7 Best 16ft Trampolines of 2023: Top Recommendation

The best 16ft trampolines are primarily available in round or oval shapes. The 16-foot trampolines are expensive due to their size and high-quality components.

Therefore, we recommend you check our 16FT trampoline reviews to find the best trampoline suitable for your family.

Both kids and adults enjoy trampolines. 

Unfortunately, many people make mistakes in choosing the right size trampoline; make sure you don’t make that mistake. We will show you some best 16ft trampoline models that offer great features and enough space for multiple jumpers.

In this article, you will see the trampolines 16ft reviews with advantages and disadvantages of each model. We hope our collection will make your purchase process more straightforward.

Best 16ft Trampoline List

We reviewed so many products to find a 16-foot trampoline in the market. As a result, we found six trampolines that offer the best value for money.

Giantex 16ft Trampoline with Bounce Jump

Giantex 16ft Trampoline with Bounce Jump

  • Weight Limit: 330 lbs
  • No. of Springs: 108 springs
Exacme TUV Approved Heavy Duty 16 Foot Trampoline

Exacme TUV Approved Heavy Duty 16 Foot Trampoline

  • Weight Limit: 375 lbs
  • No. of Springs: 108 springs
Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic 14 X 16 Ft

Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic 14 X 16 Ft

  • Weight Limit: 550 lbs
  • No. of Springs: 124 springs
Upper Bounce Outdoor Trampoline (16 FT)

Upper Bounce Outdoor Trampoline (16 FT)

  • Weight Limit: 330 lbs
  • No. of Springs: 108 springs
Skywalker Trampolines 16-Foot Oval Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 16-Foot Oval Trampoline

  • Weight Limit: 200 lbs
  • No. of Springs: 96 springs
Tatub 16FT Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

Tatub 16FT Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

  • Weight Limit: 375 lbs
  • No. of Springs: 108 springs
Kidwise Magic Circle 16ft Trampoline

Kidwise Magic Circle 16ft Trampoline

  • Weight Limit: 450 lbs
  • No. of Springs: 112 springs

Why Should You Choose a 16FT Trampoline?

When you look on the market, you will find a variety of trampolines from 8FT to 16FT and bigger sizes. The 8FT, 10FT, and 12FT trampolines are primarily suitable for only one jumper at a time, while 14FT, 15FT, and 16FT trampolines are capable of multiple jumpers at once.

There is not much size difference between 14FT to 16FT trampolines. That’s why we recommend you prefer a 16-foot trampoline as it offers a giant jumping surface and a higher weight limit. A kid, teenager, or adult, everyone in your family can use the 16FT trampoline for playing, jumping, and doing various tricks or stunts.

The 16-foot trampolines are very sturdy; they are made of a heavy-duty jumping mat, rust-resistant steel frame & springs, durable safety pad, and enclosure net. Overall, it is worth investing your money in a 16FT trampoline as it is suitable for all age groups and will last for many years.

16ft Trampoline Reviews

Here we provide the top 6 16 ft trampoline reviews in detail. It would be best if you went through these reviews to know the pros and cons of each model.

This information will help you choose the most suitable trampoline for your family.

  1. Giantex High-Quality Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Giantex High-Quality Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Giantex has designed this combo trampoline round shape with 16 feet. It comes with a galvanized steel frame, six U-shaped legs, and a ladder. The ladder allows all the users to get on quickly and off the trampoline. 

In addition, the safety enclosure net provides 360 degrees protection to save the jumpers from falling out while playing on it.

The galvanized steel frame, legs, and ladder are rust-resistant and long-lasting. In addition, it contains 108 high-quality steel springs that hold the jumping mat tightly and provide better bounce with every jump. The springs are hidden under its padded cover to protect your kids and prevent them from falling on springs.

It provides a large jumping area for the users. The enclosure poles are covered with foam sleeves to prevent users from hitting the steel poles. The PP jumping mat offers a smooth experience to the users. The maximum weight limit is 330 lbs, which is good. You can allow two or more people to play at the same time.

What We Like
  • Heavy Duty PP Jumping Mat
  • 108 Galvanized Steel Springs
  • Up to 330 lbs Weight Limit
  • Six U Shaped Legs for Stability
What Need Improvement
  • Springs Get Broken-in Long Term Use

  1. Exacme T-series Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Exacme T-series Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The Exacme T-series is a TUV certified 16ft trampoline with a safety enclosure net. 

It is made from firm and rust-resistant galvanized steel tubing. 

Such heavy-duty construction makes it very sturdy and durable. In addition, it comes with six W-shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points on the ground to provide more safety and stability.

