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7 Best 16ft trampolines of 2022

As someone who grew up around trampolines, I know how fun and healthy it is. In this era, kids are mostly glued to their screens. But I wanted Zach and Hannah to be outdoorsy.

And while all of this could be achieved with an 8 ft or 10 ft trampoline, I thought getting a 16 ft trampoline would be a better idea. Why exactly? The thing is – a 16 ft trampoline can accommodate two-four kids with ease.

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Are In-Ground Trampolines Safer Than Those Above?

So, what happens is – my kids can bring their friends over and have a bouncing festival.

I’m a big-time trampoline guy. So, I took it as a passion project to find everything I could. And that’s why I can help guide you towards the best 16 ft trampoline.

I’ve taken everything into consideration – from weight capacity to jumping mat quality. So, I’m going to go over all the details when I talk about all the 16 ft trampolines that I’ve listed here. Let’s get this show on the road.

Best 16 ft Trampoline

Let me tell you that trampolines aren’t super technical. All the features are pretty straightforward. However, the challenges come in when you’ve got to install the trampoline. Anyways, I’ll drop all the knowledge bombs you’ll ever need to get yourself a top-tier 16 ft trampoline.

1. ORCC Trampoline 16 FT

I was wondering whether to put the Merax 16 ft on top instead of the ORCC 16 FT. Trust me – the competition was fierce. But I ended up going for the ORCC because it’s more stable + has more bounce + excellent customer service.

Let me tell you why the ORCC Trampoline is my favorite. For starters, the number of springs on this trampoline is higher than most 16-foot trampolines out there. It has 120 springs compared to Merax and Giantex’s 108.

So, you get a greater bounce from this trampoline. However, a lot of parents don’t prefer this. To them, higher bounce = more risk. And I get that. But this trampoline has twelve 5.9 ft poles. So, your kid bouncing off of the trampoline is less likely.

Besides, the poles are covered with thick foam. We’re talking 10mm thickness here. You’ve got nothing to worry about even if your children hit the pole while jumping. Yes – a big hit will definitely be sore. But give it a day, and they’ll be fine.

And as I mentioned earlier, the purpose of a 16 ft trampoline is to have a bounce party. If you can’t get 3 or more people on it, what’s the point? The ORCC trampoline has a weight capacity of 450lbs. More than 4 kids can get up on it without any trouble whatsoever.

450lbs cap is what makes this a great heavy-weight capacity trampoline.

The jumping pad has both PE (polyethylene) and PVC. I prefer PP (polypropylene) on the jumping pad. PP has more elasticity = better bounce. But PP makes the trampoline expensive. So, there’s that. Anyways, the PE + PVC combo is all good.

I’ve checked the trampoline frame. It’s as sturdy as you can expect a frame to be. Not sure how it’ll fare against the elements. I never had the audacity to keep it outside come heat or high water. But I know that the frame can tolerate a lot!

I just haven’t put it to the test because I want mine to last for years.

Every homeowner worries about installation. While all the manufacturers keep screaming that it’s easy – it never is. You need at least another person to get it ready. Ideally, you should have three people in total to set up the ORCC trampoline.

Another reason why I decided to give ORCC the coveted first position is – excellent customer service. In a world where people just get your money and go sayonara, the ORCC team stands by their products and promises. So, if you need any help, you won’t have to wait long.

Overall, you should know that the ORCC is almost $200 costlier than Merax. A lot of people would immediately abort the ORCC ship after knowing this. But there’s a reason why ORCC is expensive. The greater bounce, more stability, safer poles, excellent jumping pad, and responsive customer service – these all come together and make ORCC worth the extra green. Give it a shot, and you won’t regret it.

Note: People who want to know more about ORCC and their line of trampolines can hop into the head-to-head I have between the ORCC vs. Skywalker to find out more.


