limit.
What Need Improvement
  • Fewer spring and less bounce

9. JumpSport The Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport The Fitness Trampoline

A fitness trampoline is a terrific alternative for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Although the JumpSport 250 resembles a regular mini-trampoline, it has characteristics that make it suitable for rebound exercises.

The arched legs on the 39-inch frame provide stability, lowering the possibility of the Trampoline tipping over during a workout. Heavy-duty elastic cords provide a smoother bounce than standard steel springs and don’t pinch your toes during a workout. Furthermore, this bungee system is much quieter than steel springs, which frequently creak when in operation.

Depending on your mood, the JumpSport 250 may be used for basic bouncing or trampoline-specific workout programs. This bundle comes with a training DVD as well as 60 days of online access to JumpSport’s exercise videos. If you’re searching for a little trampoline for exercise, this model with a weight capacity of 250 pounds is a wonderful choice.

What We Like
  • Arched legs provide better tipping resistance
  • Bouncing is quieter and smoother using the bungee system
What Need Improvement
  • For stability and safety, there is no balancing bar

10. Springfree Large Square Trampoline

Springfree Large Square Trampoline

The most revolutionary element of the Springfree Trampoline is its bounce mechanism, as the name implies. Instead of coil springs, this Trampoline uses flexible composite rods that aren’t likely to pinch fingers or toes. In addition, patented SoftEdge cushioning removes the leaping surface’s rough edges. These qualities add up to a larger, more useable leaping surface. This 11-foot-square Trampoline has the surface area of a 14-foot-square trampoline with traditional springs.

This Trampoline distinguishes out for its strong cage in addition to its spring-free construction. The tight mesh net has no metal poles to injure jumpers, and it gently leads them back to the mat’s center. While the Springfree Trampoline is more expensive than many other trampoline types, it also comes with one of the finest warranties available. A 10-year guarantee covers all components, including the frame, jumping mat, compression rods, pads, and safety net.

If you’re searching for a family-friendly trampoline that can provide long lasting memories for the whole family, this is the Trampoline to choose. This Trampoline’s individual jumper weight rating is 220 pounds.

Therefore anyone who weighs more than that, then there is a greater danger of bottoming out. To minimize harm, the manufacturer only suggests single jumping. However, it’s worth noting that this Trampoline’s maximum weight capability is 1,500 pounds.

What We Like
  • With a smaller footprint, there’s more room to leap.
  • All components are covered by a ten-year guarantee
  • Because there are no springs, there is no possibility of getting pinched
What Need Improvement
  • Not budget-friendly.

Trampoline Shapes

You’ve probably seen that trampolines come in a variety of sizes. But, in case you didn’t know, the Trampoline’s design has an impact on practically everything when it comes to choosing the most excellent Trampoline. Here’s a rundown of how various trampolines perform based on their size:

Round Trampoline

They are reasonably priced and widely accessible. This design is claimed to make the tramp safer because its bounce isn’t as forceful as a rectangular or square tramp’s. The springs in the jumper work together to move the jumper towards the center and away from the hard frame once more. The only catch is that they’re a little challenging to put near corners and barriers.


Owing to its large jumping area, they make the greatest trampolines for gymnastics and pros. Their springs, furthermore, function independently to provide you with the most acceptable bounce. A 15-foot trampoline will also be easier to set up than a spherical trampoline of the same size. What’s the catch? Price.

Square trampolines

They provide the same bounce as rectangular trampolines but lower risk levels. These types are also easier to set up than circular trampolines and take up less horizontal space than a rectangle.

Things to Consider before buying Trampoline


You need to correctly calculate how much room you have and how many people you intend to use your Trampoline with at the same time before you buy. Most miniature trampolines have a diameter of 3 feet or less, making them perfect for solitary jumpers. When not in use, these versions may be kept in a closet or shed and are less weightless, making them easier to carry from room to room (or from indoors to outdoors).

When it comes to more giant trampolines, the sizes typically range from 8 feet to roughly 17 feet. Remember that a trampoline’s length is measured from frame to frame. Therefore the actual jumping surface will be smaller than the total measurements. Trampolines that are square or rectangular can increase surface area while taking up less space in your yard.


Choose a trampoline with suitable safety measures to avoid a leaping accident. To avoid bouncing off the edge, consider using a net cage. Some net enclosures also prevent you from landing on the springs and getting pinched. In contrast, others are situated beyond the springs’ perimeter but have a cushioned cover to protect your fingers and toes. Finally, look for a handrail on the mini-trampolines to add added stability and keep the jumper centered over the Trampoline.

The Standard Of Construction

The most perfect 14ft and 15ft trampolines with enclosures can set you back a significant amount of money. As a result, it’s critical to make sure you’re receiving good value for your money. This is due to the high quality of the materials utilized, including everything from the frame and legs to the mat and net.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is your family safe on the Trampoline?

Trampolines are undeniably a top source of injuries at the moment. Unfortunately, at times, life is also lost. The excellent news is that most manufacturers have taken the required precautions to avoid this problem. Quality springs with adequate cushioning, a robust enclosure net with a difficult-to-forget entryway, a stable frame and legs, and cushioned enclosure support poles are just a few of them.

Who will be the one to jump on it?

The size of a trampoline should be determined by the age, height, weight, and athletic ability of the persons using it.

If you’re buying a trampoline for your children, a smaller size will suffice. However, bear in mind that your kids will grow, so if you want to maintain your Trampoline for that long time, we would recommend you to consider a more significant size even if your children are still little.

When choosing the size and design of the Trampoline, keep in mind the Trampoline’s weight restriction. In general, you should leave at least a few pounds between you and the maximum limit. For example, if three 50-pound children will be jumping, a trampoline that can handle 200 pounds is recommended.

How many people are going to use it?

Will your Trampoline be your children’s and their friends’ primary source of entertainment? In such a scenario, you’ll want to go with a bigger size, so they have enough area to jump around without colliding.

However, if you’re going to use this alone or impose a one-at-a-time rule with your kids, a smaller one will suffice.

In your yard, how much area do you have?

The available area will mostly determine the size and design of your Trampoline. Remember to leave as much open space around, below, and above the Trampoline as possible to avoid injury!

What is the Best Surface Area for a Trampoline?

A trampoline cannot be placed anyplace in a backyard. There are several instructions to follow to keep your Trampoline safe and avoid it from shifting, tipping over, or being damaged.

No slopes: The ground under the frame must be perfectly even and flat.

Soft Ground: The soil beneath the frame legs should give a little to allow the frame legs to settle in for more stability.

More Lighting-If you want to use the Trampoline at night, you’ll probably need to put lighting nearby. Just keep in mind that it should never be placed over the Trampoline’s entrance!

Clear Air Space: There should be no hurdles in the way of your mind.

Clear surrounding area: There must be no risks in the immediate vicinity. It is preferable to land on soft grass or soil to ensure a safe landing!

Last Words

With this, we wind up our recommendation of the top 15 foot trampolines for your selection. We hope you found our 15ft trampoline evaluations to be informative. Remember to take your time when making your decision.

A giant trampoline is a long-term investment, so you want to ensure you have the best setup possible. Check that you have enough installation area, taking into account the Trampoline’s footprint and complete circle trampoline access with a comfortable walk around.

Enclosures will stretch when struck, so keep them away from walls and other complicated things that might be harmful. A safe installation will provide hours of fun and injury-free entertainment—best of luck in your bouncing ventures and happy hunting.