It contains a waterproof and UV-resistant jumping mat. The jumping mat is made from high-density polyethylene material that offers a very smooth feeling to the jumpers. The UV-resistant mat is perfect for outdoor use; it will not fade for years and provide the same performance in long-term use.

The Exacme has used two double-quick clamps to the bottom of the safety net pole to provide more stability. One clamp is used to fix the net enclosure pole and leg extension, while the other pole improves the net pole and W-shaped leg. 

With such heavy construction, this unit can bear the user’s weight up to 375 lbs at a time.

What We Like
  • 6 W Shaped Legs for Added Stability
  • Rust Resistant Galvanized Steel Frame
  • UV Resistant Polyethylene Jumping Mat
  • TUV Certified and GST Testing Qualified
What Need Improvement
  • The quality of the zipper is not so good

  1. Upper Bounce Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Upper Bounce Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Upper Bounce is an easily assembled trampoline with a safety net and spring cover. If you are looking for a 16 ft trampoline with more than 300 lbs weight capacity, then this one is a perfect choice. It is made of the highest quality materials, and the unit can hold the user weight up to 330 lbs at a time.

It is constructed from a heavy-duty steel frame protected with rust-resistant galvanized powder coating. The trampoline frame is designed to provide stability when the users are constantly jumping on it. It contains 108 springs. The frame and springs are covered with a thick safety pad and elastic straps with S hooks to hold tightly for maximum protection.

It meets or exceeds all ASTM standards and is also child safety certified. All materials are UV resistant and weather resistant. The mat is fabricated with high-quality polypropylene mesh material and eight stitching rows. The spring cover has extra thick padding to provide necessary support and prevent wear and tear.

What We Like
  • 330 lbs maximum Weight Capacity
  • Made of UV and Weather Resistant Materials
  • 108 Steel Springs for Superior Bounce
  • High-Quality PP Mesh Mat with 8 Row Stitching
What Need Improvement
  • Require At Least Two Persons for Assembly

  1. Skywalker Trampolines Oval Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker Trampolines Oval Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker has made this 16ft oval trampoline for multiple jumpers. The oval shape offers a more playing surface than the round shape. In addition, the Skywalker has added its patented no-gap enclosure system that keeps the springs outside the safety net to provide maximum protection to your kids.

The enclosure safety net and jumping mat are directly connected. It eliminates the gap between them and prevents the kids from getting stuck in such a hole while playing. It has 96 6.5-inch long tightly coiled springs to offer good bounce. 

Each spring is made of rust-resistant steel to provide prolonged-lasting use.

This Skywalker Trampoline comes with a dual zipper and latch clip closure system for safe entry and exit. In addition, the frame, mat, net, and spring cover are premium quality materials. 

The extra-thick vinyl-coated spring pad is fade resistant. 

The maximum weight capacity of this model is 200 lbs; you should never exceed this limit to keep it safe for a long time.

What We Like
  • 96 Heavy-Duty 6.5-Inch Long Steel Springs
  • Patented No-Gap Enclosure System
  • Springs Located Outside the Enclosure Net
  • Fade Resistant Thick Vinyl Coated Spring Pad
What Need Improvement
  • Assembly Instructions Are Not Easy to Understand

  1. Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme is a gymnastic style 16 ft trampoline for kids and adults. It allows multiple users to play simultaneously with its total weight capacity of 550 lbs. This is the best trampoline 16ft in our collection, offers a maximum weight limit and the largest jumping surface.

It is built with a 3.0 mm thick commercial grade frame with double-dipped galvanized inside and out. Therefore, it will not get affected by rust or corrosion in the long term. Furthermore, the frame is made of the thickest and heaviest steel; hence its structure will not bend, warp or break even if four persons are playing simultaneously.

It has 124 9-inch long heavy-duty tapered springs to provide superior bounce to all trampolines. In addition, it has a polypropylene mat and a high-grade polyester mesh enclosure net. The extra-wide spring pad cover protects the springs from outside weather effects.

What We Like
  • 124 Tapered Springs Provide Great Bounce
  • Up to 550 lbs Heavy Weight Capacity
  • 3 mm Thick Sturdiest Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Ideal for Beginners, Children, Athletes, and Gymnastics
What Need Improvement
  • Assembly Takes A Lot of Time and More People

  1. Tatub 16FT Outdoor Trampoline

Tatub 16FT Outdoor Trampoline

Tatub 16FT Trampoline is one of the best trampolines with a basketball hoop and safety features. It is available to buy in four different colors, i.e., blue, black, green and silver grey. The basketball hoop allows your kids to play jump and slam dunk to make the trampolining more enjoyable than ever.