  • Weight Capacity: 450lbs
  • Safety: Safety Certified (ASTM Standard)
  • Packaging Box: 3
  • Springs: 120
  • Spring Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Enclosure: PE Mesh Netting
  • Frame: Galvanized Steel
  • Installation: 3-6 hours
  • Approximate Durability: 3-5 + years


  • More spring count than other 16 ft trampolines
  • Excellent PE + PVC jumping pad = even bounce
  • Mesh Netting and Foam-covered poles keep your kids safe
  • Responsive customer service


  • Installation is somewhat tricky
  • A bit expensive compared to other 16 ft trampolines

2. Merax 16FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

When I was first shopping for a 16 feet trampoline, I didn’t have a whole lot of money to spare. But I wanted a trampoline that had a good brand name backing it up. And that’s when the Merax 16 feet trampoline came to my rescue.

Don’t get me wrong, with a market price of around 500 dollars; this was still a pretty expensive pickup. But compared to brands like ORCC or Upper Bounce, whose trampolines can cost up to 700 or 800 dollars, I was pretty happy with the price of the Merax 16 feet trampolines.

The trampoline came neatly packed in three separate boxes. Since the metal parts had a box of their own, I wasn’t worried much about any damage. The first thing that I did after opening the boxes was go through the assembly instructions in the manual. It seemed pretty straightforward, and so I got to work.

And to my pleasant surprise, the trampoline came together quite nicely. Of course, I had my friends and my kids helping me out, which played a part in reducing the assembly time. But even if you are working at it on your own, you should be done within three to four hours.

This trampoline boasts a strong and durable galvanized steel frame that will survive the test of time even against extreme weather conditions. I keep my trampoline outside all the time, and to this day, it works perfectly. It comes with 108 steel springs that offer excellent bounce and have a rust-resistant galvanized coating.

I also love the 5.9 feet high mesh safety net that comes with the trampoline. It includes a durable zipper along with a clip safety lock to ensure full 360-degree protection for whoever is jumping on the trampoline at all times. The net is supported by 12 safety poles, and all of the poles come with foam sleeves to prevent bump injuries.

As for its weight capacity, it can handle up to 330 pounds at a time. This is pretty decent considering how affordable the trampoline is. It does fall short when you put it next to ORCC’s 450lbs weight capacity. But the Merax is way cheaper.

So, you might not be able to jump on it with your whole family, but for the kids, it should be enough.

To make up for it, though, the manufacturers do include a couple of handy accessories with your purchase. For one thing, you get a three-step ladder that feels pretty sturdy and allows you to easily get into the trampoline. The steps are designed to be slip-resistant to minimize any risk of injuries.

You also get 12 wind stakes with your purchase that allows you to safely anchor it to the ground when you set it up. This trampoline comes with six months of warranty, but frankly, if you take care of it, it should last you much, much longer than that.


Weight Capacity: 330lbs

•        Safety: Safety Certified (ASTM Standard)

•        Packaging Box: 3

•        Springs: 108

•        Spring Material: Galvanized Steel

•        Enclosure: UV-treated Mesh

•        Frame: Galvanized Steel

•        Installation: 3-4 hours

•        Approximate Durability: 1+ years


•        Comes at a great price

•        Excellent safety features

•        Galvanized steel frame and springs

•        Easy assembly


•        Might not last as long as a high-end trampoline

•        Packaging Issues – Boxes may arrive one at a time

3. Giantex Trampoline, ASTM Approved 16Ft

While Giantex is a pretty established brand for home décor and furniture, when it comes to trampolines, they are relatively new. Naturally, I was a bit skeptical about trying out their trampoline, and I’ll be honest, if their 16 foot trampoline was not as affordable as it is, I wouldn’t give it a fair shot.

But I am glad that I did because what I ended up with was a high-end, well-made trampoline that did not ask me for an arm and a leg if I wanted to buy it. Sure, there are some hiccups here and there, but nothing couldn’t live with, especially considering its laughable price tag.

The 16 feet model comes in three boxes with everything packed neatly to minimize any chance of damage while shipping. I loved the screw-free easy assembly system that Giantex used for this trampoline, and the instruction manual was pretty simple and straightforward.

But what I loved more about it was the sturdy frame design. It features galvanized steel frames and has six U-shaped legs to support it. This might not seem like a big deal to some, but it does make it a lot more stable. And if you want your trampoline to be safe, stability should never take a backseat.