The Tatub outdoor trampoline comprises a heavy-duty rust-resistant steel frame and other premium parts. This 16-foot trampoline has six U-shaped legs that provide complete stability when continuously jumping on the trampoline. A steel ladder is also included to allow easy & quick access for your kids.

The Tatub 16FT round trampoline contains 108 high-tension steel springs for better bounces with each jump. This heavy trampoline provides a maximum weight capacity of 375 lbs, which is impressive. So, this trampoline is suitable to use for kids as well as adults.

What We Like
  • Basketball Hoop Make It More Entertaining
  • 4-Step Steel Ladder for Quick Access by Kids
  • Up to 375 lbs Maximum Weight Limit
  • Heavy Steel Construction for Maximum Durability
  • Anti-UV Bouncing Mat and Enclosure Net
What Need Improvement
  • Basketball (or Foam Ball) is Not Included
  • Some Users Claim that Springs Are Not Durable

  1. Kidwise Magic Circle 16ft Octagon Trampoline

Kidwise Magic Circle 16ft Octagon Trampoline

The Kidwise Magic Circle is a 16 ft octagon trampoline with an integrated safety cage. The manufacturer has created the safest design to provide maximum safety and protection to your kids. However, the safety cage and poles are far from each other. 

Moreover, the safety cage is directly sewn to the jumping mat; it is similar to the no-gap enclosure system offered by Skywalker. So, there is no gap between mat and cage, eliminating the risk of kids getting stuck while playing.

The jumping mat is made from a UV-resistant PP material. The polypropylene yarn is woven uniquely to offer maximum strength and durability. It has an ironed surface which is relatively smooth and soft for the skin. You will enjoy jumping and playing on it for hours.

It contains 112 high-quality galvanized springs directly connected to the steel frame. With every jump, you will experience a good bounce. In addition, it has 2-inch wide V-rings with 1.5-inch wide tabbing to provide extra strength to the trampoline mat. It will help increase the lifespan of the jumping mat and give a better bounce.

What We Like
  • One of the Safest Trampolines for Outdoor Use
  • V Rings and Tabbing Add Strength to Jumping Mat
  • 112 Galvanized Springs for Better Bounce
  • Up to 450 lbs High Weight Limit
What Need Improvement
  • It is Very Expensive Compared to Others

How to Set Up a 16 Foot Trampoline

When you buy a 16-foot trampoline, it will take a few days to arrive at your home. The trampoline will come in three separate boxes; you need to wait until you receive all three boxes. After that, you need to open all three boxes and get all trampoline parts or components out.

Buying Guide for the Best 16 FT Trampolines

You should arrange all trampoline parts in a corner/side of your backyard. The trampoline package also includes assembly instructions in simple words to understand them. The assembly of a 16FT trampoline requires two to three persons and 3 to 4 hours.

You should have a screwdriver, spring puller tool, and other tools required for trampoline assembly. It would help if you learned how to put a trampoline together from the instructions given in the user manual. You should follow the step-by-step guideline to assemble the 16-foot trampoline in your backyard.

When it is completely assembled, you should check all the joints and try jumping alone for 1-2 minutes. Then, if everything is fine, you can allow kids to play and jump on it.

Which Trampoline Holds the Most Weight?

This question makes you curious to know the brand name. But it is actually about the category.

The gymnastic trampoline holds the most weight among all trampoline categories.

The reason is that they are made for performing stunts and not just for simple jumping or playing.

So, if you want to know the name, the Acon Air 16 Sport HD Rectangular Trampoline comes with a maximum weight capacity of 700 lbs, and it also offers No Single User Weight Limit.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About 16 ft Trampoline

Here we provide some frequently asked questions and their answers in brief. It would help if you referred to these FAQs to improve your knowledge and find the most suitable product for yourself.

How big is a 16ft trampoline?

To know how big is a trampoline, you need to check its dimensions when it is in assembled condition. For example, the 16ft round trampolines require less space on the ground compared to a rectangle and square trampolines.

How many springs does a 16 ft trampoline have?

Each trampoline model comes with a different number of springs, even if the size is the same. 
Again, it depends upon the manufacturer of the product.

How much weight can a 16 ft trampoline hold?

A 16 ft trampoline can hold the weight from 200 lbs to 550 lbs. The build quality of the product plays an important role. If the frame and springs are heavy-duty, the weight limit will be higher.

How much is a 16-foot trampoline?

A 16-foot trampoline is available to buy at a price ranging from $449 to $2349.

Final Words

We have completed the discussion of the top 6 best 16ft trampolines reviews in detail. We hope you have found your suitable trampoline from our collection.

If you still have any queries, you need to go to the official Amazon website at Www.Amazon.Com.

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