The jumping mat that comes with the trampoline is made of UV-resistant polypropylene material. It is both safe and strong enough to withstand the weight while you are jumping as long as you stay within the limit. And polypropylene or PP is greater than both PE and PVC. So, the jumping pad is excellent.

You also get a decent spring pad that eliminates all gaps between the springs and the mat. That means – no risk to your kids.

Now, the one thing that I was a huge fan of was its amazing weight capacity. With 16 feet models, 330 pounds is the accepted standard. But this one can carry up to 375 pounds giving you a lot more for your money. Still, it’s low when you compare it to the ORCC 16 ft trampoline’s 450lbs limit. But it’s better than Merax’s 330lbs.

It also includes a well-designed enclosure net that is around 6 feet high. The net is supported by 12 foam-sleeved poles to eliminate any risk of injuries while you are jumping on your trampoline.

On top of that, the enclosure net comes with double-sided zippers, which you can also lock using the safety clip. This reduces the chance of anyone accidentally ripping the zipper open while jumping. Even if that happens, the clipper will hold the net together to prevent any accidents.

You do get a decent bit of warranty with your trampoline, and the brand responds quickly to your queries if you have any. For a budget trampoline, this is a great pickup, if you ask me, considering the performance it offers and great after sales services.


•        Weight Capacity: 375bs

•        Safety: Safety Certified (ASTM F381 & ASTM F225 & EN71 Standard)

•        Packaging Box: 3

•        Springs: 108

•        Spring Material: Galvanized Steel

•        Enclosure: UV-treated Mesh

•        Frame: Hot-dip Galvanized Steel

•        Installation: 2-3 hours

•        Approximate Durability: 2+ years


•        Six legs offer better stability

•        Excellent weight capacity

•        No-gap spring pad design

•        Strong and sturdy construction


•        Has some quality control issues

•        The ladder design could have been better – it’s a bit uncomfortable

4. Machrus Upper Bounce Trampoline 16FT

While I have a thing for budget trampolines, the truth is, they have a lot of issues, at least in terms of weight capacity. And if you are investing in a trampoline that you can use with your entire family, then going with a budget trampoline might not be the wisest idea.

Still, your budget is your budget, and I respect that, which is why I already gave you two budget options. But if you want to go with a big boy, then the best 16ft trampoline for you would be the Machrus Upper Bounce Recreational Trampoline. It might not be cheap, but it offers a phenomenal experience.

Now, I’ll be honest; I had some reservations when I was planning on buying this trampoline. It costs more than 800 bucks, and that is not exactly throwaway money for me. But I wanted to get something that would last till the end of time. And since I heard so much about Upper Bounce, I wanted to give this a shot.

But I am glad that I took that one last step because what I ended up with caught me completely off-guard. Everything from its installation to build-quality and safety features felt perfect. The packaging was great, and everything arrived as it was supposed to and on time.

Installation took me only a couple of hours when I followed along with the guide. Of course, I had some help while setting it up. But even without help, I don’t think it would take too much effort to set it up. The brand went with a “Drop N Click” mechanism that cuts down the installation time quite significantly.”

Safety has always been a prime concern of the brand, and I could see that clearly in the design of this trampoline. It comes with a heavy-duty steel frame that boasts a rust-resistant galvanized powder coating that promises utmost durability and strength. No wonder it exceeds all ASTM standards for trampoline safety.

It also has a thick spring pad that uses elastic S-hook straps to securely anchor to the trampoline frame preventing any pinch points. It comes with 108 galvanized steel springs that are about 7.5 inches in length. The springs are slightly longer than what you usually find with trampolines of this size. So you will also get a better bounce with it.

The trampoline also comes with enclosure nets and foam sleeves for the poles. But you don’t get any wind stakes with it. Now, this would not be a big deal if the trampoline was cheaper, but for this much money, I would have expected at least a couple of stakes to safely anchor it to the ground.

The warranty period of the trampoline is also not that high, but I didn’t care much for that because it would last way longer than one year. The one that I have in my backyard is still going strong after five years of service.


•        Weight Capacity: 330bs

•        Safety: Safety Certified (Exceeds ASTM Standard)

•        Packaging Box: 3

•        Springs: 108

•        Spring Material: Galvanized Steel

•        Enclosure: UV-treated Mesh

•        Frame: Hot-dip Galvanized Steel

•        Installation: 2-3 hours

•        Approximate Durability: 5+ years


•        Amazing build quality

•        Comes with plenty of safety features

•        Offers excellent bounce thanks to the longer springs

•        Comes with a good warranty policy


•        Does not include wind stakes

•        Not very affordable

5. YORIN 1500LBS 16 FT Trampoline

As I already said, in most cases, 16 ft trampolines’ weight limit caps out at 330 to 400 pounds, which is fine for a couple of kids and adults. But if you have a big family, or like throwing trampoline parties in the backyard, that would not be able to entertain a lot of people at the same time.

That’s where the YORIN Trampoline truly shines. It boasts an exceptional weight capacity making it the king of backyard trampoline for a large group. The brand recently reworked it and released a 2022 model that offers a phenomenal improvement on the previous models.

Installation might seem intimidating when you first open up the packaging, but a quick glance at the instruction manual should explain most of the things you need to know about setting it up. My friend and I could set it up in my backyard in under 2 hours which, frankly, caught even us off-guard.

As I always said, a good trampoline is a good trampoline, and this model ticks all the right boxes in that regard. Its frame and springs are made with galvanized steel, and the jumping mat is vinyl-coated polypropylene that boasts enhanced UV resistance.

On top of that, you also get a high-quality mesh enclosure net that is high enough to keep everyone safely inside the trampoline when they are jumping on it. You also get thick foam sleeves to cover up each of the poles to make sure there is no risk of injury if you bump into them.

The enclosure net also features a durable zipper that is designed to prevent anyone from falling off of the trampoline while jumping. There are a total of 108 springs that comes with the trampoline, 7.5 inches in length each. It offers the excellent bounce, and the spring cover also eliminates any pinch points.

This trampoline is designed to handle a large group of people which is pretty apparent when you look at its 1500 pounds of weight limit. So four or five people jumping on it at the same time should be fine. You also get a basketball hoop that you can set up inside the trampoline to make things more exciting.

This trampoline is supported by six U-shaped legs that improve the overall stability while jumping. To this day, I have no issue with it wobbling after I set it up. You also get a removable ladder and four auger-style wind stakes to firmly plant it on the ground.

Sure, the trampoline is pricey, but it comes with a hefty warranty period of around three years. But if you take care of it from time to time and put it under a rain cover when you are not using it, it should survive much longer than that.


•        Weight Capacity: 1500bs

•        Safety: Safety Certified (ASTM Approved)

•        Packaging Box: 4

•        Springs: 108

•        Spring Material: Galvanized Steel

•        Enclosure: UV-treated Mesh

•        Frame: Alloy steel

•        Installation: less than two hours

•        Approximate Durability: 3+ years


•        Stable jumping experience

•        Excellent build quality

•        Massive weight capacity

•        Comes with a basketball hoop


•        A bit on the pricey side

•        The enclosure net felt a bit lacking

6. Viicaa Outdoor Trampoline for Kids and Adults

When I was looking to buy a 16 feet trampoline for my new home, Viicaa was not the brand I had in mind. I had not heard of them that much before, but I had some money to spare and wanted to take a small risk. And thank God that I did because I ended up with one of the coolest trampolines out there.

First off, this trampoline falls under the moderately-priced category costing around 600 dollars on a good day. And at this price range, it does almost everything perfectly. It gives you a solid jump space, a good bit of safety, and a whole lot of entertainment. What more could you ask for?

This trampoline is shipped in four separate boxes for all the components and accessories. I got mine delivered on the same day, but since the boxes ship one at a time, there can be a slight delay in your case. Still, that’s not the end of the world, but for some people, this can be a deal breaker.

Installation should not take you more than three hours. Yes, it is not the smoothest setup, mostly because of the instruction manual, but if you have prior experience with setting up a trampoline, it should not be too difficult. For a beginner, though, getting help while assembly would provide a better experience.

But that’s about all that’s worth worrying about with the trampoline. The frame is made with hot-dip galvanized steel along with the springs. So you should have little to worry about in terms of durability and strength. The W-shaped legs also feel solid and come with additional clamps to make things a lot more stable.

The jumping mat features a polypropylene construction, and the spring pad comes with foam to prevent limbs from getting caught in the springs. You also get a high-density PE enclosure net to prevent anyone from falling out of the trampoline while jumping.

It has a total weight limit of 1000 pounds, which, compared to the Yorin trampoline I reviewed, might not look all that exciting. But since most 16 feet trampolines have a standard 330-pound limit, this is frankly quite shocking. So this can be a solid pickup for a large family.

Similar to the Yorin trampoline, this one too comes with a built-in basketball hoop to spice things up. Along with that, you get a removable ladder that makes it easier for the kids to climb onto the trampoline. Since the steps of the ladder are slip-resistance, you won’t have to worry about any injuries here.

Sure, there are some minor hiccups here and there, but once you set up this trampoline, they should have little impact on your jumping experience. As a mid-tier trampoline, it offers unparalleled performance for an unbeatable price.


•        Weight Capacity: 1000lbs

•        Safety: Safety Certified (ASTM F381& F2225 Standard)

•        Packaging Box: 4

•        Springs: 108

•        Spring Material: Galvanized Steel

•        Enclosure: High-Density PE material

•        Frame: Galvanized steel

•        Installation: 3 to 5 hours

•        Approximate Durability: 3+ years


•        Impressive weight capacity

•        Great value for the price

•        Stable and safe jumping experience

•        The jumping mat feels amazing


•        Installation can take a while

•        Boxes may arrive one at a time

7. Exacme Outdoor Round Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

I truly believe that trampolines should be affordable for everyone. That is why I am obsessed with affordable to moderate trampolines and always on the hunt for new options out there. Sure, expensive trampolines have plenty of good reasons for their steep price, but from a value perspective, mid-tier trampolines are the best ones to go with.

That is why I want to wrap up my review with a mid-tier trampoline that can go head-to-head with a lot of the big boys. The Exacme outdoor trampoline might not look much, but once you give it a try, you will get a taste of just how fun even an affordable trampoline can be.

The trampoline comes in four separate boxes and includes a clear and concise instruction manual that you can follow to quickly set it up. Even if you are a complete newbie at assembling a trampoline, you should be able to install it in under two hours. It even comes with all the assembling tools for an easier setup.

Construction-wise, you will find little to complain about with this trampoline. It comes with strong and sturdy alloy steel frames that can withstand any weather conditions you throw at it. The springs are also made of galvanized steel to make sure they are well-protected against moisture damage.

Because of its six W-shaped legs, you also don’t have to worry much about any stability issues. If you lay it out on soft, even ground, it should remain perfectly balanced without any weird wobbling.

I also love the feel of the polypropylene jumping mat. It feels soft and a bit thicker than what I am used to with most trampolines. So bouncing on it feels better and easier on the joints. The spring pad comes with foam for better protection, and the no-gap design further enhances its safety.

You also get a 360-degree enclosure net to surround the trampoline and effectively prevent anyone from falling out of it while jumping. The zipper on the net is pretty durable and should not break off any time soon.

It boasts a standard weight capacity of around 335 pounds which is pretty common for most 16 feet trampolines. Since I got it for the kids, I didn’t worry about it much. But for a group of adults, this might not be the best pickup out there.

The only real gripe I have about this unit is the ladder design. It is a very simple, barebones three-step ladder, and kids might have a hard time getting on the trampoline because of it. Personally, I would recommend helping them on as they can easily fall off while climbing it.

Still, for the price that it asks, the performance it delivers is pretty good. You get a decent construction and also get a basketball hoop that you can install inside the trampoline for some added entertainment. However, if you want to throw trampoline parties with a large group, I would save up and get a trampoline with a better weight capacity.


•        Weight Capacity: 335lbs

•        Safety: Safety Certified (TUV Approved)

•        Packaging Box: 4

•        Springs: 108

•        Spring Material: Galvanized Steel

•        Enclosure: High-density mesh

•        Frame: Galvanized steel

•        Installation: 2 to 3 hours

•        Approximate Durability: 2+ years


•        Excellent build quality

•        Six solid and stable W-shaped legs

•        The jumping mat feels excellent

•        Easy installation process


•        The ladder does not feel that good

•        Not suitable for adults

Buying Guide for the Best 16 FT Trampolines

Everything that you need about 16-foot trampolines is already in the 16 ft trampoline reviews. However, I always try to eke the essence out and give you a blueprint of sorts. You can use it to do your own homework and find a 16 ft trampoline that’s the right fit for you.

Safety Comes First

I know I sound like the king of cliches now. But what can I do – the truth is often boring. Yes – when you’re getting a trampoline that’s big (14 ft or higher), safety should be on top of your priority list.

Unfortunately, you can’t jump on a trampoline beforehand to check whether it’s safe or not. That’s just not how it works.

So, what’s the alternative? Answer: safety certifications.

Here are a few names to help you out – ASTM (you’ll commonly come across), TUV, CE, GS, EN71. There are more available. Do check the product details to know more.

There are three more safety concerns that need addressing – enclosure net, enclosure poles, and trampoline frame. When it comes to the net, get a UV-treated mesh. Poles should have foam covers – the thicker, the better.

Almost all 16 ft trampolines have galvanized steel frames. As long as you get that box check, you’re okay.

Springs and Jumping Pad

It’s pretty simple. More springs = more bounce. So, look for more spring count if you want greater bounce. However, a lot of parents don’t want the extra bounce. So, think before you go the extra mile.

Also, get a trampoline with a no-gap design. Most trampoline manufacturers have switched to this design now. But you should still check. If there is a gap between the pad and spring, your kid’s leg(s) can get stuck in between when they’re jumping.

It’s a big safety concern. So, get a no-gap design trampoline.

And as for jumping pads – a quality PVC, PE, or PP should do the trick. Remember, PP is the best material among the three. PP or polypropylene is lighter, more flexible, and heat-resistant. But trampolines’ that have a PP jumping pad are expensive. So, keep that in mind.

Customer Service

A lot of people don’t talk about this. But as a user myself, feeling valued is an experience that I am not willing to look past. And I would advise you to follow suit. Some brands are loyal to their customers, like ORCC, Zuapapa, Merax, and Upper Bounce.

So, make sure to check the brand rep and find out how they treat their customers post-purchase.

In some cases, when you get a trampoline, one or some other part is missing. It’s not the manufacturer’s fault. It just happens during the packaging process. Now, if you’re onboard a good brand train, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Simply reach out to them, and you’ll have your missing parts. But if you’ve partnered with a devil-may-care manufacturer, it’s going to be rough.

That’s a Wrap

16 ft trampolines can be a super fun experience for your kids and their friends. I sure can say that a trampoline has made my kids popular around the neighborhood.

But the thing is – these large trampolines cost a considerable chunk of cash. So, you don’t want them dying right after a couple months or even a year. If you know how to identify the best 16 ft trampoline, you can save yourself some big bucks.

I’ve already listed some great trampolines here. And all of them do deserve a spot in your backyard. But at the end of the day, you can only go with one.

If you don’t have a monetary leash holding you back, I’d say go for the ORCC 16 ft trampoline. Apart from all the goodies it has, their customer service alone makes them a winner. Trust me – you’ll thank me for it.

And if you’re on a budget, look into the Merax 16 ft trampoline. It’s not in the same league as ORCC. But it’s pretty close. If you can maintain this trampoline and use it with care, it’s what everyone calls – a true bang for the buck! A 16 ft trampoline is – as I keep saying – a considerable investment. So, make sure you do your due diligence before getting one. The breakdown I have here should give you some important pointers. Even if you don’t choose from this list, the information here can give you a heads up. Hope you get a 16ft trampoline that’ll give you and your family years of fun family moments. Cheers!

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